Peter Schaefer for Shean Donovan

For whatever its worth, Eklund is reporting a “Confirmed” deal between the Sens and Bruins.

If in fact this is true, Bruins take on a bit more salary, but get the better part of the deal in my opinion.

Go B’s Go!!

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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Ottawa saves 1 mil and Boston gets the better player. not much to it. the deal has been confirmed.  

  2. kabby-4-kaptian says:

    man the sens got ripped on this deal, it will be interesting to see who they are trying to get with that extra million in cap space, i think the sens would have been smarter to dump gerber to them for a late draft pick then they could have signed emery to wahetever he wanted and kept Schaefer.

  3. NHLman says:

    The Bruins just got Fernandez and still have Toivenen, why would they want/need Gerber and his terrible contract?

  4. aj_furf says:

    I think it's obvious…the Sens are making a pitch for YASHIN!!

    lol…seiously though, I bet they made some cap room to help facilitate a bigger trade

  5. aj_furf says:

    …or to get Emery signed

  6. Uncleben says:

    I understand the salary dump aspect, but Ott just got robbed. 46pts in 77gp for 17pts in 76gp.  Should have at least gotten a late pick or something

  7. ranger_fan says:

    Don't compare two individuals by point totals

  8. senators101 says:

    Schaefer clearly is the better playelr and its sucks to see him leave cuz he had good chemistry with Fisher.  However, he had three more years on his contract and Donovan has just the one.  I think this move is more for saving the 2.2 million next year when half the team become free agents.

  9. bleedingblu says:

    Definitely a salary dump…. and don't they still have to sign Emery?

  10. jayhabsjay says:

    although i hate the sens. i will admit they got ripped off. its still a smart movethough because they have some ufa's that need to be signed next year. so all in all probably a smart move in the big scheme of things.

  11. Mr_Canuck says:

    They gotta sign Emery, AND they're trying to lock up heater for next year, and spezza is rfa next year so they're trying to get him signed too.

  12. saint says:

    Eklund's probably right this time around.

    Check out Boston and Ottawa's rosters on

    They're already switched.

  13. Uncleben says:

    I understand they play a different game, but i feel Ottawa downgraded too much for a straight up trade.

    Look at the Cullen trade for example.  A salary dump just the same as this, and they got two young players AND a pick. I just feel OTT should've asked for a pick or smthg.

  14. Luongoman says: says its true.

  15. wayne2 says:

    Its more of a salary dump kind of deal however Donavan does bring a hard work ethic and is gritty,will fit nice on the fourth line with McCammond and maybe a young Nick Foligno.(gritty and determined to make it)
    I believe this deal is simply to make room to re-sign Emery,Kelly and Schubert.They should try to re-sign Spezza,Heatley and Fisher as i believe they are UFA at seasons end.
    3-?    /Fisher/Neil

  16. senators101 says:

    They can use Schubert on their checking line with McCammond and Donovon.  That would be one hell of an energy line with all 3 of them playing the hard-nose style of hockey.

  17. BruinsGM says:

    Bruins definitely get the better end of the deal, but, as mentioned, take on more salary that they supposedly did not want.  Look for the Bruins to remain active in the coming days/weeks as they will either be unloading Thomas or Toivonen or possibly Murray.  It's not a secret that the Bruins want to get rid of an aging Murray's salary, as he lost his spark once Thornton departed.  The Bruins are in desperate need of some help on the blue line, so I'd expect their next move to be focused on that need.

    Any thoughts?

  18. brianc689 says:

    i hate the sens but i must say i love Schaefers game…he was probably one of my favourite players on that team and im glad to see him get traded. that guy always seemed to burn the leafs.

  19. senators101 says:

    You're probably getting confused between Schaefer and someone else.  He played 6 games against the leafs this season and had a total of 1 assist.

  20. mooresy44 says:

    Shean Donovan does not put up points its not his role, he is very good on pk and works hard.  he is a momentum getter

  21. Radio says:

    Peter will do better on a team that will actually utilize his strengths: forechecking, puck-posession (especially along the boards) and the PK. Schaefer was used properly by Jaques Martin, but underused in his appropriate role by Bryan Murray and therefore had a bad year.

