Playoffs Predictions

Here are my predictions for who will round out which order to go to the playoffs, and the playoff predictions itself. I tried to use as much insight as possible, and accompanied a rating of each teams three departments (Offence, Defence, and Goaltending) based on this years perfomance and the latest performance. I also invented the GSP (Grade System Points) to make a prediction at who will win the Cup. Please refer to the Legend if need clarification. My own predictions follow.
Regular Season Standings:

1.*Pittsburgh (FW:A D:B+ G:A-) GSP:22
2.*Montreal (FW:A- D:B G:B+) GSP:18
3.*Washington(FW:A- D:B- G:B+) GSP:17
4.New Jersey (FW:B D:A G:A+) GSP:22
5.New York (FW:A- D:C+ G:B+) GSP:16
6.Boston (FW:B D:A- G:B+) GSP:18
7.Ottawa (FW:B+ D:C G:C) GSP:10
8.Carolina (FW:B- D:C+ G:B) GSP:12

1.*Detroit -Presidents Trophy- (FW:A+ D:A- G:B+) GSP:22
2.*San Jose (FW:A- D:B+ G:A+) GSP:22
3.*Minnesota(FW:B D:A+ G:B+) GSP:20
4.Anaheim (FW:B+ D:A+ G:B+) GSP:21
5.Dallas (FW:B+ D:B+ G:B+) GSP:18
6.Calgary (FW:B+ D:B G:B+) GSP:17
7.Colorado (FW:B D:B+ G:B) GSP:16
8.Vancouver (FW:C- D:B+ G:A-) GSP:16
A+=9 points
A=8 points
A-=7 ‘
So on and so on…
-In the case of a tie break, team with most A’s wins, or in the case of two teams having the same amount of A’s, position battles-
Playoff Predictions According To The Grading System:
First Round:
1.Pittsburgh(22) vs 8.Carolina(12)= 1.Pittsburgh
2.Montreal(18) vs 7.Ottawa(10)= 2.Montreal
3.Washington(17) vs 6.Boston(18)= 6.Boston
4.New Jersey(22) vs 5.New York(16)= 4.New Jersey

Second Round:
1.Pittsburgh(22) vs 6.Boston(18)= 1.Pittsburgh
2.Montreal(18) vs 4.New Jersey(22)= 4.New Jersey

1.Pittsburgh(22) vs 4.New Jersey(22)= 4.New Jersey(FW: less than Pit., D:Greater than Pit., G:Better than Pitt.)

First Round:
1.Detroit(22) vs 8.Vancouver(16)= 1.Detroit
2.San Jose(22) vs 7.Colorado(16)= 2.San Jose
3.Minnesota(20) vs 6.Calgary(17)= 3.Minnesota
4.Anaheim(21) vs 5.Dallas(18)= 4.Anaheim

Second Round:
1.Detroit(22) vs 4.Anaheim(21)= 1.Detroit
2.San Jose(22) vs 3.Minnesota(20)= 2.San Jose

1.Detroit(22) vs 2.San Jose(22)= 1.Detroit (FW: Detroit better than SJ, D:Detroit better than SJ, G: SJ better than Detroit)

Cup Finals: New Jersey(22) vs Detroit(22)
Stanley Cup Champions
New Jersey Devils
(FW: less than Det., D: Greater than Det., G: Greater than Det.)

Obviously there are flaws in the GSP, like the fact that anything can happen in the Playoffs, or the fact that it’s very hard to put numbers on things, but it still gives us an idea of what we might expect. So now I’m going to write MY Playoff predictions- with no point systems or methods, just opinion.


First Round:
1.Pittsburgh vs 8.Carolina= 1.Pittsburgh
2.Montreal vs 7.Ottawa= 2.Montreal
3.Washington vs 6.Boston= 3.Washington
4.New Jersey vs 5.New York=4.New Jersey

Second Round:
1.Pittsburgh vs 4.New Jersey= 4.New Jersey
2.Montreal vs 3.Washington= 2.Montreal

2.Montreal vs 4.New Jersey= 2.Montreal


First Round:
1.Detroit vs 8.Vancouver= 8.Vancouver
2.San Jose vs 7.Colorado= 2.San Jose
3.Minnesota vs 6.Calgary= 3.Minnesota
4.Anaheim vs 5.Dallas= 4.Anaheim

Second Round:
2.San Jose vs 8.Vancouver= 2.San Jose
3.Minnesota vs 4.Anaheim= 4.Anaheim

2.San Jose vs 4.Anaheim= 2.San Jose

Cup Finals: Montreal vs San Jose
Stanley Cup Winner
San Jose Sharks (Sorry, Habs fans)

Well those are my predictions and the results of my GSP, what are your predictions and what did you like/dislike about the GSP and/or my predictions?


