Possible moves out of Chicago

Brian Campbell’s contract is the killer. His $7.14 annual salary is also his cap number, and he hasn’t justified the money. Goalie Cristobal Huet has two years and $11.25 million remaining on his contract after this season. That’s where the Blackhawks will be feeling the squeeze, even more if the cap drops after this season.

OK, so who gets sent packing? Patrick Sharp looks like a bargain at $4 million this year, but he could be gone in a one-sided trade. Kris Versteeg is just more than $3 million and is worth every penny, but he’s another candidate for departure. Same goes for good, young defenseman Brent Seabrook and his $3.5 million deal. Heck, they could lose all three and still have a strong team.

But teams such as the Sabres, who can clear $6.4 million from the books if they don’t keep Toni Lydman and Henrik Tallinder, should be prepared to pounce.


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  1. KingCanada says:

    I like most of ur trades but I dont think many teams will make any serious deals with Phoenix.  The team is run by the league and Im sure they are very wary of acquiring any additional finances…

    Not to mention Bryzgalov IS the Phoenix Coyotes!!  He is their best player and the only reason they are in playoff contention.  Their top point scorer is Shane Doan, tied for 90th overall in scoring…..

    I like the Toronto deal however Boston owns that draft pick unfortinatly but Im sure something else could be worked out.

  2. DannyLeafs says:

    I will admit that I hadn't given much thought to the Phoenix situation other than it seemed to make sense as a hockey deal, but you are right that it may be too difficult to get a deal done with Phoenix that involves that much salary. A better option for moving Huet would be to work something out with LA, Columbus or even Toronto. LA and Columbus have the cap space, and have young goalies that have potential, but are struggling as number ones with no safety net. Also, I have heard that both have been given the green light to spend money if it was in the best interests of the teams going forward. Toronto could use a quality starter to play with Gustavsson as he progresses. I think something else would have to be coming to any team that took Huet's contract since there are guys like Ellis, Harding, Theodore, and Biron that will be available at a much lower cost int he off season, but I definitely think Chicago can move Huet and add either a better goalie and save a little cap space, or a goalie that is as good as Huet and save a lot of cap space.

    As far as the Toronto deal goes, they may not have their 2nd round pick, but I do believe they have Anaheim's from the Pogge deal, which looks to be on par with Toronto's second round pick right now. Not to mention, they are likely to get another second round pick at the deadline for some of their expiring contracts. Either way, I am sure that if that was all the deal was lacking, they could get something done.

  3. DannyLeafs says:

    Personally, I think the deciding factor is that they would hate to deal away players and have to face them in the playoffs in a year that many feel might be their best chance. They could deal away Barker, since he doesn't really do much for their team, and fringe teams like the Sabres, Islanders, Leafs, Stars or Columbus would be interested in him for his potential even if they aren't likely to make big playoff runs this year. Also, if there was some miracle once in a life time trade where they could rid themselves of Campbell's contract without giving up a boat load of draft picks and prospects, they would probably have to make that deal as well. Also, you can't forget the possibility of moving Sopel.

    Outside of this however, I really don't see Chicago making many changes until the offseason, even if the deadline is when they would get the best return for some of their players.

  4. Viceroy says:

    Dude the fact you misspelt Einstein is awesome.

    ps. The fact that HTR's spellcheck thinks that my spelling of misspelt is wrong is even awesomer!  
  5. albertateams says:

    All I was saying in the previous post was that moving Campbell would fix a lot of Chicago's cap problems. I am well aware of the problems with moving Campbell, but don't you think that would be Bouwam's preference? I just think that in the summer moving Campbell is not impossible, it might be unlikely but that is for sure the best option for Chicago.

    If Chicago offered Campbell, Beach, 1st rounder, 2nd rounder to TO for Finger you think Burke says no. If that offer is on the table in June I don`t see how Burke passes it up. This does assume he would waive his NMC to go to TO.

  6. reinjosh says:

    Of course it is his number 1 preference
    but he is going to find moving that incredibly difficult
    and i agree that a deal like that would go through
    but weren't you the guy who was arguing that Chicago could get far more back?
    that deal would go through
    but my whole deal is that if Chicago won't give a 2nd rounder along with Sopel to get rid of him then i doubt they would give up a first and Beach and a second
    although I would do that in a second and then trade Kaberle.
    The think is even with moving Campbell they are going to have to free up at least a couple million more
    thats how f*cked they are

  7. DannyLeafs says:

    Ok, let's assume that Campbell does put a team like Toronto on his list and Bowman decides to offer this up. Then yes, Burke snaps it up in an instant, and would never be questioned about it. But that doesn't mean this deal makes sense for Chicago.

