Playoffs Predictions

Here are my predictions for who will round out which order to go to the playoffs, and the playoff predictions itself. I tried to use as much insight as possible, and accompanied a rating of each teams three departments (Offence, Defence, and Goaltending) based on this years perfomance and the latest performance. I also invented the GSP (Grade System Points) to make a prediction at who will win the Cup. Please refer to the Legend if need clarification. My own predictions follow.
Regular Season Standings:

1.*Pittsburgh (FW:A D:B+ G:A-) GSP:22
2.*Montreal (FW:A- D:B G:B+) GSP:18
3.*Washington(FW:A- D:B- G:B+) GSP:17
4.New Jersey (FW:B D:A G:A+) GSP:22
5.New York (FW:A- D:C+ G:B+) GSP:16
6.Boston (FW:B D:A- G:B+) GSP:18
7.Ottawa (FW:B+ D:C G:C) GSP:10
8.Carolina (FW:B- D:C+ G:B) GSP:12

1.*Detroit -Presidents Trophy- (FW:A+ D:A- G:B+) GSP:22
2.*San Jose (FW:A- D:B+ G:A+) GSP:22
3.*Minnesota(FW:B D:A+ G:B+) GSP:20
4.Anaheim (FW:B+ D:A+ G:B+) GSP:21
5.Dallas (FW:B+ D:B+ G:B+) GSP:18
6.Calgary (FW:B+ D:B G:B+) GSP:17
7.Colorado (FW:B D:B+ G:B) GSP:16
8.Vancouver (FW:C- D:B+ G:A-) GSP:16
A+=9 points
A=8 points
A-=7 ‘
So on and so on…
-In the case of a tie break, team with most A’s wins, or in the case of two teams having the same amount of A’s, position battles-
Playoff Predictions According To The Grading System:
First Round:
1.Pittsburgh(22) vs 8.Carolina(12)= 1.Pittsburgh
2.Montreal(18) vs 7.Ottawa(10)= 2.Montreal
3.Washington(17) vs 6.Boston(18)= 6.Boston
4.New Jersey(22) vs 5.New York(16)= 4.New Jersey

Second Round:
1.Pittsburgh(22) vs 6.Boston(18)= 1.Pittsburgh
2.Montreal(18) vs 4.New Jersey(22)= 4.New Jersey

1.Pittsburgh(22) vs 4.New Jersey(22)= 4.New Jersey(FW: less than Pit., D:Greater than Pit., G:Better than Pitt.)

First Round:
1.Detroit(22) vs 8.Vancouver(16)= 1.Detroit
2.San Jose(22) vs 7.Colorado(16)= 2.San Jose
3.Minnesota(20) vs 6.Calgary(17)= 3.Minnesota
4.Anaheim(21) vs 5.Dallas(18)= 4.Anaheim

Second Round:
1.Detroit(22) vs 4.Anaheim(21)= 1.Detroit
2.San Jose(22) vs 3.Minnesota(20)= 2.San Jose

1.Detroit(22) vs 2.San Jose(22)= 1.Detroit (FW: Detroit better than SJ, D:Detroit better than SJ, G: SJ better than Detroit)

Cup Finals: New Jersey(22) vs Detroit(22)
Stanley Cup Champions
New Jersey Devils
(FW: less than Det., D: Greater than Det., G: Greater than Det.)

Obviously there are flaws in the GSP, like the fact that anything can happen in the Playoffs, or the fact that it’s very hard to put numbers on things, but it still gives us an idea of what we might expect. So now I’m going to write MY Playoff predictions- with no point systems or methods, just opinion.


