Possible Leaf trades

This is my first post on htr and i wanted to address possible deadline scenarios for Toronto. Here are a few possible trades that could benefit the leafs in my opinion, Please comment!

Tor: Kaberle

MtL: 1st round pick
P.k Subban

The leafs recieve a good young prospect in subban and the Canadiens acquire a good puck moving defenseman in Kaberle

Tor: Antropov

Chi: 1st round pick

Although many people think that antropov isn’t worth a 1st rounder and i agree, but teams will get caught up in the bidding war

Tor: Kaberle

Bos: 1st round pick

Blake wheeler

Toronto recieves a very big talented forward in blake wheeler and boston adds a puck moving defenceman which makes them the favorite for the cup

Tor: Pavel Kubina
Third round pick

Phi: 1st round pick

Kubina isnt worth a 1st round pick which his big salary and bad play of late and in order to make this philly gm would have to move cap space.

Tor: Ponikravosky

Van: 3rd round pick

Adds depth to vancouvers forwards and a third rounder is the best you will get for poni

Just a couple of thoughts on what the leafs could do … Let me know what you think and please leave some scenarios of your own : )

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  1. GoLeafs13 says:

    Kaberle will not go to Montreal but i really like the trade with Boston. Wheeler is a very good player with tons of potential. I also agree with you that Kubina isn't worth a first rounder but his hard shot on the PP, size and his pretty decent defensive play could put him in the same scenario as Antropov.

  2. thehockeyguru says:

    Does anyone actually feel that Antropov is worth a 1st? The big slow is so over hyped and hasn't really done anything to warrant a 1st rounder not even to mention how Burke just crushed him in the media and the fact that he's a UFA at seasons end. However if Tor can fool someone into a 1st then that is just highway robbery!

  3. mojo19 says:

    Cool not bad. I think you get a 2nd rounder for Poni for sure, Kilger got us a 3rd last year, Poni brings a lot more to the table then Chad. Other players who have been dealt for a 2nd at the deadline include Oleg Sapryken from Phoenix to Ottawa, and Jeff Freisen one year and he only had a few points, I think Poni is definitely worth a 2nd.

    As for Blake Wheeler, I love him but i think he's a little jerk. He refused to play for Phoenix then waited until he became a UFA so he could sign with Boston. Who knows if he would want to come play for Toronto?

  4. Plekanec says:

     As an Habs fan i would offer you a 2nd and a 5th rounder for Poni as "I" think he still has time to turn into a power forward and I like him way more than Antropov!

  5. cam7777 says:

    well, there really is no winning here, because if you say anything good about any Leaf player then apparently you are being biased.  that said, most of those trades are undervaluing the Leafs players in varying degrees.

    the worst of your suggestions is ponikarovsky to vancouver for a 3rd round pick.  you're telling me that you think Mathieu Schneider, on one of the worst years in his career, making 5.625 million dollars and is clearly showing his age, is worth a 2nd rounder and a 3rd rounder, but Poni is only worth a 3rd?  He's a solid forward on pace for 25 goals and 50-55 points, AND signed for another year at 2.105 million (very very affordable – contrast this to Bernier's performace at 2.625 million).  To find a free agent who could score in that range would cost teams between 3.5 and 5 million dollars.  with many teams being financially strapped, Poni is worth far more to some of those teams than just a 3rd rounder…

    I don't know what Kubina you've been watching, but he's looked pretty good the last little while.  He looks poised to hit at least 40 points, and already has 27, which is not too shabby for a defensemen.  yes his contract is expensive at 5 million, but it's only for one more season.  Essentially any team who figures this year and next year are their window of oppurtunity, could probably afford to bring Kubina in.
    (that said, Kubina will end up staying in TO if you ask me)

    Blake Wheeler has looked great this year, no doubt.  It's funny though, how someone like him can go to the best team in the league and put up good numbers (they aren't really phenomenal by any means) for 55 games or so, and suddenly, they are an untouchable.  I don't think he's good enough to be the major piece in a deal for one of the league's top 10 defensemen.  Especially not when Boston will be looking to trade away someone this summer in order to fit under the cap next year.  They have to resign Thomas, Kessel, Krejci and Axelsson among others.  I believe Sturm and Wheeler will be on the block.  Sturm because he is overpiced, and Wheeler because he is expensive, and many teams may overpay for him because of one good season ( as you just suggested the leafs do ).

