Players Mid Term Grades

It took me a long time to post these but i did not receive as many as i expected to receive, a bit disappointed. I would like to thank all those who put their effort and took the time to e-mail me the grades. All were great, unfortunately I had to make a decision for the Flyers and it was tough to make, but I managed. This is based right when teams started ot hit the half way of the season. My computer also crashed so it took longer to post this.

Thank you

Micki PeroniPhiladelhpia Flyers

Boucher B- Strong start slowed by hamstring injury, shaky since

Checkmanek B- Inconsistant and trouble with rebounds, but makes
some ten bell saves

Roenick A- Would be an A if he could just put it in the net more.
Plays hard every night.

Primeau C Always seems a step late. Snake bitten most of the

Dopita D Other than two great games, he has seemed very
uninterested. Looks like passing is his strong point. Skating through
checks are not (even with his size)

Manderville B- Works hard, kills penalties.

Murray however may make
him expendable.

Murray A More than we ever could have hoped for. Good skater,
good vision.

Leclair – C Is it his back? I think it is that he don’t have Eric
two take double teams off of him. 50 goal days are over…40 goal days
may be as well.

Gagne A Using his speed well.Putting puck in the net. Only
weakness is pyhsical play.

Recchi C+ Mishandling the puck more than usual. Still intense.
Needs to get hot.

Williams D Plays well every 6 games. I would move him at the

Fedotenko B- Seems to keep playing well no matter what line he is on.
Very versitile.

Brashear ? Cant grade him yet

Fedoruk C Needs to improve skating, But for a goon seems to see
plays develope.

Ranhiem B- Good fourth liner. Kills penalties and gives talented
players a rest.

Desjardins D Poke checks too often, gets out muscled frequently
and turns th epuck over a lot. Looked his best sitting out while

Therien C Slow. Shaky with the puck. Every now and then he
remembers he is big and throws a check.

Mcgillis B Offense is missing. Strong hitter.
Richardson B Solid all around in his own end. Will drop em if he
has too.

Johnson A- Offense slowed as of late. Great skater and puck handler

Weinrich C+ Solid at times. Gets lost in the corners and mixes up
defensive coverage sometimes.

Mcallister B- Should take Therians spot on the roster. Tough, hits
can skate better than Therian and turns it over about the same as him.

Bill Barber B Best move – forcing Desjardins to give up the C.
Will get on veterans if they dog it.

Clarke E Still a bufoon with as much class as Roseann Barr

The Hockey God

Dallas Stars Mid-Term Report

Mike Modano, A-, his recent outbreak is great, helping the team, and his
leadership has taken the team to a new level, but there seems to be
something else missing from him.

Joe Nieuwendyk, A, stellar performance in the face off circle, and his line
gets great offensive chances, the only thing missing is more goals.

Richard Matvichuck, A, made a terrific turnaround at the quarter point of
the season, erased his -12 to a +3, his hits are up, improved play on the
penalty kill.

Derian Hatcher, A, like Matvichuck in most ways, erased an ugly -10 from
earlier in the season, and reintroducing the intimidator effect, it is

Sami Helenius- B, his limited playing time does affect him, but when he does
play he is very physical and makes that an added presence that is still
needed in Dallas.

Jere Lehtinen, B+, consistent play in every zone, all he needs are more

Darryl Sydor, B+, playing quite well defensively, all he needs is a goal,
has had very consistent play most nights.

Sergei Zubov, B-, iffy play some nights including causing turnovers, not
making the right play or pass at the right time has caused him to not play
his usual par.

Marty Turco, A, his impressive play has sparked a huge goalie controversy on
who should play, had a 7 game winning streak until he played against
Detroit, so can he really stand up against top teams.

Ed Belfour, F thru C, it all depends on his play. Some nights he plays well
but can’t get the W, and the other nights, it is horrible and makes a high
school goalie looks like a pro.

Martin Rucinsky, B-, good play for coming into the system, his play has
leveled out some but playing on a line with Modano is good for him and the
scoring chances and goals will come soon.

John Erskine, B, he plays an excellent physical game, not afraid to fight,
but is limited to playing with Dallas because he keeps getting called up
from the minors.

Brenden Morrow, B+, had a rash of goals at the start of the season, but has
lagged off a lot since then, but his aggressive play makes up for it. You
can count on him every night to play well even though he may not get a goal
for it.

Jamie Langenbrunner, A-, his much-improved play is greatly appreciated,
getting really gritty in the corners, and creates added pressure on the
offense. He may not have a lot of goals but he is close more often than not.

Kirk Muller, C, his play has gone down a lot, but still is a great player on
the checking line, his points are down from last year, makes u think that we
should not have traded Keane.

Pat Verbeek, B+, his comeback is welcome, though this year he will be known
for all the penalties he will receive than the goals, tough along the

Rob DiMaio, F, his limited play is limiting him so much he’s playing like
crap, wants to be traded, needs to be traded.

Brad Lukowich, B, so far his play has dipped from last season, had some
decent play as a wing, but belongs on the blue line.

Dave Manson, C, glad to be back to Dallas, still a physical player but makes
the occasional error or 2.

Valeri Kamensky, F, bad play, along with the fact that he is a healthy
scratch most of the time.

Jon Sim, B, his good play is a nice addition to the team, is this the year
he actually stays up with the team?

Pierre Turgeon, B-, finally getting comfortable with the team, but not
really helping the team, landed a spot on the power play and the players he
plays with will get more goals as soon as they get used his passes from
behind the net.

Benoit Brunet, C+, has limited play, and when he does it is on the 4th line,
only time will tell how good he is on this team.

Ken Hitchcock, B-, made some great decisions, and some horrible ones, like
switching the defensive pairs.

Bob Gainey, D, most of his off-season moves have backfired and is having to
make changes all the time, along with him announcing his retirement at the
end of the season.

Diana Guess

Toronto Maple Leafs

Mats Sundin (c): A
Mats is having a terrific year. Very consistent and defintely our MVP.
Plays on an average line and helps them excel. Great team player, great

Mikael Renberg (rw): B (possibly + if he had about 3 more goals)
Mikael is having a very good season as well. He’s a great forechecker and
a very good power forward. Set’s up Mats nicely (22 assists) but need’s to
net some more goals (only 7).

Jonas Hoglund (lw): C
This man was saved with his past week. He’s been very inconsistant and
handles the puck like it’s a live grenade. He has plenty chances, and
capitalizes on few.

