Phil in the future?


The Maple Leafs’ pursuit of Phil Kessel continues, but in the meantime there are nine National Hockey League exhibition games to play, including four in a row beginning tonight.Given the Leafs start against the Boston Bruins tonight at the Air Canada Centre and meet the Philadelphia Flyers tomorrow in London, perhaps it’s no surprise coach Ron Wilson is rolling out some of his new industrial-sized roster.

Colton Orr, Andre Deveaux, Jay Rosehill and defenceman Phil Oreskovic are among those the coach plans to use tonight, all in the 6-foot-3, 6-foot-4 mountain range.

“You figure it’s going to be a big lineup,” Wilson said.

He also plans to use rookie first-round pick Nazem Kadri, as well as Tyler Bozak, one of the college grads who also impressed at the rookie camp.

As per NHL rules, the Leafs must dress at least 10 NHL veterans to give fans their money’s worth, even though tonight’s game is free, with Kadri counted in that group. Teams also can agree before the game to add or subtract the balance of veterans and rookies.

As for Kessel, general manager Brian Burke said yesterday he’s not expecting a star to emerge from Leafs’ camp, so he’s going after the young winger by trade or as a restricted free agent.

“We know we would like this player … We’ll see what happens,” he said.

Toronto is said to be offering as much as two first-rounders and a second-rounder, plus perhaps a player, for Kessel, a second- or third-round pick and maybe a body.

But just because the Leafs are perceived as front-runner for Kessel, with Nashville and the Rangers right behind, Burke says there’s no guarantee of success.

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  1. hockeyhead says:

    1. why does one think the bruins are not afraid of letting kessel go.

    2.  he is not going to be ready until december.  he is damaged goods.

    3.  a soft player who does not check and has been in the coaches doghouse on a few occassions in his young career.

    4.  does not fit the description of a brian burke player. 

    if phil plays for the leafs he is going to dread playing chara and lucic 6 times a year.

    he will have no playmaking center and will try to beat one or more players himself.  which leads to turnovers.

  2. reinjosh says:

    What's the harm in letting the forwards just go nuts
    Stalberg, Hanson, Bozak could all grab spots
    Stefanovich and Kadri could also but are longer shots
    Slaney could be given a spot
    why not let the kids play and then see where we are next season or the deadline or even by december
    but giving up 2 first rounders now is not a smart thing for our team
    it would do more harm in the long run

  3. number15 says:

    im a huge fan of Phil Kessel in Toronto and wouldnt mind trading a few draft picks, plus an excess defender though…… 2 first rounders?, not really 

    why not just sign him to a offer sheet. If Boston doesnt match, we just give up 1 first, a second and a third….. if Boston does match, oh well, screw it they got a cap problem. if im right, Boston cannot trade him after matching the offer. meaning they must make room for him by droping someone els off.

    just sign a offer sheet, Mr. Burke!……. forget the ego already. Kevin Lowe can say what he wants, we dont care

  4. ty656789 says:

    anyone know if HTR is going to release the Ultimate Pool Preview this year? Its getting pretty close to the start of the season and its been a great tool for me over the past couple of years.

  5. hockeyhead says:

    most bruin related threads on this site ever.

  6. number15 says:

    …………only because they r bruins/leafs threads

  7. hockey_lover says:

    I dont want to start a new article otherwise mojo might pop a fcuking gasket.

    Does anyone happen to know when the teams have to submit their "final" starting season roster?

    I was just looking around a bit and noticed that Detroit is like $6m over the cap and SJ only has like 11 players signed.

    When does that all have to get finalized?

  8. glotz_99 says:



  9. 93killer93 says:

    All teams have to be at or under the cap by october 1st. So detroit would have till then to shed that 6 mil.

  10. 93killer93 says:

    If the Bruins match an offer sheet they can't trade Kessel for 1 year. The Bruins have 7 days to match the offer sheet if signed by Kessel and the Leafs. However if Burke offers kessel an offersheet on September 29th the bruins would have to decide quickly because all team have to be under the cap by the 1st of October.

  11. cam7777 says:

    Detroit is already under the cap with a full roster :

    Pavel Datsyuk – 6.7
    Henrik Zetterberg – 6.083
    Johan Franzen – 3.955
    Valterri Filppula – 3.0
    Daniel Cleary – 2.8
    Tomas Holmstrom – 2.35
    Kris Draper – 1.583
    Todd Bertuzzi – 1.5
    Jason Williams – 1.5
    Kirk Maltby – 0.833
    Ville Leino – 0.8
    Darren Helm – 0.598
    Patrick Eaves – 0.5
    32.202 million

    Niklas Lidstrom – 7.45
    Brian Rafalski – 6.0
    Brad Stuart – 3.75
    Niklas Kronwall – 3.0
    Jonathan Ericsson – 0.9 
    Brett Lebda – 0.65
    Derek Meech – 0.483
    22.233 million

    Chris Osgood – 1.417
    Jimmy Howard – 0.717
    2.134 million

    TOTAL – 56.569 million

    LTIR Roster:
    Andreas Lilja – 1.25 million
    (doesn't count against the cap)

  12. Kramer says:

    Ok enough of playing games! Do you people REALLY wanna get Kessel? I mean REALLY want him? Then here's the only solution.  Burke's gotta get some cash and place it in a sealed brown envelop, then slip it under the table to the Bruins GM. 

    How do you think the Sharks got Thornton? They didn't play it cheap like the Leafs, they slipped secret payoffs to the Bruins. The mob pays off congressmen and judges all the time, this is nothing. You gotta bribe your way through problems like this. Wake up to reality.

  13. Magleaf says:

    tooo  many kessel threads..  i say screw him unless you can get him for players…  meaning DONT GIVE AWAY 1ST ROUNDERS..     never give away 1sts..  its the dumbest thing a team like torornto (not top half of leage) can do

  14. cam7777 says:

    Stefanovich, White, 2nd rounder

  15. leafy says:

    The Boston Herald is reporting Thursday that the Leafs are close to pulling a blockbuster trade for Kessel, but details are lacking.

  16. hockeyhead says:

    that is the sound of a bubble bursting.

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