Let’s start things off on a positive note: it can only get better.
That sounds encouraging, until you look at the PK standings. And the fact is, with 30th ranked penalty kill, you’re just not going to make the playoffs. No way around it. With Phillipe Dupuis are your #1 PK man, its rather expected (although hes IR). So in an ideal world, Brian Burke would have a look at some of the top pentalty killing teams and players, and perhaps make an acquisition, because its downright embarassing to be taken advantage of so many times, over and over and over, the minute (or 2) that you take a penalty, its all but over. So lets have a look:

To New Jersey:
Luke Schenn
Jonas Gustavsson

To Toronto
Zach Parise
Petr Sykora

Why this works: Zach Parise has been on Burke’s list for a long time, and the Devils need a goalie who can be relied on, and maybe Jonas is one of those players looking for new life in on a new team. Sykora Provides that veteran “Jason Arnott” like prescence that does WONDERS for a young team (see St. Louis, or Washington with Federov)

To Los Angeles
Carl Gunarsson
Nzaem Kadri

To Toronto
Anze Kopitar
Dustin Penner

Why this works: Number one centre, and a player who puts the Pen in Penalty Killl…what more can you ask? LA would love to have Kadri after giving up Schenn.

Tyler Bozak
3th in 2012
Luke Schenn

To Toronto
Ryan Clowe
Michael Handzus
Joe Thornton

This one Im debating. It would be good for both teams….but im not sure…