Phaneuf Effect in Carolina?

This is kind of an interesting topic. After the Phaneuf trade, it made me wonder; would other struggling teams who have 2 star players, look to move one, because of dominance issues…the newer player taking over the teams, as it was evident that the Calgary Flames had to be, Jarome Iginla’s team??
So lets look at some situations:

I do apologize for the lack of wording…
but lets suppose the Canes wanted to move Staal:
a prospect, a draft pick, and a solid player would probably be the minimum asking price for an exceptional player like Staal
So, here we go 🙂

to Los Angeles:
Eric Staal
Tim Brent

to Carolina:
Jonathan Bernier
Dustin Brown
4th+5th in 2012

To Toronto
Eric Staal
Jussi Jokinen (shootout losses are a thing of the past 🙂

To Carolina
(oh boi…more Leafs in Carolina)
Nazem Kadri
Tim Conolly
1st in 2012

And Lastly:
I realize this ones weird, but it works if u think about it

To Nashville:
Eric Staal

To Carolina:
Shea Weber


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  1. mapleleafsfan says:

    The nashville one could be pretty cool. Franchise forward for franchise D.. The Canes would probably have to add a little seeing as weber is arguably the best d man in the league, but it definitely fits a need. Webers young enough that he will still be good in a few years when the canes have retooled enough to compete. 

    The toronto one we would have to add quite a bit more.. Connollys contract/injury record means he has little value. Even though hes been great in the games he's played his value is pretty low. Staal has struggled too but he will still demand a huge return. Think of it like this, would nashville trade Weber for Kadri, Connolly and a 1st? Not a chance. I think for staal it would have to be an overpayment considering many teams would be interested… I'd imagine it would have to be like: Grabo, kule/mac, kadri/colborne, 1st and maybe a dman too? (pick one of the 2 with the slashes, not both)
    I don't know. I mean there's always the outside chance it ends up like the phaneuf situation but I think that is seriously rare. Maybe if sutter were in charge, then trade them Dupuis, Bozak, Macarthur and franson for Staal and mcbain lol… 
  2. thisgamewelose says:

    I just typed up a huge paragraph before getting your joke at the end. It's going to be a long Tuesday.

  3. Steven_Leafs says:

    Always a fun waste of time. lol.

  4. Steven_Leafs says:

    Gotta say, your trade proposals are getting much better and far more interesting.

    I'll give you my 2 cents on the offers.

    to Los Angeles:
    Eric Staal
    Tim Brent

    to Carolina:
    Jonathan Bernier
    Dustin Brown
    4th+5th in 2012

    Not too bad value wise. I get the feeling that Carolina is not interested in Bernier even though they could use a great backup like him to push Ward to do better. I think LA would force Carolina to take on Penner's contract in any deal they do for Staal's 8M contract.

    Maybe something like this would be more possible:
    Brown, Penner, 2012 1st, 2012 2nd for Staal, Brent
    Brown, Penner, Bernier for Staal, Brent, Boucher (If CAR does want Bernier)

    Carolina can then flip Penner for a pick/prospect if they are still out of the race.

    To Toronto
    Eric Staal
    Jussi Jokinen (shootout losses are a thing of the past 🙂

    To Carolina
    (oh boi…more Leafs in Carolina)
    Nazem Kadri
    Tim Conolly
    1st in 2012

    "I *****ing wish" & "Never gonna happen" come to mind. Definitely not enough for Staal unless the massive cap dump is a huge factor (which Carolina will not lose on a deal for Staal because of salary).

    Maybe Kadri, Kulemin, Lombardi, Franson, 2012 1st, 2012 2nd for Staal+ will get their attention but I doubt Toronto would be able to land Staal if he is on the market, the bidding war would drive his price too damn high.

    To Nashville:
    Eric Staal

    To Carolina:
    Shea Weber

    In my opinion, perfect. Weber will likely fetch 7M-8M per year on his next contract making the money good in this deal, elite center for elite defenseman, everything about this deal looks pretty good, although I doubt either team would pull the trigger.

    If Carolina keeps dropping and Nashville is in the playoff race I can see a deal like:

    Staal, Ruutu for Weber, 2012 1st, condition pick in 2012 (playoff success condition)

    Would definitely be a trade people talk about for a while.

