Pittsburgh and Vancouver Rumor

Heard from a Vancouver radio station…“According to CKNW980am Radio out of Vancouver the Canucks are in talks with the Pittsburgh Penguins, to seal a deal that would send LW Matt Cooke to the Penguins for RW Michel Ouellet. This would free up $1 million in cap space for the Canucks and would bring some more grit and leadership to the Penguins.”

As a Pens fan, I would be happy with this trade. With the amount of prospects we have at the wing position, why not have a guy thats been around a while???


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  1. jody200411 says:

    There are people who still cheer for the Penguins? hahahah

  2. goleafsgo1991 says:

    Yes…the person who the Hockey News Future Watch declared the only goal-scoring prospect in the organization in Michel Ouellete (who had a fairly decent 32 points in 50-some games and clicked well with Crosby for….a 4th line grinder to join Andre Roy, Ronald Petrovicky, and Jarkko Ruutu. Sounds like a fantastic trade, considering the abundance of future star wingers in Pittsburghs depth charts…(listed are all the wingers listed as prospects for Pittsburgh at hockeysfuture.com)…Colby Armstrong…Matt Moulson…Jonathan Filewich…Michael Gergen…Nick Johnson…and Daniel Carcillo.

  3. Habroller says:

    Your prospect are at center…

    At wing, you plainly suck! “why not a guy thats been around a while”…Recchi, Leclair, that isn’t enough dead wood for you?

    If I was a Nucks fan, I wouldn’t want to see that trade. With the losses of Bert and Carter (and Ruutu also, how could they let him go like this?!), you definitely don’t want see a reliable two-way guy like Cooke go…even though I do like Ouellet.

  4. Habroller says:

    Well, that’s a weak argument talking about winger’s depth in Pitts prospect chart. I could as well talk about Matt d’Agostini and Duncan Milroy for the Habs, but those aren’t real prospects…

    I love hockeysfuture and think it’s a very reliable source, but you have to learn how to use it before stating arguments like you did. Anyway, you seeem to contradict yourself in your sole paragraph…

  5. sean2006 says:

    If this deal happens, it’s a pretty clear sign that the Canucks are moving away from a North American style of forechecking, and moving towards a more European style of skating and cycling the puck.

    Based on this deal, it looks like the top line will be Naslund and the Sedins, or Naslund-Morrison-Bulis. That is, unless the Canucks land someone else.

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Carter may be signed with the cap space.

  7. oop007 says:

    Honestly get a life Habroller. If you feel his argument is “weak” then simply state your arguement, don’t tell the guy he doesn’t know his shit etc cause really, you never know with prospects. Ppl like Alexander Daigle are drafted like 1st by there team and are horrible, and other future stars are sometimes like… low grade prospects. His point was valid, everything’s completely opinionated. IMO montreal’s got the cup this season so why even bother checking rumors for other teams 😀

  8. OldGoalie says:

    If you’re the Pens, why would you do this? You’re giving up offensive production and youth, and picking up $1 million in extra salary (Cooke’s $1.5m minus Ouellette’s $0.5m). You don’t fill any of your two major needs (one more solid defenseman and a go-to faceoff guy). You wouldn’t even be getting a scoring winger, which in my opinion are still in short enough supply that it’s worrysome. And all when you’re relatively stocked with 3rd and 4th line type guys.

  9. oop007 says:

    I think bulis is going to turn out to be a super star this season, MTL trades a forward…. they get a season with 2x the points minimum. LOL.. (if I had to list all of montreal’s past horrible trades, it would be a mile long).

  10. Nickc2cb says:

    Yes, the Pittsburgh Penguins, you jerk!

  11. Habroller says:

    As much as I like Bulis, no way this guy is becoming a superstar. He’s too easy to knock off the puck, lacks finishing touch though he has a decent shot, and mostly, he’s way too afraid of going in the corners.

    His major asset resides in his skating, but he has always used it better for defensive duties so far.

    He’ll be good in Vcr. I’d personnally match him with Cooke and Pyatt on the 3rd line, but the Nucks lack 2 key spots on 1st and 2nd line, so that 3rd line won’t happen…

  12. Habroller says:

    First, chill out dude…

    Second, what kind of argument is “you never know with prospects”? That’s way too easy. I think when the guy has an attitude that matches his talent, you do know. Alex Daigle never was passionated about hockey (he told it himself), he ruled junior ranks because of his talent. You can’t rule the NHL if you don’t breathe hockey. That’s all.