97 Responses to Playoffs Predictions

  1. habswinthecup-again says:

    Because it is God's intervention! that's why.

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

    Here is alink from it has all the playoff senarios.

  3. Hockey_Insider says:

    Well obviously Markov and Komisarek, but if you put Gonchar and Whitney or Gonchar and Letang and it's a whole nuther story.

  4. Canadiens81 says:

    Thanks.  When I ask the question I hadn't looked at the standings but I see how.  If Philly wins they will be 7th and Pittsburgh 2nd Boston 8th Habs 1st if Philly loses it stays as it is now so no matter what happens we play the Bruins. I'm nervous because I remember those few years where boston was 1st and the Habs were 8th and we beat them both times.  I hope that its not Boston turn to do the same to us.

  5. bpletsch23 says:

    Yes it is. People seem to think that not being responsible is exciting hockey. If thats okay with them, fine. I just don't see being defensively responsible as being boring. Oh, and thanks for pointing out that I'm a loser because  I posted an opinion.  Now I remember why I hate people.

  6. Radio says:

    Ah Bru.

    As expected.

    Mon > T.Dot
    Philly just beat Pitts.

    Going at 100% clip right now.

    "But they won their last three!"


  7. HABSSTAR says:

    OK, just finished watching the Pitt vs. Philly game.  What a disgrace.  Could the Pens have tried any harder to throw that game?  So now they play Ottawa like they wanted….I hope the Sens hand the Pens a huge upset.  Karma! 

  8. kamullia says:

    It is very true the Pens did not care that much about winning, but I do not think they were trying to throw the game, they simply did not click with the returning players. They sat out Crosby and Kennedy, and plugged in Roberts and Beech, both who have been on injured reserved for a long while. That threw off all the lines. Hossa was playing with Staal and Talbot, both of whom are typically on the 3rd or 4th line. Overall, though, you are right there was no hustle and no urgency by the Pens, especially Malkin. At least I hope Malkin was playing without fire, and not a sign about how tired he is (which he has mentioned).

    Besides, the Pens would have rather play the Sens than the Flyers anyway. Personally, I would have rather they played Boston, which was possible if the Pens would have won in the extra time. That also would have had the Habs vs the Goo…I mean Flyers…which would have been a great series in my views.

    So now we are finally set in the East.

    Montreal vs Boston
    Pittsburgh vs Ottawa
    Washington vs Philadelphia
    New Jersey vs New York

    I only have one question about all these series. Will there be more Rangers fans at The Rock or more Devils fans? Hmm.

    PS Best series from the opening round will be Devils and Rangers.

  9. CofRED says:

    Now that the matchups are finalized, I'll make my playoff predictions for the first round, as well as the finals.

    MONTREAL – BOSTON = MONTREAL…they've owned Boston this year and I can't see that changing much.

    PITTSBURGH – OTTAWA = PITTSBURGH…Ottawa has completely fallen apart and has 2 key injuries.  As long as Pittsburgh doesn't come out like they did vs. Philly today, they'll be just fine.

    WASHINGTON – PHILADELPHIA = WASHINGTON…They're too hot right now.  They're pumped right up to be in and Ovechkin CAN'T be stopped, at least not by Philly.

    NEW JERSEY – NEW YORK = NEW YORK…They're a very strong team and they owned Jersey all year.  Brodeur can't do it all himself.

    DETROIT – NASHVILLE = DETROIT…They're a very well rounded team, and should not have too much trouble in round 1 this year, despite their history.

    SAN JOSE – CALGARY = CALGARY…I know I'm gonna get ripped apart for this, but they're my team.  As hot as San Jose was to close the season, I truly believe in my heart that if the Flames play their best hockey for 4 of the next 7 games, they can upset the Sharks.

    MINNESOTA – COLORADO = COLORADO…They're playing very good right now and I think they're set up to do some damage this year.

    ANAHEIM – DALLAS = ANAHEIM…The defending champs are too powerful to be stopped this early on.

    My prediction for the finals – Anaheim beats the Rangers in 6 to repeat as Cup winners.

