Possible trade…Kovalev for Tanguay

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During the Canadiens’ televised match on RDS, it was mentionned that some trade rumors have been resurfacing between Calgary and Montreal, much like last year.

Yvon Pedneault, the color commentator for the match mentionned that he heard trade rumors involving Alex Tanguay and Alexei Kovalev. These rumors have been floating around since last year. Any truth to them?

I hope so! We all know how Keenan works. He likes to have HIS players. Tanguay is not one of them. He coached Kovalev during the Rangers’ Stanley Cup run. Tanguay plays a style (soft) that Keenan is not a fan of.

Salary-wise, they are both paid similar amounts. Kovalev is in the last 2 years of his contract and he is paid 4.5M. Tanguay is being paid 5M this year and next year.

Kovalev is a RW and Tanguay is a LW.

For Montreal, that would mean some line shuffling. The second line (for tonight) is : Smoly-Pleks-Kovy.

By adding Tanguay, you could have a line combination of Tanguay-Pleks-Latendresse/Kotsitsyn.

If I was Gainey, I would pull the trigger on this trade fast. Kovy has played extremely well…so far…but we all know his inconsistency.

Also, it was mentionned that scouts from different teams, including San Jose were present at the game. They are looking for some defensive help. Why not give them back Gorges? lol
What do you guys think?

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  1. wingerxxx says:

    They're both skilled enough to play either left or right wing.  Kovalev is one of the most skilled players I've ever seen skate.  Offensively, he can do it all.  Shoot, pass, skate, even play physically when he feels like it.  But he's not getting any younger, and is becoming even more inconsistent than ever. 

    Even if I am Mike Keenan, there is no way I would trade Tanguay for this guy.  With Tanguay, you can pretty much count on about 70-80 points a year and some hard working play.  Kovalev…at this point, you just never know.  He could explode for 90 points, or go in the tank for about 45 points a year.  I could see it happening.  Just about happened last season.

    Even though Tanguay makes more than Kovalev, I'd still take Tanguay any day, over him. 

  2. tatawaka says:

    Saw this possibility in a couple other forums…

    3 way deal involving Habs – Avs – Flames

    Montreal sending Kovalev to Avs along with prospect (maybe Halak)
    Also sending Begin and some picks to Calgary (begin did not play today, and the details on the reason were not disclosed)
    Avs sending Hejduk to Flames (he did not play today as well)
    Flames sending Tanguay to MTL ( he played relatively less today)

    what do you all think?

  3. habswinthecup-again says:

     It goes from Kovalev for Tanguay straight up to us giving up Kovalev, Halak, Begin and picks and we still only get Tanguay meanwhile Calgary gets Kovalev, and Hejduk and only lose Tanguay. Yeah that is a great trade for Montreal, sure.
     Christ I wish people would actually look at the trades and think about them a bit before actually posting them on this site because while there may indeed be a trade possibility involving these 3 teams it sure as hell will not go down like this because this would be one the most uneven trades ever in the NHL.

  4. EddieAVS says:

    dude, THREE way trade. READ first. the Avs get kovalev, not calgary.

    either way, this trade never happens. I still dont get why Hejduk is included in anyones trade rumors. The guy continues to score goals, is a positive team player, makes the least of all 3 players, and already, since his amazing chemistry with Stastny (which started last year) has 4 goals in 5 games.

  5. habswinthecup-again says:

     I know who went where, I was just lumping together all the Habs and picks he suggested giving up just to get Tanguay.

  6. ICELIZARD says:

    I went to see the Habs play the Panthers last night… They did everything but score!  Montreal dominated Florida and yet, they found a way to lose.  It's obvious that the Habs need a goal scorer.  At the present time, if Calgary is willing to part with Tanguay, Gainey should pull the trigger on this trade. 

    As per the trios, they would probably look something like this:
    2. HIGGINS-PLEKANEC-A. KOSTITSYN (played great 2gether last year)
    3. LATENDRESSE-SMOLINSKI-LAPIERRE (he should be back shortly)

  7. Milohabs says:

    I'm not gonna sit here and speculate. I just think that if they can get Tanguay for Kovalev DO IT NOW!! This would be a steal for Montreal and help the locker room at the same time.

