Playoffs Time

First Round


1. Boston vs. 8 Montreal

I’m absolutely pumped for this one. Nothing better than Habs vs. Bruins. Bruins have been hot lately and the Habs cold plus the Bruins were 5-0-1 against them but just look at last years matchup and you’ll know both teams will come out and give everything. I could see it going 7 but I’ll say:

Bruins in 6

2. Washington vs. 7. New York Rangers

Definite potential upset due to Lundqvist vs. Theodore but Washington still has too much fire power and the Rangers not enough.

Capitals in 5

3. New Jersey vs. 6 Carolina

I have no idea about this one…NJ has been awful forthe last month or so and the Canes have been on fire. Still, when you have proven playoff studs like Brodeur and Elias…

Devils in 6

4.Pittsburgh vs. 5. Philadelphia

Too bad they have to meet this soon. This will be a great series. The only reason I’m giving the Pens the edge is because of home ice…way to go against the Rangers, Flyers…

Penguins in 7


1. San Jose vs. 8. Anaheim

Should be fairly interesting…both have great teams, with Anaheim catching fire in the second half…but not enough…

Sharks in 5

2. Detroit vs. 7. Columbus

Can Mason steal the show? Interesting that both seven seeds have WAY better goaltending than the #2s. Still defending Cupchamps + Hossa=

Red Wings in 5

3. Vancouver vs. 6 St. Louis

I absolutely love the Blues.I’ve been rooting for them for a while and they’re finally back in the mix. They somehow managed to skip over the big two in the West but Vancouver and Luongo are still tough company.

Canucks in 6

4. Chicago vs. 5. Calgary

Again, no idea…The Hawks seem to have been somewhat hot andcold this season, but with a recent hot streak and Khabiboulin back to his old form they are tought to bet against. But the Flames define the playoffs with players likeIginla.

Flames in 7

2nd Round


1. Boston vs. 4 Pittsburgh

Boston has always seemed to have a goodhandle on Pittsburgh, at least lately. Pittsburgh has the stars but Boston has the depth and defence.

Bruins in 6

2. Washington vs. 3. New Jersey

Should be interesting…I’m still not sold on the Caps because of Theodore though.

Devils in 6


1. San Jose vs. 5. Calgary

I have a feeling the Sharks are going to make a statement about not being a playoff team this season.

Sharks in 5

2. Detroit vs. 3. Vancouver

Luongo vs. Osgood…still though the Wings have proved they dont need great goaltending to win. I’m still liking the Canucks in this onethough because Luongo should shine.

Canucks in 7

Conference Finals


1. Boston vs. 3. New Jersey

The Bruins seem to be like the ’06 Canes or the ’07 Sabres…basically out of nowhere and insanely deep. I’m liking Thomas over Brodeur for this one.

Bruins in 6


1. San Jose vs. 3. Vacouver

Very interesting…two great goaltenders, but San Jose will beon fire this postseason.

Sharks in 6

Stanley Cup Final

1. San Jose vs. 1. Boston

The two best teams..what a story line with Thornton. Could go either way but Bruins were statistically better in almost every category this season. I cant pick against the B’s

Bruins in 7

Conn Smythe – Thomas



Mason- he IS the Blue Jackets
Runners-up- Malkin, Ovechkin (yes i know ovechkin will actually win it)

Vezina – Thomas – By far the best goalie this year.
RU- Mason, Nabokov

Norris- Chara (Best overall defender, great O and D)
RU- Green, Lidstrom

Selke – Datsyuk (just amazing)
RU – Mike Richards, Krejci

JackAdams – Julien (cant argue with what hes done)
RU- Quenneville, McLellan

Calder – Mason (…come on)
RU – Ryan, Doughty

Lady Byng – Martin St. Louis
RU – Datsyuk, Marleau

79 Responses to Playoffs Time

  1. CofRED says:

    BOS – MTL – It's Boston.  They've been the cream of the crop in the East all year and I think they're gonna take this one.

