Player Profile: Bryan McCabe Edition

I liked the response to my first new feature, and the comparison of the Sens to the Oilers of the 80’s is great, but I don’t think they’ll ever be that dominant…also the Sens are a few years older then the Oilers were when they won in 84… not that much, but old enough that it wouldn’t be a bunch of kids dominating the NHL like the Oilers were.

So here it is… the player profile… for Bryan McCabe…There are two words I would like to use to describe what it’s like to see McCabe play in Toronto… “agonizingly painfull”.

McCabe has really shown he belongs in the old NHL, with a team like New Jersey, Carolina, or Minnesota. McCabe continues to hook, and grab, and take dumb penalites by hooking and grabbing.

McCabe (-3) has 30 penalties minutes, and all those penalties have been for needlessly hooking and grabbing players along the boards. Klee is another Leafs defenseman doing the same.

McCabe’s slapshot and ass check both used with horrible accuracy. McCabe’s slapshot has become useless due to him becomming so predictable.

So who here thinks McCabe is a Norris candidate? Who believes he is incredibley over rated.

Can we get a pole with these options…

Q) Is McCabe a Norris quality defenseman?

a) No

b) No, I’m a Leafs fan

c) No, I’m a Sens/Flyers/Habs fan

d) Yes

e) Yes, I’m a Leafs fan

f) Yes, I’m a Sens/Flyers/Habs fan

I would vote b, but I think I’d be the only one. a and e will likely win, but what ever…


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  1. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    I have to respectfully disagree.

    He’s first among defensemen in goals and has a 16% shooting percentage. That tells it all about his accuracy from the point. He’s one of the best in the league at getting his shot through. He misses just like everyone else, but more often than not, he gets his shots on the net.

    He takes some undisciplined penalties, but so do most defensemen, including the greats. He’s no Lidstrom in that regard, but he makes up for it with his physical play.

    I haven’t noticed many problems with his backhand, which is pretty much just nitpicking if you ask me.

    The guy is leading all defensemen in goals, points and powerplay points. It would be a crime if he didn’t make the team canada roster.

    Mark my words, you will hear McCabe’s name called to play for team Canada and he will be a Norris candidate. You can put money on that.

  2. 92-93 says:

    I dunno about anyone else but I think the lines in tonight’s leafs-bruins game should be the lines that quinn sticks with for awhile (barring injury).

    the first line is fine and Steen is looking better and better.

    the second line that has Allison between Ponikorovsky and Antropov seems to be a crappy line at first glance. but they are clicking quite well and using their size.

    the third line of Stajan, Wellwood, and Tucker were buzzing and Tucker’s defensive liabilities are not so bad with the youngsters playing with him.

    the fourth line of Lindros-domi-kilger – one that has been continually critiized by a lot of non-leaf fans – is an amazing line that has clicked in every game they have played together. Lindros scores with this line. period. it works. leave it alone!

    the leafs got depth in the forward lines, a couple of great offensive defensemen, and some awesome young players as well:

    McCabe___27 pts (1st in points for Defensemen, 9th overall)

    Allison___ 19 pts

    O’Neill ___18 pts (but has a -11)

    Lindros___17 pts

    Kaberle___15 pts (9th among Defensemen)

    Tucker___14 pts (but has a -10)

    Steen___13 pts

    Wellwood___12 pts

    Stajan___ 8 pts (best PK guy on the team)

    Sundin___ 8 pts (in 7 games)

    Domi___8 pts

    and the best news is that in the past couple of games, their D has been steadily improving. Telly looked good tonight. hey, who says i can’t be positive about my leafs?

  3. 92-93 says:

    i wrote this at the beginning of the week:

    “the next few games are crucial for the leafs. the game against the Rangers is important because if the leafs are going to hang around the 5-6-7 spot in the conference, it is likely that the Rangers will eventually be there too. its just a matter of time before the flyers take over first, knocking the rangers to 4th or 5th in the conference where, hopefully, the leafs will be waiting and will be in shooting distance of them. i expect the same to happen to montreal (who will be caught by ottawa) and carolina (who will be caught by the Lightning).

    They need to keep ahead of Boston and Buffalo in the NE Division standings and in the East standings as well. finally, they will take on an improving Thrashers sqaud on Saturday, which will mark the Leafs’ 21st game or the quarter-way mark of this season (some could claim that their game against boston is the 1/4 mark as well). By this game, hopefully the Leafs’ defensive play will be much better. if it is, they will be able to handle the Thrasher’s attack and score like they usually do with the few opportunities they get. Think about it, they shoot the puck way less then everyone else and yet the among the league leaders in offense.”

    well, so far so good. everyone is talking about this game being the 1/4 mark for the leafs’ season. i think the next game against the thrashers should be a challenge because they are improving but the thrashers will also be playing their 3rd game in 4 nights and the leafs are improving too (even if its only been 2 solid games).

