Possible trade…Kovalev for Tanguay

Ed Wolfstein/Icon SMI

During the Canadiens’ televised match on RDS, it was mentionned that some trade rumors have been resurfacing between Calgary and Montreal, much like last year.

Yvon Pedneault, the color commentator for the match mentionned that he heard trade rumors involving Alex Tanguay and Alexei Kovalev. These rumors have been floating around since last year. Any truth to them?

I hope so! We all know how Keenan works. He likes to have HIS players. Tanguay is not one of them. He coached Kovalev during the Rangers’ Stanley Cup run. Tanguay plays a style (soft) that Keenan is not a fan of.

Salary-wise, they are both paid similar amounts. Kovalev is in the last 2 years of his contract and he is paid 4.5M. Tanguay is being paid 5M this year and next year.

Kovalev is a RW and Tanguay is a LW.

For Montreal, that would mean some line shuffling. The second line (for tonight) is : Smoly-Pleks-Kovy.

By adding Tanguay, you could have a line combination of Tanguay-Pleks-Latendresse/Kotsitsyn.

If I was Gainey, I would pull the trigger on this trade fast. Kovy has played extremely well…so far…but we all know his inconsistency.

Also, it was mentionned that scouts from different teams, including San Jose were present at the game. They are looking for some defensive help. Why not give them back Gorges? lol
What do you guys think?