Playoffs in a month?

The last few games for each team in the NHL will be over in no time and soon it will be the exciting finish.Here is the calander for the next few months for the NHL.

April 18 – Regular season ends.

April 21 – Stanley Cup playoffs begin.

May 6-21 – World championships at Riga, Latvia.

June 19 – Last possible day for Stanley Cup final.

June 24 – NHL entry draft at Vancouver.

July 1 – Free agency begins.

July 20-Aug. 4 – Salary arbitration hearings.

Aug. 6 – Deadline for salary arbitration decisions.

The regular season will end in about a month! So now is the time to make your playoff predictions. Here are some of my predictions for the playoff teams.

Eastern Conference:

1. Caralina

2. Buffalo

3. NY Rangers

4. Ottawa

5. Philadelphila

6. Montreal

7. New Jersey

8. Atlanta

Western Conference:

1. Detroit

2. Dallas

3. Calgary

4. Nashville

5. Colarado

6. Edmonton

7. Vancouver

8. Los Angeles

Those are my playoff predictions. Who do you think will make the Playoffs or even win the stanley cup?