Possible deals before the draft

Their have been many articles on this site and some have been realistic and others absolutely impossible, but here are my ideas.

Bruins need somebody to replace Marco Sturm andrumours have it that they are looking for a top 4 defense man. Ian White would be considered a top 4 defenseman on the Bruins, he is leading the leafs in +/- and has played well on the second pp unit.Hagman is an excellent replacement for the Bruins.

To Boston: Hagman and White and Mayers

To Toronto: Brad Marchand, 1st pick and 6th pick in 09,
ifyou disagree with me on the fact i think White is a top 4 defenseman, well name 4 defenseman that are better than him on the Bruins, chara and Wideman are, but who else is their? Shane Hnidy and Aaron Ward??.

Vancouver needs a winger for Sundin , Demitra plays well with the Sedins so they wont wanna split those 3 up. Antropov and Poni arwe both cheap and play well with Sundin so hears my idea.

To Vancouver: Antropov and Ponikarovsky

To Toronto: Cody Hodgson and 3rd round pick in 09

La needs a goalie, they have been playing John Quick and he just wont do it, Bernier needs a couple more years to develop and he could develop behind Vesa Toskala until Toskala’s contract expires at the end of next season.

To La: Toskala,6th rounder in 09

To To: Thomas Hickey and 5th pick

Sabres need a puck moving defenseman, badly, thas why they are where they are in the standings.

To Sabres: Kubina, Lee Stempniak, 3rd pick from Vancouver in 09

To Leafs: Myers and 1st

Kaberle is on his way out Toronto, no doubt, heres a deal that could work.

To Flyers: Kaberle

To Leafs: James Van Reimsdyk 3rd pick

Flyers are gonna make a push this year with practically the same team as last year and making the conference final, Kaberle could be that final peice if Biron continues his play.

The Leafs will trade their 1st pick which should probably be the 3rd pick because their play will fall without their veterans but teams like St.louis, Atlanta or the Isles could still possibly fiinish below them, tghey will trade their 3rd overall pick for the 6th overall pick to the team thats owns it for that pick and a 2nd pick. With their new 6th overall pick they will draft Ryan ellis who is small, but will still grow as he is still just 18 years of age.

Leafs have a terrific top 4 in , Hickey and Schenn, and then Myers and Ellis, Ellis proved he can play 5 on 5 at the world juniors and he was magnificent on the powerplay. With the 18th pick from buffalo they will draft forward Zack Kassian, one of the grittiest forwards in the draft. with the 29th or 28th overall pick the Bruins will pick up forward Peter Holland, a good scorer who is another heart and soul player.

The final move will involved the second round pick the leafs got in the deal with the team that had the 6th overall pick.

To Washington: 2nd round pick in 09

To leafs: Stephan Della Rovere

After these players develop the leafs firsttwo lines could end up looking like this.

Marchand-Hodgson-Van Reimsdyk
Della Rovare-Holland-Kassian

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  1. NHLSlayer says:

    Yep, another one of those articles that looks great on your NHL 09 game at home, that makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER in reality.

    These articles make me laugh.  Everyone thinks that they are so smart, and can do a GM's job, and they come to this site, called HOCKEY TRADE RUMORS, to not talk about a rumor they heard, but rather this neat deal they pulled off on their XBox 360…

    Stupid for any one of those teams mentioned to give up what he feels the Leafs would get for that ragtag bunch that he's trying to trade away.  If those players were so easy to move, wouldn't you think the deal would have already been done?

    Maybe Brian Burke checks this site.  He's sitting at home and says, "GEE, a trade, why didn't I think of that?"

  2. NHLSlayer says:


    All those players who won the gold medal are apparently unwanted by their current NHL teams, so the Leafs should just collect them all!

    Leafs starting lineup next season would be the Canadian Junior team if this guy had his way.  Della Rovere?  SERIOUSLY? LOL

  3. nordiques100 says:

    I take it the Leafs will end up wtih Tavares, Ellis and Kane in the draft?

    i see where you're going with this. these deals was a huge tip off. you totally want the canucks to be Maple Leaf West. Sorry we got rid of Tucker, Mccabe, Raycroft and Domi. They would be fine Canucks. Maybe they can trade for them!

    But i have questions…

    why not Teubert as well with Hickey? It was a first last night in a while Toskala let in just 2 goals. That HAS to up his value.

    Why not trade Pogge for either Tokarski or Pickard? Is it because Pogge won gold for Canada before? That was a while ago, what have you done for me lately?

    Why not Grabovski to Edmonton for Jordan Eberle?

    Or Jeff Finger to Calgary for Keith Aulie?

    or John Mitchell and Jeremy Williams for Zach Boychuk?

