Predators stand pat at the deadline despite trade offers

The is reporting that “For the first time in franchise history the Predators stood pat at the NHL trade deadline, choosing to stick with a team that has won five straight games but has struggled offensively for large chunks of the season.”

It is also reported that ““There were a couple deals that involved a first-round pick and that was not an area where we were going to go,’’ Poile said. “There were also situations where — in terms of the combination of the price and where they would fit into the lineup, possible chemistry and who we would think they’d play with, plus who that would knock out of the lineup — it didn’t make enough sense to go forward and make the deal.’’”

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14 Responses to Predators stand pat at the deadline despite trade offers

  1. greatlife15 says:

    Boring deadline overall.

  2. the_word says:

    Poile is quietly one of the best GMs in the league. He doesn't know how to make a bad deal.

  3. pezzz123 says:

    yeah really. the way he got back the 1rst rounder he gave to Philly in the Forsberg trade against the rights to Timonen and Hartnell (he was losing them for sure anyway) was really genius.

    4.5 millions for Weber?
    3.5 millions for Suter??
    2 millions for Hamhuis???

    man, these are probably the best contracts in all NHL.

    He found gems in Zanon and Klein on the blueline, Ellis and Rinne in net.

    He got rid of bad contracts (Mason, Vokoun, Zidlicky), for players putting up the same numbers but for considerably less money.

    yeah, Poile is really one of the best GM's out there.

  4. the_word says:

    This line of thinking is what annoys me on HTR. Completely ignoring the context in which GMs have to do their job. Poile is a GM of a team that is constantly on the verge of going bankrupt or being sold. He is the most restricted GM in terms of autonomy in the league as the will of ownership is constantly in flux and the organization's future uncertain.

    He constantly find productive player other teams shy away from…

    Arnott, Dupont, Sullivan, Kayria rebuilt his reputation there, Weber (impact player at 4.5 and you take issue with this??? Weber is the gem

    Forsberg was the only deadline splash he could be afforted as he built a contending team from the ground up. Unfortunately, being in Nashville he doesn't get the luxury of keeping together a team he's built. Consider Nashville the Twins of LNH.

    In the face of losing Timonen and Hartnell for nothing as UFAs he was able to make a last mintue grab for some assets. This puts him ahead of 25 GMs in the league alone.

    Poile top five GM in the league hands down. Name me five better.

  5. pezzz123 says:

    I'm not sure I understand…do you agree or disagree with me?? Your text sounds like you're answering to me directly.

    In case I looked sarcastic in my other comment, I WASN'T lol. I REALLY think Poile is one of the best GMs out there.

    In no order :

    Holland, Lamoriello, Poile, Wilson, Chiarelli, Sutter.

    The worst :

    Waddell, Regier, Giguere, Sather, Shero, Lawton.

    The underrated :

    Howson, Armstrong/Pleau/Davidson, Tambellini, Martin, Maloney, Gillis.

    The overrated :

    Riseborough, Gainey, Rutherford, Holmgren, Tallon.

    The schizo :

    Snow, Burke, Murray (Bryan), McPhee, Lombardi.

    The nowhere :

    Murray (Bob), Jackson/Hull

  6. Plekanec says:

     After the deadline I think Sutter is becoming one of NHL top GM, I mean come on Prust, Lombardi and a 1st for Jokinen, I just can get over that trade!

  7. the_word says:

    Whoa, my bad, was a little blinded with rage today as I was arguing with someone on another board and didn't read nearly any of your post then lauched into attack of something I should have read.

    I type this stepped egg.

    Good list, add my posts to schizo.

  8. LeafsNation91 says:

    Not going to lie, I'm actually a giant Preds fan and have a jersey of theirs. I'm still deciding what player I want to put on, I was going to do Vokoun, but oh well.

    I might put Weber…
  9. pezzz123 says:

    don't worry about this, remember I made a fool of myself once by insulting you. now it's 1-1 😉

    but I read my text again, and it sounds sarcastic. so don't worry about this lol.

  10. reinjosh says:

    Poile is by far the one of the top GM in the NHL
    he consistently finds players within his own system
    consistently drafts well
    and signs key players when needed
    he also seems to get rid of players perfectly, right before they seem to drop their overall play
    though he may be great, his coach may be making him look great
    Barry Trotz is the best coach in the NHL no doubt. Their is no better coach
    he gets the most out of everyone of his players.
    and he consistently beats the expectations that everyone seems to put in front of him
    the PRedators are one of my favorite teams
    and the best overall management for any team in the League, maybe in any major sports league

  11. reinjosh says:

    sutter is also one of the top 5 GM's
    he is a great GM and has been for years
    he gets players who are underrated and players who are though to be past their prime
    and allows them to get the time needed to develop properly
    he got kipper, huselias, commodore, langkow, bertuzzi, nolan, bourque, sarich, aucoin, vandermeer.
    he seems to do so much with so little and consitently fills spots he needs and ony make the deal when it fits him.
    Him and Poile, in my opinion are the two best GM's in the league

  12. Bure96 says:

    Barry Trotz is one of the top 5 coaches in the league too, no doubt. Although Poile has done everything possible to draft and develop good players, Nashville has a bad team this year and somehow Trotz will get them in the playoffs again. 4 straight years in the playoffs (5 if they make it this year), and half of those teams were bad too.

    The guy isn't allowed to spend any money though, so it's hard to do anything to really improve this team.

  13. habs79 says:

    Barry Trotz also lead them to major first round upsets, too bad it was his team that was getting upset. Have they even won a playoff round?

  14. blaze says:

    Major upsets? Against who? Detroit and San Jose are the only teams to ever play Nashville in the playoffs.

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