Please pay attention. What the Leafs should do!

Here is what the Leafs should do to improve their team for a chance to win the cup. They have to admit that this year they aren’t a Stanley Cup contender and trade some of their assets for prospects and then sign some free agents in the offseason.

They should trade Sundin, Allison, Antropov, Domi, Belfour, Mccabe, and Kaberle for a couple of young players or prospects. Yes, I would get rid of Mccabe, Sundin and Kaberle because the leafs could get a lot for them. They are at the peaks of their careers and I don’t see them getting any better. The Leafs aren’t going to win the cup in 2005-06 so why not trade these assets this year before they become unrestricted free agents.

Secondly, after the season is finished, fire Pat Quinn. He is way too loyal to Antropov(who he drafted), Berg(who he traded for when he was GM) and Domi. Bring in Paul Maurice, he isn’t shy to bring in young players into the mix and he will hopefully have the same line pairing for at least 2 games unlike Quinn. Quinn has been here too LONG.

Thirdly, I would build the Leafs from net out. They have a very good backup goalie in Tellquist and I would go after a starting goalie like Manny Fernandez, Curtis Joseph or even Roberto Longo if they are free agents. They are capable of being top flite goalies in this league unlike “back problem” Belfour.

Fourthly, By getting rid of Sundin,Mccabe and Kaberle hopefully we can get back a couple of young players, prospects, or even draft picks. They should seriously look into getting Redden, Brewer, Sean Hill, Morris, Markov or Mara (who are all free agents) The Leafs will have cap room if they get rid of Sundin, Mccabe and Kaberle.

Last but not least the Leafs should build around Lindros. Sundin has been here for a lifetime and he isn’t heart and soul like Lindros. Plus he makes too much money to be a point a game player.

My opening day roster would look like this:

Goalie: Lungo/Fernenadez/or Joseph with Tellquist being the backup

Defensemen: Redden, Morris, Markov, Harrison, Collickov,Wochiwesky, Kronwall

Forwards: Lindros, Tucker, Ponderkswky, Kilger, Steen, Stajan, Wellwood, O’neil, Pohl

Plus, I would also sign frowards; Anson Carter, Mcgratten (who can fight) Oli Jokinen and Elias who are all unrestricted free agents.

Plus they would get addition players by trading away Mccabe(a defensive liability), Kaberle, Sundin, Belfour, Allison, Antropov, and Domi.

Mr. Ferguson please trade these guys, the Leafs aren’t going to win the cup in 2005-06 season. Build for next year instead.

They can afford to get Joseph, Redden, Morris, Markov, Carter, Mcgratten, Jokinen and Elias by not resigning Allison(3.5m), Berg(1 m), Belak(800k), Klee(1.9m), Khamnov(1.2m) , Belfour(4.5m), Mccabe(3.2m), kaberle(2.8m), Antropov(1m) and by trading Sundin’s(6m) salary

Just imagine seeing Lindros with Tucker and Carter

Jokinen with Elias and Pondersky

Wellwood with Steen and Stajan

Pohl with Mcgratten and Kilger

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  1. The-President says:

    I don’t know who these players are I can’t find them on the NHL site

    the only ones that I see that are close are:







    You should read more!







    Roberto Longo

    And Your Article Sucks

  2. leafs8917 says:

    I am a Huge Leafs fan,

    but come on this aint a video game,

    It would be nice if it where that easy.

    I do agree quinn should be gone and Maurice should come in though, and maybe trading mccabe and kaberle but hoping they can sign back in the summer.

    Lindros get back soon i got to see this lindros sundin tucker line, than we can decide if sundin should be traded.

    Someone said something about bringing in berezin, that could work, get rid of czerkawski first.

    realistic team for next year.

    Cujo, teleqvist

    tucker sundin lindros

    oneil allison ponokarovsky

    steen stajan wellwood

    kariya carter wilm

    mccabe kaberle

    chara kronvall

    harrison khvanov

    not the greatest, but not bad and realistic

  3. The-President says:

    I said the comment about bringing in Berezin

  4. leafs8917 says:

    thats good….i said that

  5. The-President says:

    I know, just felt like replying

  6. The-President says:

    I hope thats Steve Kariya

  7. The-President says:

    Chara would not be a 3rd dman he would be a #1

  8. 92-93 says:

    instead of writing out all your fantasy scenarios – why don’t you simply say that you think the leafs should rebuild so we don’t have to read any further?

    listen, nothing against this post – but this is the latest in a long line of ‘leaf plans’ on HTR – and more specifically in the ‘Leafs Rumors’ section – that involve WAY TOO MANY trades, free agent signings, etc. to be taken seriously. there is no sense of other teams’ needs or interests here! there is no sense of a cap, no sense that most of these suggestions WILL NOT WORK OUT because it is VERY HARD TO DO SUCH DEALS LET ALONE A WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM!

    my advice to leaf fans when they make these plans in the future:

    1) try to limit yourself to 1 or 2 trades and free agent signings.

