Predators Sold

The Nashville Predators were sold to a local ownership group for 193 million dollars. This officially brings to an end the speculations of Jim Balsillie bringing the Predators to southern Ontario. This is good for Predator fans because it means the franchise will not move but it is bad for Leaf fans who were expecting a second franchise in southern Ontario.

All the leafs really need is for another team to relocate themselves to within their region. Many leaf fans would start to jump ship and root for the new team which would put pressure on management to actually build a winner for Toronto and not focus solely on profits. Who knows, maybe the teachers board would sell the franchise if a team moved into its territory. If the Predators sold for 193 million im sure that the teachers board would not mind realing in a cool 300+ million dollars for the most popular franchise in the league. In this scenario, the new owner hires a REAL GM and gives him complete control to build a winner instead of having that dysfunctional multy headed dragon MLSE calls its board of directors who are all divided on decision making. MLSE’s current system is just not working and is a recipe on how to screw up your sports franchise.

I was hoping that we would all get to see more of Alexander Radulov, Shea Weber, Dan Hamhuis, Jordan Tootoo and Jason Arnott but it looks like we all will have to wait and see if another franchise becomes available. Also we have to pressure Bettman to give Canada its rightfully deserving 7th franchise.

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  1. leafy says:

    Why would anybody in their rightful mind pay $193 M for a team in Nashville, a place where people spend more time listening to old Johnny Cash records than watching hockey?

    If I had that kind of money, I'd probably be too busy to write on this website, but besides that, I'd probably use the money as a down payment to buy the Leafs instead of a failing business.

    I'm hoping someone comes out from the mafia and makes the Ontario Teacher's Pension "an offer they can't refuse".  Remember that classic scene in The Godfather when Michael makes an "offer" to Moe Green to buy his Casino?  That's what needs to be done with the Teacher's Pension.

  2. broc says:

    193 mil ?

    Too bad they didn't take the Hamilton guy up on his offer of what- 30-40 million more? Stupid.

  3. leafy says:

    You're right, they are stupid.

    And so is Gary Bettman, I don't care how many law degrees he has.

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