Predators Season Preview

I see all of these previews and predictions, so I decided, how hard can it be? Some of you may not care about this team, but let’s try to make it interested and I won’t take up much of your time, deal?Alright, let’s get started shall we? I’ll go ahead and get the guessing of who’s on which line out of the way, since that’s the information in most of these :





Now for the fun part, DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS! :




Jason York: IR

Ok, now to explain if any of this adds up, since I’m sure that the D-pairings and the 4th line are confusing.

Line 1:

well, I think you guys can see that line 1 is going to carry the offensive load for a while, best talent there, expected best scoring productioin, but you never know

Line 2:

“dark horse” of the team if you will. Hartnell and Johnson can be a force when healthy, and Adam Hall was quite impressive in his first full year. Great on the powerplay if you add Hall, hopefully Hartnell can live up to his potential this year and chip in 25 goals or so, Hall is going to break the 20 goal plateau and there’s no reason Johnson shouldn’t, if he’s healthy, that is.

Line 3:

Here’s an interesting one. I wanted to keep Erat with Arkhipov and Orszagh, but well, I was checking the Preds roster and I just didn’t see him on it…but yeah, if Arkhipov plays like he did in 2001-2002, it should be a productive line, Orszagh is going to get his 15-20 goals, Rem Murray provides just a bit of size that the line needs, 10 goal production for him, hopefully i’m underestimating the guy.

Line 4:

Ok, guys. Here’s where it could get a bit interesting. Lots of rookies on this team just trying to make the roster, I already have 2 making the team in Tootoo and Upshall. Mackenzie should be a physical force to make sure neither of those 2 get bullied around (Tootoo is about 5’7 and Scotty Upshall really isn’t that much bigger) Not to take anything away from Upshall or Tootoo, both of them are feisty players, but Mackenzie can help them out. Let’s not forget he won a cup last year, hopefully experience points pay off and he can teach them some things.

Ahh the wonderful D-pairings, let’s just get on with this, it has to be fun!

Pairing 1 :

Timonen and York are far and away the top defensive line that they can throw out there. Both can play 24:00 minutes a game, respectable +/- rating. Both are pretty offensive (good at scoring, not saying, “yo mama,” after hitting someone) Fairly experienced, Timonen is one of the team’s leaders, and they can both do damage on the powerplay.

Pairing 2:

Mark Eaton, oh where has thou been. I’ve always liked watching him play. He’s got the talent needed, now it’s time for him to get the experience. As for Jaime Allison, he’s a pretty run of the mill guy. Not an insult what so ever. We need a guy that’s played in the league for a while like he has, he has a bit of experience on a team that’s lacking a ton, he’s needed.

Pairing 3:

Here’s the fun one. Just like the final line of forwards, they’re going even younger. Hamhuis should make the team, he has the gifts, soft hands, hard shot, good passer. Just not so sure about his defensive ability yet, I hear good things at least. Good instincts, should make the team. Now as for Kloucek : He’s a young, big guy, who can make an impact if he’s motivated.

Zidlicky : If he makes the team watch out, from the things I hear this guy has a cannon and is a very good passer, maybe a quarterback on the 2nd powerplay unit after Timonen,eh? We shall see.

If you’re actually still reading this, I commend you. I haven’t even gotten to the goalies yet. So, here’s a quick overview of them.

TOMAS VOKOUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A bit of an overstatement, but just showing who the starter is. Lasak is a good backup, he’s been making progress the last few years in the minors. I still have faith in Brian Finley developing, but it’s hard to get the time, since Nashville has been getting a ton of good young goalies running through the system. (i.e. Dunham, Vokoun, Mason, Lasak, etc.)

I’m hoping for that wonderful 8th playoff seed in the west, thank you for reading if you did. Go Preds.

12 Responses to Predators Season Preview

  1. Tradedude says:

    You lost me in the first paragraph.

  2. cwthrash says:

    It’ll be tough with all those rookies. They may not play too consistent in their first year, just like most other newcomers to the league. In a few years, their impact will most definitely be felt.

    Still though, if they play as a team then they could cause some trouble. Maybe not playoff caliber, but it’s too hard to say until they’ve actually taken the ice. I’d like to see them make a run for the playoffs, to tick off the other “powers” in the west if nothing else.

    If they stay healthy and focused, the Preds are worth watching.

  3. distance7 says:

    If they can get consistent play out of just a few of their rookies they’ll go further than alot of people give them credit. They’re a VERY young team, so if not this year, then next year. But I still think they can do it this year.

  4. jon95616 says:

    That 4th line would be fun to watch.

    Still lacking firepower in your top 6 forwards. Need to acquire a legitimate go to 30-40 goal guy at some point.

    I could see them going for the 8th spot though, if they get good goaltending and D.

  5. Slavik says:

    well perhaps the preds could make 8th you never know but two guys to look out for are Kloucek and tootoo i think he will end up alot like the canucks matt cooke,and Kloucek well i know he can hit hard, so hey you literally gotta lookout for the guy.

  6. Doppelganger says:

    In order for the Preds to make the playoffs Tomas Vokoun is going to have to win the Vezina and Hart trophies. Might as well give him the Jennings too because the team is going to score. Give him the Norris because he is going to have to be the best defensemen. Give him the Selke too because he will be their best defenseive forward. Maybe he could shoot a little more and take some shots for the Richard.

    Seriously though, The Preds have a small chance but I would love to see them spoil things for some teams. Nothing would be sweeter than seeing the offensive laden Avalanche get shut down by Vokoun despite outshooting them 55-20.

    Also Greg Johnson is a really nice guy. In fourth grade his girlfriend was my substitue teacher and I got his rookie card autographed. I know that is completely irrelevant but Greg Johnson is my favorite Pred and one of my favorite NHLers.

  7. dkball7 says:

    Mabie Berezin.

  8. dkball7 says:

    Sirgei Berezin may fit right in with this team.

  9. HockeyExpert says:

    You make a good point! Berezin would fit niceley. I am a fan of the Preds and I liek Berezin as well. I would like the Preds to sign Berezin. If not than I think he would fit nicely with the Oilers and their fast style of play.

  10. Hyfte says:

    As a Preds fan I like there line up but I still think they need a proven goal scorer to make the jump to the post season.

  11. dkball7 says:

    Hey thanks man. I just thought that dude should end up somewhere, IMO it is either in Edmonton, Nashville, NYI, or Columbus. Mabie even Colorado (need terciary scoring :))

  12. distance7 says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Berezin in a Preds uniform, but I haven’t heard any rumors about it. Feel free to let me know about it if you have any info. The only persistent rumor I’ve heard is bringing Cliff Ronning back for a year, but it seems to have dropped off a little bit lately.

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