    Third, all I was saying to that other guy is that he simply took the list of wingers out of hockeysfuture.com and then stated they were good without actually having any knowledge of those guys. That’s where I found his argument weak but the simple reason it stayed on the surface. And he also contradicted himself stating in the same paragraph Ouellet was the only pontential scoring winger among the Pens and then talking about their deepness among prospect wingers, enumerating the names found on the prestigious website. It didn’t make any sense, and I still find it “weak” unless he clears it out himself.

    Enjoy the rest of summer, I know I will!

  13. nova_scotia123 says:

    This would actually be a pretty decent trade for both teams. Sure Oullette maybe more offensively minded, but I think the Pens and their youth need a chippy player. Cooke I think is only 25 or 26 and is at a reasonable price. Cooke can play on the third line and could fill in on the second line at times. The Pens can afford to give some talent for grit. Cooke brings in a few years of experience which is something the Pens can use.

  14. simplyhabby says:

    I have to agree with you regarding Bulis except the guy does have potential to be a 30 goal scorer.

    You hit it on the head though regarding lack of the finishing touch. I remember so many times with Bulis coming down the wing with a clear shot and scoring chance either to hit the goalie in the chest our shoot it high and wide.

    He is a great two way player and if he can actually finish the play with a good centreman, he can increase his goal total from last year.

  15. kamullia says:

    Ouellet was streaky in the AHL two years ago and did the same last year in the NHL. Last year most of his goals came on the power play (close to 70%), and after his “hot streak” cooled off, he went unnoticed. Ouellet’s major knock is his skating, which is below standard. For the Penguins, he represents a problem because he is not really a third or fourth liner, but that is where he would have to be this year. He did not show to be capable enough to take a long-term position in the first two lines when given the opportunity last year. To top it off, I believe he would have to clear waivers if sent to the AHL, therefore I can see why Pittsburgh might be looking to move him.

    What I do not understand is why Matt Cooke? Do not get me wrong, he is a good player at what he does, but the Penguins have plenty of players, even if not as gritty as Cooke, who are slotted to be where Cooke would play. Would they be pushed to the fourth line? That would be a waste especially since most were acquired via trade or free agency. Unless Shero plans on turning right back around and trading Cooke to get help in other aspects, it makes no sense to me.

    If this trade is a true rumor, then Vancouver must be willing to give assets for scoring help, even though Ouellet is anything but a proven scorer at the NHL level. It would also mean that they are not willing to wait for him to be placed on waivers (something that I believe is quite possible) or they feel they are too far up the list and Ouellet would be picked long before they get a chance at taking him.

    In the end, I can understand Vancouver’s interest because of their strong need for scoring, but I do not understand Pittsburgh’s interest in Cooke, because they do not have a dire need for him or a player like him.

  16. habsoverserver says:

    good points.

  17. kamullia says:

    I basically agree with your entire thought process. The only thing that must be added is that Cooke is a better gritty player than what the Penguins have, but it is not worth a trade from the Penguins’ perspective.

  18. kamullia says:

    Cut him some slack. He is a Fragile X kid and typing is already a milestone.

  19. Danucks says:

    He’s being sarcastic hab roller, lol

  20. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i see hockeyfutures as being somewhat out of date. no mention of traded prospects or the entry draft.

  21. Habroller says:

    Maybe for last sentence, but not the rest …

    I’m quite good at detecting sarcasm by myself, thank you very much.

  22. chappy19 says:

    i like it but also hate it cooke has to be one of my favourite playersbut cokes getting old and the canucks need to get rid of that extra mill and oullete looks like hes pretty good he put up good numbers and he could be the fit for the sedin

  23. Treva says:

    Cooke is all the canucks have as far as an agitater/grinding winger. They let J.Ruttu go because they had Cooke and thought he was more valuable. The only reason is to free up cap space. And Ouellet is hardly a proven nhlr, it would be a big risk for the nucks, and would hurt them in the checking department.

  24. TheDugg1er says:

    how is cooke getting old????

  25. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    Just clicked on responce and noticed it was you once again. Its not intensional, but maybe its just you have depth in what you say.

    Anyways the Pens were way up there in penalties last year. The stupid penalities do need to be removed, but high penality and intense games where both teams take alot of penalites could really work well for them. I’m quite sure that is exactly why they got Ruttu. Thier PP with Gonchar, Malkin, Crosby, Recchi, and whoever we sure be one of the top PP lines in the NHL. But they need 4 good defencive forwards to offset the SH times. Cooke and Moore are a great start to this. Thats why the Pens may want Cooke

  26. kamullia says:

    I do not mind it at all, so long as it is good thought out reasoning.

    I had not thought of your point, and it makes total sense. But that does still leave some people being pushed too far back in the lineup in my opinion. They did acquire Ruutu, and Moore, and they have had LeClair. Who do you push to the 4th line out of them?

