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A lot of people say all Philadelphia sports fans are crazy because of past things that they have done. The past incidents of a fan falling into a penalty box, throwing batteries at a baseball game and booing when a all pro wide reciever gets seriously injured. In this article, I will explain why.I think all that Philly fans want is a championship! I know you are thinking doesn’t everyone? Well yes, but the Philadelphia sports teams have a history of going far but not far enough. The Phillies suck, the Sixers seem to look like they dont know what the heck they are doing, the Eagles are souring high, but lets see where they get. And then there are the Flyers. I am a huge Flyers fan, but I don’t see them winning a championship with Bob Clarke still here.

The Flyers, the past couple of years, have had great teams, and several good coaches, who all seem to get fired. I am not saying the coaches are perfect, cause I know, as well as you do, they have done their fair share of bad work. But come on, firing a coach after he gets you to the finals! Give me a break. To me, that’s where things went down hill.

Now every year, we seem to have a different guy behind the bench. Quite frankly, for the guys who have been on the team the last couple of years, and have seen coaches gone by as fast as a slapshot, don’t know what to do. No wonder guys like Leclair, Primeau, Desjardins and Recchi have had a serious decline in their prduction. They have had other problems as well, but I think that that is a big problem.

The fans here are tired of this crap! They want a championship team and they want it now. Right now, the only teams who have a chance to win are the Eagles and Flyers, but most people predict that the Flyers are going to lose early in the playoffs again, and I agree with them. They have a good team, and Hitchc.ock is a great coach, but Clarke is gonna mess something up. The Flyers need to get rid of him to have a championship team. He has done good, but he has done more bad. Get rid of him and win a fricking championship. Someone do it, the Eagles, Flyers…I dont care, but the Philly fans deserve it.

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  1. titans says:

    You forgot when we threw snowballs at Santa Claus! Or how bout the jail we have under the vet?? Thats cool. Or how bout recently when a buncha Eagles fans went down to Washington and got tear gassed?


  2. cwhockey says:

    I can feel your pain about not winning a title. Down here in Atlanta there is only one team that ever has a shot, and since I am one of the biggest anti-Braves fans, I haven’t had much to cheer about (once Ted Turner woke up from his drunken stupor he decided he liked baseball and gave the team as much money as they could possibly spend to buy star players and keep the ones they developed).

    But that aside, just about every city deserves it for the passion and dedication of their fans. Granted, Philly fans have been a bit more zealous than most. But it takes patience. Like me; I had to wait 20 years before getting a hometown NHL team. And now I have to watch them struggle mightly for many, many years. Never really knowing if they will have a shot at the Cup, ever. For a die-hard hockey fan like me, that is akin to the worst kind of torture. But patience is the key.

    Cubs fans (of which I am one) and Red Sox fans have kept the faith for years. Every city deserves it; for those who keep hope, it will make it that much sweeter when it happens.

  3. Glen says:

    Non-Philly fans need not apply. Keep cheering your no-talent Trenton Titans.

  4. Lindros88 says:

    I dont think its just Clarke. The players have problems as well. Aka Checkmanek aka the whole offense in the postseason. This team does not have good chemistry, only in the regular season.

  5. mikster says:

    It’s been like 100 years for the Red Sox

  6. tgray says:

    The Myth of the Philly Fan:

    Its hard to say “philly fans” because each team has a different type of fan–the funny part is that the same people like the teams, but approach them differently. The Phillies are always viewed extremely negatively, it’s funny you read the beat writers story in the paper and he just rips the team, org., attendence, etc and nobody seems to care. The fact is that the city has turned its back on the team and is waiting with bated breath for it to come to glory. Philadelphians seem to be waiting eagerly for them to return, they come to boo Scott Rolen, honor Kalas, or see the alumni games, but protest by leaving empty seats for everything else. The fans are scorned by losing and see the team as not caring about the fan.

    The Eagles are on the other side of the spectrum the fans will come and fill the stadium no matter how bad the team is, it doesn’t mean that they don’t ***** about their lack of success, but they are by far the most fervent fans i have come across. If the team is great (like now) its the only thing anybody talks about, the players are gods. If the team sucks the players are the worst motherfuckers you can come across and the stands are filled with nasty signs, and angry commentary.

    The Sixers are treated much like the Phillies, if the team is successful the fans rally and follow the team like mad, if the team is sucking they just won’t come. It’s funny when I’m walking around Manhattan or DC, or Boston and see kids walking around in vintage Sixers jerseys, people wearing Iverson jerseys wherever you go. But before their recent string of success you couldn’t give a ticket away to a Sixers game, it was a joke. I remember going one night in 96 or something and i was almost alone in the upper deck. Now its a fad, and everybody can’t get enough.

