Ponikarovsky is Canadian!

Alexei Ponikarovksy got his Canadian citizenship yesterday (June 6th) in Toronto and is now Canadian.Poni said he always wanted to live here ever since he played a couple tournaments in Canada when he was younger. He was happy to have been drafted by a Canadian team and is now a proud member of Canada.

He said lots of other nice tings about Canada, but here is one interesting quote taken from Thursday’s Toronto Sun: “Now I can try out for the Canadian Olympic team.” This tells me that Poni is all out Canadian. Will he be good enough to make the team in a few years? Well, probably not, but hey you never know, Yzerman might take him if he’s hot around that time. It is a ways away after all.

One more final note, great picture of him in the sun holding up his proof of citizenship in one hand and Canadian flag in the other hand with a big smile on his face. We love you Poni!

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  1. m4gician says:

    That's a proud moment. It's nice to see a class guy and decent player relocate here and call Toronto his home. It's hard for anyone who works in a city they don't live in to call home, but at least now he can. Now that he lives here, maybe he can step the effort on the ice. 🙂     

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Antropov was saying the other night that he was so glad to finally get a deal done, because he just got his citizenship.

    Good guys, I'm glad to see guys like that decide they love this country.

    Would Ponikarovsky or Antropov be able to represent Canada after representing Ukraine and Kazakhstan? I know you're not supposed to until you've played four years in your new country, but I don't think NHL counts.

    Poni spent three years in St. Johns, Antropov one year. Who knows? Peter Nedved got to play for us. Holik and Mogilny still can't play for the United States though.

  3. beefjerky says:

    Maybe, but they probably wouldn't make the team anyway. Glad to hear he got his citizenship, he plays like a Canadian too. I hope he stays here for a long time, works harder than most thats for sure.

  4. JuicemaN says:

    Just wanted to point out the maturity in this post Leafy…very impressed…see it's not that hard to write a normal, well spoken post.

  5. JuicemaN says:

    and I'm not trying to be a smart ass either.

    Here's to many more posts like this one by Leafy!!

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    he got canadian citizan ship, but he will still play for his home country(Ukraine?)

  7. wprager says:

    If he's got dual citizenship he could play for either (but probably not both:-)

    This reminds me of the argument over Anaheim being more of a Canada's team because they had more Canadians.  How many of those "Canadians" have been living in the U.S. year-round?  Alfredsson spends the whole year in Canada.  I'd love it if he decided to get his Citizenship, too.

    Congratulations, Alexei!

  8. WDF says:

    Hes no longer the big Russian winger…hes the big Canadian Winger! maybe he can just change his last name to something more…Canadian. Alex McDonald…cant get any more canadian then that! lol im all jokes but congrats alexi.

  9. mojo19 says:

    Ukraine never qualifies for anything. But I guess Nik will still play for Kahzakstan.

    Maybe they can play for Canada in those stupid tournaments though. Don't know the name, the one's that are played during the playoffs where Ryan Smyth and Shane Doan are captains.

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