    In addition, I still would like to see them send either Dandy or bouillion AND Halak as a package to get another good forward. Maybe throw a pick or prospect in to get a great forward. Someone like Hejduk (not that Colorado need halak).

    Therefore my make believe lines would be

    Higgins       Koivu        Ryder
    Tanguay     Plekanec   (Hejduk or other) – SOLID 2nd line)
    Kostitsyn   Smolinski   Latendresse
    Begin      Chipchura    Kostopoulos

             Komisarek       Markov
             Brise-bye       Hamrlik
             Streit           Bouillion / Gorges (assume Dandy is traded)


  8. eron says:

    Here is the issue with this rumour.  If Tanguay is being traded, it'll be a salary dump.  Kovalev is not a salary dump.  Everyone believes that Tanguay is not a Keenan/Sutter player so Keenan is requesting a guy he knows well in return for him (Kovalev).  I think a more appropriate trade would be Ryder and Halak for Tanguay.  It gives Calgary a stalwart goaltender to back up Kipprusoff, Ryder costs $3M and if they choose to not re-sign him they free up money for Kipper, but it still gives them a 30 goal scorer to play with Iginla and Langkow.

    Unless Sutters thinking is that a million bucks free is enough to get Kipprusoff back and any other holes in the lineup (Conroy, Langkow, Nolan, Hale, etc.) can be filled through prospects (Boyd, D.Ryder and Backlund?) can be filled in, i can't see Kovy to Calgary.

  9. flamingsenator says:

    so i come home from school…and do my daily look around and see the typical leaf complaint article

    i keep reading..and low and behold!…an article that involves the flames

    i personally hate alexi kovolev….he brings baggage
    flames prally dont want a goalie prospect seeing as they have 3(not carey price caliber…but 3 none the less)

    my trade proposal:

    rhett warrener, tanguay and a 2nd
    ryder and Kotsitsyn

  10. solace242 says:

    I can see why Calgary would want to trade Tanguay.  He really hasn't gelled with Iginla and is not what we expected here in Calgary.  His salary is also too high for what he does for us, as we need the money to re-sign Kipper.

    However, Tanguay for Kovalev is not the answer for the Flames.  This is a terrible trade idea, and as a Calgary fan I would not like to see it.  Don't get me wrong- Tanguay needs to go.  But where and for whom should not be a hasty decision that they will regret down the road.  Tanguay still has high value around the league, and would make a great addition to a team trying to push for the cup run late in the season.  I say we hang on to him for now until the right deal comes along.  I've always thought that Scott Gomez would work well with Iginla.  He is struggling with the Rangers right now, so maybe that could be a possibility down the road.

  11. broc says:

    The Flames would never trade one of the most reliable D, a proven reliable scorer, AND a 2nd rounder for Ryder and a guy who has yet to prove he belongs in the league.

    What a terrible trade that is. Flames would never do that- though, JFJ might.

  12. MR40 says:

    Make’s ZERO sense for Calgary. Kovalev is almost a liability. A prospect like Dacvid Fischer or Mikhail Grabovski ATLEAST have to go other way.

  13. tatawaka says:

    like the other guy said, it's a 3 way trade…kovalev goes to Avs along with a prospect. Halak is a suposition.

  14. modk09 says:

    ill drive grabovski to the airport if it gets rid of him AND kovalev!!!!

    also it makes no sense to us because we know the kovy that plays now, but you have to consider that Keenan likes HIS guys and liked kovy in the past which is the only reason this has ANY legs at all

    I dont think it will happen, just saying

  15. Hoondog2 says:

    "Tanguay plays a style (soft) that Keenan is not a fan of."

    Are you talking about Tanguay or Kovalev?  No way is Calgary making this trade!