    Or Jamal Mayers back to the Blues with Sifers and a 1st for Brent Sonne and Pietrangelo

    Or Stajan to the Thrashers for Esposito?

    And scrap that 1st from the Sabres with Myers and lets get Tyler Ennis instead.

    And trade Rob Earl and some other crap for Patrice Cormier

    And Stralman, Kronvall and Frogren to the Stars who love Swedes and get Jamie Benn

    and i am sure brad may, Hollweg, Deveaux and a 4th would be enough to land Cody Golubef

    and while i am at it, let me throw in some Dando bias and trade Schenn with 2 1sts for PK Subban. Afterall, every hab trade has to be extraordinarly biased for the habs and complete pillaging for whomever team they are dealing with.

    and finally, lets come full circle. hire Pat Quinn to coach.

    thank goodness we dont have to trade for Chris Didomenico. Thanks JFJ

  4. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    good on ya then. I like those ideas alot though, and I guess you know the bruins pretty well then, I certainly didn't see them having 32 wins by the all-star break.

  5. habs79 says:

    You do make a good point. However I don't believe it completely throws out my first point. First off the +/- isn't slightly off White is a +5 however Stuart is the lowest of the four I mentioned at a +12. The question was simply name four defencemen on Boston better than White, I believe I have, as I can't see White as an upgrade over Hunwick and Stuart. I'm sure we can agree on the main point of my argument that althought Boston could have interest in White just not at that price. 

  6. leafy says:

    I took another careful look at Tlusty yesterday.  I have to say I still like him, despite what many people say.

    Very strong skater, good passer, and good overall skills.  He simply needs experience and seasoning.  Basically learn how to play the pro game.

    He's like a college graduate that learned a bunch of theories, but now has to work in the "real world".  That applies to hockey and Tlusty.

  7. TradeMaster66 says:

    Trying to turn the leafs into the canadian world junior team?

  8. mojo19 says:

    Could be a late bloomer, but you're right skill level is there. Look at a guy like Olli Jokinen, he went 3rd overall in 1997, then posted virtually no pts for the kings, was dealt to the Islanders, was unproductive there, and then went to Florida where he had a couple very unsuccesful seasons. Finally in 2003 he busted out 30+ goals and 60+ pts. And then in '06 and '07 he posted 89 and 91 pts really establishing himself as a star.

    So my point is that some guys develop later but I definitely think we should hold onto Tlusty for a while.

  9. mojo19 says:

    Yes agreed. And I think Ferrence is still hurt? And he's a fine d-man too.

    There is a rumour on thefourthperiod right now about Boston shopping for a 4th d-man, but I also don't think White is the answer. Maybe if they can't find the guy they're looking for, a player like White could be added as a depth d-man on a strong team.

  10. mojo19 says:

    The Bruins had so many rookies and sophomore's last year. They really didn't start playing like a team until close to playoff time and during the playoffs that's when they made their impression on me. I said even if Montreal wins this series, Boston will be the better team going forward. They're tougher and more talented. Kreijci and Lucic especially looked good in last years playoffs. That's what convinced me. Also Timmy Thomas is underrated.

  11. nordiques100 says:

    most of it comes from the fact he doesnt appear to be a burke type of player.

    he's only 20.

  12. Sharxfan20 says:

    Alright. How about:

    To Columbus: Nikolai Antropov, Alexi Ponikarovsky, Pavel Kubina, Anton Stralman
    To Toronto: Fedor Tyutin, Frederick Modin, Mike Commodore, Kristian Huselius.

  13. habs79 says:

    Reasonable deal however doesn't really help the Leafs with the rebuilding given the age of Modin and Commodore. 

  14. habs79 says:

    True alot of teams looking for another D-man would call about him. My question is, why trade him? the Leafs want to rebuild, and he is only 24. He clearly seems to be their best defenceman. They need to focus on dealing Kaberle and/or Kubina, then look to someone like White to be the new anchor on defence.

  15. leafy says:

    Exactly, and a classic example was Guy Lafleur.  For some reason, everybody thinks he was a star at age 19, but that's not the case.  He didn't become a star until about age 24.

    Other recent examples include Jeff Carter and Phil Kessel.  Last year, they were being shopped around as trade bait.  This year, they've blossomed into stars.

    If anything, we need to stockpile more players like Tlusty, not trade them.

  16. leafy says:

    Well Burke needs to realize you need a little bit of everything.  You need big strong tough players which Burke likes, but you also need skilled Europeans.

    All Burke has to do is look at how the most successful team in the league, Detroit, has built their team.

    If they traded all their young Europeans at age 20, they wouldn't be where they are today.

  17. nordiques100 says:

    Another thing, the organization may feel he is too similar to Kulemin and so they may just move him for a different sort of asset.