    2) examine, RESEARCH what the needs of other teams are

    3) try to disassociate yourself from your Leaf bias and how valuable certain leaf players are – this is hard to do but it is necessary

  9. Leafs2005 says:

    92-93..I said in the begining of my article that the Leafs have to admit that this year they aren’t a Stanley Cup contender and trade some of their assets for prospects and then sign some free agents in the offseason. The leafs have a lot of expiring contracts at the end of the year, so they will have a lot of money to work with under the cap. The leafs don’t have much talent so they NEED to do something dramastic. They NEED to trade some players on their team that have marketable assets(Sundin, Mccabe)

    They have a NEED for a new goalie. Belfour is 40 years old. He isn’t the same goalie of years past. Their defense is weak. Mccabe is a defensive liability. I would much rather see a Wade Redden or Chara on the blue and white next year over the undisciplined Mccabe.

    Got to build from net out, just look at the New Jersey Devils

  10. Leafs2005 says:

    I love Carlita, Why does my article suck? Because I can’t spell Pondersky? By the way, Thanks for your indepth analysis of my article. lol

  11. leafs8917 says:

    relax buddy, i dont have any order for them

    its pairings

  12. 92-93 says:

    true. i was a little too harsh.

    and its also true that the depth of talent in the leafs organization isn’t that deep (although that is chaanging).

    all i am saying is that maybe we should propose what the leafs SHOULD do and what the Leafs will PROBABLY do. do you think JFJ would make these deals considering the context of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the huge contracts of Belfour and Sundin? probably not.

    Defensemen like McCabe and Kaberle are hard to come by and considering their age, the leafs would be foolish to let them go. resign them and give them raises – BUT do not resign Berg, Khavanov, and Klee. the savings from these three players (4.25 million) is more than enough to resign these two and sign younger guys like Harrison, Kronvall, and Coliacovo. This leaves one spot open for a free agent defenseman signing for no more than 2 million.

    will this happen? will JFJ say goodbye to Khavanov his pet project from the blues? No.

    Sundin’s contract is too big for other teams to absorb. period. Allison could be traded. Lindros might be resigned. but the core of the leafs offense rests on the shoulders of the young kids AND sundin – this takes up 6 positions (steen, Wellwood, stajan, Poni, SUndin, and maybe Antropov). on top of this, role players like Tucker and Kilger take up two more spots. unfortuantely Domi and O’Neill are signed for another year meaning that there are only 2 spots open on the forward lines – assuming that Allison is traded. Lindros will probably take up one. Pohl might take up the other (on the fourth line centre).

    the good news: the leafs DO have some flexibility with the goaltending situation. if they can trade Belfour before the deadline, believe me they would. also, the good news of the cap going up means that the leafs might make a big free agent signing for a winger or a defenceman (guys like Elias, etc.) – which would enable JFJ to put guys like O’Neill and Khavanov on waivers next year (yes, O’neill – by next year waivers are an option – not this year though considering his circustances).

  13. The-President says:

    Is that Paul or Steve Kariya?

  14. Leafs2005 says:

    I agree with you on a lot of points but I disagree with you on not letting Mccabe or Kaberle go.

    These 2 guys are playing their best hockey in their careers. They are worth top value right now for a team that needs an experienced number 1 or 2 defensemen. Two seasons ago the Leafs traded a 1st round pick and a prospect or two to the Rangers for Leetch. Why can’t the Leafs do the same thing with Mccabe or Kaberle? Trade them right now for young prospects. This will help with the lack of young depth in the origanization.

    I would then sign a top rated unrestricted free agent defensemen in the offseason to fill in for either Mccabe or Kaberle who I traded at the trade deadline. There are a lot of great unrestricted free agent defensemen out there: Redden, Blake, Chara, Brewer, Hill to name a few or why not sign Mccabe or Kaberle back in the offseason?

    The Leafs have to realize that this isn’t a Stanley Cup champion team this year and trade some of their expiring contracts to cup contenders for some young kids.

  15. 92-93 says:

    i am certain that the leafs understand that this is not ‘the year.’

    but it is way too assumptuous to say that these defencemen will be available next year (especially the Ottawa guys). Blake, Brewer and Hill are either older guys or are not that good (Brewer) compared to Kaberle and McCabe. and why does a rebuilding project necessitate trading two guys who are not yet 30? makes no sense.

    the leafs have good depth on defense in terms of youth but no one who can be considered a stud defenceman. combined with McCabe and Kaberle, guys like Harrison, Kronvall, Coliacovo, White, Vorobiev all bring different talents to the table and could compliment each other quite well over the next few years (and they would be CHEAP too).

