Philly Injury Update

On Sunday I spent the day at the Flyers Wives Fight for Lives Carnival. There was a great turn out for one of the best put together events by a sports team. You could meet and greet today’s and future Flyers’ players.

At this event I was able to talk with some of the players, annoucers & radio personalities about the rash of injuries that have happen to the Flyers this year.

Here is a list of the injured Flyers;

Jerermy Roenick (broken jaw, severe concussion)- According to Jim Jackson, TV analyst, & Al Morganti, they believe that with how Roenick has been getting worse this past week that he will not be back this year. This hurts the Flyers and that they lost their grit and personality of the team. He was so sick he was unable to attend the event. They said if he heals well they don’t expect him to retire.

Keith Primeau (concussion)- He is out at least another 2 – 3 weeks with the concussion symptoms not quite gone yet. He will try to come back by the weekend if he feels better. He left the event early due to he was not feeling well.

Eric Desjardins (broken arm)- He told me he was another 3-4 weeks away from his return.He was feeling great and looking forward to returning.

Dennis Seidenberg (broken leg)- I also got a chance to speak with him. He said he would like to be back for the playoffs but it did not seem likely. His leg is still very tender to walk on.

Mattias Timmander – He said that he was ok after the hit by Ronald Petrovicky on Saturday. He sustained a nastsy cut above his right eye that needed about 10 stitches. He will be ready for Tuesday game against the Chicago.

Donald Brashear (Knee sprain)- He said he will be ready to return by maybe Tuesday, if not, definately on Thursday.

Todd Fedoruk (knee sprain)- He hopes to be back by the end of this week.

Claude Lapointe (depression)- He is feeling good and happy to be back with his teammates. Welcome back!! He is really a great guy and deserves the best.

Hopefully we won’t be adding anymore players to the list. To JR get well soon.