Peters plays his way into goalie conversation, here or elsewhere

Peters has played so well, the Hurricanes now face some difficult decisions. Having too many goalies is a good problem to have, but it’s still a problem that needs to be solved. Ward isn’t going anywhere, while Khudobin and Peters both have contracts that expire after the season. As important as Peters has been to the Hurricanes recently, he has more value as a trade asset than Khudobin, who has taken nine weeks – and counting – to recover from an ankle injury.

The Hurricanes have told Peters they won’t put him on waivers, so he’s not going back to the AHL any time soon. As his name starts to pop up in trade rumors, Peters has gone from being third on the Hurricanes’ depth chart to start the season by a wide margin – not even getting a single minute of preseason action – to potentially having an opportunity to audition as someone’s future No. 1.

“Coming up, I just assumed I’d be going back to Charlotte at some point,” Peters said. “But I understand how things change overnight. It’s nice right now for the team to be doing well and we have a good feeling in here. At the same time, I understand this business is kind of ‘What are you doing for me today?’ Every day, you have to prove yourself.”

As long as Peters keeps proving he can win games in the NHL, he’ll get a chance to do it – if not here, then somewhere else. If that’s the opportunity he gets, it’s one he has definitely earned.

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