Possible Holdouts?

According to WayMoreSports the following 18 players may be holdoutsJean-S├ębastien Giguere (G) Anaheim Mighty Ducks

With Giguere wanting somewhere around $7 Mil, according to rumors, he might be a holdout, with the additions of Sergei Fedorov and Vaclav Prospal, but would it be safe to start the season with Martin Gerber, or even rookie, Ilja Bryzgalov?

POH (Probability of holdout): 75%

Petr Sykora (RW) Anaheim Mighty Ducks

Sykora is known to have problems signing contracts, and with Paul Kariya gone, he is now Anaheim’s top goal scorer, if you exclude new addition, Sergei Fedorov.

POH: 60%

Nick Boynton (D) Boston Bruins

With Girard out for the whole season next year and Berard leaving, due to arbitration, he is one of the best defenseman on the Bruins blueline, and with Boston being picky with signing free agents, Boynton could very well be a holdout.

POH: 90%

Sergei Samsonov (LW) Boston Bruins

Samsonov wants a multi-year deal, while Boston only wants to hand him a one-year deal to see how his wrist will affect him. Each side has their point.

POH: 85%

Miroslav Satan (RW) Buffalo Sabres

Satan is playing on a low budget team right now, and will probably be the highest paid player on the team, he decided not to go into arbitration so that’s a good sign.. for now.

POH: 45%

Chris Drury (C) Buffalo Sabres

He’s been traded twice already in the past year, he should adapt to Buffalo’s young system.

POH: 25%

Josef Vasicek (C) Carolina Hurricanes

With his third-line sport in jeopardy, his signing might become even more difficult, and with trade rumors swimming all around him, the Canes want a lot in return, so he will probably be stuck in Carolina, with or without a contract.

POH: 90%

Alex Tanguay (LW) Colorado Avalanche

It would be a good idea to sign him to longer than a one-year deal because Kariya, Selanne, and Forsberg’s contract all end this year. Also with all the trade rumors around him (especially the one to Montreal THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN!) could slow down the process.

POH: 65%

Marty Turco (G) Dallas Stars

Dallas really needs to sign this goaltender, but he could earn as much of more than Giguere, who probably will not get $7 Mil, but Turco could, now that Hatcher is gone also, it spares money, but the Stars also want to cut down on payroll.

POH: 55%

Mike Comrie (C) Edmonton Oilers

It would be good to sign Comrie before training camp since he is their no. 1 center, but with the recent signing of Ryan Smyth.. who knows what the Oilers will do.

POH: 45%

Georges Laraque (RW) Edmonton Oilers

He could be a holdout for a while, because he is reportedly seeking $4.5 Million over 3 years, an average of $1.5 Million a year, something that small payroll Oilers might not be willing to offer.

POH: 80%

Marian Gaborik (RW) Minnesota Wild

The lowest paid team in the league, their best player, and future superstar is seeking $6 Million a year, this could result in a highly probable holdout.

POH: 90%

Andrei Markov (D) Montreal Canadiens

Markov proved himself to be the best offensive defensemen the Habs have, and has also been contacted by Russian teams, so his asking price could go up, but he will most likely be re-signed by the Habs since they need him.

POH: 35%

Saku Koivu (C) Montreal Canadiens

Koivu has been playing most of his career on one-year contracts, and would like to sign a multi-year deal. He also will get a raise, higher than the $3.3 Million offer he rejected, scoring 71 points last year, and being the team’s captain. This is a very much needed signing for the Habs. He chose not to go into arbitration, saying he thinks him and the club can agree on a deal, but nothing has been done yet.

POH: 70%

David Legwand (C) Nashville Predators

Legwand being the Predator’s best offensive player would like to sign a multi-year contract, but Nashville wants 1 year to see what will happen after the upcoming labor battle. This could slow down negotiations.

Brian Gionta (RW) New Jersey Devils

Small Gionta is an underrated goal scorer, but Lamoriello might want to take advantage of that, knowing he is tough on contract negotiations.

POH: 40%

Martin Havlat (RW) Ottawa Senators

Havlat is one of the best young players in the NHL, but plays on the position Ottawa has a lot of depth, RW. Ottawa could even start the season without him just to save money, and make space on the Right-Wing for other players on the team. He claims if he does not get signed, he will go an play in Czech Republic.

