Post-deadline rumors

Latest on Carter, Sundin, Tucker, Streit, Niedermayer, Redden, Morrison, and possible UFA’s

One month after the NHL trade deadline, the first post-deadline rumors have started to trickle in.The Boston Globe reports that the Philadelphia Flyers may try to trade C Jeff Carter after the season, instead of signing him to a wealthy long-term extension.

Carter is set to become a restricted free agent on July 1st.

It is well known that the Flyers tried to trade Carter to the Toronto Maple Leafs for all-star D Tomas Kaberle, but Kaberle declined to waive his no-trade clause.

Meanwhile, according to the Ottawa Sun, the Leafs might decide to buy-out Darcy Tucker if he continues to refuse to waive his no-trade clause.

Tucker has 3-years and $9 M left on his contract.

If the Leafs decide to proceed with a buyout, they would be responsible for two-thirds of his salary, or about $6 M, which could be spread out over 6 seasons at a cap hit of $1 M.

It is widely expected that a number of prominent Leaf players like Tucker and Pavel Kubina will not be back next year.

Damien Cox of The Star reports that Mats Sundin’s future with the Leafs remains in doubt. Cox states that Matt Stajan would be a good choice to inherit the captaincy from Sundin, even if Mats returns next season with the Leafs. (Bizarre)

Mike Zeisberger of The Sun reports that Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher this year’s UFA talent pool won’t be as deep as previous years, but he believes some good players may be available.

Some possible UFA’s include Marian Hossa, Brian Campbell, Cory Stillman, Wade Redden, as well as Kristian Huselius, Sean Avery, Ryan Malone, Markus Naslund, Michael Ryder and John-Michael Liles.

TFP reports that the Montreal Canadiens will be holding contract negotiations with rising star Mark Streit at the end of the season.

The 30-year old is enjoying a career-year and is set to become a UFA this summer.

Streit was Montreal’s ninth-round pick (262nd overall) in 2004. He is making $600,000 this season.

Dan Wood reports that Anaheim D Scott Niedermayer has not yet decided on whether he will be returning for another season.

Meanwhile, Ducks GM Brian Burke said he won’t give Niedermayer an unlimited amount of time to decide.

The Ottawa Sun reports that there ave been no discussions between the Ottawa Senators and D Wade Redden about a contract extension.

The paper says Redden will need to take a significant pay cut to stay in Ottawa, much less than the $6.5 million he’s currently making.

According to Tony Gallagher of the Vancouver Province, Vancouver GM Dave Nonis wants to re-sign C Brendan Morrison rather than lose him to this summer’s UFA market.

Gallagher states that Morrison is too valuable to lose to free agency, despite his injuries. He believes that Morrison could seek a four year contract.

The Denver Post reports that Colorado D John-Michael Liles can be a UFA this summer, but wants to stay with the Avalanche.

The 27-year-old is believed to be looking for a long-term agreement.

As reported by Spector, John Glennon of the Tennessean states that Nashville needs to decide on who’s going to be their starting goalie next season, Chris Mason or Dan Ellis.

Mason is slated to make $3 million per season for two years. However, the Predators are in a bind because Mason lost his starter’s job to Ellis this season, and Ellis is eligible to become a UFA status this summer.

The New York Islanders have yet to approach coach Ted Nolan about a contract extension. Islanders GM Garth Snow refused to comment.

40 Responses to Post-deadline rumors

  1. morrissey says:

    How about RFA's that could be potential to receive an offer sheet?

    I'm a little worried about the Habs A.Kostitsyn but hopefully, having his brother with him, playing on the top line with a good mentor like Kovalev and for a winning team will be enough to dissuade him from signing an offer if he gets one.

  2. LeafsNation91 says:

    I can see why the Leafs would give Stajan captaincy.

    Did anyone see the way he played without Sundin? He played like a true captian. I love Mats and all, but the team seems to play better without him in the lineup. I think it is because the young players believe that this is their team when he is not their. The Leafs have been revolving around Sundin for over a decade, and now they shown its time for a change.

    I wonder if the Leafs could trade Antropov for a second rounder at the deadline?

    Wow, now were threatening our players with buyouts, this would never happen if JFJ was still in. It's about time the Leafs had a GM with balls.

  3. Kramer says:

    All of these rumors are fed to newspapers deliberately by the mafia.  These "families" also own the newspapers and half the NHL teams.  What a scam!

  4. redlight2424 says:

    na na na na he he goodbye sucker

  5. habswinthecup-again says:

     Gainey is not going to let it get that far, he will have Kostitsyn and Komisarek signed before anyone can give them an offer sheet.

  6. markjohnston says:


    did you see that offside last night in the leafs game?

    if that wasn't a conspiracy, I don't know what is!

    ask your source and see what he knows. could be a juicy sausage, if you catch my punn!

