Phoenix and Pittsburgh strike deal!

according to the Coyotes have shipped Landon Wilson to the team that has just set the NHL record for the most losses in a row, the Penguins!! In return of future

The six-foot-three, 224-pound native of St. Louis has played in 35 games with the Coyotes this season, recording one goal, three assists and 16 penalty minutes. In nine NHL seasons, Wilson has 105 points and 300 penalty minutes in 329 games with Colorado, Boston and Phoenix.

Wilson was originally drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round, 19th overall, of the 1993 NHL entry draft.

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  1. tucker89 says:

    yeah seriously who cares………18 in a row, why won t they move if there gonna just keep on picking up garbage. aka jackman

  2. Primis says:

    Landon Wilson?

    Yeah, this’ll do wonders to rub out the image of the Pens continually acquiring underachievers instead of trying to build a team the right way…

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. If the Pens are serious about continuing to exist, they need to get on the phone and call Don Waddell in Atlanta and inquire about moving some players and acquiring Atlanta’s first-round pick.

    — Primis.

  3. wheresthesoda says:


    18 loses and they acquire landon wilson…whatever phoenix gets in return is worth it.

    he is really gonna help out the team..hahah

  4. MAniac29 says:

    The players that they are picking up are not going to measurable for a couple years. No one in the organization ever said that Jackman was meant to be a greatly valuable acquisition did they? I’ll answer that…NO!

  5. MAniac29 says:

    Who are the underacheivers they continually acquire. Let’s hear this….this oughta be good.

    Why Atlanta? And who are they going to give up that is worth it? I don’t see any trade that would be worth it for the Pens. First, if they have someone good enough to acquire that pick why would they be trading them, since there are no real salary issues with any players, second, why would atlanta want to, unless the Pens traded other picks, but this wouldn’t happen because with 5 picks in the first 2 rounds, this needs to be a huge drafting year, and they need depth of prospects, not jeopardizing 3 of those picks for 1 guy, when they could basically get 3 guys with close to as good a chance of succeeding.

  6. MAniac29 says:

    I’m sure he’s not been acquired to do much, I really think this was an idoitic move for sure…what’s he gunna do replace Mike Eastwood or Buchberger if they get dealt…

  7. IceColdSoda says:

    I went to the Penguin game today…Jackman was one of their best players I felt, and he’s been pretty good so far. Toronto sucks, who cares about them. They won’t win the cup anyway.

  8. RangerSteve says:

    Man, I can see this move not effecting the outcome of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but where those Ping Pong balls land at the lottery! WOOOOOOOOOWEEE!

  9. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    Yeah, another one of those leaf picks that really panned out.

  10. Viller says:

    Pittsburgh = cup next year. (hah!)

  11. thomas2984 says:

    I can surely bet that Ovechkin is shakin in his boots for this summers draft….I guarantee u he can’t wait to strap on that stupid penguin….

  12. Lint07 says:

    I hate when people say that. Why don’t you concentrate writing on articles that you do care.

    don’t forget to write to TSN so they remove the story from their site and never talk about it again, because obviously, nobody cares!

    This site is about trades in the NHL and this is a trade. I do care about it and I’m sure some of the Pens & Coyotes fans also care about it.

    You should consider writing your first article and see if people care

  13. Primis says:

    Who are the underacheivers they continually acquire.

    And I suppose a NHL team that is winless in 18 games is somehow OVERachieving? Get real. Because the other alternative is that you’re claiming the Penguins’ management knowingly put together a roster that would be winless in 18 (and counting). And if they didn’t knowingly do it, then they’ve been expecting more from a roster of players that HASN’T met expectations. And guess what, THAT is underachieving.

    Why Atlanta? And who are they going to give up that is worth it?

    Why Atlanta? Because Waddell’s flat-out said that he’d be willing to trade away the Thrashers’ 1st Round pick if he could get something good in return.

    Atlanta’s only 10 pts out of a playoff spot but is 3-7 in their last 10 games. If they wanted to make a serious playoff push, trading their #1 for a couple of the Pens’ younger (read: not old) depth-type players would make a lot of sense for both teams. Pittsburgh would get another #1 pick to build with, and Atlanta could make a playoff run.

    I don’t see any trade that would be worth it for the Pens.

    That’s because there IS no trade for them that makes totoal and complete sense, because they’ve screwed themselves over beyond hope, though the Hawks now are trying to make it a race to see which team is more of a lost cause…

    They are only left with doing deals that make some sense or partial sense because they have little-to-nothing to offer the rest of the hockey world.

    — Primis.

  14. Leafs_Win says:

    A couple more years and Sidney Crosby will be a penguin….. with Fluery and Crosby….. watch out…. Stanly cup here we come 2012 through 2015

  15. guinsfan4life says:

    Well look at it this way– we might have picked up garbage, but look what the leafs got in return??

    Berehowsky?? Bad knees and all?? Past his prime..wait, did he ever have a prime??

    So who got the garbage??

  16. guinsfan4life says:

    If it were that easy, don’t you think they’d have done that by now?

    Oh yeah, and there is a little problem with that,



  17. guinsfan4life says:


  18. guinsfan4life says:

    They won’t get the first pick in the draft. There is only a 43% chance they will get that pick. I’ll be it won’t happen and they’ll end up with the second or third. Crosby is only 16, and if there isn’t a season next year the draft order still applies for the following year so hopefully if they would get the number one pick, they’d get ovechkin, then crosby and have fleury in net.

  19. guinsfan4life says:

    Thanks for the post!!! I also hate when people say that.

  20. KasparaitisCrunchers says:


    The Pens have the second best prospects in the NHL.

    Check out

  21. shady_records says:

    Doesn’t Wilson make over 1 Million? How can the Penguins afford that?

  22. Primis says:

    If it were that easy, don’t you think they’d have done that by now?

    Oh yeah, and there is a little problem with that,



    Only Fleury?

    Brooks Orpik. Ryan Whitney. Milan Kraft. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? Those are 3 guys that come to mind right off the bat as tradeable commodities. Orpik in particular would have to be of interest to Atlanta…

    — Primis.

  23. Bishop7979 says:

    You want kraft, you can have him. You wanted young role players, take bradley as well. if thats enough to get the thrashers first rounder, then I’d be all for it.

    theres no way youd be gettig whitney or orpik off this team though

  24. Bishop7979 says:

    jackman, five points in 6 games I believe. over 25 mins in ice time. 4 points on the pp. Young and spry

    berehowsky. scratched three times. one point. 17 mins of ice time. old, bad knees.

    hmm i’ll take Jackman

  25. guinsfan4life says:

    So you are telling me that a team with very few NHL caliber players this season, is on shaky financial ground should trade what good players and prosects they do have? For what? And further alienate what fan base they do have left??? YOu are out of your mind.

    Orpik is going to be a top 4 defenseman some day, Whitney is thought to be one of the top 3 defenseman in college hockey–Kraft is starting to show signs of promise, so why move these players??

  26. guinsfan4life says:

    Yeah they have the second best prospects that aren’t in professional hockey right now, which means nothing. All that means is those players have the dreaded ‘P” word–potential!!!

    This team is going to build towards having those prospects in the lineup and will not trade them for players who might fill a gap here or there in the present.

  27. guinsfan4life says:

    He makes $750,000.

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