    Antropov will go for a 1st rounder and more.  There is precedent to prove that trades like this happen and GMs give up their 1st, and if anything, Antropov is slated to go for a lot more than he's worth simply because no one else is openly on the market like he is.  I suggest trading Antropov to Boston for Blake Wheeler.  Wheeler is fading now, and the long season is starting to effect his game.  I guarantee he falls off the radar in the playoffs.  Antropov would step up and take his spot, fully aware of what the playoffs entails and hungry for a new contract.  Boston dumps a contract they could be forced to trade in summer anyways, and doesn't have to give up any picks or prospects  (except Wheeler, who should never have belonged to them in the first place).

    Finally, Kaberle.  I don't have a problem with picking up Subban and a 1st, but here's my quarrel – any team that acquires Kaberle will also have the oppurtunity to trade him in his contract year (2 years from now).  Even in that year, Kaberle will net a 1st and a prospect at the deadline (see Campbell)…so why on Earth would the leafs sell 2 years of his services for the same package they could land at that point?  It will have to be a phenomenal talent to merit trading Kaberle. 

    Every one says that GMs won't trade those kind of players to land superstars, but ask the Dallas Stars if they regret trading 19 year old Jarome Iginla for Joe Nieuwendyk.  They will say it was worth it, because they won the Stanley Cup….

  6. RedSoxRule says:

    Blake Wheeler took a dick.

  7. frezz says:

    you might get vans 2nd for antropov at best… the nucks do not want poni… ps you wont get a 1st for antropov

  8. HabsMakeYouWhine says:

    You are right,hes or should i say shes,anyway,he screw Phoenix cause the big little baby did not want to play there,he could at least sign there and tell the yotes where we want to play,so they could trade him for something better than a 2nd round darft pick they receive in terms of compensation,Fu** him

  9. leafy says:

    The big question for the day is, why would Burke come out and say he'll probably keep Kaberle after all?

    Is it because he's playing mind games with other GMs, or is he being totally serious?

    Well, whatever the motive, this is the opposite strategy that he used with Antropov when he said he's not re-signing him. I still don't see what purpose that announcement served.

    And the other big question is, why is Pogge called up again after Toskala played well against Pittsburgh?

    Is it because the Leafs want to see if Pogge is ready so that they can move Toskala?  I would say that's a good guess.

  10. bobdole says:

    Kaberle trade, mm aint happening. 1st and a top notch prospect for a top 4 d-man. He isnt a shut down d man and hes slightly above average for an offensive d-man. Kaberle for a 1st and maybe a d-man going back the other way.  Antropov? why the heck would chi-town want antropov, deal makes no sense. 1st are you serious? Kubina isnt worth anything he sucks. He is slow and has a poor hockey iq. Poni? why would van want another 3rd line players we have burrows hansen raymond we dont need poni. your kaberle trade is the only one reasonably not insane

  11. HabsMakeYouWhine says:

    i meant where he want to play,not where we want to play

  12. bobdole says:

    average players often put up alot of point on bad teams. I dont discount poni's stats but if he were on a team with even a little depth he wouldnt score 20 goals. He gets a fair bit of ice time in t.o so he puts up points. Look at ray whitney in columbus he was an 80 point a year beast in detroit he scored 40. Now hes back in carolina putting up points again. Poni is not going to 16 mins on any good team. So you half to consider that. can he put up 50 point at 10 mins a game? I dont think so. This is his first time over the 50 point hump. As for antropov and a first. No happening. He has been shreded by the media. Perception is everything

  13. greatlife15 says:

    Either he's:

    a) Totally serious
    b) Trying to jack up his trade value by saying 'hey you better offer me something ridiculously good or screw you i'll just hold on to him'.

    I got a feeling NOTHING is going to happen at all :$

  14. cam7777 says:

    look at the list of players who have merited a 1st round pick at the deadline in the past, and you will be shocked to find Antropov looks amazing compared to those people. 

    you have to remember, a 1st round pick doesn't mean a future superstar.  not every first round selection is Sidney Crosby.  Antropov would merit a mid to late 1st round selection, which could be a gamble. 

    then you have to consider the financial value of parting with a 1st round pick to gain in the short term.  teams like phoenix and columbus need to make the playoffs now in order to make desperately needed playoff revenue.  if antropov helps them achieve that, he is worth far more than a 20th overall selection….

    Burke lit a fire under him, and he's now on pace for 62 points again.   