    Or LA outbids NSH and offers a Doughty for Staal type of trade. 😛

  5. blaze says:

    I forgot who but some poster on here owes me a bottle of whiskey, now that Jaromir Jagr has scored 10 goals. People laughed when I said Jagr would be a productive pick-up and would see 50+pts. 24pts in 24gms and +7, you shouldn`t doubt HOF talent.

  6. mojo19 says:

    I said Jagr would put up 70+ points and no one laughed at me (not that I can recall). Maybe no one read my comment, or didn't care to comment on it.

    But I still stand by it. Anyone who though Jagr would come in and only put up 20 or 30 points is a moron. Sorry, but that's just the cold hard truth. Jagr still throw a few back and talk a little smack when he's feelin' bullet proof. Don't double-dog dare him now, cuz he'd hafta call your bluff…. (tangent)

  7. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Eric Staal is 28 next year, still a young player. Don't get me wrong, I would love have him, but I don't know why the Canes would trade a franchise center like him. He may be having an off year, but this has happened once in his entire career (Do not count his rookie season).

    If anything, Staal has been lacking in the defensive end the last two years as he has been a -28. If that is the sign of him wanting out, I guess you can trade him.

    Now back to the Canes, they do have a lot of good prospects/young players in the mix. Very deep defensively and Cam Ward will one day return to form, but if you trade for some depth on the forward side and use a top-pick to draft a forward, the Hurricanes can return to contdener status soon.

  8. mapleleafsfan says:

    haha, I actually wondered when I wrote it if someone would just skip to it and take it seriously.. Definitely not serious lol 

  9. JoelLeafs says:

    Yeah, I think the whole Phaneuf trade really messed up how we see franchise players in the modern NHL. Along with perhaps the Richards trade to LA when have young franchise caliber players been sent to other teams? I mean, just because Philly needed a major overhaul and Sutter if a loving idiot doesn't mean other GMs are going to be willing to let go of some of the best talent available.

    I think the only way this is likely to happen would be a franchise player for franchise player swap. The only thing I can think of in recent memory that even approximates that situation would be the Heatly-Havlat swap, and even that is a stretch.

  10. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I agree. Finding franchise-players, especially centers, are kind of hard in this league.

    Having Staal is a luxury because he is a player you can build your team around.

    Carolina also has Brandon Sutter, if he returns to form, can also be a solid number 2 guy for that team. As well, Jeff Skinner is another talented player they have can play on the wing or center.

    I think they should ship players out, but for no means should they destroy the core of this team. (Staal, Sutter, Ward, Skinner)

  11. glotz_99 says:

    Hey I just got an iphone and I was wondering if there is an app where i can watch the leafs game for free. Please let me know. Thanks.  Go Leafs.

  12. JoelLeafs says:

    Unless you have a way to play flash, then no.

  13. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Has anyone bought NHL gamecenter live?

    I'm moving to Nashville in January and want to watch good-quality Leaf games.

  14. reinjosh says:

    I would sort of agree. I don't think you can expect another Phaneuf type deal or Brad Richards type deal. Those are once in a few years type deals. You can pretty much count those deals on one hand since the lockout. Thornton, Brad Richards, Phaneuf. Three deals where franchise players swapped teams for very little. It happens, just not very often. 

    I wouldn't say Staal won't move though. He actually fits into that type of trade scenario. Caroline is struggling with cash and they haven't really done much in a while. Staal is good but its obvious he's a holdover from the cup run. He's just looking like he won't fit into this team. 
    With his play this year, and his massive contract (which always was a little bit heavy for what he brought numbers wise), management could very well force a trade with him. Plus only a few teams could legitimately take on that contract. Both things could be a perfect storm for another franchise player for parts trade. 
    Teams appear to be much more willing to do trades in the past two years than in the early lockout days. Stewart/Johnson trade was one of high potential young players being swapped, the Havlat/Heatley trade, the Richards/Carter trades, the Brent Burns trade. Teams just seem more willing to move those types of players now. 
    So i wouldn't shut down the possibility of Staal trade. 
  15. reinjosh says:

    I saw an interesting idea on Hfboards, figured I thought what people on HTR think.