    the leafs’ 5-on-5 play needs to be improved. but considering everything that has happened (sundin’s injury, the dire predictions about Tellqvist and the leafs having no good young players, lindros, belfour, and allison getting injured), i’m pretty happy with the leafs’ 11-7-2 start. thats the great thing about low expectations. i was trying to explain this to some Sens, Habs, and Flyers fans during the season previews a couple of months back.

    however, its only 1/4 into the season, and as all leaf fans know – bad things happen (injuries, slumps, stupid decision-making, etc.). i would like to see the D to continue to improve, to see Belfour play less, i would like to see Kronvall stay with this team and maybe see Colliacovo and Battaglia come up for a bit just to see what happens. also, what happens when/if Pilar comes back? do you send Kronvall back down or do you trade one of your excess d-guys? Finally, what to do with Czerkawski and Belak? i suppose keep them on the bench. possible trades?

    it all depends on their play in the next 40 games.

  4. 92-93 says:

    correction on my stats post: Kaberle is 12th overall in defenseman scoring, but tied for second in assists by a defenseman.

  5. 92-93 says:

    also, by this time last year, the Leafs were 7-6-7 in 20 games with 21 points. the leafs this year have a better record (to make it truly comparable the leafs would only have 23 points because of their shootout victory this year).

    and to think of all the leads they’ve blown and their two shootout losses, this team could have had a way better mark. of their 9 losses this year, 6 have been by one goal (the other 3 include the loss to Buffalo in which the Leafs dominated until late in the game, their 5-2 loss at home to Philly, and their 8-0 loss to the Sens).

  6. odonn says:

    Lets look first of all at the role McCabe has filled on the Leafs’ blueline.

    He has taken on the position of team leader, with and without the presence of Sundin, and while he may be the one shining star on a lackluster defence corps (as small an accomplishment as that may seem) there is no denying he has created a solid balance between top 4 defencemen like Kaberle (an underachiever) and bottom 4 defencemen like Berg (an overachiever with his limited defensive strength).

    Don’t get me wrong, with McCabe’s point total at this point in the season and his role on the ice he is no contender for the norris (thus far), he is merely filling the position of team leader while Sundin brushes the rust off from a year off, Lindros regains his all-star form, and Allison accepts his role as a lower line center and becomes the team player he used to be.

    I completely agree that McCabe is being falsely being toted as a major norris candidate, but buddy please quit kidding yourself. You can’t deny the talent of McCabe because of dumb penalties. Remember this is a new NHL and a new system of officiating.

    Lets remember that its one thing for a douchebag like yourself to call a player on his faults, and its quite another to commend him for his abilities (when we know that you or I cannot come close to contesting).

    And remember too, these aren’t f$$king apes playing the game, and no matter the level of their skill they aren’t shitty either. These are men who are at the top of their game, earning their keep within the elite, and to call a player like McCabe’s slapshot as “useless” is completely ignorant.

    Can’t wait for the next time McCabe hits the mesh,

    that one will be just for you. Don’t forget to leave space for the keyboard next to the foot in your mouth.

    For all those leafs fans with some real hockey sense, we may not have the defensive power needed for the big wins in this new NHL (or even the old) but hold true, its early and don’t let LeafyMcLeaf and all other doubters destroy your hopes.

    p.s. do us all a favour and drop the nick of Leafy McLeaf

    its clear where your loyalty lies

    There are few who point out ones faults with a smile

    Definitely don’t call them Leaf fans

  7. mojo19 says:

    As a leafs fan, I hope you’re right.

  8. 92-93 says:

    McCabe had another good night offensively for the leafs. its so obvious that a lot of the negative comments about McCabe here are a little over the top.

    it looks like Pilar will be coming back to the Leafs soon. he has to sign a contract with JFJ and will be playing a stint with the marlies before playing with the Buds. what happens when he returns? any suggestions?

    The most obvious one is to send down Kronvall – which sucks because he has been pretty decent so far for the Leafs.

  9. shakrmakr says:

    Wow you are a moron. Go back to school toget educated. The Oilers have nothing but that 80’s team they were downhill from there. They still suck with the new CBA. The have a buch of 3rd and 4th liners on forward which is pathetic and no goaltending.

  10. shakrmakr says:

    When you put Regehr in there it proves your a moron.

  11. 92-93 says:

    leafs just lost in the shootout to the Canes.

    once again they are too inconsistent to be considered among the elite 3 or 4 in the East (right now I think Philly, Ottawa, Carolina are the top 3 – with Montreal and NYR hanging around as well. what is up with TB? i think they will turn it around – along with the Devils but the Lightning are not looking to good right now).

