PLAYOFF PICTURE Western Conference

Here’s how the playoffs look in the West-

1 Detroit 115
2 San Jose 108
3 Minnesota 98
4 Anaheim 10-
5 Dallas 97
6 Colorado 95
7 Calgary 94
8 Nashville 91

Detroit and Nashville

Detroit once again is on top of the hockey world with yet another mega-point season. The team loses players and still keeps going, similar to New Jersey. The Preds managed to slip in with a meger 91 points, and the other 3 division teams missed out on the post-season again. Detroit is livin it up with 8 games against each weakling division opponent. After a couple dissapointing post-season (short of the cup is dissapointing in Detroit), thye have somethings to prove. Stellar Defence with Lidstrom and Chelios, and the goaltending duo of Hasek and Osgood, both ranking in tops in save % and GAA, should make this a clincher verses the Preds. Detriot in 6.

SanJose and Calgary

Two very skilled teams, both with proven goalies who have played nearly all of the regular season – SanJose has very high-flying offence, and Calgary a strong, gritty D. Goaltending will be the key to this series, whoever blinks first may go home. It’s going to be a tough series to call, but with the strong finish and confidence that SJ has right now, I see them pulling through. SJ in 7

Minnesota and Colorado

Minni has done well, putting together a nice season. Colorado has struggled and gone up and down, but now with Forsburg back in the mix it may be the missing piece. Goaltending wins games though – can whoever Colorado put in net match Harding and Backstrom? If Minni can play shut-down, they may overcome the Ave’s potent offence.
I’ll take Minni in 6

Anaheim and Dallas

I hate to go with the favorites, but Anaheim seems too strong, too deep, and with Pronger, Neidermayer, Selanne and co back, it seems thatt Anaheim is for real again. JS Giguere put up big stats all season, all indications are that he is ready for a long post-season. Look for the Ducks to run over Dallas. I’ll go Ducks in 4.

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  1. careyprice31 says:

    GO LEAFS GO GO LEAFS GO GO LEAFS GO oops sorry i thaught this was for eastern conference playoffs

  2. careyprice31 says:

    Im rooting for colorado i think they will be a sleeper in the playoffs if not I see a san jose anaheim conference finals

  3. habstruefan says:

    I've said it all along that anaheim will take the west again and go on to win the stanley cup.Hopefully a habs anaheim series.You gotta have a canadian team in the finals.Hope i'm wrong about anaheim,I don't want to see them win it again.The cup belongs in canada.

    go habs go

  4. Jrugges says:

        Actually Detroit had a mega season because they lived it up against the rest of the nhl, they actually had the worst record against there own conferrence… Somehow I can't believe that you've watched one redwing game an not that it's a problem but don't say something so stupid like,
     * " Detroit is livin it up with 8 games against each weakling division opponent. "
     Playing the central division was the worst thing that could of happend and they actually owned  the NW division baddly.

  5. Canadian1967 says:

    I believe that Calgary will do very well against a SJ team which went on a tear, but has now lost 2 out of 3. It is always hard to go into the playoffs on a streak and maintain it.
    Flames in 6
    Wings in 5
    Ducks in 5
    Wild in 6

  6. CofRED says:

    DETROIT – NASHVILLE = DETROIT…They're a very well rounded team, and should not have too much trouble in round 1 this year, despite their history.

    SAN JOSE – CALGARY = CALGARY…I know I'm gonna get ripped apart for this, but they're my team.  As hot as San Jose was to close the season, I truly believe in my heart that if the Flames play their best hockey for 4 of the next 7 games, they can upset the Sharks.  SJ can't stay hot forever, and like other teams, have been common playoff picks that flop when it matters.

    MINNESOTA – COLORADO = COLORADO…They're playing very good right now and I think they're set up to do some damage this year, as long as Theodore keeps his play up and Floppa stays healthy.

    ANAHEIM – DALLAS = ANAHEIM…The defending champs are too powerful to be stopped this early on.  Giguere will bring his usual strong playoff game.

  7. Habs_pm says:

    I believe the Ducks can win it again.

    Will the Sharks choke again?…Big Joe needs to show.

    Colorado and Minni is an interesting series…..I like them both. Its gonna come down to goaltending.

    Detroit will sweep Nashville. Ellis nor Mason can save Nashville. They have heart but Detroit is simply too good & now their healthy.

  8. UsedandAbused says:

    1) Detroit and Nashville

    Detroit in 6. Detroit will struggle at first because they always do in the playoffs.

    2) San Jose and Calgary

    San Jose in 6. San Jose has just been awesome as of late.

    3) Minnesota and Colorado

    Missesota in 7. Defense wins in playoffs.

