Pens send down Fleury

Marc-Andre Fleury’s stay in the NHL is over after half a season.‘Pinch-penny Penguins punk-out prospect’

After months of speculation the Penguins have finnaly done the inevitable. They have sent Marc-Andre Fleury back to the QMJHL to avoid paying his bonuses. There may be more to it, but that is the main reason.

“Marc’s disappointed; it’s his dream to play in the NHL. “It’s a tough decision, but it’s the right decision. He has a chance to go win a Memorial Cup. The more he plays and the more he learns, the better he’s going to be” said Pens coach Eddie Olczyk.

After siging a prestigious rookie contract with the Pens last fall, many wonder how the Pens were going to pay Fleury. The contract icluded a 3 million doller bonus if Fluery made it to the 25 game mark. Fleury had played 21 games before being sent down.

“We can’t afford to lose a lot of money, but we just felt for a 19-year-old kid, it’s best for him to get back into his own element with his peers and try to win some championships which we think is important for development.” said Criag Patrick.

Fleury has struggled greatley since his return from the WJC’s in January. His save percentage has dropped from .943 to .896, while his GAA is up past the 3.50 mark. He along with the Penguins were struggling to even stay alive.

Personally I think this shows in part that the Penguins cannot remain competitive in the current NHL and drastic mesures have to be taken if this fanchise wants to survive. Drastic measures would include moving. The Pens have to realize they have to atleast try to win these day. Rebuilding for the future is fine, if you have a future. The Pens future is in doubts.