Pity Party For Luke Richardson

In a recent article on slam.ca NHL Defenseman, Luke Richardson gave his take on the current CBA battle with the following quote:

“If the season gets cancelled, I’m going to start sending out job applications because hockey is done and they’re going to have to abolish the league.”

“If they think they’re going to crush the union, they’re sadly mistaken.”

A wakeup call is coming real soon for Luke Richardson and players like him. It will be damn near impossible to make even a tiny fraction of his 2.75 million dollar per year contract to be a hard-hitting, relatively low scoring d-man in the NHL. No matter what a doughnut shop or car dealer in Moose Jaw is willing to pay for a Luke Richardson endorsement deal, it ain’t going to make up 2.75 million dollars. Oh, don’t forget to subtract the 10-15% for your agent who landed you the deal.

As for the union getting broken and how it will never happen – the only factor that is going to keep the union from getting “crushed” is when Bob Goodenow and the players accept a cap. That can be now to save the current insanely high salaries or later to keep players from having to do new contracts under a lower (say $29,000,000) cap that the owners will surely put in. D-men of Richardson’s skill level will make far less than the nearly 3 million dollars per year – rest asured.

In the spirit of ruining the game with mindless babbling – Bobby Holik was quoted I the NY Post talking about how owners “Lie all the time.” Maybe he is right but they look like model citizens compared to the sports agents who represent players and who are the engine behind the leagues woes. Agents are the ones who play the owners against each other for the betterment of the players. Bobby Holik might be the most glaring example of an overpriced player in the NHL.

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ya know Flyers_fan_in_LA, you didn’t understand what Luke Richardson really meant.

    He meant he was going to do what he’s really qualified for, a fry cook at McDonalds.

  2. Habfan1234 says:

    No, you are being too generous. His skills are best suited for being a gravedigger or a person who digs ditches. It does not appear he has the capacity to learn any new skills because the shots he has received to his head has made him delusional and incapable of actually understanding anything.

    It is comments like Luke’s that make me continue to side with the owners. Even though I am a social democrat I feel that this is one union that needs to be broken so it can be forced to see the reality of the situation. Moreover, in a past article in The Hockey News it stated that 10 teams were having grave difficulties staying afloat with many teams being on the market with very little interest from potential buyers. This is a league in trouble with a broken economic system that, if perpetuated, will cause the eventual destruction of the NHL.

    In short, this a league that needs to be fixed, and if it a year of no hockey is required than I will be willing to wait for that period of time.

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    No I realize what he’s qualified to do. He is most qualified to merry a rich man and live off him.

  4. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Please note that I am a capitalist first and social liberal second.

  5. Donovan says:

    I like Luke Richardson!

    Man, I haven’t posted here is years. If Defenstrate still around? How bout Big Booty? Mateo? Mikster? Lint? DevFanMan? Krafter? How bout that assclown Leaf Eckspurt?

    Hell, I remember “SCTP” for Christ Sakes

  6. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I miss elektro

  7. hockeyhead says:

    i think the assclown is dandoeagle now…..he has about fifty names and fifty different personalities.

    yup yup.

  8. hockeyhead says:

    bored watching wrestling and Kurt Angle said it best….”i want to be a real sports hero, hell, these basketball players run into the crowd a beat up people…these baseball players beat all these records and lie about it….hell, and all these NHL players don’t even show up to work.”

    well, NHL, at least you are part of someones joke. that is probably the most respect you will be getting.

  9. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I want to know why Bettman and gooenow don’t get attacked by this guy…

  10. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I am up at the asscrack of dawn and still typing on HTR. I am off to play in the team play championship at Pebble Beach this weekend.

    Before I leave I want to be on the record saying

    1. There is likely to be hockey this season.

    2. The players will blink

    The stakes are simply too high for the players and their outcome is guaranteed – a low cap. Why not get more now and keep what is left of your old contracts?

  11. 19Yzerman says:

    Another break down of the same unchanged scenario AKA CBA.

    I would like to take a look at 2 statements within this article.