    What do people think about swapping Kulemin and Stewart? Both play RW, both are prior 30 goal scorers, both are struggling in the system they are currently in. Kulemin might do better in a higher defensive system like Hitch*****s and Stewart could do well with Grabo/Connolly. 
    It's obviously a risk but the upside for both sides is there. 
  16. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I wish he would just produce so I don't have to hate on him.

    Like 23 games, is this a sick joke?

  17. reinjosh says:

    Yeah its getting to me now. I'm getting annoyed by it. 

    But what do you think about the swap?

  18. glotz_99 says:

    alright thanks, another good one is but like you said it need flash

  19. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I don't know.

    They are prettu much the same player. If Toronto is not in contention at trade deadline time, I bet he could be trade to the Leafs for Liles or Franson. They want better offensive-defencemen help on that team.

  20. reinjosh says:

    I somehow doubt that they would trade Stewart for either one of those guys. Liles being a UFA and all. Franson is a possibility I suppose but the way he's been playing I think we should hold onto him. 8 points in 15 games, and he seems to be getting better. This is the guy Burke went after. 

  21. dumbassdoorman says:

    I am surprised nobody has slammed the fact Phanuef was refered to as a franchise type player lol….he gets little love from others since dawning the blue&white. However before he did it was funny we would never be able to obtain a player such as him. As for Staal, i think it is likely he gets traded, not because he should but as was stated….MONEY. Canes are trolling near thew bottom again and the thought of a decent player plus prospects and high picks will lead to his trade. If Skinner hadn't emerged then noway it could happen. As for suiters there will be plenty of interest, but at 8.5 mil a year, few will be serious.

  22. dumbassdoorman says:

    See i said we shouldn't trade him,……i see you feeling the love now….lol

  23. JoelLeafs says:

    Trading away your C would essentially mean the end of the season. I'd be blown away if happen before the deadline. I still think he'll stay, but wouldn't be surprised to see him go before then.

  24. JoelLeafs says:

    What's in Nashville?

  25. MystifoLeafs says:

    Hey I was with you on that one. Franson has the potential to be a top 4  Dman on the leafs. Only because of the surprised emergence of Gardiner that he was pushed down. Not too mention the surprising play of Komisareak it made it hard for him to crack the line up.

    As for the Kuli Stewart swap I think it's rather interesting. I mean it pretty fair value trade wise and even though I like Kuli Stewart would be an easy pill to swallow. They are both RFA's after this year so the contracts are similar as well. Interesting idea.
  26. Steven_Leafs says:

    I would do it in a heartbeat. I've always loved Stewart's game. Shame we didn't select him in '06, could have had them both! lol.

  27. MystifoLeafs says:

    Well I was going to post this before Giroux injury but with him down it's less likely Philly likes this but anyways it will make sense once he returns….

    As of right now Brayden Schenn has been pushed down to the AHL due to cap reasons. But even without the cap reasons he still has a lot of depth to pass. With Giroux having the number 1 spot and Couturier being a solid second line pivot you have to wonder where does Schenn fit into this? Does he get pushed out of the equation? Does he get pushed to the wing? Or would they rather trade for someone who is tearing it up on the wing. Enter Toronto. We heard it before well now that we have seen more of Schenn and Kadri we can evaluate this more.  As of right now Kadri is tearing up the AHL. He is constantly improving his defensive play and is showing why he was drafted so high. A lot like what Brayden Schenn was doing in the AHL. Kadri is currently over a PPG sate in the AHL as was Brayden Schenn when he was down. Pretty even so far. With Philly they have a strong 1-2 but an ageing defense and wingers. Both of which Toronto has depth in.  So with all this said maybe something like…
    Addresses both teams needs and seems like fair trade value.
  28. reinjosh says:

    He's been my favorite player since before he entered the NHL so you won't hear any argument from me on the franchise player tag. I've always thought he had that potential, albeit I look like a retard during his last year with Calgary and his first year with Toronto. Thankfully he's finally playing like the stud he was drafted to play.

