Pilar's Heart Condition Returns


According to tsn, a czech paper claims that Pilar’s heart problems are back, and that he will miss at least a couple months.

This leaves a bit of a hole on the leafs defence, and also pretty much kills the rumors floating around about Pilar being traded. Who would want to trade for someone with what is now a reacuring heart problem who can’t play till Christmas?

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  1. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Something like this has happened in the past with I believe his name was Luc Cerreda? Can someone shed some light on this for me?

  2. 92-93 says:

    I agree with most of your points except for A) and F). The Devils will trade with a conference rival but just not when major players involved and that may be the case with the trade suggested in this post but its debatable. This dont-trade-to-conference-rival “rule” is not always recognized by GMs and if it was, most trades would not have occurred. Finally, when it comes to being over the cap, some GMs might ignore this rule to get under it.

    As for the Thomas commments, I have to disagree with you there. Again, people do not realize how valuable Thomas can be (especially versus the players you mentioned) – except maybe the fans for the teams he played for in Anaheim (Cup run a couple of seasons back), Detroit, etc. This guy is the same player he was 5 years ago. nothing flashy. but he’ll give you the game-winning goals and OT goals. I’m not sure if the players you mentioned (i.e. Czerkawski) show up when the score is tied in the 3rd or in OT. let me think, hmmmm, nope.

    Sign Thomas for the league minium for a year. To me, if they have already gone ahead and done such a (potentially) dumb thing as signing Lindros (but for cheap and for a year) then why not Thomas? I guarantee you that Thomas will be infinitely more valuable than Lindros this year if the former signed with the Leafs. Just watch.

  3. shapter07 says:

    Kyle wellwood did not play wing at all in the AHL last year…. the few times matt stajan was placed on his line, stajan played the left wing with wellwood playing center and ling playing rw. Kyle wellwood outplayed matt stajan all year last year and should be placed on at lowest the 3rd line.

  4. shapter07 says:

    from what ive seen in st johns, harrison seems like a steady defensive player but he has yet to be a force in the AHL ( baby leafs 5 or 6 d-man) and i doubt if he is NHL ready. Jeremy williams is coming off a decent rookie season, but he needs a couple more years in the AHL… Wellwood was one of the top 5 forwards in the league last season and coliacovo, when health , was one of the best defenseman…they both deserve shots to make the leafs

  5. shapter07 says:

    you wouldnt want the leafs to sneak into 8th place come playoff time and play your 1st place beloved sens would ya HAHAHA… out of every team come playoff time i sincerely hope the leafs meet the sens

  6. shapter07 says:

    Luca Cereda … he recovered from heart surgery but was never the same player, he was a grinder with st. johns for a couple seasons then released

  7. TheHead says:

    Does this mean Pilar is still a restricted Free Agent as the Leafs never gave him a contract?

  8. Neely4Life says:

    Even someone who doesnt like the leafs wouldnt want to see someone die because of a heart condition. My fellow Latvian Zholtok died becuase of this. Hate the Lefs or love em, you gotta hope he can return and play with good health.

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