Shayne Corson (c/lw/rw): B
Having a much better season then last. Gets under oppositions skin, and
is putting up his best numbers in years. Complements Tucker well.

Dary Tucker (c/lw/rw): A-
On pace for a career year. Agitats other team but remains very focused on
hockey this season. No dumb penalties, no yapping after whistles (well not
as much anyways). At a good age, where he will only improve.

Alexander Mogilny (rw): B+
The only thing holding him back from a A- is his slow start (after first 3
games). He’s been a sure fire second sniper and a great team player. Point
production is a little off but has been coming up HUGE the past month and
should be on pace for another good season. Gives team’s another player to
be careful of.

Gary Roberts (lw): B
Had a dry spell where he didn’t score for 16 or so games, but it wasn’t
for lack of effort. Grinds, bangs and crashes is his game and keeps
opponents on there toes. Should score some more however, but only a matter
of time. Good work along the boards and great player for the playoffs.

Robert Reichel (c): C+
Not having a terrible season, but still cannot be relied on for an
important goal. Point total is as expected, but still needs to find his
role on the team. I feel as though he’s our 3rd sniper, but needs to fill
that role better.

Travis Green (c/rw): C+
Im giving Travis a C+ because he has not put up numbers CLOSE to replacing
Perreault but he does give it all, and can chip in now and then. Still
hasn’t found consistent line mates, but has played well on the penalty kill.
Oh, decent job along the boards as well.

Alyn Mccauley (c): B-
Not counted on to bring scoring but rather a defensive player. Does a
good job on the PK and DID chip in more often. However, he has gone on a
very cold spell, and hasn’t scored in what seems like forever, but even if
he remains at the total he has, he’s done his job.

Tie Domi (rw): B
Obviously not counted on for scoring, but he’s been a very key player.
Something about his game… does a good job on the boards, cycling the puck,
and setting the tempo with some nice hits. Still a feared enforcer, and a
guy every team hates to play, but would love on there team.

Garry Valk (lw): C
Gets limited time but still makes good use of it. Good penalty killer,
however is on pace for a 2 goal season. Even Valk’s had better years.

Wade Belak (rw/D): B-
A pretty pesky player. He’s a scrapper with a bit of a mean streek. Nice
to have a player like this on your side (if only he’d win a couple more
fights). Not too bad of a season, didn’t expect anything anyways.
Takes too many penalties however.


Dmitri Yushkevich: A-
Hits, makes plays, has some points and is probably our best all around
defenceman. Can be relied on in any situation. Having a very good season,
but needs to stay a bit more responsible.

Bryan Mccabe: B
If only he’d make some smarter plays and take less dumb penatlies. His
offence has been a surprise but it showed he was capable last playoffs.
Great shot, and a great checker. Just, like Dmitri, has to be more
responsible in own end.

Tomas Kaberle: B
Not the stay at home defenceman but our offensive guy on the blueline.
Having a pretty good season. Has very good passes and our best player at
bringing the puck up. Decent player to quarter back. Remember, he missed
the first 13 games or so, so he’d have a lot more points. Very consistant.

Aki Berg: C
Has had his ups and downs. Not much to say except shoot more, and make
smarter plays. Sometimes he baffles me but you cant expect much. Should be
used on the PP more often, but lack of speed may hurt. Oh, and he should
use his size MUCH more. Can really lay the body, but needs to use it more

Cory Cross: D
really, whats there to say? No offensive production, liability in own
end. Comon…

Jyrki Lumme: C-
His age is really showing, but still not as much a liability as Cross.
Decent job at bringing the puck up, but he’s lost some steps over the years.

Anders Erikkson: D+
Better then Cross.


Curtis Joseph: B+
Not having a very Cujo-ish season but should come around. Has best team
infront of him in years. Still needs to steal some games, and play like
he’s capable of. Has allowed some weak goals, but I wont read much into it.
He’s saved us on some nights as well. Look for a better second half.

Corey Schwab: C
Had a GREAT first 3 games or so and since then DOWNHILL. Still doesnt see
enough action to get comfortable but needs to be ready when called upon.


Detroit Red Wings


Steve Yzerman: A- Great playmaking, needs to pick up defense.

Sergei Fedorov: B+ Torrid start, major slump lately. Move to defense seems to have revitalized his game.

Igor Larionov: C Nothing special, though hasn’t been a problem.

Sean Avery: B Added spark to lineup that the Wings haven’t seen since Joey Kocur left.

Pavel Datsyuk: A. I’ll say it now: if Datsyuk was on a bad team, he’d run away with rookie of the year. Most talented player I’ve ever seen.

Overall: B+ Wings are very strong down the middle.


Brendan Shanahan: A 5th in league in scoring, fabulous season.

Kris Draper: A Who’d expect such a great season out of him? On pace to shatter his career highs.

Luc Robitaille: B+ Has 20 goals, tied Bobby on all time list, though not much defensively.

Brett Hull: B Who’d think Brett’d be playing on the PK? Has been a much more complete package than expected, though bad luck has limited his #s

Boyd Deverauex: B Breaking through this season. A nice pickup by the Wings a few years ago.

Tomas Holmstrom: C+ Love this guy, though defense is a problem.

Kirk Maltby: C+ Hasn’t been a big factor, but solid play on the checking line.

Darren McCarty: D- Awful season so far. 2 goals and 2 assists.

Brent Gilchrest: D+ Hasn’t done anything, but he hasn’t whined about his ice time or # of games, so not a problem.

Overall: B+


Nick Lidstrom: A- Solid, but as usual a subpar first half. He’ll pick it up; no worries.

Chris Chelios: A Anyone who thought this guy was washed up’s eating their words now; probably our best defenseman of the first half.

Fredrick Oulasson: B- Started well, but a mysterious illness has slowed him down the last half.

Mathieu Dandenault: B- Good, speedy youngster. Gives us some speed on the blueline.

Jiri Fischer: C+ Some games he’s looked like a top prospect, some games he’s looked like he needs another year in the minors.

Steve Duschense: C+ Better than I expected so far this season. Hasn’t looked like shit anyway.

Maxim Kuznetsov: C- Looked good when he was playing, but hasn’t cracked the lineup since a hip injury a few months ago.

Uwe Krupp: omit Played 2 games before a long string of events that basically ended his season

Jesse Wallin: omit Hasn’t played yet, but Wings want to get him in the lineup within the next week. Great upside.