    Here is how I see it; this deal is so that Chicago can keep Seabrook, so if you make this deal you don't trade Seabrook, so you don't get White and a 2nd. Also, I put sopel in that deal assuming his value was a negative 2nd round pick, in other words that Seabrook was worth White and two seconds (cause it saves a second that will need to be used to deal Sopel alone). Now, after next season you have to re-sign Seabrook and it will cost at least 5.5 million per season. To me this means that even it saves a little money in the long run, it still isn't enough to keep anyone else you would have had to move. Here is how it breaks down if you could have

    Keith – Seabrook – Finger whose cap hit will likely be 12.5 in 1st, 14.5 in 2nd, and then leaving you with an 11 million dollar top pairing with holes to fill afterward


    Keith – Campbell – White Costing about 15 million long term along with
    Beach, 1st, 3 2nd's, in your prospect pool

    which would you rather have? To me keeping Seabrook over Campbell isn't likely to be much of an upgrade in talent (consdering what you can get back for Seabrook compared to what you give up just to move Campbell), and costs a ton in terms of future potential all in order to save a small amount of cap space.

    That's why I see it as being so hard to move Campbell, I think in the unlikely scenario that it is possible to move him, it just won't be worth it for the Hawks.

  8. reinjosh says:

    I like your idea about clearing space and getting full value at the deadline rather then waiting
    it would be a hard choice but it could work out better in the long wrong
    That said, I don't think Bowman is going to do this. He is going to wait, be stubborn, and go for the cup. He wants to get recognition like his father has and it is going to screw this team.
    Once the playoffs are over he has a massive job to clear the space. And he wont get anywhere near full value.

  9. reinjosh says:

    The big thing is they can move Finger down without losing him to a team.
    I think that he is assuming that that would happen.
    Even if Campbell gets dealt to a team and no salary is taken back, they still have to clear more salary.
    They are going to have to move another two players anyways.
    This team is screwed. And sooner or later I think that Seabrook is going to be gone.

  10. albertateams says:

    I never said they could get more back. The last time we discussed this I merely stated that they would look at moving Campbell for anything as a first step (I think I had a 5th or 7th in there or something like that), then if nothing came to the table look at moving a pick/prospect combo to move him. I belive that it was either you or Cam that sugested a similar trade to the one I had above.

    The bottom line on the Chicago situation is moving out campbell with picks or prospects as reqiired is far more desirable than getting rid of 4 or 5 other guys. Although even if they are able to move Campbell I still think they will trade one of the $3M contracts.

    I completely agree with you on how bad of a spot they are in though.

  11. albertateams says:

    I never said they could get more back. The last time we discussed this I merely stated that they would look at moving Campbell for anything as a first step (I think I had a 5th or 7th in there or something like that), then if nothing came to the table look at moving a pick/prospect combo to move him. I belive that it was either you or Cam that sugested a similar trade to the one I had above.

    The bottom line on the Chicago situation is moving out campbell with picks or prospects as reqiired is far more desirable than getting rid of 4 or 5 other guys. Although even if they are able to move Campbell I still think they will trade one of the $3M contracts.

    I completely agree with you on how bad of a spot they are in though.

  12. DannyLeafs says:

    I am not sure that helps. I am not positive if it is true, but I have heard that you can only bury a contract for one year, and with two years left on Fingers, that makes him a temporary fix at best. Also, if they just bury Finger, that does allow them to keep Barker, however, they will still have to go out and add some defensemen to fill holes. Trading will be difficult since they have given up so many assets just to retain some, and signing them could be dangerous. This year is a somewhat thin in terms of free agents, meaning the prices could be steep. Adding overpriced UFA's is not in Chicago's best interests, so any additions they make are likely going to be made through trade.

  13. reinjosh says:

    the difference with Finger and other players is that he is on a two way contract
    He can be sent down as often as they like.
    The team is screwed. They basically need to clear 12 million just to get a team to fit under the cap. That is going to damn hard to do and stay competitive.

  14. reinjosh says:

    you were adamant in saying that the no team had any chance of getting Beach or Chicago's first and they could just trade him for a 5th. That won't happen.
    All I ever said is that if they move Campbell its with picks and prospects. I thought you were arguing against that. Even then its going to be hard for them to move him. I would agree moving Campbell even with picks and prospects is more desirable that 4 or 5 guys but with Bowman's opposition to moving Sopel with a mere 2nd, I doubt he moves Campbell with Beach or more which would kill the chance of moving Campbell. Thats all I'm saying.
    But yeah they are screwed. They basically have to move 12 – 15 million dollars to get under the cap next season with a full team.

