Players to Improve

Here is a list of players that will hopefully improve next year and what they might improve to.

O’neill – He had a bad year last year and hopefully with Maurice and more ice time he will return to being a 30 goal scorer.

Steen – He had a good rookie year and will probably keep improving. This what I think he could become at his top potential, either being next year or whenever he reaches his top potential. Possibily a 40 goal scorer with about 70 – 80 points a season.

Wellwood – I think he has the potential to be a great playmaker.When he reaches the top of his potential here is what i think he could do – maybe average about 20 goals and 50 – 60 assists per year.(70 – 80 points in all)

Stajan – With more ice time he could maybe become a 30 goal scorer, and 50 – 60 points per year with around 10 of his points being shorthanded.

Antropov – Antropov hasn’t shown any great potential yet but I think he should get one more chance next season to prove himself.

Ponikarovsky – He had a breakout year last year and hopefully he can continue it.