Overall: B


Dominik Hasek: B+ After a slow start, he’s been looking like the Dominator the past few weeks. Should make his annual second half comeback and propel himself into Vezina consideration.

Manny Legace: A Best backup in the league, and nothing you can say’ll convince me otherwise. Plays little, but keeps his focus. Lifetime 35-5-5 with the Wings, or something like that, and his combined GAA of the past two seasons is something like 2.05. The reason most Wings fans didn’t demand for Holland’s head after he lost Ozzie.

Overall: A-

Team grades:

Offense: A- Gotten the job done.

Defense: B+ Getting better.

Coaching: A- Too much talent to give a straight A, but 34-8-2-3 or whatever speaks for itself.

PP: B+ Best in the league, but way too streaky and not where it should be.

PK: A- It’s been great all season.

X-Factor: B- Not sure how puck posession will work in playoffs, some lack luster performances, and made all games way too close. On the same note, 13-3 in one goal games (only one regulation loss).

Overall: B+ Still have a long way to go before they’ll be at the level they should and need to be.

Some may say I’m critical. Yeah, anything less than the Cup’ll be a total failure. Raises the standards a bit.


Florida Panthers


Kevyn Adams (C+) He is exallant at faceoffs, always at the top of the
league in that category. He hasn’t been adding much scoring, but he
physical game is excellant for such a small player.

Ryan Johnson (D) The only good thing about him is that he can kill
penalties and hit. He has pretty much no scoring ability. Has missed a lot
of the season with a concussion.

Olli Jokinen (C) This guy is a totally different player under Keanen. He
had 1 point in 28 games under Sutter and 11 in 10 games under Keanen. He
plays a physical game with a defensive upside. Staring to show his scoring

Viktor Kozlov (B-) He has been doing better this season then last, but he
still isn’t playing his best. Likes to carry the puck, but he should be
using his 6’5 frame more to knock down the opposition.

Jason Weimer (B) He has been one of the Cats’ best player this year. He is
always physical and can con the other team into lots off penalties. He has
been also showing a nice scoring touch.

Right Wingers

Pavel Bure (B-) He hasn’t nearly been up to the pace he set for himself last
season. But he has been showing other signs of improvment, like he is
passing more, and helping out more in the defensive zone. Look for him to
have a termendous second half because if it is one thing that he has showed
us over the years is that Pavel Bure can score in the second half.

Valeri Bure (N/R) Has been injured for all but 6 games this year. Isn’t
really fair to rate him if he hasn’t barely played.

Marcus Nilson (C) Also like Jokienen, Nilson is starting to show life under
Keanen. He has scored 5 of his 7 goals under Keanen. He is a great
grinding winger he can put the puck in the net.

Ivan Novoseltsev (C+) He obisally has loads of talent. He is still learning
but needs to be more consistant.

Denis Shvidki (N/R) Been injured all of the year with a concussion. This
will defenitly slow his development.

Left Wingers

Kristian Huseluis (B) Rookie of the year in my mind. Has a great touch for
the net. Has to show a little more consistency if he wants to catch Heatly
and Kovalchuk.

Bill Lindsay (B-) He knows his role and does it well. He is a great penalty
killer. He can change the momentum of the game with one of his crunching
body checks. Needs to stop taking stupid penalties though.

Peter Worrell (C+) Like Lindsay he does his role with ease. He is third in
the league in PIM. He needs to add some more offence if he wants more ice


Lance Ward (C) This Defensive Defenseman doesn’t have an offensive game at
all. The good thing is that he does an exallant job in his own end.

Robert Svehla (B-) Great in his own end. This guy is a horse, because he
never misses a game. The only problem is he hasn’t been showing his
offensive side that he showed as a rookie with 49 points.

Lance Pitlick (C) Once again we have a player who has emerged once Keanen
arrived. Hasn’t had too much ice time this year because he was in Sutter’s
dog house when he was around. Showing signs of improving.

Jeff Norton (F) Jeff is a discrase. The only good thing about him is that
he can skate with the puck. He can’t hit, shoot, play defense. Hopefully
the Cat’s could trade him or maybe they will have to wait for the offseason
for this old man to retire.

Bret Hedican (B) Injured for the start of the season, Bret is starting to
play really well. Too bad though that he is going to be a UFA at the end of
the season. Look for him to be moved at the trade deadline.

Paul Laus (C) Paul is the leader on this team. He is a great hitter and
fighter. Even though his skating is always been bad, you can tell more than
ever this year as he starts to age.


Roberto Luongo (A+) Without him this team would be no where. He makes save
after save every night. The only thing he needs to improve on is his puck
moving ability, but you can see as the games go by that he is improving.

Trevor Kidd (F) It is time for Kidd to go. He has been inconsistant
throughout the whole year. He needs to go to a team where he can be their
starting goalie.


Ottowa Senators


Radek Bonk: Grade B minus, Bonk has 13 goals and 22 assists for 35 points in 41 games played. Not a bad stat, but his stats are misleading because many of his points came in spurts so inconsistancy is a problem there. He is however, on pace for a 70 point season, and a strong 2nd half may quite possibly put him into the 30 goal range where he should be.

Todd White: Grade B plus, White has 14 goals and 15 assists for 29 points. Todd has definately brought his A game to the Sens’ this year which is a welcome surprise considering the Sens’ lack of depth at center. White has definately flourished as a player being on a #1 line with Alfredsson. A bargain buy for the Sens’ at 375 K per year. White’s only downfall thus far is he doesn’t shoot enough. Up until his recent scoring drought, 1 in 3 shots went in for him.

Mike Fisher: Grade B, Fisher has 10 goals and 7 assists for 17 points. Mike is really starting to come into his game as a 3rd line center and a competent penalty killer. He’s put together some solid individual efforts and has also sacrificed his body while going to the net. Also, Mike is the Senators 2nd leading hitter, which comes as a surprise, but shows he’s there to grind and finish his checks.

Herperger: Grade C plus, 2 goals and 5 assists for 7 points. Chris has been a welcome addition to Ottawa although his production isn’t quite where I think it should be yet. He has fit in well on Ottawa’s 4th line with Roy and Neil, and has sometimes been Ottawa’s best line. Look for a better 2nd half from him considering the recent chemistry between him and his linemates.


