Players on the trade block (rumors)

The following players are rumoured to be on the trading block, and here are some speculated teams that could be interested –

(All my info is from various sources compiled together on spectors hockey)

Players Available?

Martin Havlatt – Off to a good start, 9 pts so far. If Chicago is not in the playoff picture he is rumoured to be available later in the season. He’s a UFA this summer so this one could happen.

Ilya Kovalchuck – Bruce Garrioch writes “Talk amongst NHL GMs” is the Atlanta Thrashers could be willing to make a huge deal at the trade deadline by shopping franchise player Ilya Kovalchuk…”

Ooooohhhh, that’s a spicey rumour. Since he still has one more year on his contract after this season I wouldn’t count ANY team out of this one.

Tomas Kaberle – This one makes some sense. He still has a year after this one on his contract too, so there’s no guarantee he’ll be moved even if the Leafs are out of it by the deadline. But the Leafs have a number of capable NHL defensman and Kaberle would bring back a big return for the young, rebuilding Buds.

Kyle MacLaren – No team was interested in claiming him off waivers, but a team might be willing to make a swap with the Sharks to dump some salary in order to pick up MacLaren. Montreal with Dandenault? Just throwing that out there…

Peter Prucha – It’s been a couple years since Prucha’s good season but he’s still pretty young, would anyone be willing to take a chance on him and what kind of return could the Rangers expect? 3rd round pick? The Rangers have lots of forwards up front making it possible for Prucha to be moved.

Khabiboulan – I know its not new news, but Nik’s been playing great and more teams might be interested. However Nik’s been playing so good that he’s made Huet into a $6 million back-up. Huet with just 1 win on the year after falling to Minnesota last night. Ouch.

Jason Spezza – I know this one is a long shot with the size and length of Spezza’s contract. But if the Sens keep struggling, Jason could be valuable trade bait, right now Chicago is rumoured interested… I’m not on board with this rumour but it was there so I’ll write it up, any thoughts on this one?

Teams Needs?

– Aparently Philly would consider making a move for a goalie as Biron and Nitty have struggled early on. Personally I think they’d be more likely to hope Biron comes around and gets his game back to the level he was playing at last season, but if he continues to struggle this could be one to keep an eye on.

– Several teams looking for some defense include Philadelphia, Ottawa, Florida, Boston and St. Louis. Garrioch reports they could all be looking at Ohulnd, Although Spector shot down Ohlund being moved with his salary and NTC, it could be a tough fit.

I still say if teams want a defensman they should contact Toronto about MVR $2.9 cap hit, or Carlo Colaiacovo $1.3 cap hit. These guys aren’t top guys, but they could come in as a solid 4-5 guy for a team needing depth.

– Columbus looking for a goalie? If Leclair stays hurt they could be looking to make a deal for a band-aid goalie.

– And finally with Ken Klee being claimed off waivers by the Coyotes today does that squash last weeks rumour of Ian White being traded to the ‘Yotes? I think so.

Now a couple fun facts for you:

– It’s been reported all over the place that Luke Schenn is sticking with the Leafs and not going back to junior. Thought’s?

– And – Steven Stamkos has 0 points this season. Gary Roberts has 0 points. Ryan Malone has 1 point. St.Louis hasn’t scored since the first game of the year… What’s going on Tampa? And as a Leaf fan – WHY DID YOU TRADE YOUR 1st ROUND PICK TO OTTAWA?!

There’s your latest NHL trade rumors, thanks for reading.