Predators Take Arnott reports that the Nashville Predators have signed unrestricted free agent centre Jason Arnott to a five-year, $22.5-million contract.

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  1. Leafsin2067 says:

    I wouldn’t touch Daze with a 100ft long pole. The other options could be rather interesting though. Do the Habs have enough cap space to add a Doug Weight to the line up?

  2. Mainer87 says:

    100% argee BG knows things and he strikes out of nowhere. Also I am getting sick of the leafs fans on here dissing the habs. Habs know what they are doing. They have alot of young talent and our future is looking bright. It’s strange even with a so-called “average” line-up we have made the playoffs two years in a row.

  3. hockeytonkgirl says:

    Excellent news!!

    This was the one big hole in our roster – a centerman with size and experience who can center Kariya and Radulov (or Erat until Radulov is ready).

    Arnott will also be a good mentor for Legwand. And he’s got playoff experience that will really help the Predators.

    Well done Poile!

  4. blarneylad says:

    i have never read more truth than that comment. The leafs were rumoured to go after everybody. Habs were after a couple, unfortunalty we will get nobody!

  5. Mainer87 says:

    don’t u guys c what is going to happen bob gainey is quiet about what he does and the quieter it is the more suspencefull it gets. ganiey has something up his sleave i know it.

    In Bob We Trust

  6. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    This guy is gold…..not sure if you’re trying to match witts with me or you have some sort of man crush on me….either way here is your opportunity to squash it, you keep pursuing this arguement like its going to make your life any better. If you are unhappy with your station in life do not take it out on others through an online message board, thats pretty sad.

    As for you making assumptions on my level of intelligence, just goes to show you how low yours is because anyone that is so intelligent beyond belief would not sit at a computer all day and continuously go after someone on the internet, or atleast you would hope thats the case. Especially when that person is just voicing their OWN opinion, that you don’t agree with, but you keep on attempting to reinforce the same old bullshit over and over again.

    Whether you are 22, 27, 32 or 12 years old I could care less, I am who I am, you are who you are, therefore knock it off man. This redundant arguement is becoming tedious and I’m pretty sure its going no where, but it seems as if you are having fun with this continuous bull crap, which is entirely sad and pathetic.

  7. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Ribeiro is one of those skill forwards, minus the skill. But hey thats your opinion. To me there is nothing embarassing about Tucker, hes been banging in the league since his first season. Sure I don’t like some of the dives, but you can’t deny his heart, grit and overall competitive spirit he brings to the game. Some times you got to give some guys some slack, Tucker is one of them because hes always playing close to the edge.

  8. habsoverserver says:

    Long itme Habs fans never believed the rumors. The Habs have only signed two free agents in the recent past – Linden and Dandenault.

    Any major acquisitions will come through trade.

    Gainey always makes the call to try to get a deal, even when he knows the answer will be no.

  9. BosBrn77 says:

    You obviously have no clue what you are talking about when it comes to Raycroft! Who says he is a one year and out player? Oh yeah… you and others!! LMAO!! And injury prone? He had one injury!! Think before you type! Last I checked, Montreal gave up on the next Roy and all time savior in Habs history….. Theodore! That just shows that all goalies have up and down seasons. There are not enough Brodeurs left in the game.

    And how was the trade perfect for Boston? Raycroft is ready to play for Toronto…. Rask is a few years away…. if he even makes it. Rask didn’t even win a playoff game last year. So to be honest…. Raycroft is less of a gamble then Rask. Raycroft has the Calder trophy…. oh yeah… Canadiens fans are still bitter about that too!!

    As for Raycroft being a holdout…… look at the management he was dealing with! Look at the past Bruins management’s track record. (Kristich, Allison, Carter, Dafoe, Boynton, etc) Hopefully Chirelli and Gorton change that.

    Bottom line….. Toronto has done more than Montreal so far in free agency. I don’t agree with the Gill signing, but Kubina will be fine. And as for Raycroft…. they just got themselves a young starter that can win plenty of games for them… this year and beyond.

    Raycroft was traded for a number of reasons…. 1) salary 2) Thomas and Tovionen are already under contract. 3) Wanted to give Raycroft a shot to play 4) And he had the best trade value.

    And finally…… Good luck to the Habs….. I always look forward to the Bruins/Canadiens games!!

  10. Air33 says:

    they have over 10 mill to spend

  11. magnifikko says:

    i used and still love catfights…. but i dident know they changed it to nerdfight…. oh well…

  12. SmileZ says:

    Me too, ’cause the Habs always win 😉 Remember that series the bruins lead 3-1? That was awesome!

  13. SmileZ says:

    Hey man, I just like chess lol I’m good at it

  14. SmileZ says:

    Anyone who makes it a habit to dive consistently in every game doesn’t have heart. It’s a disrespect to the refs and for the rules. I will agree that what Ribiero did the one time vs. the Bruins was ridiculous, but Tucker does it atleast 3 times a game and still cries to the ref when he takes a penalty. It’s REALLY annoying to watch him, even when he had a Habs jersey on.

  15. SmileZ says:

    In Bob we Trust

  16. BosBrn77 says:

    Always, huh? LMAO!! Although I will agree that was a great comeback. Montreal played well and the Bruins fell apart.

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