  15. cam7777 says:

    okay, i understand the ice time thing, but why would you take ice time away from a guy who can put up 55 points.  name me a team that has a second line filled with 55 point guys.  really, only the elite teams can boast that (and even most of those guys would be lucky to have a fully second line worth of 55 point guys).

    there are other things to consider with players like whitney.  chemistry plays as big a factor for some players as ice time.  look at guys like lupul, and cole, who just couldn't make it in edmonton.  they were given boat loads of ice time in that city, and neither of them could produce (can produce in Cole's case).  However, Lupul has done quite well in Philly with less ice time.

    Clearly, that argument works both ways.  The point is, there aren't a lot of guys who CAN put up 55 points, much less those who can do it at 2.105 million.  Mind you, 16 minutes isn't even really a boat load of ice time.

    I suspect that you are among the people who would have previously discoutned Poni by saying he put up all his points playing with Sundin.  But now he's doing it with Stajan, and still no credit….

    I'm not a Poni fan in the least, but c'mon…a 3rd round pick?

  16. leafy says:

    I'm starting to think that too.  It was the same thing with Sundin last year. I was sure he'd be traded, but as we got closer to the deadline, I began to realize he's staying put.  This is deja vu all over again.

  17. dumbassdoorman says:

    I am gonna be rodded for this but oh well. I wonder if Florida may have any interest in Kaberle? They MUST make the playoffs. So hear me out here aquiring Kabs would allow them to move J-bo and replenish instead of losing him for nothing. I am NOT saying Kaberle is J-bo just to be clear. However it doesn't seem he is going to resign. Don't discount that they seem to love McCabe so his opinion may count a little? Sooooo…….
    to Fla.- Kaberle-allows Jbo trade to happen
              Stajan-faceoffs secondary scoring, team player
              Mayers- Grit, leadership and toughness

    to Tor.-MichealFrolik, Jacob Markstrom and a 1st plus Tor 4th back

    It sounds like a lot and it is but both teams benefit if you think about it. Plus, deadline deals equals over payment usually. Florida recoups what it lost and maybe more from the Jbo trade, someone will pay and BIG for him. Go ahead and rip me I expect it….LOL.

  18. cam7777 says:

    kaberle is a top 10 defensemen in the league, and a perennial all-star…he is better that "a bit above average".  his defensive game is pretty solid also, even though it's not physical like a shut-down d-mans would be.  he is a very rare breed, and even rarer than those who are around because of his pricetag.

    the chicago media has said that the team would be interested in antropov.  if you followed hockey, you might have heard that the blackhawks would like to find a second line center, and take a serious run at the western conference this year.  that's why they might have interest in antropov, who plays center and right wing.

    Kubina is on pace for a 41 point season, which puts him in the top 20 for scoring as a defensemen…that's pretty good.  but you know what?  you're right, he's probably not worth anything to anyone….

  19. Niedermayer_20 says:

    i no the matt shneider trade looks terrible but he brings leadership to a young team which lacks it from the back end romaN Hamrlik cant do it by himself. anybody who yields a 1st and a prospect for antropov are ricicilious but i will happen cause the close every team waits the pricier it is

  20. Niedermayer_20 says:

    which really bugs me is that leafs fans think every player is worth a 1st rnd pick, and if they are then why arents they gr8 in the standings

  21. luongo101 says:

    Kaberle would not go to Montreal and getting subban and a 1st is just not enough knowing that montreal's pick won't be that high in the order
    But the Boston one sounds better but knowing Wheeler's history i wouldn't want him on my team… maybe go after a player like setoguchi or brassard who are just staring to bloom

    Kubina might attract a 1st rounder and a prospect since there are teams out there who are desperate to make the playoffs and need the help from the back end

    In my point of view i wouldn't trade Kaberle cuz its hard to find such a talented d-man like him in the NHL now. If it was his last year maybe u can trade him

  22. Niedermayer_20 says:

     im gonna rip ya are u crazy why dont u give those panthers players away
    stajan no more than a 3rd line center
    kaberle looks terrible on the defensive end good powerplay quarteback and a bargain at 4.25
    frolik possible 1st line  sure 2nd line players
    markstrom possible franchise goalie nuff said srry bud need more than those 3.

  23. LuKeScHeNn95 says:

    what do you guys think we would get for toskala and a third rounder…jst post a comment and ill read….i was just wondering i mean pogge=J.T and pogge can dovelope into a pretty nice goaltender in the futere.

  24. LuKeScHeNn95 says:

    lol..it came out of no were, well it gave me a laugh.

