Plekanec on the trade block?

As we count down to Monday’s 3 p.m. NHL trading deadline, it’s easy to pick out Montreal players who are available. But there’s one surprise among the players being offered by the Canadiens.

Tomas Plekanec, who has been with the Canadiens his entire NHL career, has been the subject of talks with several teams. While the Canadiens have dropped out of the playoff hunt and are looking forward to next season, they want an established player in return for Plekanec, preferably a winger with some size.

Plekanec said Friday that he wasn’t aware of being the subject of any trade talks. Agent Rick Curran Sunday denied a suggestion that the veteran centre has been asked about waiving his no-trade clause, which is part of the six-year, $30-million deal he signed in 2010.

Plekanec takes pride in the fact he has spent his entire career with one organization but the frustrations of a losing season and the challenge of having to adapt to a parade of different wingers may have led to a belief that a change of scenery would be best for both parties.

Plekanec, who was drafted by the Canadiens in the third round (71st overall) in 2001, was the Canadiens’ leading scorer in each of the past two seasons. His production has dipped this season but can be easily explained by the fact that he hasn’t been able to develop any chemistry with his linemates.

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  1. HABSSTAR says:

    Ok, I can't even remember the last time Montreal had a big, talented, #1 centre.  Why would we use a very good 2 way centre to bring in a winger???

    Do they think that DD can be used as a #1 when insulated with Pax and Cole?  Maybe they're expecting Eller to step up? 

    If Plek the Neck is on his way out of town I would want it to be for a big centre.  Without a big #1 centre coming to Montreal there's no real reason to deal him. 

  2. Steven_Leafs says:

    yeah I doubt he gets moved unless Montreal trades Plekanec+ for a big named player.


     Plekanec isn't going anywhere, only rumors. Hell i doubt they'll find a taker for Kostitsyn and Campolli.

     We dont even know if Gauthier will be there next year if he isn't why should he be allowed to make trades is beyond me.

     Players arent the biggest problem in Montreal, the Managers, the coaches and the owner is to blame for this circus!

     I though that things would change for the better when Molson bought this team but now i miss Gilette.

  4. habs79 says:

    This team needs an owner who has a set and would tell the french media and the french politicians and the french fans that care more about what language the GM/Coach speaks and less about the fact that they are F!@#$%^G IDIOTS, where they can all stick their croissants. If the Montreal Canadiens should apologize for anything, it should be for Rejean Houle, Andre Savard, Bob Gainey, and Pierre Gauthier!

  5. habs79 says:

    Of course DD can be a #1 center, he is french and after all isn't that all the french media/politicians/fans really care about.


     Don't you get me started and Im french(from NB) but i do Facken hate all the french bullsh1ts thats going on!

     The other day I was watching L'antichambre and Vinny Damphoust was saying that Montreal should hire the best coach available regardless of his language and then that MUTHAFACKER Bertand Raymond kept on saying No No the coach has to be french, Well I say Fack You Bertrand Raymond and I hope you facken die, its because of medias like him that the habs have a hard time getting decent UFAs, Guys like Reneau Lavoie and Francois Gagnon are just as bad!

     I wish i could get 5 minutes with all 3 in a locked room, I would go apesh!t! The worst thing is none of those guys ever played hockey or have any sort of hockey experience, to them its about grammar and obviously nothing about the sports, How those guys still have a job is beyond me!

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