A Perfect Fit?

David Staples of the Edmonton Journal believes Andrew Ladd of the Winnipeg Jets is exactly what the Oilers need. Staples considers the idea of the Oilers trading Gagner for Ladd, Blake Wheeler or Dustin Byfuglien. With Mark Scheifele and Brian Little solidified at centre on the top two lines, Gagner could have to play on the wing in Winnipeg.


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  1. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Gagne for Ladd? LOL and you guys laugh at my suggestions. lol

    How’s this

    To Jets
    Kadri, Franson, Percy

    To Toronto
    Byfuglein, Sheifele


    To NYR
    Gunnar, Kulimen, 2014 3rd

    To Toronto
    Girardi, Boyle

    And Pleeeease put Clarkson back on the second line where he belongs. How is he expected to get confidence or on a roll playing the third line. What a waste having him on the third line.

    JVR Bozak Kessel
    Lupul Sheifele Clarkson
    Raymond Boyle McClement
    Orr Ashton McLaren
    When Bolland returns he centres third line and Boyle moves to wing. McClement goes to fourth line.

    Phaneuf Byfuglein
    Gardiner Girardi
    Rielly Gleason
    Fraser Ranger

    Phaneuf can now play his proper side and Girardi is a great guy to play with either Gardiner or Rielly. Gardiner and Reimer could also be package now for a good return if needed.

    • LN91 says:

      What’s with your fascination with Boyle? He sucks.

      Byfuglien makes sense for this squad though…Unathletic, overpaid, one-dimensional, mediocre player. Explains why all these fans here want him.

      • kessel_leafs81 says:

        i agree with not seeing the need for buff but i disagree with the unathletic mediocre comment.. buff is very athletic for how big he is and is still a top 2 defensman that could play forward if need be. Id hate to give up franson in a package tho because of all the one dimensional d men we already have. Trading gardiner i would be okay with in a deal because they are both one dimensional, buff is just an upgrade at the position.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        Boyle is a value priced third liner who is big, moves well, kills penalties and great on draws…why wouldn’t I want him?
        Buff could be good or bad. I actually thought you would like the Kadri gone part and Sheifele in. How about getting Girardi? Nah, let’s concentrate on only the parts you don’t like.

        • Both teams are filled with UFA/RFA’s to sign. Might make good trading partners to be honest. I don’t know if I like the Idea of losing Girardi and replacing him with Gunnar. If I’m moving Girardi, I want a D-man who moves a little better, while still being responsible in his own end. I’ll personally pack Boyle’s bags, especially for Kulemin. I think I value him higher than most of the league. I feel a fresh start in a different system would be great for him.

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            That’s where the value starts to work out TGWL. Girardi and Boyle UFA. Girardi better than Gunnar but Gunnar is signed for two more years. Kulimen better than Boyle but both UFA. Instead of trying to re-sign Girardi and lose Boyle for nothing, Sather only has to worry about Kulimen. Gunnar, a solid defensive d-man under contract at only $3.1mil. Toronto takes most of the risk with acquiring two UFA’s.

    • lafleur10 says:

      you had better put the crack pipe down..again i will tell you you aren’t getting giradi and boyle from the rangers for that junk kulemin and gunnarson sather will ask for one of franson or gardiner and kadri for those we asked for one of them already for mdz what makes you think your going to give your garbeg to the rangers? it won’t happen sather will ask for a premium for his guys ..he always does… as for byfuglien and schiefle again it’s going to cost you more than that how is that helpingg the jets? they will be asking for kadir.reilly etc

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        I will write this so you can understand lafleuri will put down my crack pipe when you do kadri is already in the jets deal and if they want to move bufgulein then will likely have to add something to get it done.. percy is a former 1st rounder and franson a pp guy they could use that is more responsible than buf and cheaper kadri is more experienced than sheifele and sather is not getting fleeced in that deal in any way they could definitely use kulimen and unless sather wants to shell out the dough than getting those two players is far better than nothing at all when they both walk as ufa but im sure that montreal could get them both for bouillon and gallagher…in your mind anyway

        • lafleur10 says:

          sather is getting fleeced in that deal and the stuff your offering is garbage franson is terrible and isn’t an upgrade on byfuglien,bogosian ,or enstrom in wpg so yes they’d need more percy is a fromer 1st rd pick big deal beaulieu on my habs is a former 1st rd pick as well kadri is nothing so like i said to get either you’ll have to give up good stuff not stiffs and castoffs start with the 1st rd pick jvr and wpg will be all ears not kulemin,franson percy sorry but that stuff won’t get you anything but laughed off the phone if you are going for scheifle and buff this is more realistic gardiner 1st rd pick reimer and lupul that would get you those guy like i said about the rangers you offfer them that sather will tell nonis when your ready to make a real deal and part with gardiner,franson kadri etc call me kulemin percy wouldn’t get you anything of value …. and yes if the habs were to trade gallagher (which 0 they wouldn’t he’d land more in a trade than kadri

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            first you say Kadri, Franson are terrible, then you say Sather would only listen if they are willing to part with Gardiner, Franson, Kadri who were too shit for WPG. What? Do you read what you write? Just put the pipe down, just put it down, walk away.
            Ummmm Buff & Sheifele for Gardiner, Reimer, Lupul and a 1st OR start with JVR and a 1st?…LOL. Yea, Nonis will be all over those ideas.

            • lafleur10 says:

              well those guys are terrible but that’s the stuff he’ll want for giradri and boyle he wouldn’t give you anything for kulemin and gunnerson ..gunnerson is a 5-6th defenceman on the better teams in our conference a and league you realy think he’s going to bring you anything at all in a trade? get real like i said gunnerson won’t get you buff you’d be lucky to get postma,,gunnarson is a bum! and wpg is going to give you there top line winger in ladd and their top defenceman and top young player in schiefle for kumelin,and crap! wke up i thought your suppose to realisic leafs fan not dulissional moron leafs fan!

              • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                “dulissional” lol…and I’m the moron.LMAO
                Back to your “so-called” points. So your point is Girardi and Boyle are also terrible, so Sather will want our terrible players(in your opinion) over the quality ones? OK? If they are so terrible, why does Sather want a premium return and how will he expect to get it like you said earlier? Just a slight contradiction there.
                If you are going to try and defend your argument, at least know what you are talking about Lafleur(I won’t be childish and make fun of your name).
                A) I do not have Gunnar in a trade for Buff, so your point is, as you say, moronic.
                B) I don’t have Ladd in any trade proposal nor am I offering Kulimen to WPG, so again, off topic and moronic to quote you.
                I can at least argue the context and don’t typically partake in childish name calling, which you like to resort to. I guess you feel it somehow shows you are smarter. I would suggest you read before you write because you are not proving your intelligence in anyway. You argue I’m a moron because I suggest trades that I never suggested…Since I stick to the facts and you argue things that don’t exist…what does that make you? After reading your posts to mine…You wonder why why habs fans left? Might be embarrassment by association.

  2. lafleur10 says:

    and yeah he’d be all over yours kulemin and gunnarson for that ranger trade! like i said sather will laugh him off the phone and tell him when he’s got a tangible offer call him !

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