    First ” (say $29,000,000) cap that the owners will surely put in.”

    Key word being “SAY” which allows it to fall under being considered speculative. So I would point out that the owners have one serious problem which is 11 teams would just as well be looking to spend twice that much. Then you have 19 teams whose interest would very between 30mil-40mil. I don’t think ALL owners want a CAP either. This is where I see a problem that the owners are not on the same page when it comes to interests in a CAP or how much to set one. On the flip side of the coin you have the players standing shoulder to shoulder. All for one and one for all.

    Second ” Bobby Holik might be the most glaring example of an overpriced player in the NHL.” I think everyone on here would agree you can go right ahead and remove the words “might be” and install the word IS. The real issue is how he got to be such??

  12. cgolding says:

    by not being on the same page you are talking about the big teams… well, remember that these guys are business men. consider the franchise value of the Flyers now, when they are making a meager profit in the big scheme of things. they spent 68 million on salary last year… you play at a 29 million dollar cap that is an instant profit of 39 million if they maintain the same revenue, which they won’t exactly… but eventually will probably rise to the same level.

    in the end of the day, the small cap helps the competitive balance… and makes the big boys very very rich.

  13. hockeyhead says:

    i have been reading this great fiction about serial killers and that last comment just got my imagination running. a knife slashing knobbygobbie. scary.

  14. big_booty says:

    SCTP in da hizzy!

    As George Carlin said, “You can prick you finger, but don’t finger your prick.”

  15. big_booty says:

    Ol’ Luke must have been temporarily possessed by the spirit of Bryan McCabe. He’s got to feed his kids, you know.

    As for Holik, you get what you give. He should expect owners to lie to him when he says that, as a third-line center, he’s worth $9 million per season. It’s called “karma” Bobby. Look it up.

    The sooner this union gets broken the better. I am sick and tired of these whiny spoiled brats expecting John Q. Public to support their cause because they can’t make ungodly sums of money. Tools like Richardson made more money last year than someone like me will make in an entire lifetime.

    NHLPA, wake the hell up. You have a group of thirty people willing to split $1.2 billion with you. If you are too blind to see that then you deserve to be out of work.

  16. 19Yzerman says:

    That is correct the BIG teams. I was pointing out that of the owners there has to be a few who are completely against a CAP and they know that it will hurt them when attempting to make a late season run at the cup come the trade deadline.

    On the opposite side you have the small teams whose very existence hinges on having a cap.

    Then there are the various teams that fall somewhere between.

    The NHLPA are all standing shoulder to shoulder saying the same thing NO CAP and economically share identical interests for not having a CAP.

  17. cgolding says:

    39 million in your pocket, which you can pocket without fan outcry due to the fact that you literally can’t spend it, is not something to scoff at. these guys like to win, and they will still be competitive if they run their teams smartly, but they also like making money… and thati s a LOT of money.

    the big boys like the idea of the cap…

  18. 19Yzerman says:

    George Carlin also said, “Before giving you a lethal injection they swab your arm with alcohol”

    How about his football vs baseball routine??


  19. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Both Boston’s and Philly’s owners are quoted today as to how resolved their BIG MARKET NHL teams are to getting a cap. If anyone was to want to break it would be Snider but he doesn’t. The owners bent before and aren’t going to do it again.

  20. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    In the event of the season being lost, I am going to have fun watchng the union get broken…

    Much like the people who voted for Bush in Ohio and FLA, the NHLPA deserve what they are going to get.

  21. Malurous says:

    It’s a good thing for ol’ Bryan that he’s got the Leafs defence to play in and earn enough to feed his kids. As they would surely starve should their daddy continue sucking in Europe (10 games in the Swedish league, club lost 9, McCabe was -12, was then kicked out).

  22. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    ug… there’s something that in the one year six months and three accounts I’ve been here I’ll never miss. Hey, where as Electro been? And Linty? I went away for a few weeks and am slowly reinstating myself, and noticed some people gone. Don if your reading this, this is Quack_Attack, and D-strate came back for a while but I noticed he’s not here alot either.