First Round:
1.Pittsburgh vs 8.Carolina= 1.Pittsburgh
2.Montreal vs 7.Ottawa= 2.Montreal
3.Washington vs 6.Boston= 3.Washington
4.New Jersey vs 5.New York=4.New Jersey

Second Round:
1.Pittsburgh vs 4.New Jersey= 4.New Jersey
2.Montreal vs 3.Washington= 2.Montreal

2.Montreal vs 4.New Jersey= 2.Montreal


First Round:
1.Detroit vs 8.Vancouver= 8.Vancouver
2.San Jose vs 7.Colorado= 2.San Jose
3.Minnesota vs 6.Calgary= 3.Minnesota
4.Anaheim vs 5.Dallas= 4.Anaheim

Second Round:
2.San Jose vs 8.Vancouver= 2.San Jose
3.Minnesota vs 4.Anaheim= 4.Anaheim

2.San Jose vs 4.Anaheim= 2.San Jose

Cup Finals: Montreal vs San Jose
Stanley Cup Winner
San Jose Sharks (Sorry, Habs fans)

Well those are my predictions and the results of my GSP, what are your predictions and what did you like/dislike about the GSP and/or my predictions?


97 Responses to Playoffs Predictions

  1. flamingsenator says:

    new jersey gets an A for defence?…..its probubly right but dam…..all those guys on the blueline arnt exactly great….but i guess thats the grade u get for having them most boring system in hockey.

    i totally agree with u on the fact that its the sharks season…..all the pieces are there…..if not this year…next year…or even the year after that…

    sharks are the best built team in the nhl im my opinion
    i wanted to say detroit…but i think they are the best LED team(coaching, managment and players)

  2. Radio says:

    "Note: written on April 3rd, posted on April 4th (but still relevant beside for Vancouver and maybe Carolina)
    Too much work in this article not to post it."



    I noticed several articles in the media about Detroit claiming "no one mentions us", when talking about playoff championships — as if it's some sort of insult.

    Attention Detroit: Try not losing to 8th seeded teams in the post-season all the time, then you might get taken seriously. Wannabe Wings.


    AFA this article:

    It unlikely that the Pens will beat Philly tommorow, and the Habs will dispose of the Leafs giving them the first seed.

    This means:


    1.Montreal vs 8.Ottawa= 8.Ottawa
    2.Pittsburgh vs 7.Philly = 2.Pitt
    3.Washington vs 6.Boston= 3.Washington
    4.New Jersey vs 5.New York= 5.New York


    2.Pitts vs 8.Ott =8.Ott
    3.Wash vs 5.N.Y 3.Wash


    3.Wash vs 8.Ott= 3.Wash


    Wash vs SanJose —> S.J Cup Winner

  3. CanadianbornPlaya says:

    Go Habs Go!

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

     I am just wondering but how does Boston get the same GSP as Montreal?, and for that matter how are Pitt. and NJ 4 points better than them?

  5. holeinone says:

    Pitt vs Philly Pitt
    Mont vs Ott mtl
    Wash vs Bos Was
    Ny vs NJD NYR

    Pitt vs Nyr Pitt
    Mon vs Wash Was

    Pitt vs Wash Pitt

    Det vs Nash Nash
    SJ vs Cal S J
    Minn vs Col Min
    ANa vs Dal Dal

    SJ vs NSh SJ
    Min vs dal dal

    dal vs sj dal

    Pitt vs dal Pitt

  6. mtlman2005 says:

    Just so you know, if Pittsburgh, Montreal, Washington and New York advance, Pittsburgh would play Washington
    Montreal would play the Rangers 😉

  7. mtlman2005 says:

    Oops, sorry about that I thought you had Washington in 8th… sorry about that!

  8. BruMagnus says:

    Talk about unintelligent posts!!!

    Why is it unlikely the Pens would beat Philly, having won the past 3 easily?

    Why is it a certainty (the word will means 100% by the way) that the Habs will beat a team that has given them problems and is currently winning the season series?

    Why would the 8th placed Habs without Alfredsson and Fisher in the first two rounds UPSET the best two teams in the East??

    You're predictions, especially the meager Caps making the Finals, are completely unlikely. The only thing within the realm of possibility is that the Sharks reach the Finals.