    WSH – NYR – Washington.  The Rangers can't score.  You can't win if you don't score.  Lundqvist is good, but up against Ovechkin and Co?  Come on…

    NJD – CAR – Carolina.  Brodeur hasn't had a good playoff showing in years, and while he shouldn't be fatigued this year, he hasn't been playing so hot lately.  Ward, and the rest of the Hurricanes, have.

    PIT – PHI – I like Philly for this one, but it will be close.  Truth be told, I think it's kind of a nothing series because I don't see either team making much noise beyond round 1, but I feel like Phily is stronger right now.

    SJS – ANA – San Jose.  Even if they do wind up choking in the playoffs, they rarely do it in round 1.  They're simply too strong and Anaheim is riding the decent back to the bottom.

    DET – CBJ – I really want to say Columbus, but they won't win.  Detroit is too strong and has too much experience.  Mason is too tired from carrying the Jackets to pull off a Cam Ward.

    VAN – STL – I'm going to cheer for St. Louis even though they will lose.  Vancouver has finally got the scoring to take the pressure off Luongo.

    CHI – CGY – I can't believe so many people are picking the Flames.  For the record, the Flames are my team.  That said, they didn't play good down the stretch, were downright terrible on the road in the late goings of the season, and have a strong D-core thats been crushed by injuries in the past 2 weeks.  Oh ya, and Khabibulan has absolutely had their number since 2004.  I'll be cheering to beat hell, but the smart money is on Chicago.

  2. cam7777 says:

    as soon as the Habs do, so will I….

  3. bbruins37 says:

    umm how did your pens make it to the finals last year? they lost to ottawa in the first round the year before, got some experience, then made it to the cup finals…how is boston any different? lost to mtl in the first round, finished way out in first instead of second like the pens and then…we'll see. much like the pens did they have veteran leadership (recchi, montador, ward, thornton) that have been to the finals and/or won the cup. you cant argue the bruins are a much better team this year than the pens last year (116 points to 102).
    im not sure what you mean by unproven (lack of playoff experience or just young?) because san jose definitely has proven players (add boyle and blake to the mix).
    i guess you can somewhat argue kessel and krejci but not really based on the fact that before the great seasons they had this year both had good years the year before that too.
    i consider the pens and flyers good bets to challenge in the east, and the winner of that series (who i think will be pit) is going to be beaten up pretty badly.
    youre pens are worse than they were last year and are hossa-less

  4. bbruins37 says:

    the big 3's lines

    samuelsson-filppula- cleary

    (not including marco sturm)

    san jose

    now pittsburgh

    im not saying they dont have depth, im saying relative to other teams they dont. sure they have good depth up the middle with crosby-malkin-and then staal is a good checker, but look at the other teams: savard-krejci-bergeron-yelle (as the checker)…datsyuk-zetterberg-filpulla-draper as the checker. san jose has excellent depth besides lacking a strong second line center. they may have the best 3rd/4th line combo. overall pit has the best centers but solely because of crosby/malkin…if were arguing depth the other teams  are right on par with pit for centers. if were arguing top centers it would obviously go pens fairly far out in front, then the wings, then the bruins a fairly good distance back, then the sharks way back.
    wingers is a different story..pittsburgh lacks winger depth and skill severely. winger DEPTH unquestionably goes to the bruins…then the sharks and wings are fairly equal (slight edge to sharks) then the pens are waaaaaaaaay back.
     top six forwards goes to the sharks and wings…then the bruins…then the pens way back.

  5. bbruins37 says:

    by top centers i mean top two centers

  6. PTack says:

    Boston in 5
    New York in 7
    New Jersey in 6
    Pittsburgh in 7
    San Jose in 6
    Detroit in 7
    St Louis in 7
    Chicago in 6

  7. Bure96 says:

    San Jose vs. Anaheim – San Jose wins this series in 4 games if Joe Thornton actually shows up to play. If not, this team could be in for a major overhaul this summer.