Daniel Alfredsson RW: Grade A plus. Daniel has 21 goals and 21 assists for 42 points. Alfie has been Ottawa’s best all-around player. He has stepped up big in almost all of Ottawa’s games so far this year and is leading by example. Also, Alfredsson has been playing the point in Ottawa’s power plays and has given some people hope that Ottawa finally has someone to quarterback the power play. One of the NHL’s Top 5 players!

Martin Havlat LW: Grade B, Havlat has 15 goals and 17 assists for 32 points. Marty plays his typical explosive/exciting offensive hockey style night in and night out; however, his overall play has been hampered by his horrible defensive play. He is a minus 5 and needs to improve his defensive play to stay out of Martin’s dog house for he is currently just outside the door. On pace for a 30 goals season so his offense has been on fire.

Marion Hossa RW: Grade B, Marion has 15 goals, 17 assists for 32 points. Hossa play has been average. He shows great speed with the puck and shoots a lot with 145 SOG, which is the most on the Senators. He just needs to start scoring at home, for he has been excellent on the road.

Shawn McEachern LW: Grade C minus, Shawn has 6 goals, 18 assists for 24 points. Shawn “can’t seem to find the net” McEachern is having a horrible scoring drought. He just can’t seem to bury the puck between the pipes like he could when Yash was around. A great disappointment thus far, but hopes in Ottawa are that Shawn will pick his play up in the 2nd half, which is normal for McEachern to have stellar 2nd halves.

Magnus Arvedson LW: Grade A, Arvie has 6 goals and 15 assists for 21 points. Magnus has played his heart out this year and despite his low goals, he has been one of Ottawa’s best players with a plus 22. Arvedson is leading Ottawa’s penalty kill and doing a great job at it. Jacques Martin has also said he’s not worried about Arvie’s lack of goal production for on many nights, Arvedson is just simply playing great.

Andre Roy, RW,: Grade A, Andre has 5 goals and 7 assists for 12 points. Already a record goal breaking year for Roy. One of Ottawa’s enforcers has been marvelled this year for his play on Ottawa’s 4th line which has dominated their opponents 4th lines. Roy’s team leading 103 PIM are misleading for he has drastically improved his style of game and seldomly takes the old, idiot penalties in his past.

Chris Neil, RW/LW: Grade A, Chris has 4 goals and 5 assists for 9 pts. Neil, who has 101 PIM has been on fire as of late on Ottawa’s CRASH and Bang Line with Roy and Herperger. An A grade to Neil for breaking into the Sens’ lineup and showing he deserves to be there. In addition, he has fought some good fights and delt some great hits.

Bill Muckalt, LW; Hate to Bill, but D, Muckalt has 0 goals, 6 assists for 6 points. He has 42 SOG and has not been able to get the monkey off his back. On a positive note, he has played well on the penalty kill, and he hit 4 plates in 5 shots in Ottawa’s skills competition. Maybe he can use that accuracy to get him a goal, but because of his current injury, he’ll have to wait a while.

Ivan Ciernik, LW; Grade F, Ivan has played 21 games and has 1 goal and 2 assists for 3 points. A dissapointment thus far.


Wade Redden; Grade B plus, Redden has 7 goals and 13 assists for 20 points. Overall Redden has been average this year and his play has dropped quite a bit since not being named to Team Canada which I assume hurt his confidence. Erego, he is still one of Ottawa’s main men when it comes to defense and averages one of the highest ice times on the team. Redden’s plus 19 in plus/minus is also outstanding for playing against opponents top lines.

Zdeno Chara, Grade A plus, 5 goals and 8 assists for 13 points. Arguably Ottawa’s best defense this year, Chara, the hulking 6’9″ defensemen has been Ottawa’s #1 enforcer when it comes to moving people away from the net, or hitting other opponents. I believe Chara is 2nd in the league in hitting and his physical style of hockey is greatly appreciated in Ottawa where grit use to be their downfall. Chara’s team leading plus 23 in plus/minus is also attributed too his great play.

Chris Phillips, Grade B, In 29 games, Phillips has 4 goals and 8 assists for 12 points. An injury prone Phillips was having a great year prior to his latest casualty. On a line with Chara, Phillips was outstanding. Maybe the size of the two has something to do with why they worked so well together? Well, considering they are the leagues largest and tallest tandem on defense, it is to no surprise that must have opposing forwards a little worried when entering the Sens zone.

Sami Salo, Grade B minus. Salo has 2 goals and 9 assists for 11 points. Another injury prone player, Salo was never really able to get back to his potential, but was playing ok. Definitely an asset on the power play with is big point shot. Look for Salo in the 2nd half because he is bound to show up sometime.

Curtis Leschyshyn, Grade, B, 0 goals, 6 assists for 6 points. Curtis has been sound defensively and a great role model for the young Ottawa players in the dressing room.

Karel Rachunek, Grade B plus. 2 goals, 9 assists for 11 points, Rachunek has been great this year, and has provided Ottawa with some offense from the point scoring both of his goals against Toronto (once in overtime).

Ricard Persson, Grade C, Ricard has 1 goal, 1 assist for 2 points in 13 games so far this year. Injuries and a stacked Ottawa defense haven’t helped his case at all either. Persson, a competent defenseman can play with anyone in Ottawa’s defensive corps and play well.

Notable: Shane Knidy; Grade B minus: An Ottawa defenseman who played in 11 games and went plus 2. An injury has prevented him from getting in the games more, but when he was in the lineup, he showed great willingness to toss the body around and finish checks.


Patrick Lalime: Grade B minus: 12-13-4 with a .91 save percentage. Lalime has played average but defensive break down and odd man rushes have hurt his stat. Another downfall of Lalime’s is he is terrible at playing the puck and has given numerous freebies to other teams by giving away the puck. Jacques Martin’s number 1, but has competition closely behind him.

Jani Hurme: Grade B plus; 9-3-0 with a .923 save percentage. In my opinion, should be Ottawa’s number 1 with those numbers. He seems to give his teammates confidence that they lack when Lalime is in the net. Will or shall I say is pushing for the number 1 spot.

Thank you all, Sensfan9

New York Islanders

Claude Lapointe- B His heart and penalty killing deserve an A+ but the guy
couldn’t score on an 8 year old.

Michael Peca- B+ He brought the leadership and heart early on but needs to
keep it up. The tired statement knocked him down a bit.

Dave Scatchard- D+ Could be lower but he admits and acknowledges he’s in a
funk. The first steps to turning things around. START HITTING!

