Peter Forsberg High Risk, High Reward Not for Leafs However

Peter Forsberg is most easily described as a High Risk, High Reward player. For every team he has been with this has been the case. High Risk because of all his injuries and High Reward… well watch the man play in the playoffs. His Philidalphia time was completely injury plauged and only a matter of time should he stay in Nashville which as you will read in this article I dont think he will.

The Toronto Maple Leafs situation have them an average to low team on the brink of 4th to 6th seat in there conference. With a few small changes they could get there. Peter Forsberg could be the answer. He is a perfect fit, If you have an questions about his chemestry with Sundin simply watch replays of the olympics. The combonation would be awesome. Im thinking a contract about 1 year and 5 million. That would eat up money but when he is healthy he is worth nearly twice that. Now since that would cost them to get rid of peca(2.5) Oneil(1.5 ) and Antropov(1.0) freeing up 5.5 million.
Now since that would leave no money for other improvement they would have to trade kubina to Edmonton for someone like staios. freeing up enough to get someone like Zubrus or some depth guy like that. So look at the lines


Should Forsberg get Injured then they dont have to resign him and they can invest in youth next year. One more shot at a cup before we rebuild.