    Since the Sens have depth in Schaefer's areas of expertise and that Schaefer was given a chance to expand his scoring game this year and failed, he was pretty much a bad fit in Ottawa.

  22. Radio says:

    Vermette will not play on the first line.

    Probably ever.

  23. go_sens_go says:

    schubert will move back to defense, his natural position

  24. senators101 says:

    I don't think he will.  The reason he played forward was because Murray liked the idea of having a 7th defenseman on the ice.  I think Paddock is probably used to that idea now and will continue doing so.  Murray will give Paddock another defenseman.

  25. senators101 says:

    I didn't say Vermette would play on the first line.  He's very shifty but I don't like that fit of him and Spezza together.  Vermette's too similar to Spezza (playmakers).  They need a grinder like Gary Roberts (obviously not available) for that top line.

  26. mooresy44 says:

    I really hope they manage to make additions, but at the same time dont lose anybody at all.  I know Murray has lost it since the loss of thornton but he needs someone to set him up.  I really dont know, i know they need another addition on the blue line, and i would also like to see them get one more forward that can make big impact if they do this i see a good year out of them..  im praying

  27. brianc689 says:

    no, i was talking about Schaefer. i wasnt just referring to his offense, i meant his defensive play. he would shut down the offense at even strength and on the PK. also, not this year, but in the past he scored some important goals against us. whenever we started to pick up our play, he would score a goal and kill our hopes. i know you got some amazing players on your team like heatley and spezza, but personally Schaefer and Fisher are my favourite Sens.

  28. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    i hope people read this, or I wrote all this for nothing:

    At first I thought this was awful, Shaefer had a bad year goals wise, but was a good play-maker, and was only 4 points off of his career high in points.

    Ottawa did get ripped off, they should have at least gotten a 2nd or 3rd round pick as well.

    But now, I like this trade, Vermette, in the third checking line, had more goals then Shaefer and only 7 less points. On the 2nd line with Fisher and Eaves, he should get 40-50 points.

    Donovan, playing on the Sens, should be able to be more offensive then he was on the Bruins, maybe even coming close to what he got with the Flames in 03-04. He will ptrobably play with Kelly and Neil, as we probably don't have the cap room to sign a better third line guy.

    I think Schubert will go back to defense, as I don't think we have the cap room to sign another top 6 defenseman.

    I guess Saprykin is gone eh?

    I don't know much about Dimitrakos, whether or not he can be an NHLer, but i don't think we have a have a choice.

    So that leaves us with:




    Not as good as last year, I had earlier awarded them my pick for 1st in the Conference. But now I Pittsburgh winning the Conference and Buffalo the Division. The loss of Comrie, Shaefer and Preissing will way heavily.

    If Corvo is traded, we'll be even worse, We'll have more cap space, but who wil l replace him on defense? He's a good offensive forward!

  29. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    Oh man, it's early in the morning, I keep making typos and errors.

    I apologise to all of you.

    Corvo is an offensive defenseman, not forward.

    I should start proof-reading.

  30. senators101 says:

    Don't we have Brian Lee on our farm team?  Can't he make the step up this year?  They can also use Lawrence Nycholat, Jamie Allisson, Michael Barinka, or recently signed Matt Kinch.  Obviously they are nothing like Preissing or Schubert, but I think Schubert will be play his forward role again.

  31. cecilturtle says:

    Send Neil over to the Rangers please…  That guy would become the most popular player ever to play for the Rangers, especially if he were paired with Avery and Hollweg!


  32. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    Nycholat seems more a reserve defeseman, but he might be able to do regular duty, he wouldn't be that offensive, and I don't think he's defensive enough to cover Corvo's butt.

    Allison seems to have been signed for Binghampton, I don't think the NHL Sens intend to use him, but even if they did, Schubert would be better.

    and Barinka is in the Czech Republic, though he could come back, but even then, he's 27 and hasn't made the NHL's possible, but I'd rather see Schubert there.
    Kinch could be an option, he had 24 points in the DEL, but I don't know how that would translate in the NHL.

    Brian Lee looks solid, but he's still in university, so he'd have to drop out.

    And even if all of them were jockeying for the position, I'd still rather Schubert be there. He'd be perfect defensive foil for Corvo, who needs a defensively responsible partner.

  33. Radio says:

    Yeah, Lee won't play this year. Foligno will tho.

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