  16. habsoverserver says:

    This is a legit rumor.  You have similar players and similarly bloated contracts.  Montreal would rather have Tanguay than Kovalav  From what  I understand, Keenan would move Tanguay and has experience getting good performance out of Kovalev. 

    The negative for Montreal is that Tanguay is a playmaker, not a goal scorer.  The Habs lack finishers and have plently of passers.  The negative for Calgary would be Kovalev's lack of focus.  But neither team may be able to do any better and might just give this a shot.

    It is a plausible rumor worthy of discussion.  But by no means is this a done deal, nor is there any pressing reason for it to happen tomorrow. Both Kovalev and Tanguay are playing well. 

  17. nordiques100 says:

    tanguay is 27, does make over 5 mil but had his best season points wise yet in his career with 81 last season. he is a proven point per game player with speed and skill and in his prime.

    kovalev is past his prime at age 34. he's had injury troubles. he is inconsistent and struggled last season with just 43 points. he has speed and skill and makes just under 5 million which would save calgary some dollars but not that much. he also found success under keenan before 13 years ago as a ranger.

    its a great deal……….for the habs only. kovalev is as equally if not more soft than tanguay. it would be foolish for the flames to give up on a talent such as that who has been so consistent already in his career with his prime years ahead of him.

    the age and the production from those players the last couple of seasons shows that this deal would make no sense to calgary.

  18. ryrad8 says:

    if that did happen, i would see that second line as the first line

  19. Rico71 says:

    the age and the production from those players the last couple of seasons shows that this deal would make no sense to calgary.

    I agree. This was mentionned on RDS during the Habs-Panthers game last night. I imagine it could include 1 or more players.

    Both teams are struggling right now and need a change. Kovalev for Tanguay could be considered lopsided, that's certain. I see maybe another player included in the deal. Maybe a guy like Gorges, Dandeneault or even Bégin could be included, unless the Habs add a young guy in the deal. Halak is a possibility. He could be a good backup for Kipper. You never know with Kipper being UFA this summer. Imagine him declining offers made by the Flames and leaving for greener ($$$) pastures? Who will be the goalie then?

    Halak and Kovy for Tanguay sounds good to me.

  20. Rico71 says:

    This would be a bad deal for the Flames.

    Ryder is an UFA this summer. He will go for big money..anywhere, as long as it pays him a lot. Calgary won't have the money if they manage to sign Kipper. Kip is gonna want 6M a year or something close to that. Kostitsyn is still developping…and I'm still not impressed.

    Calgary loses Warrener on defense…who replaces him on the roster? The 2nd rounder is too much to give. Kovy and Kost for War and Tanguay is enough I think. 

    Not a good trade for Calgary for sure. An inconsistent veteran with mood swings and a SLOWLY developping prospect. The 2nd rounder is an unknown bonus.

    Montreal gets a good defenseman and a 1st line player. Montreal has a log jam on defense and they are playing Dandeneault as a 4th line RW right now. Gorges sits and waits for a chance. Ryan O'Byrne is NHL ready and waiting to be called up. That makes 9 potential NHL caliber defensemen. Too many.

    I would love to see a Tanguay for Kovalev and Halak trade.

  21. nordiques100 says:

    yes a young prospect heading to calgary as well would make more sense.

    probably a bit player like begin or gorges wouldnt do it, but halak is intriguing.

    so would maybe one of the kostisyns or one of their blueline prospects.

    whatever it is, a package of players  including prospects will be required  by montreal or any other team looking for a highly skilled forward in his prime.

  22. Rabid_Badger says:

    Ah, the old "trade Dandy or Boullion" package sufaces again.  The Halak part of the equation makes sense; he at least has value due to his potential.  I don't think to many GMs are really eager to trade a good froward, like Hejduk,  for a minor league goalie with limited experience and players that are of dubious value to their current team.  It'd be like Rangers fans saying "let's trade Paul Mara, Marcel Hossa and a 2nd rounder for Saku Koivu and Carey Price".