    San Jose in 7

    Detroit vs Columbus – Detroit has too much firepower for Columbus to handle. Steve Mason is a great young goalie, but the fact of the matter is that he's a 20 year old goalie, playing behind a young team.

    Detroit in 5

    Vancouver vs St. Louis – Vancouver has one of the biggest and most experienced lineups in the NHL, while St. Louis is really a rebuilding team playing over their heads.

    Vancouver in 5

    Calgary vs Chicago – Calgary was flat out awful down the stretch. The is banged up, and been surprisingly average even when healthy. Chicago is deep at every position. They are young, but they are still very good, and should win this series IMO.

    Chicago in 6

    Boston vs Montreal – Boston has been good all year long, and Montreal has a lot of holes. Boston wins easily.

    Boston in 4

    Washington vs New York – Washington has question marks in goal, and other then the sensational Mike Green, they have little talent on defense. We all know about Ovechkin, Backstrom, Semin, etc., but Washington still has some issues.

    Washington in 6, but New York could actually win the series

    Carolina vs New Jersey – This is going to be a SPECTACULAR series. Both goalies are awesome, both have tons of talent on offense, and both have very underrated defenses. This one will go to the wire, but I like Carolina more.

    Carolina in 7

    Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia – I'm don't like Philly's defense, and Chris Kunitz has all of a sudden given Pittsburgh a lot more depth, and a makes them much tougher. Pittsburgh hot, and Marc Andre Fluery is better then Martin Biron.

    Pittsburgh in 6

  8. Bure96 says:

    Round 2:

    San Jose vs Chicago – San Jose is notorious for choking in Round 2. I don't think this year is any different. Chicago is super deep, and I don't think Evgeni Nabokov or Joe Thornton will play well in this series. If they don't play good, they will lose.

    Chicago in 6

    Detroit vs Vancouver – Chris Osgood is terrible. Vancouver has enough weapons on offense to expose him. Vancouver's defense and goaltending is too good for Detroit to force shootouts, and the goaltending will be the difference for both teams.

    Vancouver in 6

    Boston vs Carolina – Carolina is highly skilled and will find ways to expose Tim Thomas (which few teams have been able to do all year). Cam Ward is playing incredible, and will be a huge factor in this series.

    Carolina in 7

    Washington vs Pittsburgh – Washington is weak in the goal and will suffer because of it. Pittsburgh offense is great, and will be all over Washington in this one.

    Pittsburgh in 5

    Vancouver vs Chicago – Chicago young offense will die off the further they go into the playoffs. I Think Vancouver makes the finals.

    Vancouver in 7

    Carolina vs Pittsburgh – Cam Ward is going to out play Fluery. Carolina wins. That simple.

    Carolina in 5

    Vancouver vs Carolina – I think Luongo is going to keep this close, but I just have a feeling about Eric Staal, Cam Ward, and company.

  9. Bure96 says:

    Oh, I forgot to say that I think Carolina will beat Vancouver in 6 games too.

  10. flamefan20 says:

    idunno man i cant see either team making it past conference finals, i question 2nd round even

  11. Radio says:

    How do you give a goalie the Hart but not the Vezina? That makes no sense.


    Round 1

    2. WAS-NYR (CAPS IN 6)
    3. NJ-CAR (DEVILS IN 5)
    4. PIT-PHI (PENS IN 4)

    Round 2

    1. WAS-NJ (CAPS IN 6)
    2. PIT-BOS (BRUINS IN 6)

    Round 3


    Round 1
    1. SJ-ANA (SHARKS IN 5)
    3. VAN-STL (BLUES IN 7)
    4. CHI-CGY (HAWKS IN 6)

    Round 2
    1. SJ-CBJ (CBJ IN 7)
    2. STL-CHI (CHI IN 4)

    Round 3

    Cup Final


    Conn Smyth: Patrick Kane

    Hart – OV. No one else is close.

