Predators eyeing Lindros

Speculation yesterday in Nashville yesterday suggested the Predators have interested in unrestricted free agent Eric Lindros, reports The Tennessean.

Predators GM David Poile, however, said Lindros is an interesting option but isn’t at the top of his wish list.

“We’ve talked about most everybody,” Poile told the newspaper. “On our boards we’ve got different groupings of different players and we have his name in an area of some interest. But right now we’re talking to other people.”

The Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers are also reportedly interested in Lindros’ services

Lindros has totaled 356 goals, 461 assists and 1,285 penalty minutes in his ten-year NHL career.

10 Responses to Predators eyeing Lindros

  1. -Swizz- says:

    i think lindros should go to a team like nashville….less pressure type team…

  2. evilnick88 says:

    I can’t believe anyone is thinking of bringing in Lindros. He’s a locker room cancer and he brings his insane parents with him.

    I don’t really care for the Predators but they’re a rather young, upcoming team and I hope they don’t screw things up…

  3. future_agent says:

    Lindros will end up a leaf. He wants to come home to the blue and white. And JFJ has to sign someone.

    TML should sign Anson Carter, Bring Him Home!

  4. Aetherial says:

    Actually, I think a lot of that is behind him. In fact, I do remember reading that he was good in the locker room for the Rangers.

  5. masarume says:

    Happy he isn’t a Leaf. G’ Luck too him.

  6. RaGsHoCkEy88 says:

    he was an inspiration in the locker room while on the rangers. i hate to see him have to leave along with leetch and messier. soo get ur facts straight. the last time we heard about his parents was how long ago??

  7. mikster says:

    Lindros was an awesome teammate for the Rangers. The “cancer” crap was stirred by the Flyers media and Clarke himself.

    He was always pushing, everyone liked him. He’s far from being a locker room cancer. I’ll miss him for his work ethic, competitiveness, and off ice qualities in NYC.

  8. Resmo112 says:

    i think lindros should retire….not good… smells like cabbage… keeps his head down. i’m gonna piss everyone off if i don’t calm down, WINGS DO SOMETHING.

  9. wingerxxx says:

    This would actually make a lot more sense for Lindros than going to a team like Toronto, which really has no practical need for him. He’d get quality minutes on a team like Nashville, which could use some help at center ice. At the same time, they know the risks they take in signing him, injury wise.

  10. Gnashpred says:

    This actually makes sense for the team – signing a “name ” player like Lindros is a way to get people in the seats for games – even if it is initially for the curiosity factor. There are better quality players that aren’t as recognizable, but would not be a benefit to the bottom line in ticket sales.

    Toronto would be too much of a pressure cooker for Lindros, and Nashville would give him a team with an upside to play for.

    NHL wise it is better to get some recognition for “smaller market” teams with a name like Lindros.

    I think it would be a good signing for the team, Lindros, and league.

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