  23. Rico71 says:

    Gainey mentionned that he will not trade away young players, but he might have to. The offensive has managed an impressive 11 goals in 5 games so far. Half of those goals are PPs and 1 SH. Koivu, Markov and Kovalev have 2 each. Ryder is still looking for his first.

    This team needs an offensive boost. Kovalev after 3 years, still can't manage to play with anyone on the roster. Koivu and him seem to be allergic to each other on the ice. On the PP they work well…but that's it. Carbo persists…stupidly…to try Plekanec with Kovy. IT WON'T WORK! They tried…and will try again tomorrow…Grabovsky and Kostitsyn with him. Grabs can't win faceoffs and can't protect the puck because he actually manages to be the smallest center on the team. This is a team with NO big centers.

    The Canadiens have no one in the organisation that are capable of playing…and producing points…with Kovy.

    They need a guy like Tanguay to set up guys like Kostitsyn and/or Latendresse.

    Getting him would completely change the 2nd line. Tanguay-Plekanec-Kostitsyn/Latendresse would be a good line. Carbo seems obsessed with keeping Higgins-Koivu-Ryder together. Personnally, I would try Tanguay with Ryder and Plekanec. Koivu I would put with Higgins or Latendresse. Guy needs to play on the 1st or 2nd line to produce. Putting him with grit guys like Kostopoulos will not get him to produce.

    Tanguay would change the PP of the Habs also. He is a great playmaker and would be good at setting up guys like Higgins, Ryder.

    I dearly hope this trade happens. The bonus? He is a french canadian. lol

    That's a vastly different debate…lol

  24. mvand77 says:

    lol well then tanguay isn't your guy.. he looks to pass first and if he cant he does something stupid with the puck like shoot it 10 feet wide.  alex tanguay is definitely not a goalscorer, even though he does have a nice shot when he uses it.  i hope calgary doesnt do this trade unless its a three-way like it was suggested and calgary gets a better player than kovalev back.

  25. TheStryker says:

    This is my sugestion

    Kovalev, Begin, Fisher
    Tanguay, Goddard

  26. jody200411 says:

    To Calgary: Kovalev, Halak, Grabovski, 3rd Rounder

    To Montreal: Tanguay, D. Ryder

    Next year Montreal will have a Kostitsyn line and a Ryder line lol


  27. Rico71 says:

    I would do that trade. lol

    Grabovsky is not impressing me at all, Kovy and Halak I already mentionned them. Grab is too puny physically. He gets oved off the puck constantly and can’t win faceoffs. He can improve the faceoffs, not the physique. The guy’s agant let slip that if he can’t play in Montreal this year…he will run back to Russia and play for big bucks. I say…adios. Another Russian player making big demands and whining. We’ve had enough of those guys…Samsonov, Kovalev, Perezoghin, Emelin and now Grabovsky. The Habs need to stop drafting russians.

    Michael’s brother might well end up being the only Ryder playing in Montreal next year. Michael mentionned that this is the year to get the big contract…because of his UFA status. He ain’t gonna get that in Montreal. He is a one-dimensional, bone-headed defensive player. To add to that…he is streaky.

    Bye-bye Ryder. Yeah he scored 85 goals in 3 years…but he can’t do anything else if not standing 10 feet away from the net.

  28. THEGREATHAB says:

    I can see Calgary moving Tanguay, but not for Kovy. It would make more sense for them to take Ryder and Halak for Tanguay, this would also make more sense for Montreal, then they would have two solid scoring lines, The lineup would look like this

    Latandress – Koivu – Higgins
    Tanguay – Pleks – Kovy
    Kostisyn – Gabaovski – Smolinski
    Dandy – Begin – Chipchura

    I like the looks of the first two lines, and I think Lats needs to play with a playmaker to be a scorer.

    This deal also gives Calgary a little salary cap room at the end of the season with Ryder being a UFA, and Kipper would finally have a decent backup.

  29. habsoverserver says:

    My bad, Tanguay has a no trade clause. 

  30. CanDude says:

    uh… Kovy is cheaper for a bit less production. So Tanguay for Kovy straight up is good as far as I'm concerned. MAYBE Kovy plus a pick.

