Pity Party For Luke Richardson

In a recent article on slam.ca NHL Defenseman, Luke Richardson gave his take on the current CBA battle with the following quote:

“If the season gets cancelled, I’m going to start sending out job applications because hockey is done and they’re going to have to abolish the league.”

“If they think they’re going to crush the union, they’re sadly mistaken.”

A wakeup call is coming real soon for Luke Richardson and players like him. It will be damn near impossible to make even a tiny fraction of his 2.75 million dollar per year contract to be a hard-hitting, relatively low scoring d-man in the NHL. No matter what a doughnut shop or car dealer in Moose Jaw is willing to pay for a Luke Richardson endorsement deal, it ain’t going to make up 2.75 million dollars. Oh, don’t forget to subtract the 10-15% for your agent who landed you the deal.

As for the union getting broken and how it will never happen – the only factor that is going to keep the union from getting “crushed” is when Bob Goodenow and the players accept a cap. That can be now to save the current insanely high salaries or later to keep players from having to do new contracts under a lower (say $29,000,000) cap that the owners will surely put in. D-men of Richardson’s skill level will make far less than the nearly 3 million dollars per year – rest asured.

In the spirit of ruining the game with mindless babbling – Bobby Holik was quoted I the NY Post talking about how owners “Lie all the time.” Maybe he is right but they look like model citizens compared to the sports agents who represent players and who are the engine behind the leagues woes. Agents are the ones who play the owners against each other for the betterment of the players. Bobby Holik might be the most glaring example of an overpriced player in the NHL.