  7. terry_turbo says:


    Leafs blow arse chunks. Now it has been proven once again.

    why are you still holding on to Sundin, he's garbage. if they had traded him away they might of got some decent players and a possible birth in the playoffs.

    Toronto sucks!

    Go Whalers

  8. Garny says:

    Stajan as a captain I cn realistically see, i believe he is the team nhlpa leader as well.
    Dealing jeff carter I believe is a bad decision as he is young and not even in his prime yet and won't ask for big money yet, sign to a 2-3 year contract.
    Habs must re-sign Streit, leader in the dressing room and big reason for the big year.  Same with morrison, over the past few years, bad year this year but he will bounce back
    I'd re-sign Dan Ellis, you can afford it, Mason has had a sopomore slump as to say after taking #1 role from Vokoun last year he faulterd this year.
    He should rebound.
    And Isles wouldn't differ one bit if Nolan or anyone else was behind the bench, they would stil lsuck.

  9. Garny says:

    doesn't appear it was an offside, no call on the play, linesman was right there.  Maybe it wouldn't of resulted in a goal if Straalman attempted to stop him rather than attempt to run the lines himself.

  10. Garny says:

    ya go whalers!?…go right on to Carolina and win a cup in Raleigh

  11. habstruefan says:

    They have to get rid of Darcy sucker and his overpaid contract.As for Sardine,he might not come back,hell do you blame him after what they put him through this year.The organization has no f**k en class when it tried to get rid of Sardine.Most of all laughs fan think that all players in nhl want to play for them.Well i beg to differ.

    For the organization and the laughs fan,there's an old saying for ya


  12. leniwm1 says:

    u herd it here first, Neids back to jersey and he and marty will retire together!

  13. habswinthecup-again says:

     Just heard on Rock101, a radio station from Vancouver that Gina Luongo has had her baby it is a girl named Gabriella, congrats to the Luongo's. They also said that Roberto is already in Minnesota and will play tonight.

  14. BruMagnus says:

    I just have to say:

    OMG! I hope the Canucks organization continues to prove their idiocy and re-signs the bum that is Morrison to a 4-year contract!! I know 100% that my Canucks friends would be mortified by such a dim-witted move! And yet it wouldn't surprise any of them and they'd just sigh and close their eyes for the thousandth time, and NOT for the last time!

  15. BruMagnus says:

    Congrats to him and his wife!

    So much for all my crystal gazing…

  16. Hoondog2 says:

    The problem is the players on the team need to try and make a difference when Sundin is in the lineup as well as out.  Sundin should still be on this team, it is the supporting leadership that needs to go: Tucker, Blake, McCabe all have to be moved or bought out, it is necessary to move forward.

  17. Hoondog2 says:

    Actually it was Kronwall, and he was never going to catch someone who was three feet offside. It doesn’t matter anyway.

  18. Hoondog2 says:

    terry_gaybo – you suck

  19. leafy says:

    It certainly looked offside.  The officiating in general stinks.  But in the end, one tree will not salvage a forest.

    Think that's bad?  The biggest blown offside call was in the 1980 Stanley Cup Final.  A key NY Islander goal was about 7-feet offside.  It may have cost Philly the Cup…just ask Pat Quinn.

  20. modk09 says:

    "One month after the NHL trade deadline, the first post-deadline rumors have started to trickle in"

    If you want these rumors, got to spectors, he posts them all EVERYDAY and hasnt missed a day since the deadline…

  21. Clearly says:

    Sundin sucks? Future Hall of Famers usually don't suck.

  22. HABSSTAR says:

    Well of course Neidermeyer hasn't decided yet!  It isn't half way into the next season.  I still have a hard time believing that this wasn't some type of Brian Burke gimmick to get by the cap, him and Selanne?  Come on!

  23. LeafsNation91 says:

    I think Sundin is the first to go, it will send a huge statement to the Leafs organization if they do that.

    I like Blake, though he only scored 15 goals, he has quietly added 35 assist showing he has done some work in his stay in Toronto.

    I like threatening players with buyouts though, haha.

  24. LeafsNation91 says:

    I guess you have nt been watching hcokey for awhile because the Whalers left a long time ago…

  25. LeafsNation91 says:

    Wouldn't be talking crap about Sundin because he has been having a great year without a supporting cast…

    Future hall of famer…

  26. the_next_agent says:

    i think the Flyers should trade Carter.  They already have Richards and Briere as their top 2 centers, so why waste Richards talent when they can trade him for Winger or a D-man.  I think since he was on his way to Toronto at the deadline he might be heading their this summer.  This way the Leafs get a number one center that they need seeing as they aren't going to get Stamkos or Beech

    To Leafs: Cater
    To Flyers: Stralman

  27. modk09 says:


    they wanted Kabby but theyll take stralmen??? Since Kubina is playing as your best Dman right now and is the only one they can trade this off season, you MIGHT be able to trade Kubina AND one of your younger guys or a 1st for Carter who has proven since the deadline that he is better than briere and is worth more than kabs alone even though kabs is great

  28. 33 says:

    i think so to toronto should try and trade for him or offer him a contract  . he would be good for the leafs and for the future .. and to get more money get rid of kubina,mcabe, tucker,bell,raycroft

  29. Kramer says:

    Great point bud.  Nice to see somebody open their eyes to the conspiracy going on.  After watching that game against Boston, one could see which side the bookies were rooting for.  I'll bet even the refs themselves operate their own bookie joints.