POH: 80%

Brad Richards (C) Tampa Bay Lightning

Richards, the no. 2 center, played well with Martin St. Louis and the new off season signing of best friend, Eric Perrin might raise the hope of him re-signing before training camp, as he is a vital part to the team’s run for the division title.

POH: 65%

Nikolai Antropov (C) Toronto Maple Leafs

With the Leafs mostly searching for a new GM, they haven’t paid much attention into signing Antropov, they have offered him a one year deal, and said they will not raise the price of the original offer, so it’s take it or leave it for Antropov.

POH: 25%

24 Responses to Possible Holdouts?

  1. Treva says:

    Josef Vasicek, Brian Gionta and Alex Tanguay? I really don’t think would hurt their respective teams by holding out.

    Turco, Gaborik, koivu, satan and gigure are too imprortant for thier teams to keep hanging for too long, sure maybe a week or two into the season but not much longer than that.

  2. headpushslap says:

    Comrie: From what I have heard around the water cooler Comrie (his agent, actually) is asking for more guaranteed money and fewer incentives. My impression is that he will indeed hold out, and he will be traded if he does. We Edmontonians have never taken kindly to holdouts.

    Laraque: Big Georges has delusions of grandure. A coupla years back he scored some, and apparently now he thinks that he should get paid more for his offensive prowess. Now I like Georges, and I really hope to see him playing, he is possibly the nicest player in the NHL, if not the most accessible to the fans. It would be a tragedy to lose him as an Oiler, but he also has to play his role and beat the living hell out of some goons this year.

  3. FNGretzky says:

    Anaheim better just give Giggy whatever the hell he wants!

  4. somin2fear says:

    Eric Perrin is the friend of Martin St.Louis and were teammates at the University of Vermont. Eric Perrin has no affiliation with Brad Richards who played in P.E.I most of his life and then joined the Rimouski Oceanic in Quebec. Perrin spent the last 4 years in a Finnish Elite league. Just to let you know.

  5. shady313 says:

    I agree that Turco, Gaborik, Koivu, Satan and Giguere MUST be signed or else their teams will end up like San Jose!

  6. MattNJD says:

    According the the NHLPA’s website, Brian Gionta is signed for next season. The Devils have not annouced it, but they don’t always announce “low key” signings.

  7. wheresthesoda says:

    he had a glory year

  8. shady313 says:

    *glory playoffs

  9. JBE365 says:

    I doubt Samsonov, Satan, Drury, or Tanguay will be holdouts this year. With situations like that of Samsonov they usually settle those before traning camp comes aroun, probably with a 1 year deal with an option or something like that. Satan is too important to his team for them to let him holdout for any length of time during the season. Drury is very unlikely to hold out and will probably have a deal done by some time before the season starts, and Tanguay knows that the Avs can play without him just the same an will probably be looking for a contract.

    I also doubt some of the other big name players but there will most likely be atleast one big name player holdout(there always is). Just players like Giggy, Turco, Gaborik, Koivu, and Comrie are probably too important to their teams to be left aside for too long.

    Also, the Leafs are supposedly trying a longer term contract than 1 year for Nik Antropov and they’ll almost definitely get something worked out before training camp.

  10. Enigma says:

    I see another Jose Theodore in the makings

  11. jpmac says:

    Actually Brad went out west to play with Notre Dame in when he was 13 years old, then was drafted by Rimouski, Vincent Lecavlier played with him at both Notre Dame and rimouski

  12. jpmac says:

    Actually Brad went out west to play with Notre Dame in when he was 13 years old, then was drafted by Rimouski, Vincent Lecavlier played with him at both Notre Dame and rimouski

  13. somin2fear says:

    I believe I said “most of his life” in P.E.I, besides, what does Vincent Lecavlier have to do with it?

  14. DrHockey says:

    Obviously you’re not in tune with Bruins’ management. I think it’s almost a certainty that Samsonov will hold out… and I also think the Bruins’ won’t care. When Sammy got hurt last season, they did just fine without him. He is a talented player if you like speedy forwards who have the talent to score but don’t use it. He’s a Lecavalier-washup. He needs to get his head out of his ass before he goes and starts trying to make a ton of money. The Bruins’ don’t necessarily need him and they will hold out or trade him. They could care less.