  9. BruMagnus says:

    I've got a question:
    Do teams get reseeded after the first round?

    As in, if the Caps/Canes win their first round, would they still be 3rd, or ranked 8th?

  10. Hockey_Insider says:

    That matter was one I knew would come up. When I did the GSP I didnt look at who would have more points than any of the others, I just evaluated the teams, then tallied it up- only fair that way right? Plus, you can have an great team put together in the NHL, but at some points in the season they might have trouble even buying a game (ex. Ottawa). And let's not forget that Boston was also up there at the top of the standings for a while, they just blew a tire. They still have the makings of a good team though.

  11. Hockey_Insider says:

    No they don't get reseeded.

  12. Hockey_Insider says:

    Replace Vancouver with Nashville.

    Nashville: (FW:B+    D:B-  G:B) GSP:15

    All the predictions stay the same (even mine cause Detroit has trouble in the 1st round). I'll do another update once the playoff picture clears up a bit :S

  13. modk09 says:

    you put in a hell of a lot of work on this but its such a waste when you look at how you rate the teams. fleury and conklin are one of the best goaltending tandems? the habs have mediocre at best defensively?

    the pens are unlikely to beat philly? the habs are guaranteed to beat toronto?

    sorry, but when the system on which your entire article is based is faulty, the whole article is.

  14. LeafsNation91 says:

    In the East, I think the worst case scenario for the Habs or Penguins to play in the first round is deffinetley the Ottawa Senators, YES I hate the Senators with a burning passion, YES they have been playing horribly snce going 15-2, but if this team is able to find itself before the playoffs begin(they have a long wait, since theirs season is done) then I belive the Senators can dominate the playoffs and make it to to atleast the third round with a 7th or 8th seed.

    That's only saying if they are able to find themselves in the NEXT week.

    Also, I wonder how Washingon would do if they made the postseason, when Bruce Boudreau came in, they were 6-14-1, since then they went 36-17-7, not going to lie, that is impressive, these players in Washington love their coach, and they all seem to rally behind him, this might be an interesting team in WASHINGTON.

  15. A-Train24 says:

    First off, let me say that I appreciate your hard work and your attempt to be as unbiased as possible with your GSP. Having written an article similar to this one a week or so back, I can appreciate the effort it takes.
    I don't mean to question your judgement, but how do you justify giving Pittsburg a better GSP then Montreal on defense? Here is how the two teams match up:

    GA Mtl: 221 – Pit 214
    ***  Note to consider here Mtl has played 24 games against NE division teams averaging 241 GF, compared to Pit playing 24 games against Atlantic divisin teams averaging 211 GF***

    Defense scoring
    Top Three + total goals
    Streit (officialy a defenseman according to 60pts
    Markov 57pts
    Hamrlik 26pts
    total goals: 43

    Gonchar 65pts
    Whitney 40pts
    Gill 24pts
    total goals: 35

    Then there are the intagibles, the little things that change a game, blocked shots, hits…etc
    Leader: Komisarek 266 hits (2nd in league), 227 blocked shots (1rst)
    Team (defensemen only) 851 hits, 896 blocked shots

    Leader: Orpik 239 hits (5th), Gill 142 blocked shots (17th)
    Team (defensemen only) 605 hits, 889 blocked shots

    There are obviously other factors that cannot be measured by stats such as positioning, ability to make the first pass…etc but given these stats, it seems clear to me that Montreal has the better defense.

