Phaneuf Effect in Carolina?

This is kind of an interesting topic. After the Phaneuf trade, it made me wonder; would other struggling teams who have 2 star players, look to move one, because of dominance issues…the newer player taking over the teams, as it was evident that the Calgary Flames had to be, Jarome Iginla’s team??
So lets look at some situations:

I do apologize for the lack of wording…
but lets suppose the Canes wanted to move Staal:
a prospect, a draft pick, and a solid player would probably be the minimum asking price for an exceptional player like Staal
So, here we go :)

to Los Angeles:
Eric Staal
Tim Brent

to Carolina:
Jonathan Bernier
Dustin Brown
4th+5th in 2012

To Toronto
Eric Staal
Jussi Jokinen (shootout losses are a thing of the past :)

To Carolina
(oh boi…more Leafs in Carolina)
Nazem Kadri
Tim Conolly
1st in 2012

And Lastly:
I realize this ones weird, but it works if u think about it

To Nashville:
Eric Staal

To Carolina:
Shea Weber