Alexei Yashin- A Facts are facts, the guy shows up every game. He back
checks, he scores, assists, and he hits. If he’s not getting points he’s
taking up the opponents best defensmen the whole game giving the other lines
better chances.

Shawn Bates- A+ No one could ever have expected this “utility” player to be
this effective. Powerplay, penalty kill, and even strength. He can turn a
game around quickly.

Jason Blake- B+ Same as Lapointe. This guy goes at a 120 mph every game.
He’s always in the other teams face. When paired with Lapointe there isn’t
any other duo I’d rather have killing penalties.

Oleg Kvasha- C+ Would have been a D or F but he finally realized he’s 6′-5″
230. Yes a skilled Russian player CAN learn how to use the body and his
skating ability. Now start scoring the way you should!

Mats Lindgren- D Showing a lot of heart, but the skill is too spotty. Needs
to score some goals to become decent trade bait.

Raffi Torres- C+ I like what the team is doing with him. He reminds me of
Peca early on. He shows a ton of heart not a lot of ice time but gets to
watch and learn. He hits great and has the hands just needs to develop a
feel for the game.

Mariusz Czerkawski- C Very disappointed in “super Mariusz”. After a 40 goal
season with Yashin on his line he should be pushing 50. He’ll be lucky to
get 30.

Brad Isbister- D the most disappointing of all. He had so much confidence
last year and seems like an intimidated rookie this year. Like Scatch he
needs to start hitting and SNAP OUT OF IT!

Mark Parrish- A Exactly what fans were promised when the first “Franchise
Goalie” was traded away. Milbury finally delivers exactly what was promised.

Steve Webb- C The human pinball hits anything in the other jersey. (Ask
Cloutier! LOL) Not much of a fighter but never gets knocked out. Draws
plenty of penalties, great agitator.

Adrian Aucoin- B When he’s one of the top two defense men he really steps
up. But when he’s third or fourth he seems to relax a bit too much. Good
powerplay addition and great help for Hammer and Kenny.

Eric Cairns- C Defensive goon. Seems to have Jagr’s number though.
Personally I think he players a better defensive game when he’s not hitting
so much.

Kevin Haller- F Suck it up. Tape the ribs and get your ass out there, the
team needs your hard-nosed defense.

Roman Hamrlik- B+ Nice solid defense. He gets the plus for playing through
that injured knee. At least one game this year I saw him not putting
pressure on the leg between faceoffs and still playing hard the next shift.
That’s a leader.

Kenny Jonsson- A Back to his all-star form. Just watch the head. He logs
25-35 minutes a game, and is so good you almost don’t notice him out there.

Marko Kiprusoff- C+ He gets this strictly on potential. He’s a little small
for my defensive liking, but he can skate and move the puck really well.
Just don’t get caught with him trying to clear the crease.

Evgeny Korolev- C No major mistakes but nothing overly impressive yet
either. Steady 6th defensemen.

Radek Martinek- B- Great start to the season. Another pleasant surprise for
Isles fans. Gets the minus for not taking better care of the knees, and not
letting the doctors know sooner. Will be a huge improvement for the team D
next year.

Ken Sutton- D Another unfortunate disappointment. Still hoping he catches on
to Laviolette’s system. Great locker room guy and good mentor for the young
guys like Kiprosoff, Korolev and Tarnstrom.

Dick Tarnstrom- C+ Needs some development, but will be a good 4-6 defensmen
within 2 years for the Isles or maybe somewhere else.

Mathieu Biron- F Trade this big goof with the rest of the big goofs Milbury
already got rid of. When he’s out there it’s like putting a giant garbage
can out on the ice. I wonder if he knows you can skate around?

Chris Osgood- B+ Great start but I understand what all the Red Wing fans
were talking about. When he’s on he’s ON. But when he’s off wow he can suck.

Garth Snow- C+ Shows a lot of heart and a big desire to win, but I’m glad he
wasn’t the starter when the season opened.

Peter Laviolette- A I’m also grading Pete. He has done a great job for a
first year coach with a fast start. Now the real tests come as the team
faces injuries, possible trades, and losing streaks.

Boston Bruins


Byron Dafoe (A)

John Grahame (B+)

…Dafoe does not get much credit for his efforts
night after night…he’s healthy and in the top 6 or 7
goalies in the league…The Bruins lack of consistancy
in the last 3 years can be somewhat attributed to his
injuries since their record with him in goal is
unbelievable & Grahame is a worthwhile backup who has
now won 5 in a row


Kyle Mclaren (C+)

Hal Gill (B+)

Sean O’Donnell (A)

Nick Boynton (B+)

Jamie Rivers (D)

Jarno Kultanen (C)

Don Sweeney (B+)

Mclaren has not provided the toughness he should bring
and he’s been plagued by nagging injuries…Gill,
Boynton and Sweeney are usually up to par and offer a
consistant defensive presence…Rivers and Kultanen
are two guys following distinctive yet similar
pats…both are failing to prove they can be steady
NHLers as proven by Rivers who in a short carreer
already has a showcase full of different
uniforms…Sean O’Donnell is one reason Boston’s goals
against are steadily improving…he is showing signs
of becoming a very reliable D-man…Applause to Mike
O’Connell and Harry Sinden for landing this Veteran


Joe Thornton (A+)

Glen Murray (B+)

Sergei Samsonov (A)

Bill Guerin (A)

Brian Rolston (A+)

Jozef Stumpell (C)

PJ Axelsson (B)

Martin Lapointe (B+)

Andrei Nazarov (B+)

Rob Zamuner (B)

Scott Pellerin (D)

Mike Knuble (C)

PJ Stock (C+)

Both at 22 yrs. old, Thornton and Samsonov have to be
the brightest up and coming duo in the league. Guerin
is scoring at expected pace even without Allison on
his line. Rolston is my pick for surprise of the year
in the NHL, 7 Shorthanded goals! Murray and Stumpel
have not provided offense consistantly…although
Murray has been red hot since joining Joe and Sergei
on the top unit. Lapointe is playing his role (not
worth 5 million) and Nazarov even if he doesnt scare
anybody at least he’ll drop the gloves with whoever is
up for it…Pellerin has been the worst free agent
signing so far since Zamuner started scoring goals
here and there.

In all there are five obvious reasons why Boston is
fighting for first place in the East and that
everyopne seems to have forgotten the Allison trade:
In order of impact…5-Samsonov, 4-Guerin, 3-Dafoe,
2-Rolston and 1-Thornton

Can you imagine this team with Allison..scary
isnt’it…and as my closing statement I would like to
say…On behalf of Bruins fans everywhere, let’s put a
big “C” on Thornton’s jersey soon.


