Ponikarovsky is Canadian!

Alexei Ponikarovksy got his Canadian citizenship yesterday (June 6th) in Toronto and is now Canadian.Poni said he always wanted to live here ever since he played a couple tournaments in Canada when he was younger. He was happy to have been drafted by a Canadian team and is now a proud member of Canada.

He said lots of other nice tings about Canada, but here is one interesting quote taken from Thursday’s Toronto Sun: “Now I can try out for the Canadian Olympic team.” This tells me that Poni is all out Canadian. Will he be good enough to make the team in a few years? Well, probably not, but hey you never know, Yzerman might take him if he’s hot around that time. It is a ways away after all.

One more final note, great picture of him in the sun holding up his proof of citizenship in one hand and Canadian flag in the other hand with a big smile on his face. We love you Poni!