    4) Anaheim and Dallas

    Anaheim in 7. Turco will have another strong series in defeat. I think this will be the best series of the 1st round.

  9. GoKings311 says:

    Detroit in 4.

    San Jose in 5.
    Colorado in 7.
    Dallas in 7.
  10. leafy says:

    As I said in my East predictions, teams are so closely matched that pretty much any team can reach the Finals.

    That aside, here are my predictions for the West:

    Detroit over Nashville in 5

    San Jose over Calgary in 7

    Colorado over Minnesota 6

    Anaheim over Dallas in 6


    Detroit is too strong in all positions for Nashville to handle.  Nuff said.

    San Jose is going to have a tougher time with Calgary than people think.  Iginla has had a great year, yes, but Calgary also has a slew of other offensive weapons.  Nevertheless San Jose should prevail because they're stacked.  Time for Nabakov to shine.

    Minnesota relies way too much on goaltending to get by.  Colorado's offence is quite potent….and Forsberg adds yet another dimension to it.

    Dallas has deflated since the All-Star break…and even when they were winning, they haven't played all that well.  The Cup champs should prevail.

  11. tancred says:

    Nashville in 7.

    San Jose in 6.
    Colorado in 7.
    Anaheim in 6.  
  12. chanman says:

    Your right, I don't see much of Det or most est games b/c I live in Buffalo. You happen to know thier record against the Preds, Blue J, Chi and St Louis?
    They have dominated thier division -I didn't say CONFERENCE – There are other GOOD teams in the conference. Thier Div sucks though.
    Seems rather strange that they would get 115 points and each of the other teams finish with 91 and less.

  13. chanman says:

    It's a really tough call on SJ/Cal – you have to respect Calgary, they always seem to bring everything and then some to the table. And with Jerome going like he is…
    I picked SJ just becuse home ice and they way they have been flying of late. Plus gotta go with Campbell, watching him in Buffalo all these years:) Nbokov has been very good this year, and kipper seems to have had a less than great season – the numbers just arnt there. But a guy like him knows how to win
    Flames got game. Good luck to them.

  14. chanman says:

    Yeah I wish the ducks played in Canada or a good northern city lol. It just stinks to see the holy grail go south to places like TB, Carolina, California. etc. Darn they are one good team though – that Defence is sick.

  15. habswinthecup-again says:

     Detroit in 5
     San Jose in 7
     Colorado in 7
     Anaheim in 6

     Colorado in 6
     Anaheim in 6

     Anaheim in 6

     Montreal over Anaheim in 6 for the CUP.

  16. CofRED says:

    Alright, I'm not the only believer…Go Flames Go!!

  17. CofRED says:

    Red Wings vs. Central 17-12-3
    Red Wings vs. NW 15-2-3
    Red Wings vs. PAC 15-5-0

    A little better than .500 within their own division.  However, they dominated the NW and the Pacific divisions.  It wasn't the Central division that got them the Presidents Trophy, it was everyone else.

  18. hockey_lover says:

    Anaheim vs Dallas – Ducks in 5. Turco will not show up.

    Minn vs Avs – Avs in 6. Let the betting on how many games Forsberg will play. If he stays around, Avs win. If he gets hurt, Avs lose.

    SJ vs Flames – SJ in 7. I believe that SJ has a better team. I also believe the Flames are underrated.

    Wings vs Preds – no idea. The wings have a history of bowing out against the 8th seed. But the Preds just arent that good. I'll go with Detroit in 6.

  19. habsrock99 says:

    Det vs Nsh- Det in 5– I believe they'll have a strong 1st Round but I still don't think they'll get passed the 2nd. Preds will steal Game 1(like the Canes did in the 02 Finals) but the Wings will wake up and win 4 straight.

    SJ vs Cgy- SJ in 6- I love the Flames but since the Sharks got Campbell, they've been nearly unbeatable(something like 19-2-1). Iggy and Phaneuf will keep this one close but the only way the Flames win is if Kipper stops every shot he faces.

    Min vs Col- Min in 7- Defence wins Championships and the Wild have the Master of Defensive hockey behind the bench. I don't know why but I have a feeling the final goal count of this series will be like 9-8 Minny.

    Ana vs Dal- Ana in 6- The Ducks are too strong and too deep for the Stars to handle. Turco will steal a game or two but Dallas will now know why signing Mike Ribeiro for 5 million a year was a mistake(8 Pts in 24 career Play-Off games).

  20. flyav says:

    It seems like everyone is talking bout the East, but theres gonna be some great action out west as well.