  15. albertateams says:

    What I said is that they would look at moving Campbell for a 5th or what ever they could get and then if they couldn't then and only then would they package him with picks/prospects I have never changed my stance that moving Campbell is the number 1 option regardless of the cost.
    What I was arguing with you was the possibility of not having to give up picks and prospects with Campbell, which is unlikely (I know you believe its impossible but I think there is still a small probability), however would be exhausted prior to any other deal in the offseason being considered.
    Other than that I completely agree with you.

  16. DannyLeafs says:

    If it is true that Finger's contract is a two way contract and he can just play in the Ahl instead, then it does change things. However, I have heard that before and have found nothing to support it. I read an article where he apparently told a reporter that he would rather get sent down and actually play, than stay in the press box, because he wouldn't have to pay escrow on his contract then. I know that doesn't say anything about his contract necessarily, but that does sound like he would still be getting paid 3.5 million in the AHL. The article goes on to say that it would be too much of a risk because at 1.75 on re-entry he would likely get snapped up quickly and leave the Leafs paying half the bill. I am not vouching for anything in the article, but it was on the leafs website, and it doesn't lead me to believe that Finger's contract is really a two-way deal.

    Do you know of any sites that give full details on player contracts?
    I haven't been able to find any that give all the details, but I found one that gives details on no trade clauses, it is a little dated but contracts that are still in effect wouldn't have changed.

    The site is http://www.nhlscap.com

    It seems accurate because it does have all of the NTC clauses I did know about on it listed accurately.

  17. albertateams says:


    With Fingers two way contract they can keep him in the minors and avoid his cap hit I guess I should have pointed that out my apologies. Its not like other contracts where what you say above is true.

    The best case scenario for the Hawks I think is:

    They are able to move Campbell in a deal to Toronto as metioned above they bury Finger in the minors for the rest of his contract. They trade Byfuglien for picks/prospects. Trade or bury Sopel in the minors for next year. Resign Ladd (2.0), Eager (1.1) Burish (0.8) Hjarlmasson (1.75) and Fraser (0.85). Might be optimistic on some of these contracts.

    Kane (6.3)    – Toews (6.3)   – Hossa (5.233)
    Versteeg (3.083) – Bolland (3.375)  – Sharp (3.9)
    Ladd (2.0)   – Burish (0.8)  – Brouwer (1.00)
    Fraser (.85) – Kopecky (1.2)- Eager (1.1)

    Seabrook (3.5) – Keith (5.54)
    Barker (3.125) – Hjarlmasson (1.75)
     ???? – ????

    Huet (5.625)

    Forwards 35.141
    Dmen 13.915
    Goalies 5.625
    Total 54.681

    Cap 56.8
    Leaves about $2m to sign 2 dmen and a backup goalie.

    Now like I said above this is a best case scenario for them, but if they could pull off the above deals then it keeps the core of the team intact. After next year the Hawks would need the salary cap to increase or have to trade away an additional contract, but it does give them another year to take a shot at the cup.

  18. DannyLeafs says:

    Well that does make more sense if Finger's contract is so flexible. Also they would have somewhere in the vicinity of 3 million for next year in the way of bonus cushion as well. It still requires Bowman to get permission to bury nearly 6 million in contract in the minors for next season, and while the Hawks are doing well financially, I don't know if he will be given that kind of authority. I also they they will want to re-sign Niemi and move Huet if at all possible. He is easily replaced at a lower cost with free agents like Biron, Ellis, Theodore, and Harding all set to hit free agency. Not to mention the fact that some teams may be willing to part with a decent goalie for some of the assets that the Hawk's will have to unload.

    I still think that his leaves them a little tight considering they gave up so many picks and prospects, and I think they will still end up loosing Versteeg and Barker after a couple of years because they can't afford to re-sign all of them. So how about this as a Hybrid of our two strategies:

    Be willing to trade Barker or Byfuglien at the deadline if there is a deal that sees the Hawk's improve in some way and shed salary. (ie. something like Dallas trades a 2nd and Grossman for Barker, Grossman could be valuable right away, and the extra pick may be useful in moving out Huet or Campbell)

    Ask for Campbell's list for the 1st of July so they can trade him from the trade deadline until 45 days later.

