Playoffs Time

First Round


1. Boston vs. 8 Montreal

I’m absolutely pumped for this one. Nothing better than Habs vs. Bruins. Bruins have been hot lately and the Habs cold plus the Bruins were 5-0-1 against them but just look at last years matchup and you’ll know both teams will come out and give everything. I could see it going 7 but I’ll say:

Bruins in 6

2. Washington vs. 7. New York Rangers

Definite potential upset due to Lundqvist vs. Theodore but Washington still has too much fire power and the Rangers not enough.

Capitals in 5

3. New Jersey vs. 6 Carolina

I have no idea about this one…NJ has been awful forthe last month or so and the Canes have been on fire. Still, when you have proven playoff studs like Brodeur and Elias…

Devils in 6

4.Pittsburgh vs. 5. Philadelphia

Too bad they have to meet this soon. This will be a great series. The only reason I’m giving the Pens the edge is because of home ice…way to go against the Rangers, Flyers…

Penguins in 7


1. San Jose vs. 8. Anaheim

Should be fairly interesting…both have great teams, with Anaheim catching fire in the second half…but not enough…

Sharks in 5

2. Detroit vs. 7. Columbus

Can Mason steal the show? Interesting that both seven seeds have WAY better goaltending than the #2s. Still defending Cupchamps + Hossa=

Red Wings in 5

3. Vancouver vs. 6 St. Louis

I absolutely love the Blues.I’ve been rooting for them for a while and they’re finally back in the mix. They somehow managed to skip over the big two in the West but Vancouver and Luongo are still tough company.

Canucks in 6

4. Chicago vs. 5. Calgary

Again, no idea…The Hawks seem to have been somewhat hot andcold this season, but with a recent hot streak and Khabiboulin back to his old form they are tought to bet against. But the Flames define the playoffs with players likeIginla.

Flames in 7

2nd Round


1. Boston vs. 4 Pittsburgh

Boston has always seemed to have a goodhandle on Pittsburgh, at least lately. Pittsburgh has the stars but Boston has the depth and defence.

Bruins in 6

2. Washington vs. 3. New Jersey

Should be interesting…I’m still not sold on the Caps because of Theodore though.

Devils in 6


1. San Jose vs. 5. Calgary

I have a feeling the Sharks are going to make a statement about not being a playoff team this season.

Sharks in 5

2. Detroit vs. 3. Vancouver

Luongo vs. Osgood…still though the Wings have proved they dont need great goaltending to win. I’m still liking the Canucks in this onethough because Luongo should shine.

Canucks in 7

Conference Finals


1. Boston vs. 3. New Jersey

The Bruins seem to be like the ’06 Canes or the ’07 Sabres…basically out of nowhere and insanely deep. I’m liking Thomas over Brodeur for this one.

Bruins in 6


1. San Jose vs. 3. Vacouver

Very interesting…two great goaltenders, but San Jose will beon fire this postseason.

Sharks in 6

Stanley Cup Final

1. San Jose vs. 1. Boston

The two best teams..what a story line with Thornton. Could go either way but Bruins were statistically better in almost every category this season. I cant pick against the B’s

Bruins in 7

Conn Smythe – Thomas



Mason- he IS the Blue Jackets
Runners-up- Malkin, Ovechkin (yes i know ovechkin will actually win it)

Vezina – Thomas – By far the best goalie this year.
RU- Mason, Nabokov

Norris- Chara (Best overall defender, great O and D)
RU- Green, Lidstrom

Selke – Datsyuk (just amazing)
RU – Mike Richards, Krejci

JackAdams – Julien (cant argue with what hes done)
RU- Quenneville, McLellan

Calder – Mason (…come on)
RU – Ryan, Doughty

Lady Byng – Martin St. Louis
RU – Datsyuk, Marleau