    LeClair is out of the question, I would think. He was already not too happy about being pushed to the third line to begin with, then he gets taken the A to be given to Crosby, if you push him to the 4th line he will be livid, demand a trade, etc… I just simply do not see management opening that can of worms, regardless of whether or not it would be justified, because of all the negative press it will generate.

    Moore I have been convinced from talking to others, that he is essential to the third line because of his abilities and would be wasted on the 4th line. And Ruutu, his agitation abilities will just about dissapear if he goes on the ice as little as the 4th line does, on top the fact that the move would make him a well paid 4th liner.

    As I said before, Cooke might be better to have than some of these players, but looking at moving some of these players out of where they are probably slotted now and considering that two of them have just been acquired makes no sense to me. If they get Cooke, I believe LeClair would have to go. But is there a market for him? There were already no takers last year for him for the playoffs.

    Mind you, this is all assuming Pivko does not earn a slot in the top three lines. If he proves in camp he deserves a spot (e.g. shows great chemistry with Malkin), things get exponentially worse. I mentioned this earlier in another post, Shero needs to do some trading, in order to alleviate the log-jam of blue collar workers he has in the lineup. Otherwise they will be leaving via waivers with no return, or worse they get picked on a call-up and Pittsburgh not only loses them but is stuck with paying half their salary without any contribution.

  27. sean2006 says:

    Most of the comments thus far have been right on the money. In losing Cooke, the Canucks lose a chippy, grinding player and an edge to their game.

    Bulis may be thrust into the 1st or 2nd line wing position (whether he’s capable of “breaking out” and scoring or not). Let’s face it, the Canucks are weak on the right side.

    Both Cooke and Bulis are natural left wingers, but that didnt stop Crawford from throwing Cooke out there last year, when Bert was dropped to playing with the Burrows line.

    Im wondering, is there hope of signing Carter, or is there now too much of a divide between management and Carter for him to return?

  28. chappy19 says:

    i think that if they give carter the money he wants he will sign but i thin the nucks are waiting it out cause they now no one will sign him for that amount so he will drop his price

  29. chappy19 says:


  30. chappy19 says:

    cooke isnt really 4th line

  31. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    I had not realized just what a mess Pens line up is in. Just kind of playing I would think something like this is possible

    LeClair S. Crosby C. Armstrong

    Pivko (a playmaker) E. Malkin M. Recchi

    N. Ekman Cooke A Good UFA

    A. Roy D. Moore J. Ruutu

    One common misconception from fans (not saying you) is how the lines work. They think that the 3rd line is better than the 4th and the players on the 3rd will see more ice time. As a person who used to play hockey in very competive leagues(not saying I was a great hockey players since I no natural skill) being on the 4th line I got more ice time than most others. You get to face of against their best players or on the PK (you do not want talented forwards doing that if you do not have to since it is a waste of thier limited minutes they can play in a game). So Cooke could center the secound line pp and kill penalites. Moore and Ekman would also get minutes on the PK

    I would trade Malone for somthing. Maybe toss in a draft pick and get another good defence forward. All the other players could benift from another year in the minors or get moved. The Pens have been in the basement for a while and got many all-stars ouyt of it, but after 5 or so years the old saying “sh*t or get of the pot comes to mind” They need to get thier main core in the NOW. If they at least do not finish 11th or better this year they will be in big trouble. Look at mid 20’s RFA’s in the new NHL. Havlat, Tangua, Gaunge, Gomez, ect and the salaries. Fluery, Malkin and Crosby’s potential salaries give them far less time to make this Dynasty team happen.

    I know Leclair does not belong on the 1st line but next year Stall come come to the secound and Pivko may move to the top if you shows up this year. Thats why you want him up this year.

    All these lines would do, or at least these starting 12 players, is make you competive this year and give you a soild core for your team you want to make a run with in a couple years.

  32. BigCanuck says:

    Cooke is still young, and please learn to spell!!

  33. BruMagnus says:


    Hopefully Shero isn’t a moron.

  34. BruMagnus says:

    LeClair will never play on the first line. EVER AGAIN!

    Ekman will 99% start up on the left wing with Crosby.

    Look to my post about Line Speculation to a more realistic idea of what the lines may be.

    ALSO, Malkin will play on the PK.

  35. BruMagnus says:

    Check out Spector’s Trade Rumors for a writeup on why Anson Carter will not be resigning with the Canucks.

    Suffice to say he will be going to either Detroit, Toronto, Phoenix or Pittsburgh… most likely.