  10. kamullia says:

    Pens fan, but objective one. If the ONLY choices are Gonchar-Scuderi or Markov-Komisarek and the entire point if shutting down the other team’s top offensive threat, then I would go with Markov-Komisarek, but that is not the best choice for those teams and their personnel.

    It is also a bit of apples and oranges since the Pens play very strictly within a defensive scheme where forwards have just as much defensive responsibility as the defensemen, whereas the Habs defensemen are much more on their own. Ultimately, defensemen have to play within their system, otherwise they are a detriment to their team. Therefore even if it was Niedermayer back there with the Pens, he has to limit himself to what the system calls for. There’s no chasing around a player around the ice on the Pens system, something Niedermayer does effectively with the Ducks, because that would make a whole in the Pens scheme. Does that mean I would not rather have Niedermayer? No. But if he was with them, you would have to tweak the system to use Niedermayer’s abilities better.

    Personally, if I was going to pick a pair as a shutdown pairing for the Pens, I would rather have Letang-Scuderi. Letang has some defensive attributes that are better than Gonchar’s, and he is still a big offensive threat (if he ever shoots the puck).

    On the Habs side, I think their best possible combination for shutdown is Markov and Komisarek. My concern is for Komisarek’s consistency. He looks great defensively most of the time during the games, but every game he has a blunder here and there and I do not like to sit and chew my nails for 1/4 of the game.

  11. kamullia says:

    I think Washington will win their series, but it will take 6 games, if not seven. I also think New Jersey and Brodeur play even better during the playoffs and the Rangers are already playing their best as is, so even though the Rangers owned the Devils 7-1, it is not going to be that easy. I am not even sure New York will win it.

    As to Calgary, I respect that you root for your team, but San Jose is the best team in the NHL right now, even better than Washington who is pretty hot. As to Detroit, this might be more of the same: President’s trophy, eliminated in the first round. It certainly would not shock me if it happened…AGAIN.

  12. HABSSTAR says:

    Well Malkin got two at the very end of the game for diving.  I think they could have handed that out a bench minor to the Pens though.  Just really disapointed in their play.  I think its nice that the Habs win the Conference for the regualr season but having it handed to them like that is a bit disapointing. 

    You really think NY/NJ will be the best series?  I peg that one to be the most boring.  Not exactly firewagon hockey there. 

    I think Pens/Ottawa, or Philly/Caps will be the most entertaining….if all goes according to plan the Habs/B's series with be a short lived affair (keeping my fingers crossed because those Bruins have to win at some point in time or another against the Habs…hope they start next season though) 

  13. CofRED says:

    The Flames biggest problem is consistency.  If all 20 guys play their absolute best, they can beat anybody.  The problem is they don't do that very often.  But if there was ever a time to step up and pull it all together, now is the time.  Also, my feeling about SJ are the same as yours about the Rangers – I think the Sharks are at their peak right now, and I'm not so sure they can sustain it.  They may very well beat the Flames (and they should), but I think they'll burn out before they get the cup.

    As for the Rangers, I disagree with you.  I still don't think that we've seen the best that group can offer yet and I expect them to beat the Devils (although I never said it would be easy).

    And as far as Detroit goes, I may very well be wrong, but I think they can beat Nashville.  Though I also wouldn't be terribly shocked if they lost either.

  14. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    My mistake, Bru.  I take it back, I mentioned in a previous post that you know  your hockey but the truth of the matter is that you don't if you take Scuderi over Komo.  I'm sorry if I gave you too much credit.  Quit being a homer and I'll reconsider.

  15. kamullia says:

    I do think NY/NJ will be the best, all because I see it being a tilted ice with Brodeur getting peppered and making incredible saves one after the other, then NJ getting a lone breakaway and scoring. Repeat, with a NY win here and there. However, you are right it can turn into a totally boring game if New Jersey dominates defensively. I just see enough speed on NY to not get stranded in the neutral zone like New Jersey likes to do to teams.

    Flyers/Caps and Pens/Sens could be better, but I truly think of the Caps winning comfortably in 6 games, the only problem getting beat up good in the process so they won’t make it past the second round. I am also hoping for an easy win by Pittsburgh against a depleted Sens lineup and shaky goal tending. Then again, Vermette loves to score against the Pens, so it could turn out to be a good series.

  16. kamullia says:

    You could be right that there is another level to the Rangers. However, THIS is the best they have shown thus far and I doubt anyone can honestly say otherwise. If they have another level, no one has seen it yet. It just smells too much of the old Rangers, lots of potential and expectation and yet they do not pull through.

