Pens send down Fleury

Marc-Andre Fleury’s stay in the NHL is over after half a season.‘Pinch-penny Penguins punk-out prospect’

After months of speculation the Penguins have finnaly done the inevitable. They have sent Marc-Andre Fleury back to the QMJHL to avoid paying his bonuses. There may be more to it, but that is the main reason.

“Marc’s disappointed; it’s his dream to play in the NHL. “It’s a tough decision, but it’s the right decision. He has a chance to go win a Memorial Cup. The more he plays and the more he learns, the better he’s going to be” said Pens coach Eddie Olczyk.

After siging a prestigious rookie contract with the Pens last fall, many wonder how the Pens were going to pay Fleury. The contract icluded a 3 million doller bonus if Fluery made it to the 25 game mark. Fleury had played 21 games before being sent down.

“We can’t afford to lose a lot of money, but we just felt for a 19-year-old kid, it’s best for him to get back into his own element with his peers and try to win some championships which we think is important for development.” said Criag Patrick.

Fleury has struggled greatley since his return from the WJC’s in January. His save percentage has dropped from .943 to .896, while his GAA is up past the 3.50 mark. He along with the Penguins were struggling to even stay alive.

Personally I think this shows in part that the Penguins cannot remain competitive in the current NHL and drastic mesures have to be taken if this fanchise wants to survive. Drastic measures would include moving. The Pens have to realize they have to atleast try to win these day. Rebuilding for the future is fine, if you have a future. The Pens future is in doubts.

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  1. JeffBurnz09 says:

    works for me, I live in Cape Breton, it’ll just make me go to more Eagles games…The Pens were screwing with him all year long.

  2. Lint07 says:

    I applaud this decision by the Pens!

    Not only will they save a ton of money, but I was VERY affraid that Fleury could become the next Jocelyn Thibault of the league.

    Remember when Thibault entered the NHL at 18 to become the savior of the Quebec Nordiques who were just as miserable as the Pens are this year… Well they burnt the kid and made him lost all self-confidence he had. Then, several years later ”T-Bo” is just starting to be the goalie he once was.

    Fleury has the talent, yes. Everyone knows it but I strongly disapproved the fact that Pittsburgh kept him on their roster after the training camp. I mean, what could he gain from that? What exactly could the Pens gain from that (oh yeah, money from the fans coming to see play the next Patrick Roy)? The Pens are going nowhere this year and everyone knew it before the season even started.

    Fleury will go with Cap-Breton now and hopefully, he’ll regain his confidence by maybe winning a Memorial Cup. All-in-all this was a bad move by the Pens that could come back to haunt them (i.e.: Jocelyn Thibault, Dan Blackburn). Goalies take way more time than every other players to fully develop and you can’t rush a kid in the NHL on a losing team like that. Sure Patrick Roy came in the NHL young but look at what team he was playing with! This makes all the difference in the world.

    To make it even worse, please somebody tell me: How can you keep the best goalie prospect in the world if you can’t even get him a full-time goalie coach??? (correct me if i’m wrong, but Lorne Molleken is only a part-time goalie coach in Pittsburgh)

    As for your final comment, I strongly disagree with you: The Pens do have an extremely bright future (if, of course, they can survive until their prospects develop) and they knew they couldn’t be competitive this year anyway. If they’re lucky, they’ll get to pick Alexander Ovechkin in the next draft and will add to their prospeects talent. I keep saying that in 5-6 years from now, the Pens will be a top-10 team in the NHL.

  3. markjohnston says:

    they sent him down because he’s been awful, not because of costs.

    they’d sooner have him ready to go in 2005 after the lockout, as a healthy (mentally and physically) adult than keep him up in the NHL getting shelled and beaten every night.

    don’t burn him out Islanders style.

  4. Lint07 says:

    The Pens had 3 million reasons to send him down. This was planned a long time ago.

    Don’t kid yourself, unless Fleury would’ve had better stats than Brodeur (making him impossible to send down) he would’ve been demoted to the minors anyway.

    All-in-all, it was the best thing to do anyway.

  5. eagle29 says:

    I lived in Cape Breton for 4 years and was and still am a huge eagles fan.I watched Marc at his first training camp in Sydney(he was 15).The guy was a phenomenon,our other goalie,Daniel Boisclair who was drafted by Carolina was traded away when Fleury was 16 because he was to good to spend time on the bench while scouts watched Boisclair.

    The whole time Fleury was Cape Breton the Eagles floundered struggling to make the playoffs each year.This year they are one of the countries best teams and fleury will only make them better.

  6. HabsNick says:

    It’s the only possible move that the Penguins could’ve done. Playing it what must be a pretty sad atmosphere musn’t be very good for his development .Also considering there might be a lockout or player strike next year, Fleury can’t afford not playing for a year, it would kill his progress.

  7. nocuphere says:

    Being a Caper i’m thinking Memorial Cup for the eagles. Although I feel sorry for Martin Houle who’s put up some impressive numbers in fleury’s absence. Anyway. Go eagles!!

  8. The_Conductor says:

    Poor guy. He has worked so hard for this team and for Canada but for what reason. Not only is he not getting 3 million, he must just feel like a guy who can only score on himself, I mean I guy who always gets the bad bounce. What I really mean is he must just feel like a guy who can never get the Gold but just settles for Silver.

    Either way I feel bad for him, and what is Pittsburgh gonna done!

  9. The_Conductor says:

    * I mean a guy who always gets the bad bounce.

  10. MurphyTheWonderDog says:


  11. Donovan says:

    Don’t do that again.

  12. nocuphere says:

    Took alot of brain power to write that I bet.

  13. kolezlaw says:

    We appreciate him and we’re doing him a favor. I can’t believe we didn’t keep him off the roster for longer after the Juniors instead of starting him in Minnesota. That breakdown in the third probably cemented our decision, anyway. The Kid can live without his $3 million, I honestly think he would have sacrificed it in order to stay here, but he’ll look back on this and be appreciative in the future. I don’t even want to think about his mental stability right now, not to mention his level of confidence. Towards the end he played some incredible games and he should be very proud. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon and he’ll probably get another chance next year, he’ll do better because of it.

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