  25. RossCreek says:

    Kaberle & Antropov to Montreal for Higgins, Dandenault, McDonaugh & a 2nd

  26. dumbassdoorman says:

    Like i said go ahead and rip, but in an  earlier reply you thought the Schneider trade was good. For a 39 yr old has been 2nd and 3rd….so ummmmya like i said over payment time!!! And if you read back, like you said they possible this and thats. Kaberle is better than you are giving him credit for.

  27. dumbassdoorman says:

    I agree that Kaberle will not be traded. I don't think Burke is going to, even if i did propose a trade earlier. He said in an interview on versus tonight during the game he expects to be pretty busy. Doesn't think he will move Kabs, and for some reason I believe him….lol.

  28. cam7777 says:

    exactly.  he may not be worth it, but it will be paid if he goes anywhere, because that's how the deadline works…

  29. cam7777 says:

    because many of their players are worth more to teams that are more well rounded on the whole.  an offensive defensemen like Kaberle is all but wasted without elite forwards to pass the puck to.  antropov is fairing on the poor side as a top-liner, but to a team that has enough talent to slot him into the second line, he would become a potent weapon.  kubina is worth a late 1st round pick in my books simply because of his point presence. 

    i never said ponikarovsky and the like were worth 1st rounders and prospects…simply that a 3rd rounder was far too little…

  30. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    Umm they play pretty much the same style of game, are about the same age basically, and Antropov's ability is just as good as Poni if not more (look at the stats, they play on the same line yet Nik gets more points). Don't know what you have against #80 but to say Poni is better doesn't make sense.

  31. Kyleton says:

    Not bad. Its value for value. However….

    I don't think Burke will want to trade Kaberle to Montreal, they see each other too often in the season and Kaberle is young enough to hurt the leafs if they start getting into the playoffs in two or three years.

    I cannot see Boston trading Wheeler at this point in time either. He is playing solid hockey for them. He loves boston and they really love him also. Add that to the fact he's a plus +33 and is top 6 in Boston scoring he is too important of a part to move.

    Now on to Antropov. It's possible he can fetch a first. Very possible, but I am expecting two seconds or a decent prospect and a second instead.

    Kubina to Philly is okay. Philly is tight to the cap however which means Toronto will probably take a dead weight big contract back in the deal which means Philly will have to sweeten the pot a little bit which means Toronto will likely not have to send a pick to philly also.

    I'd be happy with a second or third rounder for Poni really.

    Also its been reported Kaberle has agreed and is working on a list of 10 teams he'd be okay with being traded to for the deadline and Kubina is likely to do the same as he stating he'd very much like to stay in Toronto but will accept it if they say he's not in their future plans.

  32. RealisticNick says:

    Actually Montreal is likely getting a 3rd, 4th or 5th back unless they go to the cup finals.  So its basically what should be a low second for a puck mover that they needed.

  33. the_word says:

    On pace to break 60 points, is paid two million a season, no obligation beyond this year and plays a sound two way game. Antropov is having a better year than a handful of players that make over 6 million a year.  Antropov  is worth more than a 1st in this market.

    You have to make a distinction between is he worth a 1st and is he worth a long term contract. Those are two very different questions.

  34. hockey_lover says:

    The big issue with Antropov are his injuries.

    He averages .7pts per game/25goals per season/57pts per season. For just over $2mil, thats a pretty good return. Yeah, he's a bit slow .. meh, what of it.

    If his body wasnt made out of swiss cheese, he'd probably be good for about 32goals/68pts a season. Thats pretty decent.

  35. HABSSTAR says:

    But then Gainey would be "throwing away our future"  wouldn't he? LOL!

  36. RossCreek says:

    Well, if Jeff Carter and a 1st could get you Kaberle last year, and Burke isn't gonna deal Kaberle for much less this year, then what's so bad about Higgins and a 1st (or Ryan McDonaugh) for Kaberle? Antropov for a 2nd, and the Leafs need to take some money back – Dandenault.

  37. HABSSTAR says:

    The answer to your first question is because Burke hadn't seen his own face on TV for the last 15 mins and decided to do something about it. 

    The answer to your second question is because it gives a platform for Burke to then ***** about his own decision just like he did on TSN this morning and hence get his face on the TV. 

  38. mojo19 says:

    bobdole, you're out of it buddy, quit smokin' your weed. Chicago is rumoured to be interested in Antropov, and he's worth a 1st rounder. Kaberle is an 'above average' offensive d-man?