    Here are my predictions

    Det vs Nsh – Det in 5 – Red Wings always seem to have bad first rounds, I think they will drop one of the first two games but after that it should be easy sailing

    Offense:  adv Det, with Henrik and Pavel its no wonder the Red Wings averaged more than 3 goals and game, and they should dominate this series offensively as well

    Defense: adv Det, They averaged more than a 1/2 goal less per game and with Lidstrom this is an easy choice

    Goaltending: adv Nsh, Goalie has been the strongest position for Nsh all year.

    What to look for:  Watch game 1 if Det wins the series is over but if Det comes out flat again this yr watch out.

    SJ vs Cgy – SJ in 7 – This is going to be a brutal physical series but SJ has been on fire and should find a way to come out on top.

    Offense: adv SJ, both teams have solid offenses but neither is elite.  SJ has more depth but the offensive battle will come down to which superstar gets rolling, Thorton or Iginla?

    Def: adv SJ, just barely, SJ averaged less goals against and have only gotten better since Cambell joined, but I would never want to play against Phaneuf in a long playoff series.

    Goaltending: even, Nabokov has the better regular season numbers but Kipper always turns it up big time come the playoffs

    What to watch for: Phaneuf vs Thorton,  If Thorton is able to make plays SJ can win in 4 or 5, but Phaneuf will be his biggest challenge.

    Min vs Col – Min in 7 – I would like nothing more than Forsberg to go deep in the playoffs (except for a Flyers cup), but goaltending and defense wins playoff series and Min has played great shutdown hockey all yr, whether you like it or not

    Offense: adv Col, Gaborik has been great but he can't compete with Forsberg, Sakic and Stastny

    Defense: adv Min, They know how to frustrate the opponents offense

    Goaltending: adv Min, Backstrom has had a great yr

    What to watch for:  If Forsberg, Sakic and Foote start thinking that its 1996 again, Col could make a series run

    Ana vs Dal Ana in 6 – Dal has faltered down the stretch and Ana added a couple of all stars.  Make no mistakes Ana is built for the playoffs with the best defense core in the league by far and great goaltending, they should beat Dallas in a very defensive minded series.

    Offense: adv Dal, Ana has the worst Goals for out of all 16 playoff teams,  Dallas averaged almost 1/2 a goal more per game and they have to hope that they get some bang for their buck out of Richards.

    Defense: adv Ana, enough said

    Goaltending: adv Ana Turco has been good but Giguere has been phenomenal this yr

    What to watch for: If Turco has a great series combined with Ana's poor offensive production to begin with Ana might not score at all, So Dal might be able to squeak by, but they will need Richards to earn his paycheck

    Im just gonna give predictions for the rest

    Det vs Ana – Ana in 6
    SJ vs Min – SJ in 5

    SJ vs Ana – SJ in 5

    SJ vs NYR – SJ in 4

  21. BruMagnus says:

    I've just gotta say a disappointing WOW…. 100 posts for the Eastern Conference article, with only 20 for the Western Conference…
    where the hell are all the fans from the "supposed" better Conference??

  22. BruMagnus says:

    I agree with Colorado as the sleeper.

    SJ and Anaheim would only be a Conference Finals if the Avs indeed won (assuming you're assuming the Wings can beat the Preds). The other way it could happen is if the Wings lost first round.

  23. BruMagnus says:

    You're beating a dead donkey. I was the first person on this site to point out the Wings' superiority over the rest of the West, while they struggled inter-divisionally. chanman doesn't seem to be able to learn and keeps with his idiotic statements despite the proof to the opposite.
    This is certainly one time when Stats DON'T LIE and need to be respected… don't you all agree?

  24. BruMagnus says:

    hahahahahahahaha! How do the Habs make the Finals!?

  25. mojo19 says:

    Agreed, Chanman’s points have ZERO validity here. Detroit is only a few games over .500 against their own division but owns the rest of the West. I don’t think its fair to say that Detroit finished first because they play in the weak division at all.

    Chanman admit you are wrong for once.

    The other funny thing during Chanmans Red wing comment was that Detroit has solid defense with “Lidstrom and Chelios”. Why highlight there #1 and #4 D-men. Why not say Lidstrom and Rafalski, or Kronvall. That would be like talking about Anaheims defense and saying that its solid with Niedermyer and Beachemin back there…

  26. mojo19 says:

    Wings in 4
    Sharks in 7
    Wild in 7
    Ducks in 6

    Bruins in 7
    Pens in 5
    Caps in 6
    Rangers in 6

  27. HABSSTAR says:

    OK I know Detroit has 115 points, and I know it ain't from "gimme" games in their own division.  However am I the only one who thinks Detroit is a house of cards?  I can't put my finger on it but despite the talent and the points I just don't think they have a serious chance at the Cup.

    I know I'm going to catch a shit load of abuse for this but: I wouldn't be surprised to see Nashville take then out in the first round, possibly in 6 games.


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