Please Explain, Officials Beat the Rangers Once Again

Rangers lost this game against the Leafs. Toronto played pretty well, magically scoring 6 goals, and without a doubt did the Rangers get beat. But, do explain me why the NHL has people with little brain in the NHL.I’m going to make this nice and clear and simple to understand.

The THIRD Disallowed Goal

Fleury is on the right point. Fleury takes a rising wrist shot that is driving on goal. Johansson is in front of Schwab, not covered. The puck goes in the top left corner.

Replays show that Johansson did not touch the puck with his stick. Again, to make this clearer, the replays show that Johansson did swing his stick down from above the crossbar, but he did not touch the puck.

Use your brain. If Johansson touched the puck, the puck would have deflected downwards. By downwards, it usually changes direction very obviously. Leafs fans, there is no reason to debate this one because there are two reasons why that goal should have counted. This is one reason. Johansson did not touch the puck. The puck went in clearly on the very top corner of the net and almost hit the crossbar. Again, if Johansson did touch the puck with that quick and hard vertical swing, the puck would not have entered the net in the top corner.

The second reason is, it was inconclusive. If it was inconclusive, then it should have remained a goal. The replays proved enough that Johansson did not touch the puck to deflect it. Then, if you use your common sense and brain, the puck should have changed directions quickly by aiming to the net, going dowanwards. To make it simpler. The puck would have lowered very quickly. But, it did not change direction at all. It was a change-up shot. Then, if it was a goal to debate about, it should be inconclusive because there was NO clear view. But since there was a clear view, it should have counted.

This is the 3rd time the Goal Officials ripped the Rangers off again. If Goal Officials have done the samething to your team, please do comment and tell me about it.

Now, there is a simple and quick solution to this problem. Frasier was the ref, uh oh. Whistle sounds, Malhotra skates normally along the boards, Tucker drops his stick between the shoulder blades of Malhotra. A FACT: Little or no protection between shoulder blades. Ok, so McCarthy goes after Tucker. Corson comes in, and Domi comes.

McCarthy now wants a piece of Corson, both players have their gloves off, meanwhile being held by linesmen and teammates. Domi comes in and holds McCarthys face with his glove, while punching on McCarthy’s back, and gave one nice shot on McCarthy’s face. Domi then gets pulled back by Karpa. Still, McCarthy and Corson are after each other, and BOTH have their gloves down. McCarthy gives Corson a couple of shots, Corson does the same. Belak comes from behind McCarthy and covers McCarthy’s face, trying to get a headlock, and threw little punches, with his gloves on.

Now, who should have gotten the powerplay in the end? Tucker uses his stick on Malhotra. McCarthy throws some punches at Corson, and Corson answers with some too. Domi does a THIRD MAN IN, puts his hand on McCarthy’s face, and punches his back. Belak does a THIRD MAN IN and gives a few little punches to McCarthy.

But guess what? Leafs get the powerplay. Results: McCarthy kicked out of the game and Domi as well. That’s it….yep…just two players. Hey, what about Tucker? Belak? Corson? Tucker i would not have called a penalty on, although he did lift his skates off the ice while taking a run at Ulanov’s face with an elbow.

One thing i noticed about the Leafs, they interfere, hold, and hook a lot. It’s not dirty, but it’s not exciting either. Want to know how Roberts scored his first goal? Well, simple…since Frasier is on the ice. Cycle in the Rangers zone, with Domi and Roberts doing a GREAT cycling, and I must compliment…it was good cycling. Domi gets loose, Karpa tries to chace Domi, but Roberts PURPOSELY, bumps into Karpa to stop him from chasing Domi. Then Roberts let Karpa go, goes to the net and deflects a Domi shot.

Nothing against the Leafs here, they played a great game and Schwab is good enough to be a back up. But please, do use your common sense and agree with what I had to say against the officials. I don’t even understand why Sundin was given the penalty for interference, when it was actually Lindros who interfered with Sundin. I don’t get it. Officials are blowing a lot of games, losing control of games.

It was a pretty fun game, and Saturday’s game should be better, unless the refs will blow it too for either the Leafs or the Rangers. It is frustrating to see good games being ruined by officials.

Micki Peroni

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