  36. BruMagnus says:

    This would be stupid and nonsensical. Pittsburgh already has goons in Andre Roy and Eric Cairns, and already has agitators in Ruutu and Petrovicky. There is absolutely NO need for Cooke at all. Furthermore, the Canucks would lose their only grit after already losing Ruutu (to the Penguins!).

    Why not this for a trade rumor:

    Naslund for Ouellet, Malone, Christensen, and a 1st round draft pick??? The Canucks dump mega salary, and could fill in some right wingers, and maybe have enough money to sign Carter at last…

  37. kamullia says:

    Ice time is really dependent on the opponent you are facing and of the game situations, and the capabilities of your lineup. We agree there. But in general, in an even situation and a tied game you want the first line to get in more shifts on 5 on 5 play than the third or fourth line because they are made up of players who have better puck skills and are more adept at scoring.

    Something to keep in mind is that LeClair, Recchi and the rest of the veteran dead wood (no, they are not all dead wood, but they are not really needed in Pittsburgh) are leaving at the end of the year. And if Shero fills in all those spots with UFAs or expensive veterans, their payroll will skyrocket and when it is time to resign Crosby and Malkin they would have to gut out the team. Not only that, but using more veterans in the lineup means not finding out in time before renewing contracts if Talbot, Ouellet, and Christensen are worth keeping for the NHL club. To top it off, if Ouellet is not in the NHL lineup at the start of the season, he will have to clear waivers to be sent down (this also is the case with some defenders). Same with Christensen and Talbot if they get called up and sent back down. Which means that what used to be a deep core of good blue-collar prospects will be depleted. And so many veterans also means not being able to have the chance to assess prospects like Stone (the only goal scoring prospect Shero has kept).

    PS Therrien and Olcyzk moved LeClair between the top two lines (giving him plenty of chances to get the motor going and sticking in one of them), but eventually he became productive when he was put in the third line. This is why everyone, including myself, is expecting him to be there again. They tried LeClair and Crosby together and it didn’t work out, so unless he shows chemistry with Malkin, I expect him back on the third again. Besides, Ekman is the best LW the Penguins were able to acquire and I fully expect Crosby to be paired with him, unless there is no chemistry between them at all. You have to try it out because of Crosby’s ability to boost the offensive output on most players, and otherwise you’d miss out on possibly boosting a player who has soft hands and can score goals, something the Pens lacked. It would also help divert the defensive pressure that Crosby constantly has. LeClair is just too slow now to command constant pressure on him.

  38. PensFansRejoice says:

    Still bitter over your undescended testicle I see…

  39. PensFansRejoice says:

    I think Shero has proven he isnt a moron thus far…

  40. JuniorCanuck says:

    I wouldn’t mind that trade at all..

  41. peataters says:

    good this would be kind of like a younger verison of the heatley hossa trade

  42. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    that would be pretty good… i just think naslund is 33 and starting to decline. Id take him still but maybe a 2nd or 3rd round pick not a first

  43. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    Totally agree with the line up think. You are going to want your to two most of the ice time even strenth. Which is why you do not want Malkin and Crosby to kill off the last 1minute of a power play and have to put your 3rd or 4th line on.I left Ouellet of the lineup since if the trade happens then he will not be around. Talbot and Christensen will get some NHL ice time due to injuries, but another year in the minors for them to develope would not hurt them either. The UFA I was talking about signing would be a cheap 1 millon dollar sign who will not hurt you defenceively. As much as that sounds remember the worst player in the NHL make $500,000. Some like Rem Murry may fit.

  44. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    I’m sure Malkin will spend SOME time killing penalties, but my point was you do not want to use him too much if you do not have to. Why would you want to have Malkin come off the ice after a PK to have Moore come on. Malkin will have about 20-24 minute of playing time, why would you want 6 or 7 minutes of that to be on the PK if someone else can be as effective. Plus if you can keep his time a couple minutes down each game the time he does get will be more effective.

  45. kamullia says:

    $1M is not bad, it is just that more than likely is just money not well spent in my view. This team will not win a Stanley Cup this year after all, then why throw the money and take away the ice-time (and NHL experience) from someone you plan on having (or at least you can see with the time if he is worth keeping) when the team is capable of contending for a cup?

    I understand and agree with not using crucial players to kill off a penalty, but it doesn’t hurt if you can get them on the ice in the last 20 seconds or so. It presents a problem for the other team, eases a change of players at the end of the PK (being one of them is already on the ice), and gives you some offense in the event the possibility for a SH goal arises.

  46. BruMagnus says:

    Someone else won’t be as effective.

    I expect 5-8 shorthanded goals from Malkin this year.

  47. Nort10 says:

    3 years ago we were in the ECF jackass, and ***** your rangers btw

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