Possible Flyers Solutions

With the terrible news of Nittymaki going down and being out for possibly 3 months, one really must wonder what is going through Clarke’s mind right now? Should we go after very good goalie and trade some good assets? Should we go with Esche and see how he pans out for the time being? Or should we trade for a backup for Esche? In this article, I take a look at possible moves to make…Going the route of trading for a good top goalie, here are some possibilties…(no specific order)

1. Go to San Jose and try to pry Toskala or Nabakov from them for some great prospects and or roster players. (trade a package of some of Eager, Nedved,Ruzsika,Potulny,Picard,Printz,Meyer,Umberger)

2. Try to get Biron from Buffalo. Although highly unlikely that they will send him our way, they do want to unload his salary. Could make a package with less than what we would offer San Jose.

3. JS Giguere- would be a solid addition and could possibly regain his old form.

4. Aebisher(sorry for spelling if wrong)- Montreal has an abundance of forwards like the flyers but are lacking on defense so we could offer someone like Picard, Meyer, or any combo of prospects and picks.)

Some possible backup goalies that we could target for little cost: Tellqvist,Caron,Burke,Boucher,Lebarbara, Garon(although he would cost a bit more).

Overall, I dont see how trading for somoene makes much sense. This isnt a full season fix were looking for, its a 1-3 month adjustment. I expect Nitty to come in playing very well when hes healthy and probably taking the starting job from Esche. However, if Esche pulls himself together and really preforms the way he did to lead up to the 7th game of the ECF, then I think that our problems would be solved. I beleive that Clarke will allow Esche to take the job for now and see how he does.

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  1. kamullia says:

    Other than Nashville, I do not see many other teams inquiring about or willing to take on Nedved.

    Giguere has not done much to merit his new contract which he got after getting the Conn Smythe, and that was three seasons ago. Anyone taking on Giguere and his present contract I would deem desperate, especially with so many other solutions available this year.

    Clarke will not trade for a goaltender unless Esche completely goes off the deep end and Nittymaki is sure to miss at least two entire months worth of regular season play. It is hard to come back from two miserable months, and that is the only justification that I can see that would make sense to trade for a goaltender.

    Then again, Clarke does not always make sense (e.g. Kesler), and it has been reported he is under a bit of the spotlight from the ownership. I would be shocked if Clarke made a move, but it would not be the first time that Clarke makes a GM move that shocks me, even though none have paid off thus far.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    leafs will have to dump a goalie, although i hope they can squeeze one into the ahl.

  3. avsrule24 says:

    The Sharks are only going to deal off Nabokov. I can’t see them trading away Toskala.

    Maybe Biron…

    Giguere will not be dealt to the Flyers. What happens when Nittymaki comes back, and they’ve got three goalies who could play #1???? No way.

    Aebischer is way more likely to be dealt for… he doesn;t cost as much as the other three.

    If they do go out and acquire a goalie, it’ll probably be Boucher.

  4. Aetherial says:

    There are 3 options

    Go with an inexperienced backup (I think they will do this)

    Make a major trade for a front line goalie like Biron or Nabakov (VERY unlikely)

    Make a minor trade for a decent backup who is cheap, Tellqvist or Aubin come to mind because of their salaries and they will come cheap in terms of salary and what Clarke would have to give up

    1 is most likely, 3 is a possibility.

  5. goleafsgo1991 says:

    Um trade like…a minor leaguer for Sean Burke and a draft pick…like a salary dump with TB…or trade for Tellqvist…or maybe Nolan Schaeffer in SJ….or ummmmm Sebastien Caron in CHI…or ummm doesn’t Atlanta have Brathwaite?

  6. gg_idiot says:

    Tellqvist for Gagne!

  7. Fightinghellfish says:

    you don’y have to trade anything for burke. he is going to be called up in a week or so and they can have him for 800k

  8. mojo19 says:

    In response to you saying “I dont see how trading for somoene makes much sense. This isnt a full season fix were looking for, its a 1-3 month adjustment. “

    Keep in mind, Bobby Clarke is the type of GM who would absolutely make a trade for a short term replacement, as he did last year signing Brian Savage. I could see him picking up Sean Burke or Sebastian Caron, or waiting to see if the leafs put one of their goalies on waivers, Tellqvist or Aubin would be a fine short term replacement and could be sent down once Nittymaki is healthy.

