Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports Pens have signed Crosby

It is being reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Fox Sports Pittsburgh that Sidney Crosby has signed his rookie deal. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05251/568331.stm

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  1. PayUpSucka says:

    Thatta boy Sid! Show them what the good ole maritimers are made of!

  2. WeedIan says:

    It woulda been better if he pulled a Lindros and held out for a trade to the Canadiens and they shipped a bunch of players to Pittsburg LOL!

  3. kamullia says:

    Yes, but apparently Crosby does not have the required asinine father to pull it all off.

  4. kamullia says:

    A quick constructive comment.

    The story in the Post-Gazette says he is about to, not that he has actually signed. In fact, the story posted the next day by the Post-Gazette still said he was about to sign. Unless Fox Sports actually said it, you should not say he is already “signed”, and even then you shouldn’t put the Post-Gazette name in the same sentence.

    In this case of Crosby, it is almost a denitive that he will sign and a foregone conclussion, but you should be more accurate in wording your posts.

  5. SkruinBruin says:

    Well said- Kamullia…

  6. splendidchink says:

    The PG posted the article last night at 9 PM. It originally stated that he signed and press conference was today, which I am actually getting ready to watch on FSN. I’m sure they checked the article last night before posting it. TSN also stated the same thing (http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?id=135704) last night. The PG link leads to todays story, which does say it is imminent, not done. Changing the context of the story related to the link is a constant when ready newspaper articles on the net, The News-Press here in Fort Myers Beach has updates all day on their site, which change as the day goes on using the same link before the finished article hits the printed version the next day.

    Regardless, deal is OFFICIAL as of now anyway according to all 3 major tv stations in Pgh as of the noon news broadcasts. Sorry for the confusion.

  7. OldGoalie says:

    It amazes me to this day that Flyers fans didn’t hang Bobby Clarke from the rafters for that.

  8. Leaf_fans_can_blow_me says:

    What the Hell! U mean he isn’t going to the Leafs for Aki Berg and a 06/07 first round draft pick?

  9. splendidchink says:

    Just watched the “ceremonial” contract signing live on FSN. I’m so happy I won’t even bash the Flyers today!

  10. distance7 says:

    Man, these comments are always so funny and original. I can’t believe you came up with that on your own! You must’ve had help for that knee-slapper!

  11. nonhl2005 says:

    Bobby Clarke had nothing to do with the Lindros trade from Quebec. He was finishing his tour in Florida at that time, Russ Farwell and the owner’s son Jay Snider were the persons responsible for that one. Both of which have moved on, or probably would have been hung. Last I heard Jay was running some of Dads companies over seas. And Russ only comes out of the wordwork once in a while to say “in hindsight it was a bad trade for the us”. Bobby Clarke came back to the team and took over after Ed Snider realized his son was destroying what he had built.

  12. jeepo says:

    BTW …

    Crosby just signed with PITT …



  13. OldGoalie says:

    They’d never give Berg up for Crosby. Think Ken Klee. God knows they’re been rumored to be trading him for everyone else.

  14. N25philly says:

    He signed with Pittsburgh of all teams? What’s the next shocker that’s going to be revealed here? Martin Broduer playing goal for NJ?

  15. Air33 says:

    He signed a 3 year deal 850k per season.

  16. pens_fan says:

    Mario signed

  17. kamullia says:

    That is just his salary. He actually on top of that will get a signing bonus automatically, plus possible “A” bonuses, plus possible “B” bonuses from the team. If he maximizes all of those out, the Post-Gazette has reported he will make close to $4 million from the Penguins. All of which counts towards the cap.

    On top of that, if he attains certain “B” categories he will probably be a finalist in several of the league awards, plus play in the rookie-all-star or the all-star game and get league paid (not Pittsburgh paid, and therefore doesn’t count towards the cap) bonuses. In theory he could clear upwards of $5 million from the Pens and the league. But that is highly unlikely.

  18. TheHead says:

    Leafs are interested in Shane Doan and Marian Gaborik now that Zetterberg is out of the picture according to rumours both teams want Aki Berg, Alex Steen, Kyle Wellwood, Nik Antropov and Alexei Ponikarovsky in return.

  19. fanboi says:

    Super Hyped, I honestly believe he will be smacked around like an 18 year old in a mans game and have atleast 1 concussion this season, while he is gifted and super talented, he is small and a board check away from a nuerologists visit, imo

  20. pens_fan says:

    For 5’11 he has a big frame he is the exact same size as sakic and bigger then alot of the offensive forwards in the game and crosby isnt lindros just because you dont like him or the pens doesnt mean he is lindros

  21. TheHead says:

    Crosby will end up being the biggest bust in the history of the NHL. He’ll get drilled around more the Eric Lindros did!

  22. bammer91 says:

    no they’d problably trade nike antropov for sidney corsby straight up…….lol toronto is a ok team but there fans are fu**ed up

  23. pens_fan says:

    God i love how just bc the pens got him every1 says he will be a bust! why do you hate the pens so much?

  24. BrokenSocialScene says:

    I don’t know if it’s people hating the Pens as much as people being jealous…The kids going to be good. What i’ve seen of him, he’s real stong on his skates. I could see him evolving into a Peter Forsberg styled player.

  25. pens_fan says:

    yes im sure if flyers or leafs got him he would be looked at as the messiah i see him being more like sakic though

  26. BrokenSocialScene says:

    He’s definately got speed like Sakic, but i see him as a more puck possesion kind of guy once he matures. You’re a luck SOB though being a Pens fan. He’s going to be fun to watch for years to come IMO

  27. pens_fan says:

    I dunno ive seen his shot and its really good and accurate, forsbergs shot isnt amazing his passes are great though. thats why i see him being like sakic because of his shot

  28. BrokenSocialScene says:

    Either way dude it’s all good. If he ends up being as good as either of those guys he won’t have dissapointed. Cheers.

  29. WE-DeusEx says:

    flyers are not really an offensive team, Toronto is kinda

    but i honestly think pittsburgh is the perfect team because they have always (for the most part) been an offensive team, their defence was always crap and still is…but i think they are willing to give up a few goals to score a ton more

  30. bailerson says:

    Unfortunately or fortunately Crosby is being used to Reissue hockey to north america. It doesnt matter if he flops its the fact people will be watching him flop.

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