Postma most likely candidate for trade

Paul Postma is the most attractive and moveable asset the Winnipeg Jets own, so expect to hear his name quite a bit as NHL trade talks heat up.

For what the Jets want — a forward adding size and skill — GM Kevin Cheveldayoff will have to dangle serious bait. Postma, at this stage, best fits that description.

The caveat, however, is Cheveldayoff won’t send off a promising young blue-liner like Postma unless there’s a lot coming back. He doesn’t have to win the deal, but he must get equal value. That will be a tall order and likely where trade talk concerning Postma will begin and eventually end.

Cheveldayoff, if he elects to do so, will want to trade from a position of strength, which eliminates the forward and goaltending positions.

But Winnipeg’s blue-line does have some depth and Postma is the one moveable asset with market value.

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  1. KDJet says:

    If Chevy can flip Postma and a draft pick for Ryan O’Reilly that would be great for the Jets. The Jets need some character up front. The Jets are playing like slugs. They need to play with some passion.

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