Philly looking to make a deal????

Rumors are swirling that the Flyers are up to something. Yesterday they re-called Nolan Baumgartner from the AHL and in order to do they he has to clear re-entry waivers meaning any team can pick him up and the Flyers will be responsible for half of his wage.

The CourierPost Online suggests that the Baumgartner call up could be paving the way for the Flyers to make another move such as trading big Derian Hatcher.

The CourierPost also acknowledges that Hatcher has a no trade clause however they do cover their bases when they suggest that he may be willing to waive this clause if he is sent to a contending team. It is unknown how many teams would be that interested in Hatcher however as he has really begun to slow down in the past few years and his big body may not be as much of an asset in the new NHL as it was in years past.

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3 Responses to Philly looking to make a deal????

  1. lynchmob540 says:

    Hatcher to the Wings for Zetterberg & Datsyuk. Done deal.

  2. snowybuttman says:

    your retarded

  3. broc says:


    You couldn't give him away. You probably couldn't give him away on re-entry waivers. Philly would have to include a 1st rounder and a prospect to any team willing to relieve them of probably the most burdening contract in the league. The NHL GM's know this, the only people who don't are the ones who create ridiculous Hatcher rumors.

    I'd rather sign Kevin Hatcher than acquire Derian at this point.

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