Please pay attention. What the Leafs should do!

Here is what the Leafs should do to improve their team for a chance to win the cup. They have to admit that this year they aren’t a Stanley Cup contender and trade some of their assets for prospects and then sign some free agents in the offseason.

They should trade Sundin, Allison, Antropov, Domi, Belfour, Mccabe, and Kaberle for a couple of young players or prospects. Yes, I would get rid of Mccabe, Sundin and Kaberle because the leafs could get a lot for them. They are at the peaks of their careers and I don’t see them getting any better. The Leafs aren’t going to win the cup in 2005-06 so why not trade these assets this year before they become unrestricted free agents.

Secondly, after the season is finished, fire Pat Quinn. He is way too loyal to Antropov(who he drafted), Berg(who he traded for when he was GM) and Domi. Bring in Paul Maurice, he isn’t shy to bring in young players into the mix and he will hopefully have the same line pairing for at least 2 games unlike Quinn. Quinn has been here too LONG.

Thirdly, I would build the Leafs from net out. They have a very good backup goalie in Tellquist and I would go after a starting goalie like Manny Fernandez, Curtis Joseph or even Roberto Longo if they are free agents. They are capable of being top flite goalies in this league unlike “back problem” Belfour.

Fourthly, By getting rid of Sundin,Mccabe and Kaberle hopefully we can get back a couple of young players, prospects, or even draft picks. They should seriously look into getting Redden, Brewer, Sean Hill, Morris, Markov or Mara (who are all free agents) The Leafs will have cap room if they get rid of Sundin, Mccabe and Kaberle.

Last but not least the Leafs should build around Lindros. Sundin has been here for a lifetime and he isn’t heart and soul like Lindros. Plus he makes too much money to be a point a game player.

My opening day roster would look like this:

Goalie: Lungo/Fernenadez/or Joseph with Tellquist being the backup

Defensemen: Redden, Morris, Markov, Harrison, Collickov,Wochiwesky, Kronwall

Forwards: Lindros, Tucker, Ponderkswky, Kilger, Steen, Stajan, Wellwood, O’neil, Pohl

Plus, I would also sign frowards; Anson Carter, Mcgratten (who can fight) Oli Jokinen and Elias who are all unrestricted free agents.

Plus they would get addition players by trading away Mccabe(a defensive liability), Kaberle, Sundin, Belfour, Allison, Antropov, and Domi.

Mr. Ferguson please trade these guys, the Leafs aren’t going to win the cup in 2005-06 season. Build for next year instead.

They can afford to get Joseph, Redden, Morris, Markov, Carter, Mcgratten, Jokinen and Elias by not resigning Allison(3.5m), Berg(1 m), Belak(800k), Klee(1.9m), Khamnov(1.2m) , Belfour(4.5m), Mccabe(3.2m), kaberle(2.8m), Antropov(1m) and by trading Sundin’s(6m) salary

Just imagine seeing Lindros with Tucker and Carter

Jokinen with Elias and Pondersky

Wellwood with Steen and Stajan

Pohl with Mcgratten and Kilger