  16. habstruefan says:

    Got this from rds site,senarios for montreal
    for the people that dont understand french,

    sur-temp=in overtime

    1-Mtl gagne – Bos gagne – Phi gagne = ottawa
    2 -Mtl gagne – Bos gagne – Phi gagne en sur-temp = ottawa
    3 -Mtl gagne – Bos gagne – Phi perd = ottawa
    4 -Mtl gagne – Bos gagne – Phi perd en sur-temp = ottawa
    5 -Mtl gagne – Bos perd – Phi gagne = Boston
    6 -Mtl gagne – Bos perd – Phi gagne en sur-temp = Boston
    7 -Mtl gagne – Bos perd – Phi perd = Boston
    8 -Mtl gagne – Bos perd – Phi perd en sur-temp = Boston
    9 -Mtl gagne – Bos perd en sur-temp – Phi gagne = ottawa
    10-Mtl gagne – Bos perd en sur-temp – Phi gagne en sur-temp = ottawa
    11-Mtl gagne – Bos perd en sur-temp – Phi perd = ottawa
    12-Mtl gagne – Bos perd en sur-temp – Phi perd en sur-temp = ottawa
    13-Mtl perd – Bos gagne – Phi gagne = Philadelphie
    14-Mtl perd – Bos gagne – Phi gagne en sur-temp = Philadelphie
    15-Mtl perd – Bos gagne – Phi perd = ottawa
    16-Mtl perd – Bos gagne – Phi perd en sur-temp = ottawa
    17-Mtl perd – Bos perd – Phi gagne = ottawa
    18-Mtl perd – Bos perd – Phi gagne en sur-temp = ottawa
    19-Mtl perd – Bos perd – Phi perd = Boston
    20-Mtl perd – Bos perd – Phi perd en sur-temp = Boston
    21-Mtl perd – Bos perd en sur-temp – Phi gagne = boston
    22-Mtl perd – Bos perd en sur-temp – Phi gagne en sur-temp = boston
    23-Mtl perd – Bos perd en sur-temp – Phi perd = ottawa
    24-Mtl perd – Bos perd en sur-temp – Phi perd en sur-temp = ottawa
    25-Mtl perd en sur-temp – Bos gagne – Phi gagne = ottawa
    26-Mtl perd en sur-temp – Bos gagne – Phi gagne en sur-temp = philadelphie
    27-Mtl perd en sur-temp – Bos gagne – Phi perd = ottawa
    28-Mtl perd en sur-temp – Bos gagne – Phi perd en sur-temp = ottawa
    29-Mtl perd en sur-temp – Bos perd – Phi gagne = Boston
    30-Mtl perd en sur-temp – Bos perd – Phi gagne en sur-temp = ottawa
    31-Mtl perd en sur-temp – Bos perd – Phi perd = Boston
    32-Mtl perd en sur-temp – Bos perd – Phi perd en sur-temp = Boston
    33-Mtl perd en sur-temp – Bos perd en sur-temp – Phi gagne = ottawa
    34-Mtl perd en sur-temp – Bos perd en sur-temp – Phi gagne en sur-temp = boston
    35-Mtl perd en sur-temp – Bos perd en sur-temp – Phi perd = ottawa
    36-Mtl perd en sur-temp – Bos perd en sur-temp – Phi perd en sur-temp = ottawa

    21 chance sur 36 Ottawa 58%
    12 chance sur 36 Boston 33%
    3 chance sur 36 Philly 8%

  17. Hockey_Insider says:

    Hmm, well like I said it's hard to put numbers on things- but just to look at the Pens defence, they made Ty Conklin look like a goalie god remember? That deserves some props. Plus the Pens have a defence that boxes out well and knows how to collapse in front of their goalie. And the habs defence doesn't have a particulary hard job defending for Price and Halak…but that's just my opinion.

    And btw, Streit plays forward, and defence on the PP- just thought I'd point it out 🙂

  18. Canadiens81 says:

    You gave Pittsburgh defense a B+ and Montreal's defense a B.  So what you are saying is that you believe Pittsburgh has a better defence than Montreal.  How did you come to that conclusion?  Markov is one of the best defenseman in the eastern conference, Komisarek is a beast and Hamrlik is playing great this year.  These 3 are by far better than any of the Penguins defense. 