Pittsburgh Penguins

Alexei Kovalev–D- I give Kovie a D primarily because he has not had the consistency to his game that he had last year. For whatever reason, his consistency just isn’t there. Maybe this is why he has yet to be annointed as a superstar in this league

Robert Lang–D-This grade was very hard to give, especially since when kovie was out of the lineup, he pretty much carried the team. Overall, he just has not produced to the effectiveness he did last season.

Darius Kasparitis–B–As much as I love Kaspar, I have to say he tries to go for the open ice hit at times and then places his team at risk for odd man breaks. And when you can’t score goals like the penguins, one goal like that can break your back. Knowing this, however, Kaspar has lead the team and league in the hit department and still maintains his physical presence on the ice. Which is what most teams desperately need right now.

Jan Hrdina–D– I suppose Hirdina doesn’t have much to work with anyway so why even make a comment. Hrdina is solid on faceoffs and makes a bargain base salary, which might be why the penguins have kept him around so long.

Ian Moran-B- Moran’s increased time on the penguins blueline has done nothing but helped the offense lacking lineup. He continually plays strong defense and pitches the puck to forwards. He complements Kaspar very nicely(since he is a more stay at home defenseman).

Kris Beech–C–It is hard to give a lower grade for a player in his first full season in the NHL anything lower than the grade I have given him. Especially because he has had different linemates all season, and is adjusting to the game. This guy will be good, in enough time.

Aleksey Morozov–F–Plagued by injuries for most of the season, even when this inconsistent penguin plays, he only scores goals against the New Jersey Devils. This would be great if they were the only team we played, but unfortunately it is not. Morozov has shown flashes of his potential at times, however it just makes you wonder how much longer the penguins can keep him and still remain patient.

Milan Kraft–F–Once considered the replacement for Robert Lang as either a first or second line center, Kraft has disappointed greatly and has been sent back to Wilkes-Barre Scranton.

Mike Wilson-F-Perhaps the worrst free agent signing this year, Wilson has become the most expensive minor leaguer in the NHL.
Hope you like these.


Montreal Canadiens

Asham , Arron:
Called up from minors. Having impact. Needs more time to adjust.

Audette , Donald
Goes to the net hard. Brought alot of excitement to the team before injury.
One of very few Proven scorers in a hab jersey.

Brisebois , Patrice
Makes a good first pass. Quaterbacks powerplay. Plays 25-30 minutes. Needs
work on defensive aspect. Only hab left from 1993 Stanley Cup.

Bulis , Jan
Above average offensive skills, but just can’t put it together. Very injury

Dackell , Andreas
Great offseason aquisition. Great defensive forward. Knows his role, works
hard, and chips in offensively from time to time.

Darby , Craig
Above average scorer in juniors. Can’t do it in NHL. Relegated to 4th line
grinding. Gets an A for work ethic.

Dykhuis , Karl
Deceptive feet. Above average offensive skills from the blueline.

Gilmour , Doug
One night he looks like the Doug Gilmour of old, then he disappears. Is he
back on track for good right now??? Getting a little long in the tooth.
Still the ONLY hab (other than Theodore) that can change the face of a game
by himself.

Gratton , Benoit
Young rookie called up. Very nice work ethic. Decent hands, and a team
player. Should turn into a solid 2nd or 3rd liner.

Hackett , Jeff
Injury problems and recent games aside, Hackett is still a competitor, but
he needs to pull it all back together. His timing is way off right now. Gets
a B based on the Hackett I know, not the Hackett playing right now. The
Hackett playing right now get a D.

Juneau , Joé
Okay, so this guys is never going to score in bunched like he used to. He’s
not the same player, and he must be graded differently now. I must grade him
in terms of his role with the team, not just an offensive one. He is a GREAT
penalty killer, and matched up against the other teams best lines every
night effectively. He’ll also still chip in offensively. He’s looking like a
Guy Carbonneau.

Kilger , Chad
Never going to fulfill potential. Has the size, the hands, and the
dtermination. What’s wrong with him? I don’t know. Foot speed is an issue.

Koivu , Saku
GRADE: A+++++++++++++
All the love and admiration. Get well soon Saku

Markov , Andrei
Great offensive blueliner. young russian quaterbacks powerplay, and is
always making things happen. Getting better defensively too. Should be
exciting to watch his development.

Odjick , Gino
tough guy with no NHL calibre talents other than taking bad penalties.

Perreault , Yanic
Best Forward thus far. Still great on face-offs. Good aquisition.

Petrov , Oleg
Small forward makes alot of things happen. He always looks so exciting.
Don’t know why he doesn’t score more. Great stickhandler, great speed,
doesn’t shy away from corners and gets lots of chances. Should be a leading
scorer, but isn’t.

Poulin , Patrick
Only useful as a penalty killer when Juneau and Dackell need rest

Quintal , Stéphane
Solid blueliner. Has looked better since coming back to habs. Works hard.

Ribeiro , Mike
Should develop into a top 2 line forward. Great speed and hands. This kids
gonna be a good one. Should develop into a A-B player.

Rivet , Craig
Reliable, gritty. hits hard.

Robidas , Stéphane
One of the better offensive defensemne on the habs. Loses points for
defensive mistakes

Savage , Brian
A B- is being VERY generous. This guy is sooo inconsistent year after year.
He’s an UFA at years end. After the habs have been so patient with his
injuries, and inconsistency he’ll probably still bolt. I say Good Riddence!
Sign him to an October only contract!

Simpson , Reid
Only a fighter and not even a good one at that. No other use to the team.

Souray , Sheldon
Great Shot, good hitter. No real offensive abilities, and lacks true
defensive position aspect of the game. Can be a liability.

Théodore , José
Top five in Goals against and Save percentage while playing for a poor team.
Has been Montreals MVP this year. Will only get better, so I had to leave

Traverse , Patrick
Doesn’t use his size, doesn’t clear the fron of the net, and coughs up the
puck too much.

Van Allen , Shaun
Don’t even know he’s playing on mist nights. Doens’t make much happen, and
is primiarily a 4th liner.

