Petr Sykora??? Show the real link…

Quote: “ reports that the rumors circulating between the habs and Petr Sykora are intensifying, and that he might end up being a hab next season. Sykora is a solid 20 goal, 50 point scorer, and he should come in handy as a replacement of the no-longer Montreal Canadien, Jan Bulis.
Rumors are also starting to come up when the name of Sergei Samsonov is mentioned. He would be a perfect fit as a left-winger on that montreal 2nd line, but it seems as though the Detroit Red Wings are also interested.”

With all the rumors going… and with lack of good free agent remaining, the fans are all after the best remaining… Lindros, Sykora, Samsonov… they switched to Lindros after Shanahan have been signed…

»» The starting line of the QUOTE is “ reports”…

»» I’d say: daniel1988, show us the REAL link to that article! BTW, daniel1988’s account is “There is no available info for… Account Not Found”
If someone knows about that rumors, leave the link over here 🙂

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  1. SensDude says:

    Lindros will never go to Mtl and Mtl dont want him.

  2. shanahan1014 says:

    Haha ya I dont believe a word of this casue it was exactly the same with Poti the article written even said Montreal and Poti are intensifying just like this one, and for Lindros coming to MTL what a joke, he hates the french and we hate him.

  3. SensDude says:

    According of what it`s just been stating in RDS. Gainey is still looking for an UFA and it could be between Sykora or Samsonov, but most likely Sykora and the last spot will be decided at training camp for a youngster.

    Also Gainey is looking to bolster his line-up with some trades, names that are mentionning are Sheldon Souray who wants to be closer to California, Mike Ribeiro, Richard Zednik, Craig Rivet and David Aebisher.

    A strong rumor is sending Aebisher to Detroit but I dont think he will be traded before the middle of the season because the wings would want to give a chance to the Eagle.

  4. Les-Habitants says:

    Fourth period apparently has Gainey quoted as saying that he is interested in Sykora.

    The quote:

    “Sykora is still available,” Canadiens GM Bob Gainey told Radio-Canada. “We shall see.”

    take it for what its worth. He’d be a good addition, we’ll still need that center though…that’s with a healthy Koivu returning. Get better, mon capitane!

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