  19. Canadiens81 says:

    What do you mean they don't have a particularly hard job defending for Price and Halak.  You rated Pittsburgh's goalies higher then them.  This post makes no sense.

  20. Canadiens81 says:

    There is no way Wash. would beat Montreal in a 7 game series.  They don't have the depth and Huet is not consistent enough.

  21. Canadiens81 says:

    There is no way Wash. would beat Montreal in a 7 game series.  They don't have the depth and Huet is not consistent enough.

  22. leafy says:

    The whole NHL is extremely tight, so any team can win the Cup….or get swept in the 1st round.

    Having said that, I have a feeling the East is between Pittsburgh, Montreal, New York, and the sleeper being Washington, if they get in.

    If I had to pick one, I say Pittsburgh…..that is, if everyone including Crosby stays healthy.  They have so much firepower, I can't see anyone from the East stopping them, although Montreal can come close.

    I say Jersey is a dog with fleas.  They have skilled forwards, but they're all small.  So they'll score if you give them chances (because they're skilled), but they cannot create chances (because they're small).  OUT!

    I strongly believe Ottawa is on their way to a quick exit, but let's see who they play in the 1st round.

    In the West, I'm picking San Jose to win the Cup.  Yeah, I know, I know…they're favored every year.  But they're going to break through sooner or later.

    Back in the 70's people used to call the Islanders chokes every year.  But you know what?  They then reeled off 4 straight Stanley Cups!

    You can never count out Detroit.  Great in all positions, although they don't have dominant goaltending like San Jose or Anaheim.  But Osgoode is still pretty good.

    Just a gut feeling, I don't think Anaheim is going to repeat.  Going 4 rounds in two straight years is almost impossible nowdays.

    Teams like Dallas, Calgary, and Minnie and Colorado are pretty mediocre.  I can't see any of them winning the Cup, although 1 or 2 of them might have a good playoff run.

  23. refswhoneedsthem says:

    you mean the sens and i think it's because he's a sens fan

  24. leafy says:

    I could be way wrong here, but I think Pittsburgh and Montreal will take Ottawa handily.  Too many weaknesses on the Sens….only one dangerous line, a pourous defence, and crappy goaltending.  That's too much to overcome.  I'm not saying they'll get swept, but I'd be really surprised if Ottawa made it to round 2.

  25. mtlman2005 says:

    I would tend to agree with you, but come playoff time, anything can happen!
    Nashville might beat Detroit
    Philly might beat Pittsburgh

  26. ranger_fan says:

    Biases are really showing.

    How are the NY Rangers a C+ in defense and B+ in goaltending? Have you noticed where they sit in the east for GA? I'm just curious and then you have Pittsburgh at what in those categories? May be I am just losing my mind.

  27. 08-09 says:

    for the 3rd straight year i'll be calling the Sharks to win the cup.

    I dunno about making predictions about the playoffs before the season has ended – but i think the finals will feature the Pens and Sharks (honorable mention to the Wings, Wild, and even the Caps).

  28. HABSSTAR says:

    OK here's what I think.


    #1 Pitt vs #8 Phi (I give Pitt #1 because they hold the tie breaker and I don't think they lose their last game to Philly)

    Winner: Pitt, I do believe this is going to be a hella-ugly series possibly going 7 games either way after this series Pitt is no longer the same team.  I can see a couple Penguins stars going down to hard or cheap Philly plays when this series turns in the Penguins favour.

    #2 Montreal vs #7 Ottawa (Ottawa wasn't looking good going into the playoffs to begin with, let alone after loosing Alfie and Fisher.   They gave the Habs fits earlier in the season but this ain't the same sens team.  Their goaltending is pathetic, Gerber finds out their's no Ward around this time to bail his ass out against the Canadiens)

    Winner:  Montreal, series goes 6 games, Ottawa goes home and Murray starts looking over his shoulder.