    Vezina – Timmy Thomas.

    Norris – Big Z (By default, should have won already)

    Selke – Yeah, Datsyuk.

    Jack Adams – Meh.
    Calder – Mason

    Lady Byng – Alfredsson

    Sidney Crosby Whinin' and Divin' Trophy – Crosby
    Runner Up: Sean Avery, Maxim Lapierre

  12. bleed_penguins says:

    you got the lines wrong….the 3rd is cooke-staal-kennedy and this line is the best checking line in the league. they played all last year as a defensive checking line and had with bylsma he's got them playing offensivly but they still have that defensive ability…they dominated again tonight..if you actually watch hockey games..sounds more like you play a lot of NHL 09…the bruins are not deeper than pit im sorry..and sj is overated yet again…btw the 4th line is dupuis-talbot-goddard/adams/satan…and it is also a dominant line..talbot and dupuis create multiple chances a game, have great energy, are responsbile defensivly and also kill penalties….the pens are the deepest team offensivly, defensivly and they have most clutch goalie around right now…how much playoff domination do you have to see before you realize the pens are the best team in the east by a mile and once they beat detroit they will prove they are the best team in the league

  13. bbruins37 says:

    even if i got the lines wrong it doesnt matter, theyre still the same players. you cannot seriously say that the pens are deeper than the bruins. and youre actualy trying to argue defense? what gonchar and letang? and orpik as a good defensive presence? yeah i guess lidstrom, rafalski, kronwall, stuart, ericsson, lebda dont even come close…
    you are clearly biased…yeah, dupuis-talbot-goddard are DOMINANT…
    and fleury is the most clutch? how?
    and you also realize the bruins had 7 20 goal scorers right? how are they not deep?
    the pens have two unbelievable players that can turn anyone into good players…you guys are not deep, you just lucked out by sucking to get malkin, and then lucked out even more to get crosby in the lottery. the pens are: two of the best players in the league, 2 other second line forwards, one good checking line center, one great defenseman, one good defensive dman, then a bunch of filler on defense, and a bunch of 4th line players

  14. bbruins37 says:

    it makes perfect sense…hart goes to the most valuable to his team. without mason the blue jackets would be nowhere. without thomas (even tho he's been better than mason) the bruins would still prob be pretty good

  15. bbruins37 says:

    116-99 points idiot…and your amazing offense wasnt as good as the bruins…and your defense wasnt even close

  16. mojo19 says:

    Well said (re: New Jersey)

    And I actually took the Rangers, in my hockey pool last night we did a draft and I snagged Antropov and Naslund. While watching the game I realize that the Rangers are a much grittier team.

    Sure they didn't have any huge scorers like Washington, but they have a balanced attack and can throw out lots of good players: Drury, Antropov, Gomez, Zherdev, Avery, Dubinsky, Naslund. Lots of good guys there.

  17. bleed_penguins says:

    the regular season doesnt mean anything man..thats my point..what has SJ's regular season points ever meant?..what did montreal's 1st place mean last year? how many points did the oilers have when they finished 8th and went to the cup?..its not about the regular season at all…the pens are a clutch team..they proved it last year and they're proving it again…boston is a good team, id say 2nd best in the east and probably 4th best in the league..but when it comes down to it theres only 2 teams in this league and they are far and away better than every other team and it isnt even close…pit and detroit..thats why they made it to the finals last year and thats why they'll make it to the finals this year (if det's goaltending holds up)

  18. bleed_penguins says:

    oh and to further prove my point about the pens having the best 3rd line the league…even with crosby and malkin getting a goal and assist and fleury allowing 1 goal against…jordan staal gets 1st star of the game even with 0 points..cuz he absolutly dominates..and tyler kennedy gets the winning goal