    If any team plays their absolute best they can bean any other team in today’s NHL. That includes LA and TBL who have done so this season several times. Therefore, you are absolutely correct about your Flames. The problem is that momentum is a huge thing in the playoffs.

    To get hot at the right time and with the proper lineup goes a long way. I think Washington is hot, but they do not have the proper lineup, so they will fizzle at some point, probably in the second round after the Philly goons beat them up good. San Jose has the lineup and because of the lineup were a favorite at pre-season time. Now they have gotten hot at just the right time. It’s the old analogy of trying to stop an oncoming locomotive. It can be done, but it is mighty hard to do. Trust me, I would love for the Flames to get San Jose out of the way.

  17. lukeleim says:


    4.New Jersey
    5.NY Rangers

    Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa: Penguins in 6
    Montreal vs. Boston: Canadiens in 5
    Washington vs. Philadelphia: Capitals in 7
    New Jersey vs. NY Rangers: NY Rangers in 6

    Pittsburgh vs. NY Rangers: Penguins in 6
    Montreal vs. Washington: Canadiens in 6

    Pittsburgh vs. Montreal: Penguins in 7

    2.*San Jose

    Detroit vs. Nashville: Red Wings in 6
    San Jose vs. Calgary: Sharks in 7
    Minnesota vs. Colorado: Wild in 6
    Anaheim vs. Dallas: Ducks in 5

    Detroit vs. Anaheim: Ducks in 6
    San Jose vs. Minnesota: Sharks in 5

    San Jose vs. Anaheim: Sharks in 6

    Pittsburgh vs. San Jose: Sharks in 6

    Conn Smythe Trophy: Evgeni Nabokov

  18. CofRED says:

    Just like Detroit, New York, New Jersey, and Ottawa, the Sharks have been a popular pick to make some noise in the playoffs for a while now too.  True, they're stronger than ever before, but just like the teams listed above, they've been perennial flops in the post-season.  I guess I'm hoping they buckle under the weight of high expectations yet again.

  19. sjstb03 says:

    Turco sucks as a playoff goalie????He was the best goalie in the playoffs last year, 3 shut outs, the guys in front didnt score.  Now Dallas has scoring, one of the best goalies in the league and the best penalty killing in the league.  Get ready for the Stars this year.

  20. BruMagnus says:

    Ask kamullia, the supposed objective fan, what she thinks…

    Scuderi may possibly be the most underrated defenseman in the entire NHL. Seriously. Komi makes tons of mistakes that I never see Scuds make.

  21. BruMagnus says:

    "Go Flyers" ???  trying to sway votes? hehe

  22. BruMagnus says:

    Totally agree they tanked it and it was a disgrace. But it was the logical move to make.

  23. BruMagnus says:

    The Pens wouldn't have met the Bruins. I made an error earlier when I wrote that. The Bruins won the season series vs. the Flyers and the Flyers woulda been 8th even with an OT loss.

    The Habs were LOCKED to play the Bruins before the Pens Finale. The Pens had only to decide who they wanted to play: The beat-up emotionless Habs, or the Bruins who've given them trouble.

  24. BruMagnus says:

    I agree with you and disagree with Kamullia.

    The NYR/NJ will be the most boring in the East for sure. The goaltending will be superb, but they'll likely be low scoring affairs with few scoring chances.

    The best series will likely be the Caps vs. the Flyers. The Flyers will try to beat the shit outta them, and may go after and injure Ovechkin, while Ovechkin and co. will try to outskill the Flyers. Will be great.

    I'm not sure how good the Pens series will be if the Sens don't show up. But as long as we win I really don't care!

    Malkin's diving penalty was a joke, and all the commentators said as much. It was just as big a joke as when Ovechkin got HIS diving penalty a few weeks ago… simply terrible refs.

  25. BruMagnus says:

    Who do you think the Pens could beat from the West in the Finals?

  26. kamullia says:

    If you made an error about Boston not possibly meeting the Pens, then so did I, because I never read anything where you stated the same. Those were just my views from glancing at the standings without any in-depth. I guess the choice was then Ottawa or the Flyers, and I think they did the right choice, including sitting out Crosby. Frankly, I would have sat out Malkin also, and maybe even given Fleury a period off.

    As a side note, you made an error here again on your very last statement. I am sure you meant the Sens and the Flyers (not Habs and Bruins).