    Tellqvist has proven that he is a solid back-up and every game i seem him play, i feel more and more comfortable with this guy filling in for belfour, even if that means its for a while if the Eagle su*****bs to an injury.

    the situation in net with the leafs is infinitely better than it was at this point during the last season when it was Eddie and Kidd. Racine is playing OK in the AHL, Pogge is playing amazing in the WHL and will probably get an invite to the world juniors, and their other top goalie prospect will probably be starting for Finland in the world juniors.

    here’s a star article on the whole goaltending situation in T.O. (

  12. 92-93 says:

    Ok. Now I know this is going to be a contentious post and that a lot of hab fans might have a problem with it because it concerns their big goaltending prospect. but lets compare the stats of Leaf goalie prospect Justin Pogge with Carey Price:

    Pogge:___17 wins___5 losses____1.59 GAA____36 GA___5 Shutouts____.923 Sv%

    Price:____6 wins___11 losses____2.93 GAA____53 GA___1 Shoutout____.910 Sv%

    but just to be clear: i know its early in both of their careers and that price plays on a last-place team and Pogge on a first-place team, etc.

    What i am saying is not so much that Pogge is better than Price, but that the amont of hype surrounding Price (compared to Pogge and other goalie prospects/picks) is a little bit much. This is especially true considering that Habs fans continually shoved their pick of Price at #5 – which was panned by a lot of people including hab fans – in the faces of the Leafs when they chose Rask at #21. the reason why there was so much hype had to do with the fact that he was the only goalie that was considered a top-10 draft pick.

    if you are going to disagree with this post dont disagree with it because i am saying Pogge is better than Price – because i am not saying that (although Pogge certainly has better stats so far this year). if you are going to disagree with it – disagree with my actual point: that Price is getting a lot of hype, maybe too much hype, because of how high he was picked and by who he was picked by. that is not to say that Pogge or Rask aren’t being hyped by leaf fans. but i certainly don’t hear any non-leaf fans hyping these guys and everyone seems to be talking about Price – just because of the high-profiled spot of where he was picked.

    i know its too early to tell if he will live up to the hype, but why are leaf fans laughed at when we point to Rask and Pogge as being prospects with a lot of potential? what is so far-fetched about that?

  13. Gretzkin says:

    Good article, and it’s nice to see that Leafs and Non-Leafs fans see it much the same way.

    McCabe, Norris trophy? Are you kidding me?

    No way.

    He’s not a Bad defenseman, but he’s not what his stats are suggesting as well.

    Sure, he’s getting a ton of points with his slap shot.

    It’s a bit disgusting to see a Leafs powerplay where Sundin gets the puck and tries to get it back to McCabe for the one timer.

    Certainly Mats could just score himself.

    The fact that he has Kaberle there to dish him is a good thing.

    We all know he’s not going to shoot, can shoot better that McCabe, but prefers the set up.

    Sooner or later, the opposing D is just going to put a man out on the point with McCabe, making it a 4 on 3, and eliminate him altogether. Kabby will start shooting, and the debate will be who’s better?

    Kaberle or McCabe?

    Here’s the no brainer answer. Kaberle.

    He’s “defending” for 2, as McCabe could care less about what goes on in his end.

    He can skate well, control the puck amazing, move the puck up the ice and create chances.

    What does McCabe do when he’s not letting premier forwards past him for more than one opportunity, while he’s picking himself up off of the ice after missing his highight seeking arse check. Okay, granted, he hasn’t been doing that much lately, but he still finds himself acting like a pilon…

    The Norris Trophy represents the Most Valuble Defenseman in the NHL.

    Kaberle is a better D-man, hands down, but he’ll never win a Norris Trophy (either).

    By the way, I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again now.

    Brian McCabe is the biggest ***** in the NHL.

    Big time chicken. If he gets himself into a situation where he needs to defend himself, you can smell the fear through the TV.

    The guy is a wimp.

    It’s all fun and games when you can line some guy up who’s carrying the puck. But put him into a situation that he needs to account for himself, and he’s a huge coward.

    Dear Maple Leafs, stop trying to give McCabe all of the glory.

    Sure, he has a pretty good slap shot, but he doesn’t have the best shot on the team by far… Let the pros score the goals.

    Dmitri Mirinov had a way better shot than McCabe. Although they tried to get it to him often, they didn’t rely on it…

    McCabe is a huge Liability.

    They don’t have a trophy for that.

  14. Gretzkin says:

    Dude, you need to lighten up a little bit…

    Mr. McLeafy, who I’m guessing is a Leaf fan, is just bringing to front, a nice debate about the Leafs and McCabe in particular.

    He wasn’t saying that he’s useless. He’s just saying that his usefullness, on the point will fade when the scouting report deems him redunant.

    McCabe is a good hockey player, and a definite asset to any hocket club. But he is not a solid #1.

    I think that’s why this is such a good debate.

    Sure, he’s got offensive strengths. But he plays Defense.

    He does not do this incredibly well. Not bad, but not well.

    I’d put him as a #2 or #3 D-man.

    And do I think he should be on Team Canada?

    Not this time around.

    I know that this isn’t even part of the issue, I’m just adding to it.

    And telling Leafy McLeaf to change his “handle”.

    Get bent. I’ve never seen you post before, yet McLeaf is one of the household names.

    I could see it being a bit offensive if he was just merely bashing other teams in the name of the Leafs, but he’s bashing an individual player on his team of choice for the sake of a good debate.

    Disappear chumpy.

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