  19. bleed_penguins says:

    reinjosh is right…you give no credit to a team that went 14-2 through the eastern conference playoffs least year and then lost to detroit (an amazing team) they are hot again 19-3-4 i believe under bylsma and proving they can do it again…did you see last night? it looks like the exact same team that made the run last year only jordan staal is absolutly dominating in the offensive zone and tk already has his 1st goal of the playoffs (he had 0 last year)..the bruins are overrated

  20. bleed_penguins says:

    you can talk all you want..time will tell..and you will see…remember this post cuz ill be back in a month or so (depending on how the series' play out) and ill laugh at you and your boston bandwagoner friends…ill send you a postcard from the finals and you, all the boston fans, and all the SJ fans..can read it from the golf course where you will be every summer because your teams are a joke and are going to crumble in the playoffs..i hope pit plays boston…pit in 5

  21. bbruins37 says:

    minus marian hossa but hes not important…and you know the bruins arent overrated. you just cant admit theyre better. bruins are better than the wings were last year: 116 to 115 pts

  22. bbruins37 says:

    k…bandwagon? how about just following whatever team crosby and malkin went to? that is bandwagon. and your basing this year on last year? you can say you arent but theres no way around it..thats exactly what youre doing. boston had tons of players emerge this year…and cant say they arent clutch because you havent seen them not finish 8th before! what did pit do before making the finals?! lose in the first round in a 4 vs. 5 game!! im not saying bruins are going to win the cup for sure because they finished 1st, im saying they ARE better than the pens…if you deny that you have absolutely no idea what youre talking about..they are better in every aspect except first and second line centers. name something else. and im pretty sure kobasew-bergeron-recchi is the best 3rd line.
    i understand your bias…and yeah im biased to…but please look at this realistically…pens arent even close to the bruins

  23. bleed_penguins says:

    you will see

  24. pensfan29 says:

    I love how people like to say Crosby is a whiner just when he is passionate about the game and winning.  A captains job is to talk to the ref, I'm tired of all the Crosby haters.  I can't wait to see him hoist the Cup, Conn Smyth, and Lady Byng.  Oh and just a prediction here…. Marc-Andre Fleury wins the Vezina. 

    Tim Thomas? no way… they are going to lose in 7 to the habs

  25. Radio says:

    Crosby "talks" to the ref more than any other Captain in the NHL — even tho he toned it down a bit from last year.

    Don't think Crosby doesn't know he draws 3x more penalties than anyone else in the league. He milks it for what he can, granted those calls aren't his fault and are more a result of implications from the NHL brass to the refs to protect their marquee star [who is not even in the top 3 players in the NHL].

    It's only recently since 87 has been seeing the "Crybaby Crosby" signs lining the glass at every away game, that he has started to smarten up a little. That's not enough to pull him out of first position tho, nor to rename the trophy after Curtis Joseph.

    Maybe next year.

  26. Radio says:

    So far, Kramer's comment has proven to be true! Tho we might debate about the *cause*…I don't have any better suggestions.

  27. pensfan29 says:

    A good captain finds ways to get his team on the PP.  Good coaches do the same thing.  Everyone hates Crosby because of all the hype he had coming into the league and how much of a competitive spirit he has, now or when he was a rookie.  He goes hard game in and game out.  Not in the top 3 players in the NHL?  HE IS THE FACE OF THE NHL.  HE IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD.  You know how much Sid cares about how fans treat him? ZERO.  He is a true class act off the ice and a true player on the ice.  Sorry the guy has so much passion for the game and wants to win the Cup… didn't realize thats a bad thing… fu.cking idiots

  28. futurebruin says:

    disagree on the Calder selections….
    i say mason wins it but wheeler will def give him a run for his money
    ryan and dougthy the other runners up

  29. Radio says:

    Face of the game by branding only. Similar to the way Stamkos became the "face of the game" down in Tampa before he'd even played an NHL shift. Everyone knows OV is the best player in the world and the only reason he is not the NHL's no.1 face is because he happened to not be born in Canada.

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