  27. BruMagnus says:

    "I would love for the Flames to get San Jose out of the way."

    out of the way for whom??? the Penguins? You think the Pens will make the Finals now?

  28. kamullia says:

    The Pens need to take that series with Ottawa as their PP tweak-time. They need to fix it and fix it yesterday. They are in trouble until that happens.

  29. kamullia says:

    You are putting words in my mouth. I never said the Pens would or would not make the finals. What I have stated plenty of times is that if they make the finals, I do not like their chances against any of San Jose, Detroit, Anaheim or possibly even Dallas. I have said this repeatedly, and once on a lengthy back and forth with you, that the teams in the west are too strong for them. That subject, and the power play, have been a broken record I have been playing for a long while.

    Where I am doing back-pedaling, and I am not sure I am in fact because I keep going back and forth, which means I am uneasy with the new thought, is about winning against the best. Of late, I have had the impatience of wanting the Pens to win it all, and that makes me wish they do not meet the best because I do not see them winning against the best. However, the truth is, that it would be a hollow win since if they did win it against a not so strong team from the west, it would not be as big a satisfaction and you cannot feel proud that your team beat out the best.

    The root of the statement was from my wishes for the Pens to win it all. Since if there is a possibility that the Pens do make it out of the East, it would be better for the Pens not to face any of those teams I mentioned. Therefore, I would love to see anyone get rid of San Jose, Detroit, Anaheim and Dallas. Even if I am sure later on it won’t feel as good of a win. I would rather any day they rise up to the occasion and do beat the best, so do not be surprised if I completely chuck that “Let’s win, I do not care who it is” attitude out the window once the playoffs get rolling. In fact, I think of that attitude as a reflection of uneasiness with the team because you see weaknesses in their game, and certainly that is a fact with the Penguins.

    Right now I give the Pens a great chance for their first series because they are playing a completely disoriented and injured team, but if they do not fix that power play, more than likely they are done in the second round. Hell, with that power play, if the Sens find half of their cohesion they will not make it out of the first round. No team can go into the playoffs and win consistently with a lame-duck power play, and it sure has looked extremely lame for a while now, other than one outing against the Flyers.

    I am also very uneasy with Therrien playing these musical chairs in the lineup right now. I would have been feeling better if he left the personnel intact and then plugged one player at a time into the lineup during the Ottawa series, giving chance for the Pens to adjust at a slower pace. I understand what he is trying to accomplish because he feels better with a more veteran lineup, and I understand that the more games they can get under the belt the better, but throwing chemistry out the door like he does so often I find it counterproductive and irritating. If he has in mind going with the same lineup, other than Beech, I think it is the wrong decision, unless the Sens are truly that lame.

    If they are, then by all means, plug them all in even if they are not in game-shape and let them get ready for the rest of the playoffs in the lame series. But if the story is different, and the playoff story is never a cut and clear thing, Therrien needs to go with the bread and butter for now and ease into the returning players. There…off the soap box.

  30. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    I doubt you've never seen Scuderi make mistakes, but whatever.  I'm not going to comment on Scuderi (drafted 134th in 1998) because I've only watched him a few times so, I can't comment on whether or not he plays error-free defense but he is 3 years older than Komo (drafted 7th in 2001) and has had to play in the AHL a lot longer – over 300 games in fact, compared to 95.  Also, I doubt he is the physical presence Komo is out there.  In my mind, Komisarek (he doesn't make TONS of mistakes) is just starting to come into his own and feel more comfortable.  Obviously each brings different things to the table but, for the sake of comparison, Komisarek is far and away the better choice.

  31. HABSSTAR says:

    Maybe but he traditionally hasn't gotten it done in the playoffs.  Hope your right, would love to see someone send Anaheim packing in the first round.

  32. HABSSTAR says:

    Don't worry the Pens will be fine.  As previously stated they tanked against Philly and I really don't think that represented the Pens that we'll see in the playoffs.  At least you hope not…I on the other hand would consider it Karma….KARMA!  LOL!

  33. lukeleim says:

    Other than Anaheim and San Jose I believe the Pens could beat every other west playoff team.

  34. BruMagnus says:

    Only because they threw that last game, as we've ALL agreed upon.
    I feel bad for the Flyers that they could barely muster a win despite how much the other team was trying to lose!

  35. BruMagnus says:

    I should rephrase that Scuderi makes nowhere near the amount of mistakes that Komi does, and yes, I hardly see Scuds make any mistakes. In truth, I cannot recall the last time I swore at Scuds, whereas I swear at Gill, Sydor, Orpik, and oddly Whitney, every game, multiple times.