Zednik , Richard
Getting better and better. Has lost his fear of going hard to net and is
becoming a good all round player. I hated him before…I like him now. The
new Zednik is on his way to developing into a much better player. Capable of
30 goals


New Jersey Devils

The former Stanley Cup champions are 18-16-5-2 at the halfway point in one of the most tumultuous seasons in franchise history. Dissent and unhappiness seem to be festering on a team looking for a scoring savior to rally around. Jason Arnott’s outburst after being benched in the 2-1 victory over Carolina is symptomatic of a frustrated bunch not playing to their own lofty expectations.

The second quarter shows an improvement in overall team defense, and getting back to the basics. It also shows signs of life in overworked goalie Martin Brodeur who posted his first two shutouts of the season in recent weeks. It also shows the Devils have not found the scoring touch from last year.


Goals are still the issue with this year’s team. The Devils lead the league in scoring last year with 295 goals, this year they rank 26th. It has not been for lack of effort. They have outplayed most of their opponents all season, but lack a finishing touch around the net. Forwards are pressing and it shows.

The A-line in particular has been subject to insurmountable pressure, by opposition teams keying on them, Devil fans, management and their own expectations. As the Devils discovered last year, it is easier to take the opposition’s zone when their d-men are in a constant state of backpedaling. There is no Mogilny on this year to open up the ice and allow them to cycle in the opposition’s zone.

As a result, the A-line has frequently been broken up in an effort to provide scoring depth on the three top lines. This has come with mixed results. Scott Gomez has come alive with 13 points in 15 games, playing with different players almost every shift. Peter Sykora has slumped all season, but has had 3 goals in the past 4 games.

In recent weeks, more ice time has been given to Jim McKenzie and Turner Stevenson, these physical Devils have regained some of that lost cycling room, but lack a natural scoring touch.

Reluctantly, coach Robinson has given more playing time to Pierre Dagenais who has responded by scoring 4 points in the past 6 games. But, his playing time has been decreased in the past three games.

Best forward: Bobby Holik.
Has provided leadership upfront that was lacking in diffident A-line players. Recently awarded alternate captain status and playing even harder. One of the top face-off centers in the NHL. Since getting more PP time, the PP unit has excelled.

Most disappointing: Peter Sykora.
Great skater, great shooter but hasn’t gotten off to the season everyone was expecting. What has happened to him? Recent deterioration in play has lead to his trade rumors. Most pressing Devil forward, just needs to relax and have fun again. He and Elias can work it out.

Forward report cards 1Q 2001-02:

BOBBY HOLIK / A / Muscle, finesse, grit, opposition pest. Most unique center in the NHL.

PATRIK ELIAS / B / Great year for most, but slightly below his expectation.

SCOTT GOMEZ / B / Great playmaker; starting to expand his game along the boards.

SERGEI BRYLIN / B- / Finally healthy, smart underrated player.

PIERRE DAGENAIS / B- / When he gets the chance he puts it in. Staff not sold on skating skill.

RANDY MCKAY / C / Lost his scoring touch, still comes to play every game.

JIM MCKENZIE / C / The more ice time he gets, the better the team plays.

TURNER STEVENSON / C /Scrappy, old time hockey player; hurt majority of season.

JASON ARNOTT / C / Needs to be more aggressive, points will follow.

JOHN MADDEN / C / Leading PK man, Team is ranked 22nd.

SERGEI NEMCHINOV / C / Does everything well, but score.

ANDREAS SALOMONSSON / C- / Great start to rookie season, muddled by defensive lapses of late.

JAY PANDOLFO / D / Injuries have plagued an already slow start for him.

PETR SYKORA / D / Struggling. Forcing shots, forcing play. Frustration shows.


The Devils defense ranked fourth in the NHL last season allowing only 195 goals last season; in the second quarter of this season they have improved from 16th to 6th overall in the NHL. Play has improved in the defensive zone incredibly, going from 2.80 goals a game in the first 20 games to 2.05 in the second quarter of the season. But problems still loom.

Captain Scott Stevens looks very out of sync since being separated from his usual pairing with Brian Rafalski. Stevens has always been the bulwark and defensive base that the team has built its success upon. Stevens is a combined +246 for the Devils in the past nine seasons, this year he is -8.

Last year, Stevens (+40) and Rafalski (+36) were the best pairing in the NHL; this year Stevens play has suffered and Rafalski, while having a Norris Trophy type of season, is still not as strong on the backline (+7) without Stevens. Assistant Coach Fetisov should remedy this immediately. Niedermayer and Stevens, this years pairing, have never played very well together.

Everyone else is starting to come together.

Looking forward, coach Robinson and Slava Fetisov will be attempting to develop Andrei Zyuzin and bring him to the next level. Zyuzin has been nothing but a “potential” star since his first round draft selection several seasons ago. Based on the resurrected career of the Rangers Vlad Malakov, who cites Robinson and Fetisov for turning his career around, this prospect seems great, which would help the Devils backline for years to come.

Best defenseman: Brian Rafalski.
Norris Trophy candidate and can play defense as well.

Most disappointing: Scott Stevens.
Can usually WILL the Devils to victory typically leading by example, this year has been MIA

Defensemen report cards 1st Half

BRIAN RAFALSKI / A/ Norris Trophy candidate who can play defense too.

KEN DANEYKO / B / Strong, steady, rock solid. Injury to shoulder has been only blemish.

TOMMY ALBELIN / B / Plays great went called upon; not called upon that often.

COLIN WHITE / B / Play is back to where it was last year, when he was +32.

MIKE COMMODORE / C / Starting to pair with Stevens for opposition top line; Improving.

ANDREI ZYUZIN / C- / Work in progress; Robinson wants more physical play from him.

SCOTT STEVENS / C- / Very poor year for him; but still a force to reckon with.

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER / C- / Back injury all year; relinquished PP time to Rafalski.


Martin Brodeur started 19 out of the first 20 games of the season and played fatigued and inconsistent. Considering he has played the most games of any goalie in the NHL in the past three seasons, you can’t blame him. Bottom line: Martin Brodeur needs rest.
Although he has recently posted his first two shutouts and yielding only 1 goal a game the past week, he needs rest.

Coach Robinson has been hinting at giving J.F. Damphousse a little more time in nets, but has not been utilized as much as he should. Most Devil fans are praying that Brodeur doesn’t win the starting job in the Olympics, so he can be rested for the playoffs.

MARTIN BRODEUR / C / Has to stop everything, every night. Fatigue showing.