    Be Like Detroit isnt his M O. In fact thats completely opposite from his usual blueprint.

    Also, there seems to be a feeling of desperation to rid anyone associated with JFJ still.

    Kulemin and Pogge may be the only ones standing. And the funniest thing? Ian White may be the longest serving Leaf left on March 4th.

  18. leafy says:

    Yeah the way things are going, Luke Schenn may be the longest serving Leaf in next year's training camp. lol

  19. mojo19 says:

    You're right, White may never be a star, but he's a pretty good guy and young. For a rebuilding team I'd keep him too.

  20. mojo19 says:

    Tlusty isn't really soft though. I remember him playing with a bit of an edge a couple of games last year, he just needs to make that a bigger part of his game. I'm not saying to be a different kind of player, I'm just saying be skilled but feisty. Burke will love him.

    Brian Burke would be wise to wait on Jiri Tlusty for a while. So he's like Kulemin in some aspects. Big deal. You can have 3 or 4 of those guys and be succesful.

    You guys are right, Detroit is a perfect example, I'm looking at a team with Jiri Hudler, Valterri Filpula and the model for these types of players: Pavel Datsyuk.

  21. arigold says:

    Most of these trades seem highly unlikely.  It basically consists of us giving away our garbage, and other teams providing us with the future team Canada.  Not going to happen.

    Ian White is not a top 4 dman with the Leafs, how in Gods name will he be a top 4 dman on the Bruins.  White doesn't have what it takes to play in this league, and only looks somewhat better now that the team is a lot worse than usual.  If someone is dumb enough to take this guy on in a trade, i say we should be happy to receive anything in return.

    As for the Canucks rumours, I honestly don't believe they are stupid enough to acquire as many Leaf players as they can in an attempt to recreate our success. 

    Honestly i don't see too many teams parting ways with their 1st round picks either.  These have proven to be so valuable lately, that in order to acquire them from anyone, we would have to put together a considerable player package.  I'm not opposed to doing this, provided its a team that will finish in the bottom 10.  No team with the possibility of finishing in bottom 5 will trade their 1st rounder for anything. 

    Best case scenario, we package away a large group of players in one or two deals, and hopefully acquire at least 1 or 2 solid 1st line players.  Then try to acquire 2nd and 3rd round picks through other deals, and dress half the Marlies for the rest of the year.

  22. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    I've always liked Thomas, he's been pretty great the last few years in my mind, plus he's one of the most exciting goalies I've seen in a while.

  23. leafy says:

    Re Ian White, if he's not a top 4 D on the Leafs, then what 4 D would you put ahead of White?

    (And remember, he's played very well this year, one of the few bright spots on the Leafs.)

  24. mojo19 says:

    Ian White lead the team in ice time last game against the Preds playing over 26 minutes. Enough said.

  25. mojo19 says:

    Late developer and unique style. Reminds me of Roman Czechmanic who had a couple really good years then fell apart. We'll have to see if Thomas can keep playing well.

  26. leafy says:

    Exactly, and when you look at his minutes since around early December, he's been up around 22-27 minutes every game.

    That's phenomenal considering that White was not even in the Leaf's plans when the season started.

  27. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Jason Blake, Hat trick, 5 points on the night….Maybe he has trade value????

    Especially if he keeps getting ice time, and scores some more goals, his value goes way up (currently on pace for 25 goals).

    Leafs had no business winning the game, Cam Ward played really poorly.

  28. cam7777 says:

    perhaps more importantly, they found somewhere to put tlusty after shuffling through stempniak, hagman and others (since williams went down) to compliment moore and blake.  3 assist night for tlusty.  he's starting to look valuable again.

  29. leafy says:

    I've always liked Tlusty. Even when he's not scoring, you can see the skills are there. Just needs seasoning.

    He's one the of the last guys the Leafs should trade, I'm not kidding.

  30. leafy says:

    That's exactly what went through my mind.  You don't see 5-point nights very often anymore.  That will certainly draw the attention of GMs around the league.

  31. Einz says:

    Cant say i agree with you at all

  32. arigold says:

    The amount of minutes he’s playing right now has nothing to do with whether or not he’s a quality player. The Leafs are not a deep team by any means right now, and with Van Ryn out, and other blue liners underachieving, he’s obviously going to play more minutes.

    What is the Leafs record since he’s been logging these minutes. Horrible. He’s not an improvement.

    I agree that the amount of minutes he’s getting is phenomenal. It’s a miracle that a player so shitty could possibly get that much playing time on an NHL team. This guy has had every opportunity. If this team is looking to move forward, they have to remove all the stink that remains from the JFJ era. White is part of that stink. He has to be let go.

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