    Finally the Flyers come in, a group of fans which are well represented by the writers on this website… some obnoxious diehards who think that god made the colors of halloween orange and black because of the Flyers and a group of surly, critical, negative Philly fans like myself. While the Eagles have their diehards, they criticize and are as surly as the typical Phillies and Sixers fans. They can hate their team, but not get enough. While the Flyers fans take the diehard aspect, they also by and large hold the team on in high esteem. The Flyers Broad Street Bullies teams of the seventies are city folklore, that has been passed on to the new generation of fans. This was the only Philly Sports dynasty to note (while the Sixers won the last championship in the city, the team was caught in the celebrity of Dr. J and the vibe died when he left). The Flyers vibe continues today, the Flyers want to see that dynasty return in that same form, thats why flyers fans support clarke and the teams main stays. Flyers fans are backward looking people, chills still run down their spines when they see video of Kate Smith signing God Bless America, images of Clarke’s toothless grin bring smiles to Flyers fans, the alumni games are popular and Gene Hart is an enshrined saint (as he should be). The Flyers gave Philly their only glory, so a bunch of passionate fans that fill the city gravitate towards it. Hell, its not like any other team in the city gave us a team like the Bullies.

  7. mxianieri says:

    tgray got alot of how the different teams get different attitudes from the fans right on. In large though, all Philly fans want honest effort from everyone in the organization all the time. We don’t always get that, whether it is the owners, coaches or players. And we don’t tolerate it, either booing or staying away.

    That is why certain teams are so revered here. The 70’s and 80’s Flyers, Vermiel’s and Ryan’s Eagles, Brown’s Sixers and the 93 Phillies, all of them played hard consistently and won without always having the most talent.

    This year’s Flyers have a lot to prove to the fans. The main core of the team has failed and underachieved through several postseasons and coaches. Most fans are fed up with the execuses given after the team rolled over and quit in the playoffs last year. The reason Hitch***** is so welcome is because he won’t tolerate that stuff and will make the players work hard or they won’t play.

  8. YingYan says:



  9. titans says:

    BITE ME!! Just because I stopped drinkin the Kool-Aid Clarkey was handing out doesn’t make me any less of a Philly fan! I bleed Eagles Green every sunday! I cheer on our band of thugs the sixers, and I…well nobody likes the Phils! The Flyers are done gettin my hopes up then kickin me in the nuts! Clarkey wants to drag this team into the ground, he can do it without me watchin!

    And at least my “no talent” Trenton Titans can get past the first round of the playoffs!

    GO TITANS!!!!

  10. DARTHJIM says:

    I’ve heard about Philly fans being nuts, and friends of mine that have been to an Eagles game have told me this is true. But some of the craziest fans I’ve been around are from the greatest city on earth – New York!

    The stories are plentiful. Like no beer being sold at Islander – Ranger games because the fans will try to kill each other, even if they aren’t loaded. Giants fans knocking out a Chargers coach with iceballs. John Rocker needing as much security as the President when he comes to N.Y., the Mets even build a protective covering over the bullpen so he isn’t pelleted with batteries and such as he warms up and my own story at a Jets game when I asked the guys with Viking jerseys in the row behind me “What’s with all the black eyes?” Their reply- “We stood up in the parking lot when we should have shut up!” The Jets and Giants don’t even sell beer at night games since the Monday Night Game the Jet fans set the upper stands on fire a few years back. Ask any visiting outfielder what it is like to stand in the outfield of Yankee Stadium on any given night, especially during the playoffs. The Islanders first game against Toronto should be interesting this year.

    While some of these things may be stupid, New York fans ever stop caring about their teams. No fair weather fans here and I’ve been to all sorts of games all over the country and there is always a good 1/5 of the stadium/arena there rooting for the visiting New York team.


    I know the Jets suck right now so lets keep the cheap shots to a minimum please!

  11. cecilturtle says:

    Kalas is the best announcer in baseball. He is also great “no one could do better” on Inside the NFL and NFL Films. I wish he could talk fast enough to do the Flyers games!

    Cecil Turtle

  12. DingoDave says:

    So… setting stands on fire and getting tear gassed by the cops is cool?? Sorry, but when a fan jumps into the penalty box or pelts Lindy Ruff with a half-full beer cup… I don’t think that’s cool. Sounds like trailer trash hijinks to me. People like that should go back to humping their relatives and stay away from a professional sporting event.

  13. tgray says:

    I’m a philadelphian who lives in the New York area and i disagree about New York fans being so great, the fact is that they are fragmented by too many teams. Its not like the whole city can get behind a team because you got too many teams. You sit in a bar and talk to some people there and one says he’s a giants fan, another a jets fan, another a bills fan etc. In Philly its solidarity.

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