Please JFK, Trade Sundin Now

The Leafs are very close to the salary cap limit thanks mostly to their top 4 defensemen. Did they over pay for Mccabe, Kubina and Gill? Yes, they did but the Leafs are building from net out. I prefer this year’s roster with Kubina, Gill and Raycroff over last year’s roster with Berg, Khamonov and Belfour.

Up front, they have Sundin and a whole bunch of third liners and young guys who have some potential to be succesful in the NHL.

The Leafs have a huge advantage with some players called “I want to play for my hometown team” Lindros and Allison signed for less money last year to play for their home city. This year there’s a whole bunch of guys who want to come to Toronto. Guys like Gary Roberts, Anson Carter, Eric Lindros and Michael Peca would love to bleed blue and white. The problem is that the Leafs have no cap space left and at best they get 2 of these guys.

In order to clear up cap space, I would trade Sundin. He was probably the best player last year after the Olmpics. He almost single handly got the Leafs into the playoffs. Is he worth $6.5 million? I would say yes he is. But why not trade your best player for younger superstars in the making. Edmonton got Lopul and a couple of 1st round draft picks for Pronger. By trading Sundin the Leafs clear up two problems. They will get some young prospects or players who will help the Leafs now or in the coming years and they will clear up cap space to sign some free agents.

Sundin isn’t getting any younger and if a team like Detroit or Boston can’t land Shanahan, why not trade him to one of these teams for some young talent.

I would much rather sign Lindros ($1m), Peca($2.5m),Anson Carter ($2m) and Luke Richarson($1m) then have one player making more then all of these players combined. I wouldn’t trade for Roberts since I don’t think he is worth $2.25m.

I would love to see this happen. Here is what the potential Leafs roster could look like for the upcoming season. *Plus whatever players we get back for Sundin*

Wellwood Lindros O’Neil

Steen Carter Stajan

Tucker Peca Kilger

Ponikarovsky Pohl Antropov



Mccabe Kubina

Kaberle Gill

Richardson Colaiacovo