Pohl hits the Net!

AS of 1:22PM I heard an Interview of John Ferguson Jr. on AM 640 LEafs Lunch.

JFJ has signed John Pohl to a two year, ONE WAY, contract. Money was undisclosed.

Pohl, according to JFJ, was the MARLIES MVP and deserved a real shot.

They are looking for him to play a 2 way game with the leafs.

Pohl was 3 goals, 1 assist 4 pts, in 7 games with the leafs with a +2.

And on a more baseless topic, Pohl, being a Center, may have been signed now to fill the gap of another Centerman that is to be shipped out of town. Whether it is just the continuence of the youth movement or….

…maybe it is to replace Allison who might not be picked up by the club…or it may be because JFJ has plans on moving Stajan in the possible Pronger deal.

The leafs currently have Sundin, Steen, Stajan, Wellwood, Antropov, Allison, Lindros, and now Pohl in depth up the middle. Thats twice as much as needed, without bringing Wilm or Williams into the equation.(total 10).

Something or someone has to give. The Stajan trigger is a rumourmill favourite, but it was dismissed by Bill Waters on leafs lunch.

He stated that JFJ did a smart thing by scaling back Edmonton’s request for Steen, and substituting Stajan but that, Waters has suggested, has put the leafs near the back of the line in the Pronger sweepstakes claiming NYR is a possible choice or Florida, or Ottawa who to date stands to lose both Chara and Redden.

What this all means is anyones guess, but one thing it does mean is that the leafs will have to look different in the line-up next season.

Maybe Wellwood, and Lindros (if signed) will play wing, who knows, but with the depth at center it is a guarentee that there will be change.