    During this time, be willing to trade any of Versteeg, Byfuglien, and Barker, but only if the deal is good. Actively try and trade Huet and Campbell but refuse to listen to offers on Seabrook while the trade window is open. I think its important to be willing to listen to offers on these three because if other GM's think that Chicago may have a lead on trade that gets rid of Campbell they may offer fair value for another player they covet, but if the Window on Campbell closes, you can be sure that all of those fair value trades are taken off the table. I think being stern about Seabrook could cause the other GM's to believe Bowman has something up his sleeve and teams may make better offers on other players because they don't think Seabrook will ever be available. If they can't get a deal done for Campbell, and haven't traded anybody that they would like to, they have the fire sale that everyone is expecting. If they have traded Campbell, they can relax  a little and figure the rest out without nearly as much pressure. Finally, if they haven't traded Campbell, but they have made other trades at good value, they have made the rest of the job that much easier, and likely gained more assets then expected.

    I think the Key is using that window to not only get a deal done for Campbell, but to drive up the price of your other players because teams believe they may not necessarily be on the market. For instance, Montreal is extremely thin on wingers and is a small team, so if they don't think that it's a done deal that Byfuglien is on his way out of Chicago, they may offer a deal that looks something like Gorges and a pick for Byfuglien. Which I believe would be a fairly healthy return, especially for a team that is facing cap problems.
    I don't necessarily think it will work, but it is definitely worth a shot.

    All in all I still don't think Campbell is going anywhere, but at least if they set a deadline for moving him, and are willing to move other players as long as the deal is good during the trade window, it could still be a worthwhile option to explore.

    The main thing I wanted to stress when I made my first posting on this topic was that I think it is really important to set out a strategy which involves who will be moved, and when they may become available. With the amount of space the Hawk's need to create, it would be suicide to stick to the plan of just moving Campbell and if it fails have no back up plan, or no deals on the table for other players because they refused to listen out of some belief that they are going to get one deal done to fix all of their problems.

  19. KingCanada says:

    Yea it definatly would be his safest bet but you are right he will gamble.  Teams always gamble.  If you even look at last year when Florida could of traded JBO for full value (1st rounder, top prospect) yet didnt and still missed the playoffs.  Instead they gambled and only got a late 3rd round pick (came with Leopold as well but he was a UFA who subsequently re-signed with the Cats) for him and look rather foolish for it.

  20. KingCanada says:

    I guess we will have to see who gets injured and who stays cold or gets hot but ur right they do have the option to trade Huet (with assets) to another team.  Even tho he struggled early on he has always had decent stats and is a legitimate starting goaltender.

    Regarding the Pogge trade its definatly just a late round pick and its in 2011.  It only is better if Pogge starts something like 30-40 games threwout this season and the next.  Its currently a 6th and Im not sure which round it moves up to if the conditions are met.  So with Giguere AND Hiller over there that draft pick should remain worthless lol.

  21. KingCanada says:

    Me eigther, Im sure Bowman will gamble when the sensible thing would be to make some deadline trades.  Im really looking forward to the Chicago gongshow which starts July 2010.  Maybe the Leafs can poach a few players.

  22. reinjosh says:

    oh ok. you communicated it oddly
    but yeah i would agree with you

  23. reinjosh says:

    Yeah, your completely right about the fact they need a strategy. The way Bowman is looking like he is running this team, I think he is betting on Campbell being traded easily.
    I also agree that Campbell likely won't move. Their are just too many factors working against the team for them to trade him.
    And they need to think about the future in the offseason and not just the coming season. That is what got them into this mess. I can understand that they would want to go for it again (the cup) but they need to see that going for one more year would cost the team more than if they just make some hard decisions now (the offseason).
    If they play hardball it is going to hurt them.

  24. albertateams says:

    I agree that the Hawks need to have a plan with options A B C etc. that if they can't move Campbell then what is the next plan and the next. If Bouwman doesn't have a plan like that or isn't currently working on one then he is a damn fool.  I think any one of Byfuglien, Versteeg, Barker, or Sharp would be considered to be moved at the right price but those 4 contracts are not bad at all and they can expect a decent return for them as long as they don't paint them selves into a corner as far as time in the offseason. I still disagree that Campbell won't be moved however it will not be easy, if they cannot move him they are most likely going to have to trade 3 of the four players above maybe all four.

    The things that I like about a potential deal with the leafs is that they get a solid puck moving Dman in Campbell (7.14), lose fingers contract (3.5) , It opens up the option of moving Kaberle (4.25)  for a very good return (probably a lst round + prospect +?)in the offseason.
    So you would essentially have
    Campbell replacing Kaberle which is a down grade but,
    2 first rounders, 1 second rounder, Beach and another prospect.
    Plus with Kaberle and Finger off the books it covers Campbell's contract plus and still leaves you with a D that looks like.

    Campbell Beauchemin
    Komisarek Schenn
    White Gunnarson

    or however you want to arrange the pairings. It would be a fantastic deal for the leafs.

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