Plekanec changes his number.

The Montreal Gazette posted a very interesting article this morning about Tomas Plekanec, who previously was number 35, has changed to almost forever worn by Plekanec before arriving in Montreal, No. 14. He had worn this number as a boy and a budding pro in his native Czech Republic, then with the AHL’s Hamilton BUlldogs.

As soon as he found out that Radek Bonk signed in Nashville, “he pounced on number 14 like it was a juicy rebound” (Quoted by Dave Stubbs of The Montreal Gazette).

Canadiens equipment manager, Pierre Gervais said: “Tomas text-messaged and emailed me very soon after Radek signed in Nashville, asking if he could switch to 14” … “It was okay with me in the summer; but it would have been more complicated during the season.”

Plecanec is one of five Canadiens with “new” numbers for 2007-08. Others include free agent signings; Tom Kostopolous who will wear number 6, previoulsy worn by Janne Niinimaa, No.20 Bryan Smolinski (Mike Johson), No.44 Roman Haamrlik (Sheldon Souray), and No.71 Patrice Brisebois (Mike Ribeiro.

Brisebois imports his number from Colorado, choosing not to take the available 43 he wore with Montreal from 1990-2004. Creates the feeling of a fresh start for the seasoned veteran.

All others have had to find fresh ones. Smolinski’s 21 is worn by Christopher Higgins, and Kostopoulos’s 29 and Hamrlik’s 4 are retired numbers by the Canadiens, honoring Hall of Famers Ken Dryden and Jean Beliveau.

“Tom and Roman asked if they could have their old numbers,” Gervais said, laughing. “I told them, No I don’t think so.”

With training camp only a month away, every nameplate soon will be sewn onton the Canadiens new high-tech Reebok jerseys.

At 24 years of age, fresh off a superb 20-goal, 27-assist sophomore season, he is growing into his game and his jersey, No. 14 again in his back and No.35 available to anyone who asks.

One teammate, who’s never seemed the superstitious sort, heartily approves of the switch: “I’m happy he changed number – 35 was a bad one.” The teammate was listed in the article.

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  1. leafssuck67 says:


  2. habsgod says:

    i like the number switch for plek!#35 is a number that goaltenders usually wear anyway!#14 will suit plek! i thought that brisebois should've kept #43 but i guess he wanted #71 for a fresh start with us! #44 will suit hamrlik anyway i wasn't use to him wearing #4 in calgary! i thought that smolinski would choose #20 !i would've liked to see him in #15 though! i thought that kostopoulos would've have chosen #28! but #6 is o.k. what number is carey price can anyone tell me?

  3. alex_nrv says:

    Carey Price is #29 with the Hamilton Bulldogs… and wore for a long time #1. So he'll need to adjust his choice with the HABS 'cause all the greatest numbers are now gone…
    In the first ten, only 3, 6 and 8 are available!

    I hope price will choose a special number… I like goalies that take uncommon numbers… I HATE 31!!! 32 would be great but Streit have it. maybe 34?

  4. alex_nrv says:

    Good enough!
    For the past summers, Plekanec wanted to change his number but Bonk already had it… it's been a long time since Pleky wnted to change it.
    Now we have a fresh change in the team!

    I thought Hamrlik would take 3. I thought that Kostopoulos would take 36. I knew Smolinki was opting for 20. I was hoping Brisebois would keep 71 but on the Canadiens' website they listed him as 43, and it was "logical" to take the so long worn number, but like he said: It's a fresh start, and I enjoy he kept 71.
    I was hoping Pleky was changing since the 14 was free! 35 is SOOO much of a goalie number… (reminds me of Andy Moog…)

    The last time I can remember a player changed his number for a fresh change, it was Benoit Brunet who changed from 22 to 17. There was also Dainius Zubrus that switched from 28 to 15. But the # 28 was only temporary since he got traded in the team and got that number without questions. He changed his number during the next summertime.

    I really like Huet's 39. It's sad that 29 is taken by Dryden (retired) cause Price was about to wear that number since 1 is also taken (Plante).
    We'll se which number will be given out to him…
    but I REALLY wonder WHY the rookies cannot choose their own number?? Why all the rookies are in the "40" range??? and now they are getting some 70s and 80s! Get the number you want 😛

    Latendresse's 84 is original and fits him well. Grabovski's 59 is weird but kinda nice. (Jarventi used to wear that jersey number).

    Andrei Markov is another one who never changed his number from the rookies though now it fits him well.

    Anyways, can't wait for the new season! And can't wait to see if anything is gonna change soon with other players!

    See y'all!

  5. alex_nrv says:

    Shut UP! Whatever dude. It's cool news to read. Entertaining as much as rumors. And rumors are often very idiot. I enjoy more reading those true news than freakin' made up rumors!!

  6. alex_nrv says:

    Another thing…
    Chipchura (if he does make the team) will wear the #28!

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