    Scuds is NOT a physical man. Not at all. And that's why no one pays attention to him or sings his praises. He is the unsung hero on the Pens. Which is just fine by me, and him, and the team.

    Komi will likely end up the better defenseman in a few years.

  36. BruMagnus says:

    The Pens will play the Sens.   🙂

    Why do people rip on the Wings' goaltending? They just won the Jennings! As much as the argument could be made for the great team in front of them, something has to be said for the goaltenders themselves!

  37. BruMagnus says:

    LOL, I have no idea how that was written down. Yes, I meant the Sens or Flyers.

  38. BruMagnus says:

    You are claiming the Penguins hypothetical victory wouldn't be so sweet if it weren't against an elite Western Conference team… but how is that fair since they have NO SAY in who wins the West? I'm sure the Lightning and Canes didn't give a crap that they were playing the Flames and Oilers to win their Cup!

  39. BruMagnus says:

    Interesting. This is precisely what I said as well on the Eastern Predictions page.

  40. BruMagnus says:


    TSN just agreed with me when they had the Final Four as:

    Pittsburgh beating NYR

    SJ beating Detroit

    SJ beating Pittsburgh

    Bobby M. did say Habs may make the Conference Finals, only to lose to Pittsburgh. With Pang saying Pens beating the Devils.

    Maybe they aren't as dumb as I had thought…lol

  41. CofRED says:

    Lest we forget that by no means did either of those teams have it easy in the finals either.  The Flames and Oilers may have been lower seeds, but they certainly gave the Lightning and the Canes all they could handle in the finals, as well as knocking off said "elite" teams en route.

  42. kamullia says:

    It has nothing to do with fair, and you are absolutely without a doubt correct that they do not get to pick the team that they would compete against if they make it to the finals. But the point is not if it is fairness or control. The point is satisfaction, which is an entirely personal thing.

    What satisfies one person will not necessarily satisfy another, and in that vogue, to me a victory that is fully satisfactory comes when you have proven your mettle against the very best and succeeded. If you go against the best, and beat them, there is a real and full satisfaction to be had, in my views, which as you have voiced before are completely different from yours. From what I have gathered from your views, you would be perfectly fine if it was a Pens/Monarchs Stanley Cup finals.

    As to the Lightning and Canes, you do not know what each and every single individual felt, but even if as a whole it was exactly how they felt…that is them, not me. Besides that, the fact will always remain that forever long, both those teams will always have the argument brought up that the teams they faced in the finals were not the best they could have faced from the West, and in my views (and yours since you were the one to breach the subject) there is an absolutely valid argument there.

    Bottom line: I would rather the Pens win against the very best if they are going to win it all. I simply fear they do not have what it takes, but you can be sure I hope with all my might that they prove me wrong. Boy how elated I would be if the Pens won the cup this year against the Ducks.

  43. kamullia says:

    I completely agree. However, the argument will forever be that there were stronger teams that could have come out of the West and that it very well could have been a tilted final towards the West in both of those years. We have all heard that before, and we will continue to hear it throughout.

    Personally, I would have loved for the Flames to win that year, and they came so close…

  44. CofRED says:

    1 bad call away…

  45. BruMagnus says:

    All I care about is winning the Cup. I don't care which teams we'd have to beat to do it.
    If we had to beat the Senators, Capitals, Habs and Predators to do it, I'd be damned happy!

    I'd much rather beat the Western Champion who people figure were lucky/hot, than face the supposed elite team that would beat us.

    I mean, if the supposed elite teams LOSE to the supposed weak teams, they really aren't all that elite are they!?

  46. kamullia says:

    There is some partial truth to your statement, but it is also true that on a given series or night, any one team can be better than THE best.

    I simply would rather have the Stanley Cup champion be THE BEST of all, and having proved that against the very best and possibly even outside hostile influences also. I do not care if it is my team or not, but I can tell you that is why the ’92 team has the utmost respect from my part.

    To have some team “weasel” it’s way to a Cup, like some teams have done in the past, simply demeans what The Cup represents, the NHL, it’s players, their legacy, and hockey as a whole.

    As a serious Pittsburgh Penguins fan, I do not want my team to even be put in the same sentence in an argument, with the word “weasel” and more so when deep down there could be some truth to it. No cup over Nashville need apply.

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