  9. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Esche will be fine. Under 3 GAA and 900 SPG. The team is better. Hatcher won’t suck. Rathje is healed from double Laburm surgery. Defensively, that is a big deal.

    Sean Burk costs nothing other than money and they have it to spend. Burke was OK (nothing better than OK) in Philly before and players LOVE to come back. Rack up $800,000 of Primeau’s $$$ and count it. Jamie Storr who? Nittymaki will be back but it will be Esche’s team. If he suck’s he is in a contract year and will shipwreck his carreer. The stats prove that is unlikely.

    Worry not Flyers fans.


  10. leaflova says:

    there all on one way contracets :S

  11. my_sphincter says:

    Why not get the Flyers to throw in Forsberg, Calder and Richards as well.  God knows that a second string goaltender who can't beat out Boston's 3rd string goaltender (who had the worst stats in the NHL last year) for the #1 spot in TO is worth it.

  12. my_sphincter says:

    Why would the Flyers trade to get one of TO's castoffs anyway?  They were probably going to split the work between Esche and Nitty anyway.

  13. TheFish12 says:

      How many times does lack of goaltending have to bight Bobby Clarke in the A** before he understands that to win in the playoffs he needs a stud in net!  For the past decade, philly has had the team that could go all the way, except for their goalies, who have always let them down. 

      Esche is not the answer, he had to fight John Graham and the 67.5 million dollar man Dipietro for the starting goalie for team USA, not exactly hard to beat those two, which he didnt.

      Nittymaki seemed like he could get the job done, but the coaching staff didn't trust him enough to play him in the playoffs, and he's hurt now anyway.

      Ideally Clarke swings a deal to get Nabokov out of SJ for Umberger and Rathje and he then unloads either Esche or Nittymaki to a team in need of goaltending (Columbus comes to mind) for a cheap puckmoving defenseman 

  14. cecilturtle says:

    Don't the Flyers have a goalie or two or three in the minors, like most other teams, that they have been developing for the past few years?  It's not like the Flyers netminding situation has changed in any way since going back to even before the lockout occured.  Does Hershey even have a goalie this year???  I could actually see Clarke forgetting to include the goalie position on his minor leage depth chart(s).  Is Neil Little just written in as the starter each year?  Every NHL team has two minor league teams and many many prospects playing in the junors.  Esche is a career backup… Let one of the youngsters in the minors split time with Esche… Unless Clarke scared off every possible goalie in the system through out the years, even the few who actually wanted any part of playing infront of a Philly mob?  Realisticly, I don't see the Flyers getting a goalie of any value even if they do actually go out and get a goalie.  If you were a goalie of any value would you sign long term to play for a Clarke run franchise in Philly?      

  15. Aetherial says:

    Any possibility that the Leafs could waive either Aubin or Tellqvist? I have no idea what the rules are on this or whether they have one way contracts…

    It could be that Philadelphia has a backup fall into their hands as I really can't see the Leafs keeping both Tellqvist and Aubin as neither is a part of the future.

  16. mojo19 says:

    they are going to split between esche and Nitty. But they would get one of toronto's capable back ups as a short term replacement. That is very much clark's style.

  17. gg_idiot says:

    Aubin for Tukka Rask!

  18. my_sphincter says:

    Columbus has a great young goaltender this year.  Leclaire is going to be the future for that franchise. 

  19. my_sphincter says:

    My point is that people start assuming that because TO has 3 goaltenders, the Flyers will take one of them to fill the hole.  Undoubtedly, the Flyers will call up a young prospect to back up Esche and leave it at that.  The Leafs' goaltending is weak and a young prospect out of their own system will do just as well. 

  20. rlhockey46 says:

    you should check your facts before you post things, that apparently u have no knowledge about.

    first off. Nitty, might not need surgery, see philadelphiaflyers.com

    also. with the way esche played in the playoffs last year against the sabres, i am sitting happy with the flyers goaltending, even if nitty would be gone for 6 months.

    remember 4th game in playoffs against sabres esche stopped 53 off 55 shots, i mean thats amazing!

    i mean, am i right. what do u guys think about what i said.

  21. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    What do I think? I could barely read what you wrote.

    Also this article was posted like a day we found out he didn't need surgery. He'll still be out for a while though, but it seems like they're gonna stick with Houle.

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