    I agree that it all comes down to money. Staal is expensive and you're absolutely right about the emergence of Skinner potentially leading to this. 
    Joel's right as well. If he's traded they are admitting this season and potentially the next are done for. The thing is it could work out for them real well. Wait for Ryan Murphy to grow for a year, grab a high end guy at the draft this year and they could be sitting pretty next year. 
  29. reinjosh says:

    Honestly I'd rather keep Kadri. I was never convinced of B Schenn's high end ceiling that everyone claimed he had. Although I'll understand if people think I'm biased from my interest in Kadri as a prospect. The guy is going to make us regret trading him one day if it happens. It's only a matter of time. The guy is to damn skilled to be just an AHL player. More than likely he becomes a Ribeiro. I just hope he doesn't become exactly like Ribeiro, not really getting a full shot in the team that drafted him and then getting traded and blossoming to a consistent 70 – 80 point playmaker with unreal hands. 

  30. reinjosh says:

    Yeah, I figure it could be like the Ruutu/Ladd trade a couple years ago. Two similar players, similar contracts, both struggling. Maybe the trade kick starts them back to the stuff they showed in the past. 

  31. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I guarantee he will be traded by the year is over.

    He wants playing time and unfortunately, the wingers for Toronto are pretty solid now and in the future.

    I really see no place for him with Kessel and others ahead of him.

  32. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Transferring schools and networking.

    Why do you care?

  33. JoelLeafs says:

    Easy, hostile, just asking. ***** snow anyways.

  34. reinjosh says:

    Interestingly enough Eakins has had him playing center most of the year. He has now proven he can play at the LW and Center. That's pretty valuable. 

    Don't trade him Burke. You're going to regret it. 
  35. MystifoLeafs says:

    I can see the Ribero comparison. If Kadri continues to develop his Defensive he very well could become a LW/C and play a game similar to Elias. As for Brayden Schenn potential I think it is higher than expected but I would not rate it really low also. The way I see both Kadri and Schenn have the same value only I give a bit of an edge to Schenn due to his strong two way play.

  36. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Schenn would also have more value since he is a Center. Center's are more valuable than wingers.

    Kadri could be playing C, but most likely he will spend his career on the wing.

  37. reinjosh says:

    Your not listening. If the Leafs had decided to make him a wing on the pro level, he'd still be playing it on the Marlies right now. He's not. That usually means that he's being groomed as a center at the NHL level. Very similarly to Ribeiro. 

  38. TheLeafNation91 says:

    The reason he's not playing on the "Wing" right now in Toronto is because their is no room for him.

    He would not have a top-six role on this team, which is what his game is suited for. As well, Frattin is a player better suited to be on the theird-line and could switch between top-six and bottom-six.

    That is the reason, not because their developing him into a Center.

  39. TheLeafNation91 says:

    If he plays C on this…He will be more like Slava Kozlov. A top-Center that can get good points…But more like a 1b instead of a 1a.

  40. mapleleafsfan says:

    He didn't say he'd be a winger on toronto right now. He said if ultimately toronto wanted him as a winger, he'd be playing wing in the minors to learn the role better. I don't know why you think he's destined to be a winger. He's played center his whole life and played a few games on the wing this/last year. Now he's back at center he's lighting it up in the AHL. 

  41. senators_choke says:

    Of course it's not just skill. You also need the will to succeed at the NHL level.

  42. senators_choke says:

    A lot of young players have the skill, but lack the drive and competitiveness to excel in the NHL. I hope Kadri is not one of those players.

  43. Steven_Leafs says:

    I don't think this would happen. I know Burke really wants B.Schenn on his team but the risk/reward of trading Kadri AND a defensive prospect for Schenn just isn't worth it at the moment. And that is coming from a guy who greatly prefers B.Schenn over Kadri.

    If the deal was something like this I would do it:

    To TOR:


    To PHI:


    But that obviously is not going to happen, Read's value is insane right now.

  44. mojo19 says:

    Apparently its a touchy subject…. haha

  45. mojo19 says:

    And LeafNation, my cousins live in Nashville, and he manages to catch a lot of the Leaf games, so I'm sure there is a way. But since he moved there, he's slowly drifted more and more towards being a Preds fan. My guess is that this will definitely happen to you.

  46. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Well, like I said already, Preds are my second team.

    Also, I guess I can use atdhe, etc. but the quality is not the greatest. lol

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