Possibilities, Possibilities..

Most Leafs fans right now have been blowing around quite a lot of trade rumors. So I just thought I would conjure up some possible (sensible) trades that John Ferguson Jr. could do (and probably won’t because he’s John Ferguson Jr.)

1.To Toronto: Kris Draper + conditional draft pick(s)
To Detroit: Andrew Raycroft
-this trade would be a plus for both teams, and it makes sense: The Leafs get a reasonable player who has been proven to be a leader. Also, why keep Raycroft? I’m no Rayzor hater but why else would Fergie sign Clemmonson? And in return Detroit gets a 37 game winner, to help if injury prone Hasek does another Ottawa, and misses most of the season. Or if Detriot wants to dump Osgood.
2.To Toronto: Richard Park+ 2 draft picks.
To Islanders: Pavel Kubina
-This trade again makes complete sense: Toronto needs cap money, NYI need a defensman. Toronto has plenty of rookie defensman ready to take the step, and Richard Park is replaceable. See how it all fits?
3.To Toronto: Ryane Clowe
To SJ: Bryan Mccabe+ conditional pick(s)
– Again, nothing but sense. It’s obvious that Toronto has a really hard time grasping the whole rookie prospect: If you get a rookie, don’t trade him before he has a chance to prove himself! So anyways, SJ needs a defensman, Toronto needs some good rookie talent. Perfect trade. You just have to find a way through Caber’s no trade clause.
4.To Toronto: 2+4 round draft picks
To Washington: Mat Stajan
-Caps need scoring, and already have a fluent rookie system. Toronto needs Cap space, and well rookies. Stajan’s been given his chances, and only proved to be mediocre/average. Send him on his way, and make room for Peca.
5.To Toronto: Marian Hossa
To Atlanta: Bryan Mccabe, Matt Stajan + 2 round draft pick
-Atlanta has showed some interest in trading star Marian Hossa. Atlanta also needs a defensman, and adding some third line scoring never hurts, plus picking up some draft picks. Toronto on the other hand, gets a star in Hossa, and a scary dangerous 1st Line:
And it all makes sense under the salary cap figures.

Any who, like I said none while probably happen with this Management, so don’t get hopes up. What player do you think Toronto should trade for?