Potential Unrestricted Free Agents for 2006-07

There has been many people wondering what the class of 2006-07 unrestricted free agents will look like. I will attempt to put together a list of such free agents. From the rules as stated on the NHL.com website a player will be unrestricted in 2006 if he is 29 years old with 4 years experience or has 8 seasons in the NHL.

As sources, I am using the free agent tracker on sportsnet.ca to find out who signed where and for how long in order to figure out the players who signed 1 year deal and would be eligible for UFA. for ages and years of experience i am using the star.com under their waymoresports page. And I am using an a chart found under one of the old CBA proposals made by the league back in December 2004 that listed players under contract for the 06-07 season. I found that on the NHL.com website.

Sifting through all this data, I have come up with this tenative list give or take a few players. It may not be 100% accurate but will give us a general idea who is out there. Only the more prominent names are listed.


Marc Savard


Brian Leetch

Sergei Samsonov


Daniel Briere

Jay McKee

Martin Biron



Olli Jokinen


Saku Koivu

New Jersey

Patrick Elias

Jeff Friesen

Jamie Langenbrunner

NY Islanders

Mark Parrish

NY Rangers

Tom Poti


Wade Redden

Zdeno Chara

Dom Hasek


Kim Johnsson


Dick Tarnstrom

Tampa Bay

Pavel Kubina


Jason Allison

Eric Lindros

Bryan McCabe


Dainus Zubrus

Brendan Witt

Olaf Kolzig


Petr Sykora

Keith Carney


Steven Reinprecht



Karlis Skrastins


David Vyborny

Marc Denis


Jason Arnott

Phillip Boucher

Marty Turco


Brendan Shanahan

Niklas Lidstrom


Ryan Smyth

Mike Peca

Radek Dvorak

Los Angeles

Mattias Norstrom

Jeremy Roenick


Willie Mitchell

Dwayne Roloson


Danny Markov


Derek Morris

Denis Gauthier

San Jose

Alyn MacCauley

Evgeny Nabokov

St Louis

Doug Weight


Ed Jovanovski

There is not the star studded cast that may have happened had not so many stars sign long term deals like Marleau, Thornton, Iginla, Lecavalier. But this group of free agents is still a very deep cast. if a team were looking to next summer and grabbing some of that talent available, they will find alot of guys who could help their teams.

Lets take the Toronto Maple Leafs for instance. The Leafs will have tied up 10 million to 4 players. Mats Sundin, Darcy Tucker, Jeff O’Neill and Tie Domi. They will need to put aside some money to sign their key restricted free agents like Matt Stajan and Tomas Kaberle. If say 4 million is used up for those two then that would bring the team’s payroll to 14 million for 6 players. Toronto would then have anywhere from 20-25 million available to spend and 16-17 roster spots to fill. The amount available could be more if revenues go up or less if revenues go down thus bringing down the cap. They also have to determine if they wish to bring back their key UFAs in Allison, Lindros and Mccabe, as well as fill out their roster with their prospects, other RFAs and cheap veterans.

Though 20 million plus sounds like alot to work with, you can begin to understand why the Leafs are much more inclined to include the bonuses due to Jason Allison on this year’s cap rather than next year. losing 3 million is a loss of a quality player. they will want as much money available to go after any of those potential free agents available.

There are so many options for Toronto. If Allison and Lindros play well this year, a return next year is not out of the question. But they could go after a player like Arnott and/or Peca to replace them and keep Toronto with 3 solid centres.

The team needs help on the wings now never mind next season, but they could target guys like Sykora, Elias or Samsonov in an effort to find the right guy to play with Sundin.

The team could bring back McCabe and add to the defence with some solid 2nd tier guys like McKee, Witt, Poti, Johnsson or Carney. Or outright replace McCabe with the likes or Redden or Jovanovski.

And Belfour has an option on his contract that likely wont be picked up. That will mean either re-signing him to a lower contract or bringing in someone new like Marty Turco.

In other words, if your team has set themselves up with a healthy amount of cap room. and if on the off chance the cap numbers rise, then a team could really reshape themselves next summer and go after some pretty prominent free agents.

It is a long ways away, but we will see how things play out during this season and see who ends up being the big catch for next summer. Until then, lets sit back and watch a great season in the NHL.