    #3 Washington vs. #6 Boston (It's a match up between two of the feel good stories of the year.  One of them however gets to feel better than the other…Ovechkin goes on the war path in his first playoff series)

    Winner: Washington, Huet never really tested during series and continues his mastery of the Bruins.  5 games.

    #4 New Jersey vs. #5 Rangers (Yawn!  I just see this being a desperetly boring series.  Rangers have owned the Devils this year, but you can never count out a team with Brodeur in net.)

    Winner:  Rangers, but nobody cares, the series is one of the lowest scoring series in NHL playoffs history with a number of games ending in 2-1 finals.  Both teams play choppy, defensive hockey.  It's 6 long games before this series mercifully ends.

    Second Round  

    #1 Pitt vs. #5 Rangers (Pittsburgh is beat up after a long Philly series, but the Rangers have a hard time with the fast moving Pens)

    Winner: Pens in 6…even beat up they're more than what the Rangers can handle.

    #2 Montreal vs. #3 Washington (This one makes people in Montreal nervous. Questioning looks turn to Bob …who typically gives up nothing!)

    Winner:  Montreal in 6.  Montreal owns Huet in the first 3 games, Kolzig comes in to stop the bleeding and make things interesting for two but even his and AO's heroics aren't enough.  That 2nd rounder looks pretty damn good now!

    Conference Finals   

    #1 Pitt vs. #2 Montreal (It's what everyone's been asking for.  Speed on Speed violence!)

    Winner:  Montreal…after two rounds the Pens don't have enough bullets in the gun Habs in 6.  Montreal takes advantage of a physically beaten Pens team. 


    I don't follow the West a lot but here we go.

    #1 Detroit vs. #8 Preds (Detroit continues a developing tradition of getting beat early in the playoffs) 

    Winner:  Preds in 6.  Nobody outside Detroit and the TSN offices are surprised by this.  Detroit's goaltending is fully to blame as they average a GAA of 3.50 during the series while only facing an average of 20 shots a game.  

    #2 Sharks vs. #7 Calgary (Lots of people still think Calagary is a contender)

    Winner: Sharks in 5, Keanan's antics begin to wear thin at the wrong time of the year in Calgary.  

    #3 Minnesota vs. #6 Colorado ( Avs look a little better towards the end of the season) 

    Winner:  Avs in 6…Forsberg goes down during the series with what else… a foot injury.

    #4 Anaheim vs. #5 Dallas (People talk about this one like it's a heavy weight fight…)

    Winner: Anaheim in 4,… it ain't, Dallas get's schooled, Turco sucks as a playoff goalie.   

    Second Round

    #2 Sharks vs. #8 Preds

    Winner: Sharks in 4, a music City miracle this is not. 

    #4 Ducks vs. #6 Avs (Everyone picks the Ducks in this one)

    Winner: Avs in 6, Theodore stands on his head, he's the only reason the Avs beat Anaheim

    Conference Finals

    #2 Sharks vs. #6 Avs (Looks like all those people who have picked San Jose to win a cup over the last 3-4 hours are finally going to be right…)

    Winner:  Avs in 7,… they're not. Thornton pulls his playoff disapearing act again!  Sharks find a way to lose in the Playoffs again!

    Stanley Cup Finals

    Habs vs. Avs

    It's the return of Theodore to Montreal…looking to be a later day Patrick Roy and stick a knife in his former team.  It's the second time in this playoff year that the Habs face a former goalie. 

    Habs prove that Theodore is no Roy.  They do it in 6 games, Montreal claims it's 25th Cup in it's 99th year. 

  29. habstruefan says:

    I still beleive that Anaheim's defence will shut down a lot of teams again this year with giguere in net.They dont have key injuries in there defence either.On top of that you can forget how many canadians on that team which means over the years have dominated the playoffs.Canadians are more grity and more hungry when its playoff time.So i would not overlook this team.