  16. Leafs2005 says:

    I am worried. When Mccabe becomes a free agent in the offseason he is going to command Norris Trophy money. No way is he as good as 7m/yr Pronger or Blake. I would much rather trade this asset this year in order to get a young player(ex.Tanguay, Jeff Carter)

    I’m almost postive that broke Ottawa won’t be able to afford both Chara and Redden. They are crying poor and are paying Heatley and Alferderson a lot of money. I think that with all the cap space the Leafs will have in the offseason, they should make a run for one of these top defensemen.

  17. goose says:

    No way the leafs will trade McCabe and Kaberle cause there great players and the leafs should trade the rest of the players u said for other good players here are the following:






    possible lines:





    extra: Wilm, and Pohl




    extra: Kronwall

    And by the way ur article sucks, no affence?

  18. The-President says:

    affence- its offense, again mispelling words!! How many times, your getting better though. In my opinion, I think you know nothing, I think you have no idea what your talking about, Your very, and I mean VERY unrealistic, you must be like 10 years old or something

  19. The-President says:

    I seriously cannot believe that you have the nerve to state that my article sucked, dude your article is rediculously retarded, and it seems like you just made up your own names

    whats next Ed Belfoursky your retarded man,


    You want to make Lindros the Captain your so dumb, I guess We’d have to have an Assistant captain for the whole season, the guy is far from being full strength ever…

  20. Leafs2005 says:

    First off that wasn’t my post. You seem to like to critize everyone for their spelling mistakes. Take a chill pill. Buddy you’re on the wrong website. This website is dedicated for Hockey Trade Rumors not Spelling Class 101.

  21. The-President says:

    Its not directed toward you retard, its toward Goose, PAY ATTENTION

  22. Leafs2005 says:

    You say I’m retarded because I made some spelling mistakes, well you’ve just made a bunch of spelling and grammar mistakes too. What is rediculously? It’s expose to be ridiculously and what is “your retarded”? It’s expose to be “you’re retarded”. I guess you’re retarded too then.

    I don’t like to go on this website to talk about spelling and grammar mistakes, I would much rather prefer to talk about hockey because that’s what this website is all about.

    So in talking about hockey, besides you saying my article sucks because I can’t spell Ponikarovsky, you say that I’m dumb because I want Eric Lindros to be my captain. Well where has Mats Sundin taken the Leafs in the past 10 years? Second round exit every year. It’s time for a change. Mats has worn out his welcome here and we need to go in a different direction. Trade him for some younger players. Bring back the “BIG E” next year and make this his team and he will flourish.

  23. Leafs2005 says:

    You are very shallow. You know absolutely nothing about hockey and by compensating for your lack of hockey knowledge you would much rather bash people on their SPELLING. Why don’t you try to build up your knowledge base and use a word other then retard. I’m sick and tired of hearing that same word in all of your post. I’ll help you out by giving you a couple of alternative names that you can use instead of retard. How about stupid? incompetent? pathetic?

  24. Leafs2005 says:

    Hey Goose,

    I was just wondering why you say my article sucks? Because I think the Leafs should trade two of their biggest assets(Mccabe and Kaberle) for younger, cheaper players and/or prospects. I don’t think the Leafs are going to win the cup this year and I think the youth movement is the way to go.

    By the way, I like your lines but I think the leafs need Mcgratten because they don’t have a tough guy who will drop the gloves anymore. He’s a free agent and hopefully the leafs can sign him.

  25. The-President says:

    First of all, dont try to correct me, You try to rpove me wrong in using words like expose, it’s supposed to be, not expose to be. You are not intelligent give up, and im not ranking on you for punctuation, its the way you spell!

  26. The-President says:

    I cannot use the words i want to because i will get kicked off the site, so for now ill use retard and some other minor words, Like i said this reply wasnt toward you it was toward goose

  27. The-President says:

    Stop trying to make a friend in goose, what are you talking about his lines are so unrealistic, you got to get your head on straight.

  28. The-President says:

    He will end up playing like a total of 10 games, GREAT CAPTAIN

  29. Leafs2005 says:

    I came on this website to voice my opinion on what the Leafs should do and then I have some yahoo critizing me on the way that I spell. Get a life. What is rpove? lol

    Lindros did great with the Leafs in the beginning of the season when Sundin was injured. He had an unfortunate wrist injury this year but at least it’s not a concussion. Eric needs to be the leader of his own team. It’s time the Leafs traded Sundin and his 6 million a year salary and gave the “C” to a real captain with heart and soul.

  30. Leafs2005 says:

    At least he will give it his heart and soul unlike that big useless Swede.

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