  23. 19Yzerman says:

    You guys don’t think there is a GAG order which is keeping the owners from doing what they did all throughout the last CBA?? Shoot each other in the feet!! Cost each other money!!! By saying things in the media one owner could lose the whole battle.

    Their silence calls for speculation as to how a CAP would effect different teams whose markets will change once the product changes due to the restrictions.

    The playoffs is where the gravy has been. Owners who have been spending big money know how many games in the post season are needed to break even and how many become profit. So not spending 39 mil could cost a possible 60mil cash flow MIS-OP.

  24. cgolding says:

    erm. you stay competitive you are going to make the same amount of cash in return. does the salary cap hurt the fan base in football? no, it actually improves it cuz people feel they can maybe win.

    snider was speaking up PRIOR to the gag order in favor of an NBA style luxury tax. so he isn’t exactly anti cost curtailment systems. sure, he’s fine with a luxury tax, but he isn’t exactly gonna cry if the red wings, rangers, leafs, etc… aren’t causing him to keep his payroll up to be competitive.

    in the end these are competitive guys who think they can beat the other guy. if you feel that way, then you want a salary cap.

    in any event, there is no way a -39 in salary could cause a -60 in revenue.

  25. rojoke says:

    “If the season gets cancelled, I’m going to start sending out job applications because hockey is done and they’re going to have to abolish the league.”

    Type up them resum├ęs, Lukey boy, ’cause your NHL career is over. And the league will not be abolished. You’re not that important, contrary to what your agents and Bob Goodenow may tell you.

    Bottom line is there will be an NHL season come September 2005. Be it with the current crop of players through a negotiated CBA or with replacement players via an imposed CBA. If there is a league with replacement players/scabs/whatever you want to call them, I will assure you of two things.

    1. There will be new players with as much talent as those we watched in years gone by. They just haven’t had a legitimate shot at the show yet. This may be their one and only chance, and they will try to make the most of it.

    2. Players will cross the union and play. It may take half a season or more, and it may not be the upper echleon players of the league, but NHLPA members will play under a CBA. They just haven’t come forward yet.

  26. kicksave856 says:

    Hey, besides all that- what is Like Richardson even opening his mouth for? He’s pretty close to looking for work elsewhere no matter what kind of shape the league is in, isn’t he? I mean, come on! It’s Luke Richardson! LUUUUUUUUKE!

  27. big_booty says:

    The only thing that would bring me more pleasure than seeing the NHLPA search for its two front teeth is hearing that Pedro Martinez will undergo season-ending shoulder surgery.

    The mercenary-type attitude of both player and agent is what is killing professional sports in North America. Sports headlines are supposed to be about the likes of Jeremy Roenick and Curt Schilling and their exploits in their respective arenas, not the agents who represent them or Donald Fehr and Bob Goodenow.

    What about people like me – I live in Florida and voted for Kerry! Where’s my piece of mind?

  28. big_booty says:

    Isn’t that absolutely disgusting?

    I’ve been saying for the better part of two years that Bryan McCabe ought to be paying the Leafs instead of vice-versa. He, as a player and human being, just sucks all around.

    Whether or not he swallows must depend on his paycheck.

  29. greatlife15 says:

    Dando, if you are reading this, who is right in this situation? Owners or NHLPA?? Yup yup i really want to know what you are think man yup yup! Isn’t America the bestest? yup yup! oh god that took a lot out of me, I’m going to get a drink.

  30. Kraut182 says:

    So the players are greedy, but if the owners tried to institute a system that allowed them to make $39M each and every year this is a good thing?

  31. 19Yzerman says:

    I said

    So not spending 39 mil could cost a possible 60mil cash flow MIS-OP.

    You said

    There is no way a -39 in salary could cause a -60 in revenue.

    Cash flow vs Revenue

    Team A and B both spend 35mil on payroll.

    Team A wins the Stanley Cup in 4 series that went seven games. The most possilbe post season revenue.