  30. Hockey_Insider says:

    I don't really have any bias against the Rangers- in fact if there is one team I hate it's the Canadiens, but I call them as I see them. The Rangers spent a bucket load on Offence but forgot to check the blueline. Lundqvist is good, but not spectacular like some people try to make him seem. He's inconsistant at times, so it depends on what Lundqvist you're getting in the playoffs.

  31. habstruefan says:

    I like your senario in the east,it does make sense but enything can happen.

  32. wheresthesoda says:

    Jaromir Jagr is getting hot, he is scoring more right now then at any other point in the season, and the three balanced scoring lines that can chip in on any given night is huge in the playoffs, especially now that Lundqvist is showing his early season form once again, except for the 4-3 so loss to the Isles.

    For the east, its wide open, any team that makes the playoffs has a shot at going to the finals.

    The west i believe its down to the Sharks, has Brian Cambell even lose a game in regulation with them yet?, the Red Wings, nobody will have an easy time clipping those wings, and the Ducks, have the deepest blueline in the league.

    But i love Cinderella stories, i am a Giants fan. So i believe any team has a shot at winning.

  33. lukeleim says:

    4.New Jersey
    5.NY Rangers

    Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia: Penguins in 6
    Montreal vs. Ottawa: Canadiens in 7
    Washington vs. Boston: Capitals in 5
    New Jersey vs. NY Rangers: NY Rangers in 6

    Pittsburgh vs. NY Rangers: Penguins in 6
    Montreal vs. Washington: Canadiens in 6

    Pittsburgh vs. Montreal: Penguins in 7

    2.*San Jose

    Detroit vs. Nashville: Red Wings in 6
    San Jose vs. Calgary: Sharks in 7
    Minnesota vs. Colorado: Wild in 6
    Anaheim vs. Dallas: Ducks in 5

    Detroit vs. Anaheim: Ducks in 6
    San Jose vs. Minnesota: Sharks in 5

    San Jose vs. Anaheim: Sharks in 6

    Pittsburgh vs. San Jose: Sharks in 6

    Conn Smythe Trophy: Evgeni Nabokov

  34. CanadianbornPlaya says:

    Washington is in third as I write this and currently the hottest team in the east (9-1-0 last 10). They are a tough opponent for any team right now. The Sens are done. They are terrible. They have fallen apart, bring em on in the first round. The Habs, Pens, Rangers, and Devils are not worried about this team. I'm sure they will not be taken lightly, but they are no longer feared.

  35. mtlman2005 says:

    Aren't the Rangers 1st or 2nd for goals against in the East???? I don't really know how you see it, but they look pretty good to me!

  36. BruMagnus says:

    Now that's just ignorant.

    Gonchar is better than all of them and will get Norris Trophy votes, possibly Top 5 this year, whereas Markov may not.
    I'd rather have Scuderi on my team than Komisarek or Hamrlik.

  37. BruMagnus says:

    Thanks. One more question:
    If the SJ Sharks make the Finals, 2nd in the West with the 2nd most points in the NHL, but face the 1st team in the East (Pittsburgh/Habs) who have less points but are seeded 1st, who gets home ice in the Finals?

  38. BruMagnus says:

    Your scenario is precisely why I dont want to face the cheapshotting Flyers. I think you have it exactly right about what will happen were we to play them. I mean idiots like Hartnell were gunning for Crosby all of last game, going for butt-ends, spears and even head shots… with no suspensions… just sick. And when a guy like Laraque challenges them, they turtle like the cowards that whole team is. But we did prove last game we can outmuscle their pathetic team, so it may not be that bad.
    The Rangers are starting to heat up now, and have won 7 straight vs. the Devils and with a regulation win would get home ice vs. the Devils, almost assuring a 1st round victory! But goddamn it would be boring!

    I'll say this much, I'd rather be ranked 2nd and play the Sens and Caps than play the Flyers and Rangers! The Habs have the MUCH easier path there to the Conference Finals.

    The irony:
    If the Pens win, they play the Flyers.
    If the Pens lose (and Boston gets a point or win tonight), they play the Flyers again anyways!