    As for Tanguay, there’s another Samsonov. More talent, yes, but Colorado is stocked full of talent. They don’t necessarily need him, either. They would be better off trading Tanguay in a package for a goaltender… which I believe they are probably doing. It would make more sense to just trade his rights rather than sign him to a contract and have to pay his manditory signing bonus. The Avs are obviously going to wait until a good trade comes about.. a very smart move.

  15. JBE365 says:

    If it’s the team that is postponing the signing of the player then the player is not holding out. And if the Bruins aren’t able to sign him, then I doubt they would just leave him, they would no doubt trade him right away for some sort of helpful player.

    And, like I mentioned, the Avs are stacked pretty well, and don’t especially need him, so it would be Tanguay searching for a contract not the other way around. And ofcourse if the Avs are going to trade him for help in goal then they wouldn’t sign him, but they have said multiple times that they are going to stick with Aebischer and Sauve and see how they do instead of getting a veteran goalie right away. And if they are sticking with what they have said and he isn’t part of any other deal they have in mind, then they would sign him, but just leave the trading possibility open incase Aebischer falters. Since many teams would definitely be interested in Tanguay then thy wouldn’t have to pay his salary after they sign him if they trade him away, that salary would be passed on to the other team. And anyways it’s never a bad idea to have depth in an organization, so it’s not even a definite thing that they are going to trade him away.

  16. Malurous says:

    He mentioned that Vinnie and Brad were friends for a long time too. Why shouldn’t he?

  17. somin2fear says:

    because you’re gay and you need a new gerbil.

  18. jpmac says:

    I believe you said he played on PEI until he got drafted my Rimouski. And I said that about Vinnie because he is his best friend

  19. somin2fear says:

    he said, you said, I said, she said………

    who cares what who said anymore, I was only correcting the author of the article in the first place, now were stuck playing 6 degrees of Brad Richards.

  20. Pavel_Bure_NYR says:

    If Mike Richter proves healthy, he could be of some interest to the aves. He has been on an unsuccessful team and still proven alright.

    I think colorado could trade something like Tanguay and a 4th rounder for Richter and a second rounder. Richter has already proven stanley-cup worthy and could probably get the aves through to the conf. finals or maybe the finals. They would need to prove he is healthy though. In maybe 2 years Richter would retire and Aebischer would be ready.

    Alex Tanguay on the other hand, the Rangers don’t need him for three reasons: Lindros, Holik, Nedved. I could see them shipping him of as part of a bigger deal for a player they could be targeting, I don’t know who, but I have read rumours of players such as Jagr, Demitra and Samsonov. The Rangers have often been said to be targeting many players (last year-Bertuzzi hahahahaah yah right Larry), its usually BS though.

  21. rojoke says:

    If Samsonov and Boynton hold out past the first month of the season, then they better look around for a new team. Past experience in Boston shows that whenever holdouts are long, or ugly, the team usually signs then deals them. Ask Jason Allison, Anson Carter or Kyle McLaren. And with what Jeremy Jacobs said recently at a fund-raiser in Boston, the Bruins aren’t about to change their ways when it comes to capitulating to player demands.

  22. Rysto says:

    I’ve read that there are two major problems between Havlat and the Senators. The first is money – there are a number of similar players to Havlat in negotiations right now, and all are sort of waiting on the others to set the market price for these young stars. The other, and (in my opinion) bigger issue, is the length of the deal. Ottawa wants a one year deal, because they hope the new CBA will drive down salaries with a cap. Havlat wants at least a two year deal because that will make him eligible for arbitration when the contract is over.

    I think – this is just based off of my own opinions; I don’t pretend to have any special connections or sources – that Havlat will get about $3-million a year for two years. Ottawa will bite the bullet because (a)they can afford it; (b)they’re so close to winning the cup, and they don’t want miss this chances; (c) the Sens have a *lot* of contracts over at the end of the coming season, and they don’t want to have to negotiate with too many players.

  23. habsoverserver says:

    Saku Koivu 70%? I hear other sites are saying it’s more like 63.4567%.

  24. Malurous says:

    Nice. You’re giving a class comment that eloquently and thoroughly proves your point.

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