    Team B missed playoffs. The Least possible post season revenue.

    How much more money would team A make then Team B?

  32. 19Yzerman says:

    each playoff game brings in 4 million in revenue. At 4 series that go to 7 games thats 28 games and 112 million.

    So if an owner wants to make a gamble of an extra 35 million over a 35 million salary and bring a salary total to 70 million. That owner has a potential of 112 million produced.

    112 million is a lot of money to be looking at when the other guys are not your union members they are your direct opponent looking at that same calculated risk that not all can afford to take.

  33. guinsfan4life says:

    While your first statement is correct- there are probably owners who don’t want a cap- I think there are players also that do want a cap and want to play hockey. The majority in each situation sets the precedent. While I think a 29 million dollar cap is too low, the cap needs to be based on projected league revenue.

  34. beefer says:

    So…if I understand correctly, you are saying that this owner would have 28 home playoff games at $4mil each? Don’t they have to play away also?

  35. 19Yzerman says:

    You are in a time machine which brings you back to 1892 and you run into Lord of Preston Stanley. You say to him,” don’t you think we should consider a rule that any team that wishes to challange for that cup should spend no more than X amount on its players?”

    Imagine his responce.

  36. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I think the main point Richardson is trying to make is that the loss of an entire season would kill the NHL as a league. He might be right. The NHL isn’t exactly the hottest sport in America right now, and aside from the well established markets, the majority of American teams draw little interest from fans. To tell you the truth, I’m a huge, huge hockey fan, but I haven’t missed it this year. I watch football, baseball, catch some basketball from time to time, and I just haven’t noticed their not being any hockey. So if a huge hockey fan like me doesn’t care that hockey isn’t around right now, how much do you think this matters to fans who already hardly care?

    As for Holik, he should just shut his mouth and lay low during all of this. This guy is the poster boy of the problems in the NHL right now. Here’s a guy who, on the best day of his life during the very peak of his career could maybe be a second line player, who makes 9 million per season.

  37. Aetherial says:

    Just add those two to the list of people from the NHLPA who have made idiotic comments and just solidfied my feeling that I don’t care if I never see these guys play again.

    Luke Richardson? Bobby Holik? I mean, come on, does anyone give a rat’s ass about seeing either of these two clowns?

  38. guinsfan4life says:

    I see.. a hockey purist, eh? Someone who believes the game should be played the same way no matter what and should never be changed. Sad to say, it ain’t 1892 anymore and we as a society have evolved quite well since then…we actually have TV’s now…birth control…But, well okay, I’ll play along with your senario.

    ….I get out of my time machine…and right before he is about to slap me, I tell him, Mr. Stanley, Bobby Holik is making 9 million dollars per year to be a third line center…the average player salary is about 1.2 million…the players pocket a ridicoulous amount of the leagues revenues…

    Then he stops…and rationalizes the fact that the game can’t and won’t survive without a salary cap which relates spending and cost certanity..

    and in a stunning turn of events, turns around to slap you for thinking a cap is not needed.

  39. 19Yzerman says:

    How is it that you got out of the time machine and say all this stuff to Lord Stanley. Which results in me being the one who gets slapped? Thats OK knowing his significance to hockey history I will take my slap like man. Beside they didn’t domestic violence charges back then did they? Battery??

    Do you think he would have used a back hand or a fore hand slap? Either way you show him how to do a high five and told him that he just BIIIOOOTCH slapped me.

    You are right about things changing.

    Birth control and Viagra.

    Plasma screens with tivo boxes.

    Cars, boats, snowmobiles and motorcycles that can all exceed 140mph at least.

    We even have a Stanley Cup Champion that hails from where? Excuse me was that Florida?

    There is a french saying about change. The more that things change the more they stay the same.

    Over 100 years of hockey to reflect upon and never has this want to restrict a team as to how much they may spend on its players resulted in no Stanley Cup playoff series.

  40. Lint07 says:

    yeah bud, I’m still here altough I didn’t have time to do much on the site recently…

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