Possible deals before the draft

Their have been many articles on this site and some have been realistic and others absolutely impossible, but here are my ideas.

Bruins need somebody to replace Marco Sturm andrumours have it that they are looking for a top 4 defense man. Ian White would be considered a top 4 defenseman on the Bruins, he is leading the leafs in +/- and has played well on the second pp unit.Hagman is an excellent replacement for the Bruins.

To Boston: Hagman and White and Mayers

To Toronto: Brad Marchand, 1st pick and 6th pick in 09,
ifyou disagree with me on the fact i think White is a top 4 defenseman, well name 4 defenseman that are better than him on the Bruins, chara and Wideman are, but who else is their? Shane Hnidy and Aaron Ward??.

Vancouver needs a winger for Sundin , Demitra plays well with the Sedins so they wont wanna split those 3 up. Antropov and Poni arwe both cheap and play well with Sundin so hears my idea.

To Vancouver: Antropov and Ponikarovsky

To Toronto: Cody Hodgson and 3rd round pick in 09

La needs a goalie, they have been playing John Quick and he just wont do it, Bernier needs a couple more years to develop and he could develop behind Vesa Toskala until Toskala’s contract expires at the end of next season.

To La: Toskala,6th rounder in 09

To To: Thomas Hickey and 5th pick

Sabres need a puck moving defenseman, badly, thas why they are where they are in the standings.

To Sabres: Kubina, Lee Stempniak, 3rd pick from Vancouver in 09

To Leafs: Myers and 1st

Kaberle is on his way out Toronto, no doubt, heres a deal that could work.

To Flyers: Kaberle

To Leafs: James Van Reimsdyk 3rd pick

Flyers are gonna make a push this year with practically the same team as last year and making the conference final, Kaberle could be that final peice if Biron continues his play.

The Leafs will trade their 1st pick which should probably be the 3rd pick because their play will fall without their veterans but teams like St.louis, Atlanta or the Isles could still possibly fiinish below them, tghey will trade their 3rd overall pick for the 6th overall pick to the team thats owns it for that pick and a 2nd pick. With their new 6th overall pick they will draft Ryan ellis who is small, but will still grow as he is still just 18 years of age.

Leafs have a terrific top 4 in , Hickey and Schenn, and then Myers and Ellis, Ellis proved he can play 5 on 5 at the world juniors and he was magnificent on the powerplay. With the 18th pick from buffalo they will draft forward Zack Kassian, one of the grittiest forwards in the draft. with the 29th or 28th overall pick the Bruins will pick up forward Peter Holland, a good scorer who is another heart and soul player.

The final move will involved the second round pick the leafs got in the deal with the team that had the 6th overall pick.

To Washington: 2nd round pick in 09

To leafs: Stephan Della Rovere

After these players develop the leafs firsttwo lines could end up looking like this.

Marchand-Hodgson-Van Reimsdyk
Della Rovare-Holland-Kassian