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  1. Montrealsdogg says:

    and who’s to say they will get anything more then the 4.something per year anywhere else? if the cap goes down, the price goes down everywhere.

    also, you seem to think you know your stuff, was it a sure thing that the Sens were over the cap with Hossa?

  2. Montrealsdogg says:

    are all Hab fans really that *****y?? every year we do not state that we will win the Cup, since the early 90’s the team has been fighting for their playoff lives so under no cir*****stances do we believe to have the best team that will win the Cup again and again. THAT sir, is the reason why your statement is bogus and full of crap, you Leaf fans think that every year is your year and that EVERY PLAYER you sign or get in trade will get you over that hump… Hasn’t happened yet, and likely won’t happen this year.

  3. bunks says:

    Because they are 2 of the best d-men in the league, and will get fair market value, which will be far more than 4 mil, you *****ing retard! think about nieds ***** face.

    and yes ya stup., they would have easily been over the cap with hossa and devries salary…nice trick question asshole?

    how bout you give yourself head!

    peace faggot

  4. bunks says:

    just don’t leave them…that’s all. i thought you would have killed yourself already? and muchies, it is clear that it is you that is truly angry…using upper case lettering to emphasize “LEAVE” and “BUNKS”…wow, baby steps? do you know what latency means? i think you should take your own advice.

    get well soon.

  5. bunks says:

    what…are you a representative for all habs fans…beat it! how bout you stop disin’ the leafs if you even admit that your team sucks? aight. and even though you rub your puss all over your crystal ball on a nightly basis, dosen’t mean your predictions have any theoretical legitimacy.

    quit hatin’ fag.

  6. muckies says:


    i looked up latency because i didn’t know what it meant.

    :personality development that extends from the ages of five to the beginning of puberty and during which sexual urges often appear to lie dormant.

    Good to see you are seeing a psychologist, once you get over the repressed sexuality, talk to him about your anger.

  7. Uhockeycrybabies says:

    Ahh just let the teams compete, whatever happens happens. As far as playoffs are concerned, whether you are 1st or 8th, you still need to win 16 games for the prize. Will the leafs suck?, I hope not, but who knows. All I know is one thing, and I side with the leaf fans on this, whoever criticizes the leafs, I would once like to hear what team they cheer for.

  8. dcz28 says:

    I read most of your posts bunk and i have to say you should keep talking about the Leafs cuz you do not know anything about the Sens situation…plus you calling people fags and all the other crap does not make you sound too smart

    Chara and Redden will both be re-signed long term…i know you want Ottawa to lose one so the Leafs can sign him but that will not happen and like Neely said Lidstrom will be with the Wings or back home to Sweden

  9. dcz28 says:

    I dont think Sundin would put them over the top for a couple of reasons:

    1. they would be trading away a good young canadian kid and a good winger for one centre

    2. the salary of Sundin is more then both of them combined as it stands for this season and then they would lose Chara or Redden because of lack of cap space

    3. they need more canadians or power forwards that will play hard in the playoffs

    all the Leaf fans say that they have too many Euro players and not enough canadians to win but you want them to give Spezza and Havlat for another Euro

    player…dont get me wrong i like Sundin and he is a very good player and big plus he shows up in the playoffs but i dont think with that deal the Sens would be a better team when you factor his salary and age

    What would really put them over the top would be players like Thornton, Bertuzzi, Shane Doan, Lecavalier, Primeau, maybe even Ryan Smith but for what they would have to give and the salary that those guys make its almost impossible that any of those would be going to the Sens…i dont see it happening anytime soon and i would not hold my breath about any of them comming here

    Ps…when i named the players that would put them over the top i meant one of them not all of them although that would make for some good Sens vs Leafs games lol

  10. dcz28 says:

    that would be a good trade for both talent wise but money wise it would not be good for the Sens if they want to keep the core of the team for a couple of more years but it sounds better then Spezza and Havlat for Sundin

    but for some odd reason i dont see those two teams as trade partners…i wonder why lol

  11. bunks says:

    retard, latency means underlying. please don’t embarrass yourself.

  12. kwo1500 says:

    You moron, you insulted Ronnie Francis!!!

  13. muckies says:

    The anger Bunky, are you sure you don’t want to come to Ottawa?

    Did you get laid yet?

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