    But Kovy, Halak, Begin, Prospect AND picks just to get Tanguay in the end? That's ridiculous.

  31. micky says:

    Great, another soft player who can't speak english.

  32. neilios says:

    This trade is coming sooner than later boys its believed the trade will look a little something like this.This is coming from TSN,and these where the players being mentioned.

    To Flames-Kovalev,Dandenault,and Chipchura
    To Habs-Tanguay and Lombardi

    Thats what the latest is and it dont look like a bad deal at all.

  33. glennbauer says:

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  34. MR40 says:

    That looks like HORRIBLE deal for Calgary, Btw TSN did NOT report this. Give me a link, and i'll believe you.

  35. solace242 says:

    That trade will never happen.  How about coming from it so that both teams get something worth while?  You get something of value- you give something of value.  Is everyone here from the East???  Jesus!

  36. TheCanadianHozer says:

    There is no way that a team gives up a Hejduk caliber  player only to get Dandy (no value) and Halak. Obviously Halak is your main "draw" on this trade, but you can get a much better goalie for a player like Hejduk (meaning someone at or near his level).

    I can see the Habs geting Tanguay, not just for Kovalev, we'd have to throw something else in as well ie a prospect (a decent one but not one of the main guys). The only reason I can see this happening is because of the strain of Carbo-Kovalev one of them has to go at some point, and if you can actually get something in return for Kovalev (it wasn't long ago that you could not) then you have to take advantage of his temp high value.

  37. TheCanadianHozer says:

    Kovalev just needs the right coach in order for him to play well. I really don't think that Carbo(more experience with young players) has what it takes yet to deal with Kovy.

    I think he could do very well in Calgary.

  38. habsrock99 says:

    Grabovski's not impressing you??? Did you not see that awesome spinarama? Yeah, he didn't score but he was also off balance and like 15 feet from the net but impressive nonetheless. I say, move Grabovski to the wing, no pressure to win faceoff's and could do some real damage as a scorer seeing has a nose for the net, something lacking in Monreal. Screw Michael Ryder, he's got 0 goals in 5 games so far and has practically been a ghost thus far, if he wants the big bucks but isn't willing to play for them, let the guy go and give Grabovski his RW spot. (maybe not Grabovski but the point's still there)

  39. habsrock99 says:

    Kyle Chipchura better not get traded!!! The guy's looked GREAT so far though the scoresheet says otherwise but seeing as Chipchura is a defensive 3rd line, future Captain type player, the score sheet ISN'T what he does best.

  40. billypilgrim says:

    Not going to happen. Wish it was, but really don't think so. Kovalev was a rookie when Keenan coached him. Since then he's become a stubborn under-achiever who publicly criticizes his coach. Unless he starts giving his all every night, he's not that interesting to other teams.
    Ryder and Huet are both UFAs after this season so expect them to be traded if Montreal can get someone interesting in return.

  41. solace242 says:

    That's cause you are a hab fan and don't know his real value.  I wouldn't give up anything on the roster for him.

  42. AlexeiYashin says:

    I have receive many phone call from Montreal. They are very interested in what I can bring to organization. I have to tell Locomotiv that I no longer wish to play for such a junk team. I will be trade to Montreal for Alexei "I am a Weiner" Kovalev, and I will cure male urinary track infection in dogs with my mind power.

  43. 93213 says:

    This isn't that riduculous, but I think Tanguay's value long term is much higher. It isn't as if Kovalev is loved in Montreal. Really though the Flames are closer to a cup so maybe it's a quick offensive fix?

    Seems like Iggy, Langkow and Tanguay are clicking pretty good thogh now so I don't see it.
    Although I do have Tanguay in my fantasy pool. Not sure if it would help or hurt me if he did become a Hab….
    On a totally irrelevent fantasy note, would you drop Naslund or Comrie if you had to drop one? Keep in mind Comrie has had a great start and plays on the top line on a more offencively mindedd team…

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