Philly fans

A lot of people say all Philadelphia sports fans are crazy because of past things that they have done. The past incidents of a fan falling into a penalty box, throwing batteries at a baseball game and booing when a all pro wide reciever gets seriously injured. In this article, I will explain why.I think all that Philly fans want is a championship! I know you are thinking doesn’t everyone? Well yes, but the Philadelphia sports teams have a history of going far but not far enough. The Phillies suck, the Sixers seem to look like they dont know what the heck they are doing, the Eagles are souring high, but lets see where they get. And then there are the Flyers. I am a huge Flyers fan, but I don’t see them winning a championship with Bob Clarke still here.

The Flyers, the past couple of years, have had great teams, and several good coaches, who all seem to get fired. I am not saying the coaches are perfect, cause I know, as well as you do, they have done their fair share of bad work. But come on, firing a coach after he gets you to the finals! Give me a break. To me, that’s where things went down hill.

Now every year, we seem to have a different guy behind the bench. Quite frankly, for the guys who have been on the team the last couple of years, and have seen coaches gone by as fast as a slapshot, don’t know what to do. No wonder guys like Leclair, Primeau, Desjardins and Recchi have had a serious decline in their prduction. They have had other problems as well, but I think that that is a big problem.

The fans here are tired of this crap! They want a championship team and they want it now. Right now, the only teams who have a chance to win are the Eagles and Flyers, but most people predict that the Flyers are going to lose early in the playoffs again, and I agree with them. They have a good team, and Hitchc.ock is a great coach, but Clarke is gonna mess something up. The Flyers need to get rid of him to have a championship team. He has done good, but he has done more bad. Get rid of him and win a fricking championship. Someone do it, the Eagles, Flyers…I dont care, but the Philly fans deserve it.