  30. Kramer says:

    The linesman saw the offside and he ignored it on purpose, because he's one of the guys on the bookie payroll.  Man, so many of the sweet kids on this site are so naive, they think Tocchet was the only guy gambling on games.

  31. mojo19 says:

    Damien Cox of The Star reports that Mats Sundin's future with the Leafs remains in doubt. Cox states that Matt Stajan would be a good choice to inherit the captaincy from Sundin, even if Mats returns next season with the Leafs.

    Everyone knows Damian Cox is a closet Mats hater, and he writes this because he knows Sundin is poised to break Armstrong's record as longest serving Captain of the Maple Leafs by the middle of next season.

  32. leafy says:

    Yeah I found that statement to be very odd.  Not because he suggests offering the captaincy to Stajan, but rather because he says they should do it "even if Mats returns next season".

    WOW!  That's a very powerful statement.  Very disrespectful way to treat a guy who's been your best player the past 14 years.

    And this is coming from Cox, the same guy who criticizes Leaf management for the way they treated Dave Keon.

    Well, Damien, guess what?  Keon was stripped of his captaincy, which is exactly what you're suggesting the Leafs should do to Sundin.

  33. leafy says:

    To clarify the last point about Dave Keon, he wasn't officially stripped of his captaincy, but he was pushed out by Ballard and treated like crap.  See link.

    In essence, Cox is suggesting the Leafs also treat Sundin like crap (which would happen if you give the captaincy to another player even if Sundin returns next season).

  34. BruMagnus says:

    I agree it's a ridiculous statement to make.

    but objectively speaking, wasn't Mats a bad captain this trade deadline for not doing what his team and fans really wanted of him? wasn't he selfish?

  35. redlight2424 says:

    so as the leafs ha ha ha

  36. Canadiens81 says:

    I'm a huge fan of both Kostitsyn brothers but I think Sergei will be better.  I would be sad to see Andrei go but the compensation for his leaving via offer sheet is 4 first round draft picks so i'd rather see him stay but if its for in the range of 5mil per year i would let him go.

  37. Canadiens81 says:

    That would never happen.  I can see Kaberle to Philly for Carter and a 1st rounder.  Philly is probably going to end up in the 15-20 for thier 1st round pick which would be a pretty good pick.  I think this would be a great trade for Toronto.  And seeing as i'm a Habs fan I hope it doesn't happen.

  38. CanadianbornPlaya says:

    I wonder "if" the Leafs could trade Antropov for a second rounder, period.
    I was suprised to see that he is a plus 8 on the season, considering he is one of the top 5 poorest skaters in the league. On any other team Antropov is a third liner making near the league minimum.
    Any value Antropov has is directly linked to Captain Sundin. Most of Antropov's goals are garbage goals. I have seen him shovel the puck,a defender and the goalie into the net (while falling on top of everyone) a few times this season. I have also seen Sundin bank the puck off this guy and score while he(Antro) is looking in the other direction (which Antro gets credit for). At 6' 6" he should be able to throw some major body checks, except he can't move around quickly on the ice, so he's not really intimidating. Basically,if a fridge could skate I think your money would be equally well spent, he's got hands like feet.
    Antropov was drafted in 98, when the rules were very different and the style of play was different. Speed has neutralized gooney players like Antropov. If the game had not changed he may have  been a better player, BUT, it has and he's maybe worth a 2nd rounder. I could see a team like Detriot taking him. He could stand in front of the net and everyone could bank pucks off of him.
    Leaf fans can thank Ken Dryden for bit of prospecting. He only missed Tanguay, Regehr, Simone Gagne, Gomez,  2nd Round Ribero, Brad Richards, Eric Cole, Shaun Horcoff and numerous others.
    Habs drafted Andrei Markov in the 6th round that year. Ryder in the 8th.
    Sens got Chris Neil in the 6th as well.
    Wings got Datsyuk @ 171st overall. (Lucky Luc 1984) The STEAL of the draft.

  39. mojo19 says:

    Well Bru, that's a whole discussion unto itself isn't it? Short answer yes, long answer, no. Let's just leave it at that.

    Still I don't agree with taking the C away from a guy who stays with the team if he's been the captain and been with the team for a while (cough cough Mike Modanno)

  40. BruMagnus says:

    Agreed with that. If he stays with the team, anything less than the C is an insult.

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