    What we need is a regulation loss by Boston.
    Then, a Habs win against pathetic Leafs.
    Then some kinda 3 point night in Philly that forces the Flyers into 6th place to ABUSE the Caps, with the Bruins and Sens facing off against the Pens and Habs.

  39. BruMagnus says:

    Hart, Art Ross, Maurice Richard and Pearson Awards: Ovechkin

    Congrats to the Caps for their determined 82-game effort, squeaking in on the final game!

    With that outta the way:
    With the Bruins loss and the Habs win, the Flyers vs Penguins game has HUGE consequences! Personally, I hope the Pens lose to the Flyers.

    If the Pens win, we take the Conference, and face the Flyers for a bloody, injury-prone, first round series.
    If the Pens win in OT/SO, same deal, Boston holds the tie-breaker over Philly, and the Sens have more wins than both.

    If Pens win, Ottawa plays the Caps, the Habs play the Bruins (and face no physical punishment aside from Chara), and the Pens face the Flyers and get roughed up badly as HABSTAR points out, though easily winning the series, it would take its toll.
    The top 3 would likely all win, which means the Pens play NYR/NJ, while the Habs get the lucky draw in the easy Caps.

    If the Pens lose, they play the Bruins. The Habs would have to face the Senators (but would still win methinks), and the Flyers would get to pound on an injure Ovechkin and his Caps, who, if they survived, would then play the Habs in the 2nd round (again), while the Pens play the winner of NJ/NYR.

    Which scenario seems better for the Pens? Ironically, losing to the Flyers!

  40. habstruefan says:

    Bru dont worry about the Flyers,there f**k all.Hartnell is not to be feared.Habs dealt with that mother f**ker already.You are basicly saying the pens are doomed in every senario.Have confidence in your team.anybody can give cheap shots in the nhl,not just hartnell and the flyers.

  41. HABSSTAR says:

    It just might happen, Bruins lost in regualation and the Habs just downed the Leafs! 

  42. bpletsch23 says:

    I know this post is about a formula and kind of for fun, but I think the devils are going to get humiliated in the first round and I'm a devils fan. They can't score goals. Their defense has been absolutely horrible recently. The only advantage they can claim right now is in goal. I also want to comment on the devils play boring hockey comments. I guess people aren't happy unless their team takes stupid chances and gives up as many goals as they get.

  43. habstruefan says:

    You're a loser man. Taking stupid chances and giving up goals.


    I dont feel like typing anymore

  44. morrissey says:

    Scuderi over Komisarek? Congrats you win the dumbass post of the year award.

  45. morrissey says:

    The team with the most points.

  46. morrissey says:

    I was worried about playing Ottawa before the injuries, they are a better team than their record and you never know when they will turn it around, but without Alfredsson and Fisher, you may as well butter them now, they're toast.

  47. Radio says:

    I will post here again, after the first round is over. ^^

  48. habswinthecup-again says:

     Habs play the Bruins no matter what happens in the game today.

  49. Canadiens81 says:

    No that's ignorant.  I laughed when I read this post Scuderi over komisarek, ha ha you're hilarious Bru. 

  50. Canadiens81 says:

    Okay so Bru and I are having a little bit of a disagreement(Not surprising). So I would like to take a poll of all the non Pens-Habs fan on this forum. Habs and Pens fans can reply to this but I want to hear what the others have to say. I want to know who you would rather have as your top 2 defensive pairing, the ones you would want on the ice against the other teams top scoring line. Would you rather Gonchar and Scuderi or Markov and Komisarek. Now i’m not going to try to sway you to pick the Habs players I just want to hear who you would want and if you would like tell us why? Now I hope Flyers fans and Leafs fans would be able to forget the rivalry they have with the 2 teams and be objective. And by the posts i’ve seen I believe you can.

    Go Flyers
    Habs 1st in conference.

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