Petition To Re-Build!

I have started a petition to MLSE for the Toronto Maple Leafs To Re-Build before it is to late! I am not sure if the demon Richard Peddy will look at it but I cannot take the same crap every year.

I am tired of just making the playoffs, or getting eliminated in the first few rounds! I want a Stanley Cup in Toronto, and I am sure that you want one to!

So please sign this petition, and tell your friends about it, we need to get as much signatures as possible before February 27, 2007! Thank you for reading this, here is the link:

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    You're retarded.

  2. koolcory77 says:

    I'll save you the time and tell you there is already something like this.

    It's been going for nearly 6 weeks but only has 600 or so signatures.

  3. Hoondog2 says:

    What exactly do you think they're doing?

  4. 92-93 says:

    there's a lot of confusion over this subject among leaf fans and non-leaf fans and a lot of that confusion has to do with the lack of transparency from MLSE on what exactly their plan is (they and other sport franchises have borrowed this lack of transparency technique of non-communication from politicians who have perfected the art of saying nothing and 'not-answering-the-question-that-was-asked-but-answering-the-question-you-wished-they-asked').

    but here's my take on it.

    in the new NHL, the turnover between being a contender one year and a non-contender the next is very high. furthermore, the lines that have traditionally distinguished contender from non-contender are extremely blurred (just look at 4th through 11th in the East right now – Montreal/Ottawa-NYI).

    the most important development that has come from this evolution is this: hockey fans simply MUST become way more sophisticated in terms of their knowledge of the game – including notions about the cap, economics, revenue sharing, drafting, long-term vision, etc.

    however, it is clear that on sites like HTR and even the more 'professional' bloggers out there, there are a quite a few people who have yet to catch up to the new system, which is not entirely new – but certainly evolving.

    why am i saying all of this? well, the notion of 'rebuilding' and slowly into a long-term contender has completely changed in the new NHL. the long-term process is still there, but teams now realize that they simply must have a lot of players – young and older – who are getting a million or less on their roster.

    but perhaps their most important realization is this: you can have a team that is inconsistent, not very good, and STILL make the playoffs, all the while building through the draft and making shrewd little moves. dont get me wrong, i dont like the attitude of some who are satisfied with just making the playoffs … but if your team is trying to improve its depth all the while, why ***** and complain? if you think the leafs are not doing that, then you have a right IMO. 

    and that is the point, what i think the leafs are doing is BUILDING, not rebuilding.

    and i think the definitions of 'rebuilding' here on this site from leaf and non-leaf fans are absolutely vague and undefined. look at this article. what exactly constitutes a 'rebuild'??? its never stated, its just assumed.

    trading Sundin? trading Tucker? trading Sundin AND Tucker? Trading all the veterans?? what is it?

    its not that you cannot rebuild in a hockey-mad Toronto market and their fans would never accept it or a losing team for a long period of time (gee, did everyone forget about the 1980s all of a sudden?). its that rebuilding – in the traditional old sense of the word – you know the NYR rebuild of 2004 – cannot occur or be as effective as it once was.

    and here is the really crazy thing, trading Sundin and Tucker shouldnt signify a 'rebuild' to anyone … but for some reason journalists and fans out there think that is the case. its not. why? because the nature of the cap means that the Leafs can trade these two guys – get returns that are good for the long-term and not so good in the short-term, and STILL remain competitive this year and next thanks to the fact that they can sign free agents in the offseason – free agents that were forced onto the market thanks to the cap system that forces OTHER teams to make cuts to their roster.

    the leafs need to build.

    they do not need to rebuild.

    the one good thing about JFJ is he realizes that the Leaf farm system is far from being well-stocked, so he is signing these younger veterans (Westrums, Devereauxs, Aubins, Browns, Nashs, Battaglias, etc.) along with continuing with a sound drafting policy (one that has only seen one major draft choice being traded – and for a young NHL-level goalie at that).

    so my advice is this: dont sign the petition. its vague. instead, monitor the smaller moves the team is making. advocate by all means for sound moves to be made – i.e. trading Tucker for a reasonable return, i.e. NOT making future Kubina, McCabe-like signings, etc.

  5. 92-93 says:

    speaking of trading Tucker. Again, i dont think JFJ is going to do that trade. but i wouldnt be surprised if a bidding war began for his service and if Tucker is still not signed by then, watch out.

    I've always said that the oilers were the ideal place but right now they are not a playoff-bound team. The Wings however seem more suitable right now. a couple of suggestions:

    Jiri Hudler and a 3rd rounder to the Leafs in exchange for Tucker.


    1st or 2nd round pick and Cory Emmerton to the Leafs in exchange for Tucker.

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