    Look at him since the lockout:
    Kaberle was the 9th highest scoring d-man in the NHL with 53 pts last year
    2007 he was 8th with 58 pts
    2006 he was 4th with 67 pts

    Pretty consistant, and if that's just above average then who would be considered a 'good' offensive d-man? Because no one is significantly better than Kaberle.

  39. mojo19 says:

    Stajan is no more than a 3rd line centre?

    13 goals and 26 assists for 39 pts in 51 games this year are not the numbers of a 3rd line centre. Those are 2nd line centre numbers.

  40. cam7777 says:

    well, for starters, it's pretty clear that antropov's worth is greater than a late 2nd round pick.  also, higgins isn't even a shadow of carter.  it's laughable to compare them.  carter put up 27 goals playing on 3rd and 4th line duties last year, and is now 2nd in goal scoring.  higgins is playing at a point ever 4 games pace, and looks to have really suffered because of injury…he could be had for a 2nd round pick in the summer when Gainey elects not to resign him.  that deal is really, truly, terrible…

  41. lafleur10 says:

    come on mojo,give your head a shake! lidstrom is significantly better!he's 10X the defenman that kaberle is or ever will be! pronger is significantly better,mike green is sigificantly better,scott niedermayer is significantly better sergei gonchar is significantly better,brian rafalski is significantly better,jay bouwmeester is significantly better,andrei markov is signifcantly better,zedeno chara is significantly better! mojo it's no doubt that (kaberle) is good but he's not better than any of these guys i listed and i could've listed a few more but yes he's in with that group no doubt! and he's worth a 1st r.d pick easily he's the only leaf that is worth and will get you that !

  42. Leafmonkey says:

    i think you are really underrating kaberle, kubina, and antropov
    the kaberle to boston is alright but wont happen
    kubina is a good defencemen and brings a stanley cup ring  definately a 1st+
    antropov is one of the best forwards on the market and will probably get more then a shitty chicago first

    one trade that i think would be good is antropov to montreal for thier 2010 1st(they wont give up thiers in 09 when they hold the draft) +another high pick  and i think montreal will be bad next year so we could get a good pick and montreal needs somewone to replace land and possibly kovalev which antropov would do a good job of

  43. lafleur10 says:

    lmao! antropov replace kovalev,in your wildest dreams he couldn't hold a candle to kovalev! antropv is a stiff compared to kovalev,he doesn't have half the talent or skill of kovalev!if we are going to trade our 1st in 2010 you can bet it'll be for a player better than antropov! likw we did with last year's 1st r.d pick we traded it to calgary for tanguay ,who's better than antropov

  44. Leafmonkey says:

    i really dont see why u would get so upset over this. Antropov is a big skilled forward who is getting more points then any montreal forward on a shitty leafs team. No he is not as good as Kovalev in a good year but have you seen this guy prior to his mini vacation he was so bad. just imagine if Antropov was playing with some skilled forwards like Kovalev or some of the other talented players montreal has. He could really do some damage and montreal is looking like one of the worst teams in the league and really need a boost

  45. lafleur10 says:

    sorry if i seemed upset but leafs fans have been bragging and overvaluing this guy for a long time! i'm sorry but he's an underachieving career 50 point forward that's all! i doubt he'd do any better in montreal with all the skilled guys we have,he coulsn't do anything with sundin ,so what make you think he'd do better with us! sorry he wouldn't,and i think the guys a stiff and isn't worth a 1st r.d pick especially after your g.m. called him out! as i said in my last post if we are going to trade our 1st r.d pick it'll be foraguy like tanguay who's better than antropov! you lefas fans have to come to the realization that this guys isn't that good and isn't worth what your asking for! some leafs fans not you talk like this guy is a top 10 forward in the league and the best player in our division and conference

  46. wayne98-mapleleafs says:

    kaberle to Montreal for pk subban, higgins, 1st pick   is more like it. or

    kaberle to philly for JVR 1st pick, upshall

    antropov to chicago for beach is more like it.

    Poni, moore  to vancouver for 2nd, 4th  is more like it

    stajan to Buffalo for maybe 2nd or 3rd

    toskala to detroit for 2 nd or maybe a 1st you never know, detroit goaltending is bad

  47. lafleur10 says:

    these are alot more realistic and way better and jave more of a possibilty to happen! nice job wayne-98 you are one of the more realistic leafs fans

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