Phoenix Coyotes' GM Don Maloney says 3 roads exist in goaltender search

Now that Ilya Bryzgalov – along with salary demands that were “completely out of the realm of possibility” for General Manager Don Maloney – has exited, the Coyotes are focusing on the future.

The tens of millions that Bryzgalov sought over the long term remain in play, becoming funds that Maloney will have available to find a new goalie and sign other players.

“It’s an opportunity to potentially spend less, hopefully find a way to be as good and use that excess resource in other ways to put a better team in front of our goaltending,” Maloney said. “So this to me isn’t something that we’re staring into our lemonade and going, ‘Woe is us.’ “

Maloney said he will use a three-pronged strategy in his goaltending quest:

– Acquiring a top young player via trade: “There’s three or four in other organizations that may be available in a trade that would cost a good asset but may potentially solidify your goaltending for a long time; that’s one obvious way to look at it.”

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