JF DAMPHOUSSE / C / Looked good early; faltered in last outing

SCOTT CLEMMENSEN / D / Coach Robinson lacks confidence; Sent to Albany


Coach Robinson has done almost everything to shock the team out of their funk. From breaking up the A-line, stripping Arnott of his “alternate captain” status, benching players for lack of discipline, and experimenting with establish backliners. They still haven’t alleviated their scoring problem but they are winning, so he has been somewhat successful.

Would love to see Coach Robinson give Pierre Dagenais more opportunities to play and get his timing in the big leagues. JF Damphousse must play more.

Coaching grades:

LARRY ROBINSON / B / Dissent may arise, but winning cures all.

SLAVA FETISOV / B / Transition game still leagues best with D-coaching.

JACQUES CARRON / B / Getting Marty back in line; Damphousse ready.

JAY LEACH / D- / Questions have surfaced about his negative contributions.

Special Teams:

In the first quarter, specialty teams were killing New Jersey. Second quarter showed improvement.

Penalty killing:

Last year the Devils ranked 11th (85% kill) on the PK, the first quarter of this year they have ranked last (74%), they have improved since and are currently 22nd (71%).

Since Devils hockey is playing with the lead, this years PK has put them in the exasperating position of having to play from behind.

Grade: D / Selke Trophy winner John Madden needs to step it up in this department, as does Peter Sykora.


Devils have gone from 1st on the PP last year to 16th in the first quarter of this year. They rebounded in the 2nd quarter and currently rank 4th in the NHL. Robinson is using Gomez, Rafalski, Holik and sometimes Daignais with welcomed success.

Grade: A- / Monster 2nd Quarter gets them back among the elite.

The future:

The Devils will not pursue Amonte, Lecaviliar, or Guerin. Not signing Mogiliny was a mistake. But two wrongs, don’t make a right.

The Devils will probably pursue Fredrik Modin of Tampa. Rick Dudley wants Ken Danyeko. Although its anathema to trade Dano in Devils country, it could happen in a package with Jay Pandolfo and a draft pick.

The Devils will not pursue a back-up goalie either, unless another team is willing to pick-up part of the salary. It doesn’t make economic sense, and the Devils organization is already deep with high quality goaltending talent.


New York Rangers

Eric Lindros- A
-He picked his game up quickly, led the league in points, and was dominating games. He helped change the Rangers around. But, his injury prone is starting to show, leaving people to ask “How long will he last?”

Manny Malhotra- D
-Although he did not receive a lot of ice time, Manny always failed to show something good to the coaches. You get six minutes of ice time; you do something to impress the coaches in those six minutes. Manny is now showing some positive signs, as he is playing with Nedved.

Mark Messier- B
-At age 40, he proved that he could still skate, hustle, lead the team, and play a solid defensive game. Messier helps the team a lot, and his major role this season is to prepare Richter, Leetch, Nedved, Lindros, and Mike York for next season.

Theo Fleury- B+
-Playing gritty with an attitude along side with Lindros and York, Fleury is a top scorer in the NHL. But, his inability to control his temper, that kept him off the ice an awful lot, does not help the Rangers. Fleury must concentrate on his game and on his team.

Andreas Johansson- A-
-A big surprise to the organization, the NHL, and especially the City, Johansson has made a major difference on the Rangers, especially by building a special Swedish chemistry with Mikael Samuelsson. Johansson scores the important goals, always tries to do the best he can do, and should remain a Ranger for a long time.

Jeff Toms- C+
-Very helpful at times, but Toms is just a substitute that helps once in a while. He contributes well to the game, and tries hard, but he can be more than just a 4th line center. Toms is not quite there when you need him the most.

Mike York- A
-Still blooming and growing out to be a future Ranger captain. He is extremely underrated, yet York leads the Rangers with 40 points. York has a great bright future, and is more than just a 2-way player. York is making a big difference on this team, and he will for years to come.

Matt Barnaby- C-
-I consider it a steal to get Barnaby for useless Ciger, who is still useless, but Barnaby is not hitting enough and is not a good defensive player. He was a good addition, but Barnaby must bring more toughness.

Radek Dvorak- C
-He is not scoring and not helping Nedved and the team. He creates his own scoring chances, but Dvorak has to finish. Much more was expected for Dvorak, and everyone is still waiting for Dvorak to score.

Sandy McCarthy- C
-He is playing tough, but not all the times does he show his toughness. His main objective is to make the big body checks, the open ice hits that change the momentum of the game. Sandman is trying too much offense at times, which does not help at all.

Bryan Berard- B-
-He is trying hard and he still needs to improve and get back in shape. He blocks passes really well, and is great on a 2 on 1 or on a 1 on 1. Berard has had his chances, but failed to score. He has to finish when he gets those chances.

Dave Karpa- B
-He has shown his toughness and played well as a stay at home defenseman. More hitting is expected from Karpa, but he is making a good presence on the ice.

Tomas Kloucek- C+
-His body checks are lethal to almost any player. He can out-strength almost any player in the NHL. He has been off his game a little bit by taking too many penalties, but toughness and big hits are needed, and Kloucek provides those two.

Brian Leetch- B+
-Malakhov made a huge difference this season for Leetch. Leetch is a top candidate for the Vezina Trophy, and if the season were to finish right now, he would win it. He has played very well in defense by blocking shots, and when he jumps on a rush, he is always lethal.

Sylvain Lefebvre- B
-A BIG surprise. Thankfully Sather did not buy-out his contract because Lefebvre has made a big difference on the Rangers thus far. If he keeps it up, he could be either very useful as a trade bait or a big help in the playoffs.

Vladimir Malakhov- A-
-He made a big difference and we all know why Sather signed him. Malakhov made Leetch have an easier season than usual, and acts like a more offensive style Beukaboom. He’s been a great defenseman thus far.

Igor Ulanov- F
-He failed to accomplish anything that the Rangers wanted. He gives up the puck, he doesn’t think when making a play. The only good thing he has been doing is blocking shots, but any young defenseman in the Rangers farm system can do that.

Dan Blackburn- B+
-The Rangers future goaltender. Blackburn has been more than impressive to the point where once you watched him you ask yourself if he really is 18 years old. He is a great future goaltender not only for the Rangers, but also for the NHL.

Mike Richter- A-
-He amazed fans, players, coaches, GMs, and basically the whole league with his impressive come back. He is the backbone of the Rangers, and the more he plays, the more you want Sather to sign him, but can he keep up this pace though?

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